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Discovering the world of coffee through the eyes of Italian and international photographers.

Aiding a community to be self-sustainable and aiding in quality coffee production are essential to our values: local efforts have a global impact and we’re proud to be supporters of inspiring people doing aspiration things. // @manmakecoffee
Coffee production enhances quality of life, enriches educational opportunities and increases the overall sentiment of attaining a brighter future within and beyond Ethiopia. // @manmakecoffee
Way of life may revolve around coffee, but values go far and beyond. The level of hospitality, generosity and warmth of locals is felt in every hug, brought to life through every story and captured in every smile. // @manmakecoffee
This is one of the main farmers in the Kaffa Bonga District of Ethiopia, a man of pride for his work and community, a man full of accumulated knowledge and a man who has passed down the many secrets of quality coffee farming. // @manmakecoffee
The legend of Kaldi is deep-seeded in ancient beliefs: the young herdsman, after watching his goats graze on lush red berries, indulged in the fruit himself, leading to the discovery of the coffee loved worldwide today. // @manmakecoffee
Ethiopia is said to give birth to the original coffee plant, nourishing the world of coffee valued worldwide. Wild Arabica coffee plants flourish among the vast greenery across the land. // @manmakecoffee
In Ethiopia, coffee is a way of life. Tradition holds strong with coffee rituals practiced three times a day with the intention to transform the spirit. The ceremony, led by a woman, and the coffee, poured from a Jebena, is the social highlight of every village. // @manmakecoffee
Coffee enthusiast, photographer and world-traveller Andy Anderson devotes himself to discovering all the curiosities of coffee: this time diving into its origins from the depths of Ethiopia. // @manmakecoffee #earthday
Illustrator and graphic designer, @nazariograziano captures the compelling experiences and lives of 20 Maya Poq’omchi’ women of San Lucas Chiacal, Guatemala. Through mixed media, he portrays dynamics of the locally-run coffee project and its effects on the community in a truly multidimensional way. // @nazariograziano
Thanks to the collaboration between Lavazza and Verdad y Vida association, the revitalisation and regrowth of coffee production and its marketing, run by 20 dedicated women, is made possible. The association acts as a bridge between the community and the project and as a facilitator, educator and main support of women’s groups within the small community. // @nazariograziano
The women-run coffee project is putting San Lucas Chiacal on the map of the coffee world. Sustainable farming encourages conscious environmental awareness, creating a more wholesome habitat. Local coffee consumption is a part of everyday life, with a standard of three cups of spiced - with pepper or cinnamon - coffee a day. // @nazariograziano
From losing everything and hiding in mountainous terrains as a teenager to finding her brother and prospering from lush coffee fields in San Lucas Chiacal, Margarita Yat, 52, is a core member of the women’s group leading local coffee production and marketing. This project has given her a second chance at life, turning rainy mountain days into a bright future. // @nazariograziano