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Actor person, just trynna keep up

*Watches a vogue makeup tutorial once*
Even tho this ✈️ had 5 seats & we could feel every single shake, I’d do it 1000x more for these views 🌎 where is your favorite place to travel? #maasaimara
This was hands down the greatest experience of my life! I’m so honored to be an ambassador for @ourplanet. @netflix gave me the opportunity of a life time to travel to the Maasai Mara and experience first hand the beauty of our planet. From the people, the wildlife, to the scenery & space, it was the most human experience I’ve ever gotten the privilege of having. It taught me so much about myself and fueled a deep hope w/in to actively make decisions every day to benefit and save our home. The @ourplanet team worked TIRELESSLY to bring you a docu - series, that’s not only visually stunning but inspiring and educational. I highly recommend watching, you will not be disappointed #ourplanet 🌎🦓🐆
@nytimes took me to a sushi making class... and it’s safe to say I was in heaven 🍱🍣🍙
@rossbutler gave us puppy shirts, so it’s safe to say he’s fitting in just fine.
I’m just thinking about how long it probably took to crochet this top 🧵
This is the exact moment my flawless sisters surprised me, mid egg roll, and we were finally reunited 🥡💌 @toalltheboysnetflix
Short one day, long the next 🎭
Look who is joining us!!! Welcome @jordan_fisher to @toalltheboysnetflix @netflix 💕🎀
You all are, simply, not ready. @toalltheboysnetflix 🎀💌✌🏽
Baller presenting partner @shameikmoore, baller winner @ncentineo ❤️ || thank you @kcas for the noms and a great show xx
TONIGHT is the @deadlyclasssyfy FINALE ⚔️We truly and very literally poured our blood, sweat, and tears into the season and into this final episode. Your guy’s support for the show has meant the world to all of us, we appreciate you constantly🖤 thank you @therussobrothers @rickremender @milesorion1 & to my beautiful cast for all the incredible memories, I love you! TUNE IN TONIGHT 10/9c @syfy