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💡 🖤
i dunno where i’d be without u but it sure wouldn’t be here n for sure wouldn’t at all be this special or magical. i am so grateful for u. got to perform dis vintage gem with my best friend tonight @victoriamonet. 🌙 you are too lit, too talented and too kind. @tbhits you too. i know you’re all going to spam us with ‘DROP IT NOW’ but there’s a plan ! we promise. patience. oh and we made another one this trip too. you’ll get that one too. at some point. 🖤 i love you. SHE DA CHIIIIICOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. 
@victoriamonet @sweetener @allthingsmean
thanks for accepting my humanness. it’s super emo and difficult singing some of these songs. but you make me smile. i look like penny pingleton here. i love u and thanks. i feel your warmth up there and it helps and is greatly appreciated. 🖤
Light up ya life ❤️
Bullshit MONDAYS
real protective wit my soullll where YOUUUUUU been
7️⃣ weeks at number 1️⃣ 🖤🌪💍🌫 ♡
7️⃣ weeks at number 1️⃣ 🖤🌪💍 thank u
@honokamoriyama_official 🔥
days off. from the bus to the booth ..... good boys club in tow 🖤
OMAHA! Thank you for coming out last night. Just by showing up, you became a big part of our efforts to help the victims of the flooding here in the Midwest. Special thanks to @livenation & @drinkbai for joining in too. If you guys want to learn more about how you can help, follow @americanredcross and check out the link in my bio. Stay strong Nebraska, WE LOVE YOU.
@isiahhilt @blackpyramidofficial 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
@blackpyramidofficial 🔥
📸 @antsoulo
Guess what I went with...
🇮🇪 Starting to see spaceships... 📸 by @antsoulo
Remember Me, Toronto by my brother @mustafathepoet I love you so much family and thank you for doing this and I hope every yout from our city watches this and understands the messaging that this life is a blessing and it’s possible to do whatever you desire with your time here.
Splashiest. 📸 @theo.skudra
Dans mes sentiments
OAKLAND tonight! Last West Coast show of #MOTWTOUR
Friends and Family 🇫🇷
We started #MOTWTOUR one year ago last night. Happy anniversary, @thetnkids.... and thanks for celebrating with us Fresno 🙌 (volume up)
Introducing the OVO Athletic Centre, the official training facility for the Toronto Raptors. 🇨🇦 just wanted to add that I am so proud of my brothers and so proud to be from this city I swear this one feels like a high school dream and it’s a blessing to be able to raise up the levels and make the human mind stretch when it comes to thinking about what is possible in your lifetime!! Much love to everyone involved
Details by @virgilabloh @louisvuitton
Happy Birthday to my brother @timbaland!!! More claps that slap soooooon come!!!!!
ASSASSINATION VACATION COLLECTION available starting tonight in Manchester. 🌴🎯 @tourlife
Me and @chubbsview both trying to figure out why it costs a half million pounds 😂
Brought @Levis to my hometown to shoot some spring stuff in the winter. Season 2 coming soon...
100th show tonight!! Can’t thank this whole team enough. I’m so lucky to work with you guys. PS that’s a CAKE!!
More of this tonight. See you in that #VZUp section Phoenix!! 📱📱📱
My partner in this thang called life... you are the most wonderful human I have ever met. You make me smile, laugh, and love life more than I knew I could. I cherish every moment with you and can’t wait to spend so many more years doing the same... but, new. Happy Birthday, you GOD OF ALL SMOKE SHOWS!! Love, Your Huz
Dude stole my fit. Thanks for coming out last night SACRAMENTO!