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Li Bingbing 李冰冰


Actress, Environmentalist, UNEP Goodwill Ambassador. (For All Inquiries :[email protected])

I want to thank Chinese American Film Committee for honoring me with “Best Actress In a Leading Role” and “Chinese American Film Art Exchange Award,” I owe my gratitude to everyone who participated in The Meg! @carlfbucherer #carlbucherer
Just had a beautiful night with my dear friend @saschamoeri and it was such a pleasure meeting Mr. Bucherer in Hong Kong! Thank you very much for inviting me to this amazing event!  @carlfbucherer @saschamoeri #carlfbucherer
What a memorable night, and thank you very much for the invitation. @ralphlauren #ralphlauren #nyfw #rl50
#RL50 #ralphlauren #NYFW  @ralphlauren  Going out for the show 💗
The Meg reached 1 billion yuan at China’s box office. It’s worth all those early call times!🌟❄️😘#themeg @megmovie
I will miss you guys and everyone else worked in The Meg! 😘 @jasonstatham @rubyrose @pagekennedy @megmovie #themeg
It was a great pleasure to work with everyone in The Meg!  @jasonstatham  @rubyrose @rainnwilson  @jessica_mcnamee @pagekennedy @masi_oka
A huge thanks to everyone who went to theaters and gave support to The Meg. Number 1 in the world!!!! I was so afraid of the water, but now everything is worth it! I’m happy to see that everyone loved and enjoyed it!💗💗💕💕
The Meg in theater on this Friday August 10th! @megmovie #libingbing #themeg
The Meg is ready for her big feast on August 10th! @megmovie #themeg 😆😆
Attending The Meg premiere in Los Angeles, so exciting to see The Meg in theater on August 10th. #themeg #libingbing @megmovie
😘😘😘 Taking selfies with one of the coolest girls I’ve ever met.@rubyrose #themeg #libingbing #selfie #rubyrose