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For the most part, my life is insane & relentless, but when I’m caught in a surprise moment like this it makes me happy and warms my cold black 🖤 heart. 
I posted a vid a few days ago of me pulling up along side a bus of hyped high school baseball players who recognized me in my truck. 
Here’s the angle from one of the player’s phones. 
The players went on line and thanked me for this “pre game pep talk” and then went out and beat the other team 23-1. 
Yes. 23 to 1 👀 👏🏾👏🏾💪🏾
And listen boys, clearly me driving my pick up truck with dried mud all over the damn thing says I don’t ever give a shit about trying to impress anyone. 
And neither should you. 
Just stay focused on your goals and keep being the hardest workers in the room. 
It’ll always pay off for the rest of your lives. 
Thanks for making my day & keep kickin ass 👊🏾
One month until Marvel Studios' #AvengersEndgame.
Feast your eyes on this baby ! You may say I’m a #dreamer, #genius, #billionaire , #philanthropist , #playboy ... @avengers #april26 #TeamStark #Imagine
Feast your eyes on this baby...
Beer or champagne? 
Either way, it’s gonna hurt. 
A lot. 
And it takes an asshole to know one 😉
Biggest showdown the FAST & FURIOUS franchise has ever seen. 
Oh the fun you’re gonna have. 
Cold can of whup ass and a champagne problem. 
“We’re in the endgame now.” Watch this brand new featurette from Marvel Studios’ #AvengersEndgame, in theaters in one month.
Pain Chains ⛓ 
If you go to @dickssportinggoods or *link in my bio* you’ll buy my new #ProjectRock training gear which is @underarmour’s #1 SELLING BRAND across the board. 
And if you step inside my IRON PARADISE - man or woman - I’m gonna wrap these chains around your neck and we’re gonna GET DOWN. 
I don’t do gentle, but hey don’t knock it til’ you try it 😈
HUGE thank you to EVERYONE for your amazing (record breaking:) support! 
1 Month. #AvengersEndgame
1 Month. #AvengersEndgame
1 Month. #AvengersEndgame
1 Month. #AvengersEndgame
THE baddest bad guy the Fast & Furious franchise has ever seen. 
With a MF’n flamethrower 🔥
My brotha @idriselba. 
He’s a bad man. 
Let’s dance. 
1 Month #AvengersEndgame #april26th #april26 #TeamStark Every picture tells a story, don’t it ?
#tbt yes “ThrowBackTuesday” ... #thefuturist publicity run... #flashback #2004 #wingchun #kungfu #thankyou #UK
It’s good when you can do something that allows you to be at your rawest state. 
Unapologetic, authentic and real. 
That’s what training in the #IronParadise is for me. I started working out at 14yrs old ~ so this ain’t a hobby and I don’t fuck around. 
And neither do you... all of you who made my new #BendBoundariesCollection drop so hugely successful for @underarmour and #ProjectRock. 
Train hard and much love from the Iron Paradise. 
Find my NEW #BendBoundariesCollection at @dickssportinggoods & LINK IN MY BIO 👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾
Tony Stark faces off against Ghost in "Marvel's Iron Man VR," coming exclusively to @PlayStation VR later this year! Watch the trailer on and get ready to #SuitUp.
On the latest episode of #MarvelBecoming, @cutiepiesensei, @sharonrosecosplay, and Lauren of @pitchforkcosplay power up as Captain Marvel from Marvel Studios’ #CaptainMarvel! 💫
This moment commands a glass of tequila 🥃 raise. 
My new #ProjectRock #BendBoundariesCollection is @underarmour’s #1 THRU #10 TOP SELLING products. 
That’s a VERY big deal. 
And all because of YOU.
I truly do not give a shit about “wins and losses” because to me, this is all much bigger than winning or losing a game. 
It’s about LIFE and living the fullest life you can possibly live and for me, one of my anchors begins and ends with one thing/

Sweat Equity. 
Thank you for buying into the #DwayneJohnsonTraining Philosophy. 
I’ve got some big ideas coming and we’re just getting started. 
Train hard, love y’all and enjoy the new gear. 
SNIKT! Episode 1 of Marvel's "Wolverine: The Lost Trail" is out today on @StitcherPodcasts Premium. Jump into the adventure and listen now: #WolverinePodcast
Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has gone global. Check out the new international #SpiderManFarFromHome art and see the film in theaters July 5!
Shooting our new #JUMANJI with my partner in crime @karengillanofficial and if we look like two extremely awkward teenagers in love while trying to manage our insane superpowers in our JUMANJI universe ~ that’s because we are. 
Absolutely love working and getting absurdly awkward with this gal. 
#RubyRoundhouse aka #KillerOfMen 
#AwkwardTeenLove 🖤❤️
📸 @hhgarcia41
Heard Old Lace loud and clear. See you all for Season 3 of @MarvelsRunaways! 🦖
#babygateseverywhere for no reason 😑 #hayesisunstoppable
Join us TONIGHT for our @sevenbucksprod’s docuseries #FindingJusticeBET as we take another provocative look into another systemic injustice. 
The response to our series has been outstanding. 
Thank you for being engaging. 
Deeper dialogue. 
Smarter perspective. 
We hope you join us. 
TONIGHT @8pm on @BET
** update ** these boys won 23-1. I’d say the kept their word to me 👏🏾👊🏾
I keep my windows super tinted on my pick up truck, but with the sun at just the right angle - people see thru my front windshield at some dude who looks a lot like The Rock. 
Hope you boys kept your word and kicked ass. 
Keep workin’ hard and driver, keep your damn eyes on the road 😉💪🏾
A HUGE MAHALO to everyone for making our PROJECT ROCK WOMEN’S COLLECTION drop so successful 🔥🙏🏾💪🏾
An honor having my good friend and Greatest Of All Time, @lindseyvonn be our first ever #ProjectRockAmbassador and one to inspire and motivate women (and men) of all ages push past your limits and BEND YOUR BOUNDARIES. 
Enjoy your new gear, train hard and LIVE FULL. 
AVAILABLE NOW *Link in bio 👆🏾👆🏾
From pain comes power. "Marvel’s #CloakAndDagger" Season 2 premieres Thursday, April 4 on @Freeform. @CloakAndDaggerTV
A HUGE MAHALO for our record breaking day 🙏🏾🔥
My new UA PROJECT ROCK HOVR 👟 had this shoe’s biggest one day of sales EVER for @underarmour. 
A new and improved shoe that’s worthy of my Bull logo. 
Enjoy the new gear, train hard and LIVE FULL. 
AVAILABLE NOW * Link in bio 👆🏾👆🏾
Happy Birthday baby girl @ayeshacurry -so happy we got to surprise you!
New product Alert📣 @honest_beauty Lip Balm 👄💣💄💋#honestbeauty
Happy Friday. 
Thank you so much for the 🖤
And holy shit what a spectacular launch. I make all this training gear for you - it’s so gratifying to see you enjoy it. 
What a journey. Enjoy.
#ProjectRock #DwayneJohnsonTraining 
#us 🐇✂️👯‍♀️😱👀
My grampers José Alba is 89 today 💗✨🙏🏽🎂🥂 he was the first to get a higher education in his family, had a career in corporate America, loves classical guitar, a stiff scotch, raised his 5 kids (w my grandma Isabel), and helped with almost all his grandchildren (including me and my bro). Grateful my 3 kiddos get to spend time with him 🙏🏽✨👊🏽. Love you Grampers❤️!
#mood #Monday Going into the week -with a smile -a breath -an open mind -open heart -sometimes writing it down helps💙. My girl @ayeshacurry interviewed me -link in bio 🔝 styling @sweetbabyjamie makeup @aurorabergere hair @davynewkirk nails @kimkimnails for @healthmagazine
Had such a fun time with my seester @nikkilalba #belatedbdayfun #selfcare then grubbed @themanufactoryla #tartinebianco -perfect day 🌈💗🎂 #rowdtla
The food was so yum #Yazawa @lizzymathis @galitlaibow @mira8lee @shanidarden 🤗
Today my Hayes went to his first bday! Thank you uncle Rob @rlgerner for a good time and Happiest of Bdays to our sweet lil Fritz ✨🎂💙!
When you get to work with awesome #bossbabes you make them do a photo shoot after din 🤷🏽‍♀️💗👊🏽
@honest_beauty #entrepreneurlife #cleanbeautythatworks @jkroogr @mallorylynnmcmahon @katiewelch
@the_dose_band ‘Saline’ is now available everywhere in every way...
Have an early listen to @The_Dose_Band new album ‘Saline’ - @Altpress is premiering it now,,, link in my bio...
📸 @erikjrojas
New Endgame trailer ? Be my guests... #AvengersEndgame #April26th #TeamStark
#wcw author @rodaworld I got to meet her yesterday at my office. Her children’s  book #maeamongthestars is SO inspiring about the incredible #DrMaeJamison. Shout out to illustrator @stasiaburrington - Honor loved reading to Haven and Haven wants to read to Honor tomorrow🙏🏽Reaching for the stars and not allowing others to get in the way to realize that dream is a powerful message for everyone. Transcends gender, race and culture. An easy read for early readers. Link in bio🔝 to get your copy! It’s also a great gift!
Our new @honest ✨limited edition Spring diapers are here! 🥑🍋🚛🌷 my homegirls @lizzymathis @bewellbykelly helped me reveal the #honestspringcollection #honestmom #lizzymathis #kellyleveque .
Today is Rare Disease Day 2019 - Please meet some of the inspiring children and families battling the life threatening and life limiting, rare disease ROHHAD. Please watch the video... Link in my bio ⬆️... The Awareness video was made with the help of  @mo_freek and @jimmy_rich from #TeamDowney ... It has been created to help raise awareness so please share this today for the children as this is their #RareReality ... Please #ShareYourRare and #ShowYouCare 
#RareDiseaseDay #2019
@ramimalek Who loves you babe ? This guy right here ... #congratulations #freddiemercury  #queen #oscars #2019 (🎥 @jimmy_rich )
It’s official,,, I’m a #groupie ... @the_dose_band rocks! Check ‘em out! And,,, shout out to @pawnshopskateco for the comfortable and legit #homegrown #garb from #Covina #California #wing&wheel ... (📸 @jimmy_rich )
Some are built. Some are made. Some are born. On March 8, witness the rise of a hero. Get tickets to Marvel Studios’ #CaptainMarvel now.
@the_dose_band has a  #NEW album coming out #MARCH 15th... You can preorder cds and vinyl now if’n you like... Link found in my bio... #peace and #love