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Discovering the world of coffee through the eyes of Italian and international photographers.

In this first shot, @Amivitale captures a moment of time related to the ever-shifting environmental climate changes, highlighting the importance of social responsibility and sustainable efforts. #GoodToEarth
The Rhone Glaciers of Switzerland, spanning 10km in length and 1km in width, once covered the entire country. In protecting this glacier, it aims to become a symbol of hope for the fight against global warming. #GoodToEarth @amivitale
Nuzzled between the Rhone Glaciers in Switzerland, artist @the_hula blankets a sector of ice designed to keep it cool during the day. The installation, a sustainable solution for an increasingly prominent global issue, is captured by photographer @Amivitale. #GoodToEarth
Efforts to reintroduce the more than 40% loss of forestation in Thailand - through practical and educational methods - benefit not only the environment and wildlife, but also the quality and way of life for locals and future generations. #GoodToEarth @amivitale
At the Wildlife Rescue Center in Phetchaburi, reforestation is bringing life not only to trees but to an entire ecosystem comprised of wildlife, nature and a local Monk community. @amivitale #GoodToEarth
In the truly balanced habitat of Phetchaburi, Thailand, trees don't grow next to but with mankind: this notion of togetherness with nature is reflected in Gomez’s nature art, captured by the lens of photographer @Amivitale. #GoodToEarth
Known for his terrestrial interventions visible from space, artist @gerada_art brings to life the aim of project greenbelt through an artful humanitarian touch of more than 37,500 SQ M. #GoodToEarth
Project greenbelt, a solar- powered system that recycles waste water, enables sustainable green space within the desert city of Ouarzazate, aiding local communities to reap sustainable benefits from limited resources. #GoodToEarth
Ouarzazate, Morocco, known as ‘The Door to the Desert’ is protected from sandstorms in thanks to project greenbelt, a recycled water system. Photographer @Amivitale captures the sustainable art installation of @gerada_art. #GoodToEarth
An industrial plant turned environmental sanctuary: comprised of 69 green plots for urban gardening, bee rehabilitation efforts and open spaces for the local community and beyond. #GoodToEarth @amivitale @_millo_
Revitalised industrial area, 69 Gardens in Genk, enables a sustainable atmosphere equipped with ideal conditions to help plants and wildlife - particularly the return of bees - thrive, improving the overall quality of life for the entire city. #GoodToEarth
Creating a life of colour for future generations, artist @_millo_ captures the essence of the open space of 69 Gardens in Genk, Belgium. Photographed by @Amivitale, his work highlights the influence of social good efforts. #GoodToEarth