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Hey ladies,Who else loves silky straight hair??😍
In beer there is freedom,with wine there is health,with vodka u can call your ex and invite him over for the night....
Now who is drinking more wine with me?😝
Pc @nahnah_kay
When I ask my friends to take a pic,I mean THE PIC,Take 15 photos,get on the floor,climb a tree,try flash and no flash,use snap,order a drone,do what it takes to get THE PIC!😂....who else thinks like this?
Pc @nahnah_kay
Welcome to Instagram where girls buy a new body before buying a house 👀...
Photocredit @mr.phreddy 
Beautiful dress @afi_wear
Our mommy turned 75 yesterday and I pray for nothing but long life to everybody’s mommy and daddy out there.....
Beautiful outfit by our sweet sister @afi_wear
My baby takes the best pictures of me😍...guess what happened later in the night.......
#marriothotel #lovers #valsday
When you are spending Valentine’s Day alone what do u do?😭
Proudly made in Ghana!
Photocredit @laurah__k_ 
Hair @the_hair_plug_gh 
This weather be blessing our skin everyday😍😍 cute do we look together?
Hair @the_hair_plug_gh .
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If you are looking for my post for answers,you’ll see that am single,alone sometimes,settled down,happy,sad , so much in love,rich,heart broken..
Moral lesson,don’t take my post too seriously,i confuse the demons!
Who else is patiently waiting for @the_twins_store valentine’s day giveaway???
Should we add this hair from @the_hair_plug_gh too??
Outfit @afi_wear 
Photocredit @laurah__k_
Room for one more and a a glass of wine pls!! Rosegold Hair from @the_hair_plug_gh 
Outfit by @afi_wear
Makeup @the_twins_store 
Hair slayed by @official_terre_hairandmakeup 
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