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It might only be Tuesday, but I’ve got BRUNCH on the brain! This weekend, we’re launching the brunch menu @VentanasAtTheModern. Reserve a spot through their website. #CHEWDOIN
It’s #RestaurantWeek up in Saratoga! If you’re in the area, drop by @bluehen.saratoga for a three-course dinner for $30. #CHEWDOIN
We take brunch seriously over @RedSaltRoom_byDavidBurke at the @GardenCityHotel. Every Sunday, we offer an array of options including our raw bar, fresh baked goods, and some made to order items, too. #CHEWDOIN
Say hello to a swim bladder from a large codfish. This not so deliciously looking thing will render SOOO good after some tender cooking. It gets the texture of a chicken drum stick and has a deep oceanic umami flavor - SWIPE to see the finished bladder, we serve it with salted wild quince and rose hips.
Some one got wet .. @thehestonblumenthalteam - A legendary chef who is an inspiration to many of us surprised us with his visit we were anxious how perfect our chicken tikka masala was !! Today @getwetbkk closed but opened tomorrow 24.03 again ... #asia50best #worlds50best #wetbkk #hestonblumenthal #gaggan
Guess what’s this inspired from?? Clue - “classic India dish made famous in British curry houses” 
#gaggan #gaa #asia50best #wetbkk #worlds50best #meatlicious #miharatofutenbkk #suhring
Thanks to everyone who stopped by @VentanasAtTheModern for the OPENING PARTY last week. I couldn't be more excited about taking on this project that’s so close to home... I've lived in Fort Lee for 15+ years!  We’ve got a solid menu inspired by Latin & Asian ingredients to add a twist to some of my signature dishes including Pastrami Smoked Salmon Arepas & Tuna Tartare Tacos. Come check it out! #CHEWDOIN
Since my childhood and throughout my culinary career, I have always revered Continental cuisine. It's always been a dream of mine to one day open a restaurant serving an iconic menu from America’s history.  Eleven years ago we began iterating, exploring and planning this concept. We started with our pop-up Ad Lib, opened The Grill on Seabourn,  and recently opened The Surf Club Restaurant in Surfside. We have finally arrived at TAK Room, a restaurant designed for the ages.
TAK Room is deeply personal to me. I harken back to the year 1968 when I was 13 years old and watched my mother manage a restaurant atop the Holiday Inn in Laurel, Maryland that served Continental cuisine.  Restaurants of this type were emblematic of a period when dining out was as much a social experience as it was a special event. Our restaurant will reflect that spirit, while improving on the experience in all ways, from the design to the service.  With richer products, refined techniques and improved equipment, we will redefine and reimagine the food of that era. The Haas avocado and garden vegetable Louie serves as a great example of my approach.
Our team, partners, guests and purveyors will play a unique part in our opening. Happy Opening Day. I am forever grateful. #TAKRoom #NYC #HudsonYards
One of my favorite Prime Rib Trolleys at Lawry's The Prime Rib in LA since 1938.
For all of you non-Scandinavians you might look at this picture and see a few different green herbs, but to us this is a sign that the GODDAMN 6-month-long winter is ending. This little selection of everything tiny that’s sprouting out of the barren landscape at the moment, is a gasp of life. We NEED this to happen now. Besides that, they are also very delicious, with flavors ranging from toasted hazelnuts to garlic to the taste of fresh corn  #springiscoming
A thousand hours have been spent in making these saffron, cardamom caramels into sea stars - SWIPE👉
@pigatemypizza practicing her 👅 skills ... have u ??? .. the most provocative dish we ever did !! @rydoanton89 @pjoao20 @so_not_rad @shun1320 always killing it with good photosession 
#gaggan #wetbkk #lickitup #asia50best #worlds50best #suhring #meatlicious #gaa #miharatofutenbkk
Peru’s calling & they want their artichokes back! They’ll have to stop by this Thursday @DBTavern for the “Peruvian Spring” menu I’ve crafted. 5-courses ft. @ReeseSpecialtyFoods’ green artichokes & other products from Peru that I’ve fell in love with during my Peruvian travels. Available during Lunch & Dinner in the Private Dining Room on Thursday, March 21st!
Thank you @92ndstreety #CityofTomorrrow @kerrybombe for a thoughtful discussion on how restaurants can be anchors for a neighborhood.
Now that’s what you call a GOOD lookin’ brunch spread. #CHEWDOIN this weekend?
Don’t get wet today NO alcohol day..... I tried opening and this is what happened hahahaha 🤪🤣😜 instead we open tomorrow Sunday becomes a Saturday at  @getwetbkk tomorrow., same for the next weekend only for two weeks for elections .. #naturalwines #wetbkk #wineandcurry #gaggan #getwetbkk #dontgetwetinbkk
GOOD AFTERNOON 😃🌞 - This wonderful bunch of Muslim people will serve you lunch today. Mashallah
Today’s official opening @hudsonyards. Such anticipation. Grateful for my partnership with Related and Ken Himmel on this historic day. What a thrill to walk spectacular #theVessel #thomasheatherwick #hudsonyards
From the menu: soft shell clam, carpet clam, queen scallop, mahogany clam, Venus clam, Norwegian clam, razor clam
The Grand Opening of TAK Room. We’re calling it fun dining, not fine dining. A place where we pay tribute to the restaurants of a bygone era while realizing a more contemporary approach. Thank you to our team, family, friends and partners for making this dream a reality. #TAKRoom
#HudsonYards #NYC
A great evening celebrating @takroomnyc at @hudsonyards with Editor Laura Brown of @instylemagazine. Thankful for the support of @cartier @casadragones @domperignonofficial for @robinhoodnyc. #TAKRoom #NYC #HudsonYards
Honored to have had the opportunity to work with such an exceptional team this past week on @HalCruises. Really created some great dishes. #CHEWDOIN 👉
It’s the end of winter in Denmark, a tough time for ingredients. But, many places in Europe still have citrus growing. Over the past 15 years we’ve always struggled with the question: should we or shouldn’t we? We think we’ve now found our supplier of citrus for next winter and it just puts a smile on your face.
Excited to be with the opening team here at @takroomnyc! Looking forward to the opening of @HudsonYards very soon. Can’t wait to share what the team has been working on! #TAKRoom #NYC #HudsonYards
What a guy! Had the pleasure of cooking for @MichaelStrahan & some friends on Fisher Island last night. Great people.
Have u been to @getwetbkk ?? Yet ?? Closed for next 2 Saturday’s and opens on sundays (just for elections in 🇹🇭) It’s not a curry house it’s a wine bar with curry !! #wetbkk #gaggan #winebar #naturalwines #wineandcurry
Cookin’ & Cruisin’ - had a blast this week with @HalCruises. Met some great people and worked with an exceptional team. Thanks for having me.
This tasted like the equivalent of 10 bananas in Denmark #mexico
Simply Delicious. Took a break from the kitchen & found myself at Gio’s Restaurant on Roatán Island, Honduras. #CHEWDOIN
Today’s Debut Announcement of The Michelin Guide California, highlights the importance that California plays in the landscape of  restaurants across America. There is amazing talent among the hard-working chefs here, many across generations, and I look forward to an exciting future as we continue to bring Michelin-respected restaurants to our great state.  I have no doubt that Michelin’s influence, already so profound, will continue to grow, as will its reputation as the gold standard of culinary guides around the world.
For me personally, as a young chef just starting out, never did I think the Guide would come to America nor would I have imagined that I would be a recipient of its stars and recognition. I want to thank those who have helped me along my path and to the teams that have worked at @perseny , @_TFL_ @bouchon_bistro and @adhoc_addendum (winner of 2019 Michelin Plate) that have shown such commitment and dedication to their craft, to each other, and of course to our guests, to help achieve what we have together.
Travel the ocean, smell the roses. 
Cook your ass off, do the poses. 
You turn and you learn, but it always comes back to the burn. 
Somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico.
My kinda “leg day” over @GandTavernSTL. Great shot by @bethanychristo of this Rockette inspired dessert. #CHEWDOIN
IMPOSSIBLE BURGER - DB-style. This burger has all the flavors and aromas of meat, but it’s just plants doin’ the impossible. Available @DBTavern and @WoodpeckerbyDB. #CHEWDOIN
My quesadillas have more cheese than yours #ilovemexico
Mini-B(urke)...Bday gift from a great girlfriend! Now if I can just get him to agree with me!
Last week, I chatted with the beautiful @ModelCarolAlt & my pal @JrzyJoe on his show. Carol’s big into raw food, so I brought a few dishes in for her. Check out what I made through the link in my IG Story.
Feast your eyes on this bounty, and then imagine that most of these ingredients will be simmered for a couple of days to create an incredible rich and complex sauce #mole
We’ve cleared some room at the Chef’s Table tomorrow night and I’ve got TWO seats to our February Chef’s Studio Event at 7pm. @Chef_Carmine & I will be in the kitchen crafting up an 8-course tasting with a special wine pairing for each course. Head over to @DBTavern’s lastest post to enter. Tickets also available for purchase on their website. Selecting a winner at 2pm sharp TOMORROW!  #CHEWDOIN
Does it matter that you’ve cut a mango? Yes, I believe it does. It changes the texture the finer you cut it, which makes for a much better mouthful. It simply feels like velvet on the tongue, it’s juicier, and the flavor difference to me is real. @privatehaciendas
Hey St. Louis! We’re holding a job fair @GrandTavernSTL TOMORROW, 2/26, to bulk up our staff for the opening of the roof this Spring. If you’re looking for some work, drop by between 1-4pm.
We’re Open @VentanasAtTheModern ! Bringing sushi, shareable plates, and DB classics to Fort Lee. Been working hard on this one with the team. More updates to come, follow @VentanasAtTheModern for all the good stuff. #ChewDoin
It’s winter in Denmark, beets and cabbages are plentiful. In Yucatán the mango season just started:):) @privatehaciendas
22.02.1978 .. turned 41 today and still f🤬🤯king clumsy... don’t ask me to cook in your kitchen please ... #gaggan #wetbkk #world50best #asia50best
Octopus in the yucatan peninsula is the sweetest, fattiest, most melting tender I have tried.
Don’t get wet in Bangkok !! I declare wet open first three days we checked the sound we checked the lights we checked the food 
It took the longest time to make the restaurant and shortest time to make the menu (2 hours) and the most comfortable soul food we did so far menu prices starts from 190 onwards !! Why wet ?? Becoz we wanted to have a bar with very comfy home feel .. where u have conversation natural wines and my curries with bar food ... is it a bar is it a wine bar is it a restaurant ?? For me it’s wet a natural wine bar in the neighborhood whit very easy feel, and good that I used to do 20 years back and improved from then to now 
The project is all about @drula9 who dream was to have a small natural wine bar although we mushroomed from there to this massive monster .. @rydoanton89 put his 💯 effort to the kitchen and the first chef of Gaggan @jalamsinghrana is the guy behind the curries there menu is short and every week we will come with new dishes to add on !! A big mention to @pigatemypizza who is the host working while drinking and helped massively to finish the project... Again location is just the next house to Gaggan and in the same Soi where we have @restaurant_gaa 
And designed by @gunnnlee with his awesome eye for 💡 
Open Monday to Saturday 
Hope to see u around !! Follow @getwetbkk to get updates it’s about great wine 🍷 simple tasty food 🥘 and retro music 🎵 📸 courtesy: @trip_series 
#gaggan #wetbkk #world50best #asia50best
“Falling on my head like a memory
Falling on my head like a new emotion
I want to walk in the open wind
I want to talk like lovers do
I want to dive into your ocean
Is it raining with you
So baby talk to me
Like lovers do
Walk with me
Like lovers do
Talk to me
Like lovers do”

My request to all in love 😍 and wanna be with their valentine today 
Stay with him/ her for 1 day and not with ur mobile phone 📱 as long as u can !!! Holding hands is more important than texting !!
Happy valentines 🌹 ❤️ to all u lovely people !!
#gaggan #asia50best 
First GohGan of 2019 .. it’s the 11th time 
We have done Sakura 🌸
We did 🎄 Christmas 
We loved doing French 🇫🇷 We also did 🍂 autumn 
We tried summer ☀️ 🥵
And we also tried winter ❄️ 🥶 we also cooked in 🇰🇷 .. The story just started with goh cooking GOHan (rice) and GagGAN making curry .. in 2015 
We did that we did this for 10 times we just jammed now it’s the 11th time so we decided to make it themed 7/11 as 🇹🇭 and 🇯🇵 is famous for daily needs of seven eleven .. so inspired to make a menu out of 7/11 and jam with the idea 💡 revolving around it 
So very limited seats 💺 
Just 2 rounds of 15 per day on 
27/2/2019 ,28/2/2019 & 1 round on 1st March 
Price 15,000 ++ per pax (including wine pairing) only 75 seats in total in a project where we both are partners in a project in bangkok 
To reserve a table contact 
Address : 159/3 Sathorn Soi 7, Bangkok
Mobile : 083 655 4245 (10.00-22.00)
Whatsapp : +6683 655 4245
Email :
Line : @mihara.tofuten
FB Message : Mihara Tofuten Bangkok
Instagram : miharatofuten_bangkok
#gohgan #gohgan11 #miharatofutenbkk #lamaisondelanaturegoh #gaggan #asia50best
Sarah Hsieh @sthsieh93, a sous chef @perseny who joined the team two years ago, credits her lifelong dedication to education as the key to her curiosity. Chef Sarah continues to expand her knowledge and experiences through the support of #mentoryoungchefs @mentorbkb.
“Growing up in New Jersey, my father once told me, ‘whatever you do, be best you can be.’ It’s become my motto through culinary school and now my career.
Through the @mentorBKB Grant Program, I had the opportunity to stage at @amassrestaurant in Copenhagen which gave me an entirely new perspective on what it means to be truly sustainable. I also learned about advancements in fermentation and preservation techniques which furthered my understanding of low waste. For me, this approach is something I could only learn and appreciate with firsthand experience. The grant gave me this opportunity that I would never have had otherwise.
My desire to learn is what has always fueled me to push myself into unfamiliar territory. Whenever I encounter a situation where I don’t necessarily understand the process, I make an effort to research it until I do. But research alone is not enough. In this profession, having great guidance means a lot. Participating in the 2016 Young Chef Competition was a demanding experience that gave me new challenges, triumphs, and lifelong friendships. I learned about myself as a chef and am grateful for the support of my mentors.
Just as Per Se’s @coreydchow @mel_caputo and @chefthomasallan @themodernnyc helped shape me, it is my goal to share my knowledge with chefs who come after me by supporting their growth and instilling core values through example. “Doing the right thing” may be simple concept and a simple phrase, but in practice it has a huge impact.
I consider myself lucky to work with individuals who always strive to improve and push each other to create the best experience for our guests, while simultaneously honing my skills as a chef on the line every night. In many ways, I feel have grown up here.”
The way to someone’s heart is with K+M Chocolate. Available at link in bio #beantobar #kplusm #napavalleychocolate #kellermannichocolate #extravirginchocolate #goodforthebodygoodforthesoul
We are honored and grateful to be part of this year's @bocusedor. Team USA Chefs Matthew Kirkley, Mimi Chen and Robert Sulatycky showed great vision, commitment and investment in preparing for this moment. On behalf of Ment’or and Chef Daniel Boulud, we are incredibly proud of you. For me personally, I was so honored to be part of such a great team and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner than you @danielboulud.
We congratulate Team Denmark on their gold medal win, and all teams, for their exceptional hard work and creativity. Gratitude to Young Yun, Executive Director of Ment'or and her team. And to all of the chefs, coaches, supporters, mentors, and partners who have been integral to Team USA's achievements, our heartfelt thanks. 
This year marks the first competition since the Bocuse d'Or founder Chef Paul Bocuse's passing. Monsieur Paul inspired countless chefs worldwide and his influence continues to impact an entire culinary community.
In the words of his son, our dear friend and colleague, #JérômeBocuse, “today was the best tribute to his legacy.” #bocusedor #bocusedor2019
U might call it camouflage ,
U might call it psychedelic,
U might say it spicy 🌶 
U might say it’s sweet, 
U might taste it sour, 
U might say it has umami,
U might say that it was black salt on top... u might say it it’s seductive, 
I say it’s India 🇮🇳 on a plate !!! Sweet Spicy Salty Sour and so refreshingly good .. with surprise in each bite and textures hidden below, up could be iced cold and under could smoking hot .. Indian food it’s cuisines and the way we cook with so much diversity has been my strength to represent my culture and the nostalgia and inspiration it carries to make new fantasies from our memories 
This trip to Indian will bring big change in our cooking as @pjoao20 @drula9 @pigatemypizza @shun1320 @abhishek_ghosh_5 @markokovac and @rydoanton89 all gained 250 gram a day by force feeding from @itchotels with all the great food and hospitality to remind us that India has great potential in future of world Gastronomy !!! #asia50best #worlds50best #gagganinindia #india
Team USA’s Version of Vegetable Chartreuse with Shellfish, Theme on Plate: Vegetable, Herb & Shellfish Chartreuse, Cockle Butter.
Team USA’s Version of Suckling Veal Rack with 5 Prime Chops, Theme on Platter: Roast Rack of Veal with Veal Kidney Farce & Apicius Spice Glaze / Salad Pastorale.
Platter designed by Martin Kastner of @crucialdetail
MILK: a religion in India this is only best available and taste the best in winters in northern India mostly in streets .. PROCESS: 40 LTR of fresh buffalo milk 🥛 🐃.. reduces to approx 40% when it reaches desired density and when the milkfat and skin forms a layer on top and ready to serve .. it’s a very carefully processed without boiling the milk and without breaking the skin layer formed on top. 
TECHNIQUE: follow the video and garnish is nuts and dried fruits 
EQUIPMENT: a kadai (which might look like a wok but it’s nothing to do with it) made of cast iron with the thickness of flat iron under slow heat used to be wood and charcoal now gas burners with a flower top. 
Result: nothing can beat it when holding it in a terra-cotta glass at 10°C at midnight !! My nostalgia that I always miss in winter living outside India.. Hope in Gaggan we create a fantasy from this inspirational street food 
#gaggan #worlds50best #asia50best #gagganinindia #garamdoodh #hotmilk #india
Early morning coffee ... without doubt this filter coffee technique went from the Tamils to Malay and  from there to rest of south of Asia .. @itcgrandchola has this guys throwing the coffee everyday for breakfast I prefer this 💯 times more than the other coffee of world probably becoz of my memories in South Indian
The froth comes from the throwing and the lightness 
#coffee #gaggan #itcgrandchola #itchotels #asia50best 
#world50best #filtercoffee