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Você me faz tão bem 🥰
*link in bio* 🖤
talking all things beauty, skin, and spirituality realness on @roseinc so honored to be featured and really happy with how this came together if you wanna know my take on social media, how I got started modeling, positivity, and skincare/beauty check it out thank you @rosiehw @fo__rd and everyone who contributed lots of love
quenched 💧
all in a days work but even better with perfect company 🔮💫💭 some moments on film and some not, by the one , the only , the @kelmcgee23 
Ft. @gvsgvs @jordenbickham @stuart_winecoff @jenmyles and the man in the green screen suit- shout out to him too! 🖤🖤
@dior by @mariagraziachiuri for @voguemagazine directed by @gvsgvs EPIC styling @jordenbickham (backwards flannel puffer and robe moment included ) 😹 also, who knew I was good at this sport... *noted for future
Just to prove I wasn’t just standing in a car park with the board 🏄‍♀️ loved my second ever time surfing with @hugopettit 📸 @vincedickson
➰”In a relationship with Delta” || leaf from Maxim cover story @gilles_bensimon
A tribute to Karl wearing his last collection from Chanel, from the eyes of @gvsgvs @stuart_winecoff @jordenbickham For @voguemagazine It has always and will always be heaven in Chanel . @chanelofficial 🖤✨ + at the end you can see all of the wonderful people who made this whole production work so smoothly and so beautifully 🙏🏽🖤
The always major “collections” video for @voguemagazine !! On the last day of paris fashion week, wearing some of the most special looks of the week❤️ Each one was even more impressive and unreal in person! This was one of the best days I’ve had and I owe that to all of you : @jordenbickham @gvsgvs @stuart_winecoff @jenmyles @kelmcgee23 @laurentphilippon 
We laughed our butts off and I am so grateful for each one of you for so many reasons!!! Thank you forever ! 📣If you dare to watch- I warn you, this is the long version. 😝I’ll put up a few of my favorites but you can also look on  @voguemagazine website for more,if you please 
Music : Think High by @officialprincecharlez 📣📣
WOWWWW.... on my way to the airport right now n went to check Instagram, and was surprised by the most beautiful post!!!!!!🥺😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️ I can’t even put into words how much all this love & support means to me! I always work to be the best role model for anyone who crosses my path❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ appreciate & love you all SO SO SO MUCH💛💛💛💛 @bestofalanna
Repost @russelljames 🏝 #VSSwim with the girls 🏝 @victoriassecret
Back to dirty blonde, back to my roots ! Per @mertalas wishes 💫
This was one of the most magical days to date. The future of a digital Vogue ! @voguemagazine cover by the most creative @gvsgvs @jordenbickham @stuart_winecoff wearing @givenchyofficial ❤️I love you all so deeply. This means so much to me, and to do it with you means so much more !!! Thank you to Anna, and everyone involved on this huge production❤️ Just wow...💭
Lucky location today🖤 I love you 🇹🇷So grateful to experience places like this with amazing people! 🖤
BAILE DA VOGUE 🌟✨ #bailedavogue2019
Perplexed 🙃 @martyre
Everyday 🖤
girls-girls-girls!! 🎈
THANK YOU @GISELE FOR THIS INCREDIBLE BOOK.... Aspirations set sky high!!!!!!! 💛💛💛 go get u a copy of Lessons!
Heaven @versace 🔔♥️💭
I’m convinced if u walk off the cliff behind me you’ll fall off the edge of the earth...
live life with a grateful heart and all that you desire will present itself ✨🙏🏽💙
🥚 by @derekkettela and @kristinesouza
Mop-head in Morocco!!!
My Versace campaign @ the beverly center captured by @simihaze 🖤...used to hang at sbarro in the food court here during my dad’s weekends in the city 😩 this means so much to me .🙏🏽🙇🏻‍♀️🖤
♥️ some amazing days in my country 🇧🇷 with the best @rennersouza @andreschiliro 😘
💔These photos are hard to believe and make me tear up when I look at them, but this is really occurring in the world right now.. We can not turn the other way and not pay attention to this !!!!! There are so many brutal events going on at an almost constant rate, but We CANNOT forget about all of the people and families of Mozambique , Zimbabwe, Malawi and Zambia this week. We have to help....It’s the only way they can rebuild and we can SHOW them that they are not alone...Not only are they in danger for their lives, im reading that 90% of the areas hit, including homes and shelters, have been destroyed. i can’t imagine how the ones affected by Cyclone Idai are feeling and how difficult it is to deal with all of this; especially having to care for not only themselves, but their beloved families as well... it breaks my heart to think about... I will be donating when I get off work today , and I hope you will too. Thank you @naomi for bringing awareness and finding ways to help. this is one of the many reasons I love you . @doctorswithoutborders @savethechildren #CycloneIdai ❤️
✈️ to another beautiful Dior day in paris @peterphilipsmakeup @diormakeup
Major mood 🕹
sometime ago in la la land
lazy daze are sometimes the best days! ❤️ I hope everyone is doing amazing and living their best life. 👼🏼
I love feeling strong and changing up my workout routine trying different and new techniques and classes- picking up something new from each exercise I try. What’s your favorite workout? 🏋🏼‍♀️🤸‍♀️🧘‍♀️🏊‍♀️🤽🏼‍♀️🚴🏼‍♀️?
ready for summer 🍑✨
Buona Giornata 🇮🇹
Surprise Surprise have you heard @vspink  has sunglasses 😎
I dream in color, do you?
Refill please
Grinning as it’s back 🙌🏽🔥 check out all the new @victoriassecret swim collection NOW!!
still have not recovered... this was literally everything I’ve ever dreamed of and more😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️ AND I got the bruises on my feet to prove I got my mf groooooooove on all night long!!!!!!!! #Chic #NileRodgers #DianaRoss #Studio54
Got salt?
🇧🇷 💥 VoGue @voguebrasil
Burnt nose and rosey cheeks 😊🏔
Leave me📍
That Mountain air 🏔 🎿 ☀️
I’ve been wondering lately, how you are doing?
beauty behind the madness
head high cause I’m holding up my crown baby
take the risk or lose the chance
A few nights ago... 💙💙💙 @timessquareedition @editionhotels
🎩 dolce 🌹
Fresh @VictoriasSecret campaign 💕one of the exciting starts to 2019 💕
💥 @voguebrasil 💥 🇧🇷 IT’s OuT - por @gil_inoue // styling @thico // beauty @herodrigues AND major love to my ♥️ @pedrosales_1 //
Halfway through my birthday week 👼🏼
💡Thankful for make up helping this tired face.. as I’m asked so often for my favorite make up products, my go tos include- 
@lamer sérum & moisturizer
@cledepeaubeauteus concealer 
@yslbeauty touché éclair
@marcjacobs highlighter
@narsissist mascara
@tomfordbeauty sculpt 
@benefitcosmetics brow gel
@diormakeup lip glow 
@ctilburymakeup powder
Talk Denim to me 👖 @aritzia #TheDenimForum
Bestie for the Restie
🍓 @loveshackfancy
‘I told you I would be ready in FIVE minutes, Stop calling me every half an hour’ - Marylin Monroe 💄
and it’s habitual to be the bitch I am, but not the chick u want...
Brasil 🇧🇷♥️
When Lameka meets Malika 💫
just because I’m happy 💛
when the goat meets the goat 🐐

jk but leave it to me to somehow always find animals on location 😇
last morning waking up as 21, glad it was with you. 💕
Blue planet 🌎 🌊
Happy #InternationalWomensDay to all of the strong, inspiring, beautiful women that are blessing this earth. Thank you to all of the women who came before me, that gave life to this earth. Thank you for being strong, fearless leaders in this world. I am so inspired and in love with every woman in my life, I pray we keep fighting TOGETHER to build a brighter future for our lil girls❤️❤️❤️‼️‼️‼️
Happy international women’s day ❤️
Happy women’s day 🎉
And keep doing that thing called whatever the heck you want! 
I love you all.
Someone sent me this today. 
How does this person knows me so much?
Moved to Europe.. kind of! 
It’s a LONG (but very adventurous/spontaneous) story. 😁
indica’s first time on the beach 🤙🏼
It’s not everyday you’re shooting and you walk past the @vspink store with you on the table!! So surreal ✨
shades 🌴 @danielbull 📸
There’s a 1 in 4 chance that a woman will be abused in her life time but I happened to sit on a table with 5 different women and all of us have been abused, one by the father, one by the brother, one by a guy in a party, one by a older couple friend of the family, one by her own cousin. None of us reported the crime at the time.
The problem with kaepernick kneeling to the national anthem, is that he is black. Perhaps if it a white NFL player would kneel for the black lives matter before a game, he would be heard and that makes me sick. 
Perhaps if a bunch of white men spoke on the behalf of women on the #metoo movement, the president of the United States wouldn’t call her a lier. I know because I have been there, I fought with a guy because he was saying some women present themselves in a certain way, asking to get raped.. but he apologized to me after his best friend (a man) disagreed with him as well. 
The problem when you speak on someone’s behalf, is that everyone is left voiceless.
🇧🇷🍍🌴 day 3
Really looking forward to spring, I was not born for the cold 🦋
@loveshackfancy SS19 ☀️
Mulher da minha vida, hoje é novamente o seu dia. 
Eu e a Amanda sempre te chamamos de “mulher da minha vida” e isso é o que você é mãe, a mulher inteligente e incrível que nos deu vida, que nos ensinou tudo sobre tudo, que nos mostrou a diferença entre a bondade e a maldade, o certo e o errado, a humildade, a felicidade nas coisas mais pequenas da vida. 
Por causa de você eu sei ser feliz, eu sei apreciar os detalhes da vida, eu sei extender a mão ao próximo. Por que você é assim mãe, a mulher mais gentil, mais feliz e bondosa e carinhosa. eu tive muita sorte de ter você na minha vida e de além de mãe, ter você como amiga de confiança, companheira da minha vida! 
Te amo tanto, você nem imagina. 
Feliz aniversário 🎂🎉🎈🎁🎊 @lucigrothe
It’s out 💋 @michaelstarsinc @colienarentmeester 💕
I am so proud and empowered this week. I have so much to tell you guys but still have to keep a secret for a few more weeks. Oh well, for now all what I’m gonna say is that at Paco Rabanne we are once again shaping the beauty and fashion industry to how we want to see ourselves on TV and how we want to be represented as women. 
You are powerful, strong, intelligent, a WARRIOR. So that’s what you will see! 
@pacorabanneparfums @pacorabanne #olympea #invictus #secretproject
💚 Working with friends • Brasil 🇧🇷
.. part 2 coming soon .. 🤫 @pacorabanneparfums  #Olympea #Invictus
What kind of music makes you move ??????? 🤟🏼