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Epic off roading for my Bday. Big thanks to @brenthelindustries @jonathanbrenthel @jordanbrenthel for schooling us in the dirt!! #offroad #dirt #utv
Brittny & I are Delighted to announce the new edition to the family currently having his first seat! Look how comfy he looks! 😍👶🏼 #babybutton
Well that was bloody tough! For me this is one of the best sessions for a racing driver from the overall body conditioning to the hand eye coordination. Great session @jack_bnb @boxnburn @brittnyward 🥊🥵#boxing
Happy 2nd Birthday to this little monster!! Rogue by name rogue by nature!@storm_rogue_bentley_button
5 years since we lost this great man, they say it gets easier but it doesn’t. I still find myself wanting to call him and tell him the latest big news or just to hear his voice. I take comfort in knowing the old boy lived his life to the max but as many of us that lose someone close I wish I’d said “I love you” just one more time. #papasmurf #rockstar #rippapa
The face mask is a necessity for an undercover walk around the Tokyo Auto Salon show!! @berbaguette #naokiyamamoto
So it’s announced! I’ll be racing alongside Naoki Yamamoto in team Kunimitsu so we can fight to defend our title in Super GT. Can’t wait to take those Zeros off the side of the car!💪🏽😜#1 #teamkunimitsu #Honda
Happy Birthday to this wonderful Lady I’m lucky enough to call Mum! ❤️ Also known as Simone! 😬
Thoughtful Thursday.. what could I possibly be thinking about? Cake? Dogs? Or maybe the Honda Super GT driver announce tomorrow at the Tokyo Auto Salon! 😂 #tokyoautosalon
First bit of driving this year thanks to @pgr_karting and Maz for the wheels! So glad we got that novice cross on my lid as it’s been a while 😂. Great big of wheel to wheel action with the talented @nicky_hays 👍🏽
Happy 50th Michael. The moment when I stood alongside Michael on a podium that’s when I knew I was a proper F1 driver. So much respect for this guy, the true benchmark for a racing driver who is the best I’ve ever seen and raced against. The rest of us were just there to make the racing interesting. #GOAT #keepfightingmichael
A little look back at my racing in 2018. Clinching the Super GT title with Team Kunimitsu @hondajp has to be the highlight but the race Win at Sugo was oh so sweet! Also took my first podium in WEC with @smp_racing in LMP1 but the fun didn’t stop there as I got to drive Classic F1 cars from the 60s, 70’s and 80’s. Karting is where it all started so it’s always mega to jump back in a kart which I did with a few of my racing buddies earlier this year, I still think Karting is the best way to have fun on four wheels. 2018 you’ve been great but I’ve got a feeling that 2019 will top it 😉 #racing9 #9 Big thanks to all my Sponsors @santandercycles @baylisandhardingplc @alpinestars @kizuna.athletes