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Fuck eating disorders.
Fuck body shaming.
Fuck size standards.
Now? A fresh page. (Thank you @thelinegirl for bringing my vision to life💕)
...I’ll drink to that
Joy to the world! And a Merry merry f*%king Christmas 🎄

The Roberts
🌬 📷: @mattnaltonphoto
Love this boy so much. So proud of you. Thanks for having all of us and letting us sing fun Christmas songs. What amazing company 🎄✨
{the incredible dress is by the incomparable @kolchagovbarba
{a break from the feed}
before the wine vs after 💫
Orpheus and Eurydice wore matching outfits and they’re having an awful awful time @hadestown. 🖤 @liachangphotography
this show is my c💫smic love 📸: @josie_richardson
The man, @gabrielmokake. Thank you for this day. Had a blast. ✨

a ⓿⓿➐ kind of 🖤
“Flowers, soft beneath my heels. Walking in the sun I remember someone....” 📷: @reevecarney
Feeling fresh and renewed after getting my nails and facial thanks to my fav beauty spot @seduirelondon. There’s no place better 🌸
Also I just wanted to say thanks, guys. For the support over Yellow Rose and Hadestown and just everything. We start rehearsals in a few days and as nervous as I am, I’m so excited to start this next adventure. Feeling ready for whatever hell comes my way (get it?) I’m extremely lucky for the friends in my life. You know who you are. It feels good to be home. 
Love ya 💕
I know, ‘sis’ can sometimes be a term of endearment but I honestly feel I’ve made a sister in you. I would do anything for you, Shin. Look at us! BOTH MARRIED & ✨s 😂
I love you. Hope you’re having an amazing birthday! 🎂
three million dreams in one Polaroid picture ✨
Leo, it’s officially your birthday now. Every day knowing I get to love you is an infinite gift. You are such a joy to everyone around you.
Happy happy birthday & a lottt of cake.
- your wife x (The date on the board is wrong but we took a cute pic so)
Am I @jvn yet?