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just get yourself free 🗝
didn’t plan to stay long
If you get in a plane and you see Tom Hanks, then you know you gotta have one of these. 
Also works as a cushion perhaps for a water slide, or a simply as a pool float. 
And damn, if I had one of these every time my mom whacked me with her havaianas when I was little.... LOL 😂 
Happy fashion week !
puppy appreciation! my sweetness, she makes my world turn. love you lindie!! 🧡
Friday (:
Throw back to this fashion story that I shot when I was around 17. It was about a girl who missed the past so much that it caused her a lot of pain.. One of my favorites :) 📷 by Gabriele di mola
@voguearabia 🧜🏽‍♀️
Wanderlust - traveling has turned me into a story teller 🌸 📷
Always 100% @DKNY 🖤
Celebrating 80k with a very special throwback. This is a picture of me with Carolina herrera almost three years ago in Johannesburg.  Funny story, she is indirectly one of the reasons I went back to try modeling one more time in NYC. I was modeling in South Africa after just quitting my teaching job and one of my first jobs was to do a show for her for the opening of her store in South Africa. During the party she came up to me and said in the most warmhearted tone “You are so beautiful! Come walk in my show for NY Fashion Week.” I was like “What?  nah she buggin!” lol. When the night ended her assistant came up to me and asked for the contact of my nyc agency. I didn’t have one at the time and honestly wasn’t even sure if I ever wanted to model in nyc again. See I tried modeling for about two years back in 2008 and was broke bouncing from model house to model house. The fear of “failing” again kept me from wanting to try one more time. But her words were the motivation I needed and the next day I begged my agency in South Africa to find me an agent in nyc immediately so they could get me in her show.........Long story short didn’t get the show, never met her again but none of that matter. What I needed was a sign for me to face my fears and try again. That my hopes of being a model weren’t delusional. Some people won’t believe this story, some won’t care but I’m writing this for people who need it. I remember when I first started they would always romanticize models I admired careers so I thought my struggle meant I wasn’t good enough. I’m writing this for you, I hear you in my dms asking for advice, I see you. I ain’t got the answers but my advice is this whatever is right for you will feel right for you. You will get signs or hints of encouragement to keep going even when things seem to tear you back. Don’t force a door that is not opening for you. Keep trying different “doors” exploring new opportunities that present themselves. Go with what is flowing, you never know it might be something better or it might be just a detour. Keep going after your dreams, even better your purpose..Thank you, love you guys! #allglorytogod #messengerslooklikecarolinaherreratoo
got that sunshine in my pocket 🌞
Next stop, Bangkok ☺️
i can dunk from the free throw line JUST like MJ in case u were wondering...
AL for ALDO! ❤️
for @aldo_shoes 🖤💃🏾
Wow this morning was extra special... My sis finally made her official move to be my roomie in the big city, and so this morning I put on my best wealthy-upper-east-side-mom fur and took the train with her to her first day of college!!!! All jokes aside, I’ve never been more proud and inspired by someone in my life. From graduating high school a year early to moving to a big city with no questions asked to chase her dreams, i’m always challenged by my sister to see who can be the hardest working sibling. Amyah, I’m so proud of you and I love you with my whole entire heart, good luck💛
my cousin took this awkward picture so don’t judge cause that’s family
About a week ago🧂
vacations are nice but I’m happy it’s over
bestie for the restie
quick ride through da jungle
I just developed my film from my holidays 📷 
When you disconnect from your phone, you connect to people and nature in another level. I made so many amazing memories, and we laughed and danced and enjoyed life a lot. 
Thank you guys for an awesome time in australia @dimity_youngquest @rosemary_youngquest @nickyoungquest 
I love you guys and miss you and the kiddos!
Thank you 2018🙏🏼 Happy 2019 friends!
I’m the captain now!
running away to heaven brb!
🛹🛹🛹Thanks @dave_e_boy for helping me hang these
i went to stop and shop this week and this guy with a mouth full of gold teeth was like “aye girl you a model?” And i was like 🙄 “yes” . He was like “you should be a model you look like one.” I did a fake laugh praying Uber would hurry up and said “thank you”. Then he goes “don’t sell yourself short ok?” and walks off and i was like 🙃 #messangershavegoldteethtoo #theuniversespeaks
My 2019 wish with @lorealmakeup 
Hope you all had an awesome Xmas and New Year’s Eve, filled with love.
2018 💣 2019
all I want is to be here
not occupied with the past or with what I want for the future,
just right now 
that is all I need
“I never learned how to lean-in
You know- the act of pushing forward without moving your feet
You know, the motion of eemotion, that causes another to move their feet, their thoughts, their emotions...
You know- co-dependence
You know- we were not meant to be alone- but together 
you know -we are like molten lava leaning-in to the emerald forest, like torrential rain leaning-in to an already crested river until the river leans-in to and swallows whole -humans and creatures alike

I never learned how to lean -in
You know -I tried but the weight of another human-be-ing can be more than an-other human can carry 
You know I tried but the weight shifted so quickly it was like the earth moving off its axis.

You know I tried but the weight was like a floor beam rotted - giving way to layers of tile and furniture that were once thoughtfully placed without consideration for -the aging of -and diminishing capacity beneath 
I lack the capacity to suffer through someone who consciously or unconsciously, mentally or physically inflicts discomfort, which in hindsight may be prerequisite to not being alone....
Maybe if I had ever truly loved -that capacity would not have been a choice
Capacity, you know like how much can one vessel hold Before it explodes...” (Poem written by my mother and I thought it was beautiful ❤️.)
happy merry ❣️ (📷 by @james.tinnelly)
Merry Christmas!!! 🎄
It was all a blur.
ultralight beam
I hope you don’t feel like a hostage on this crazy long tour you’ve been on. Love you Bill! Keep being you and inspiring us all with your wit and creativity!! I can’t wait to see what you bless us with this year!! Happy happy day dude! @wherearetheavocados
Getting everything boxed and wrapped!! #8daystillchristmas
🖤 Out now In @ellefr @elle_spain and @elle_italia
Can any of you relate to this image?

At this time of the year, I think a lot about the moms and families who are doing their best to give a Christmas meal to their children. 
I thought maybe we could listen to each other’s stories and get inspired to try and help others. 
So tell me your story in the comments ..?
BTS something special.
waiting for superman 💛
“You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time.“ more from our Angela Davis inspired @elle_italia @ellefr @elle_spain story out now! With the most talented crew @victordemarchelier @hortensemanga @bartpumpkin @charlottewillermakeup @charlottedeffe  #ellemagazine #ellefrance #elleitalia #ellespain #editorial #angeladavis
I fed him an 🍎 but he came for more, when I didn’t have any.
a return to love
🥶 on the inside
In my favorite city in the world, Rio de Janeiro @animalebrasil ❤️
Happy Monday✨
The snozzberries taste like snozzberries 🦜
Neigh 🤠
My favorite month of the year is almost here, December brings me my birthday, family and friends time, Xmas and New Year’s Eve and lots of end of the year parties 🎈can’t wait.
Another day of robes and strobes 👘 @freepeople