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The epitome of effortlessness. #LouisVuitton’s Twist bag is an easy way to add serious style to any look. Explore the full range via link in bio.
Graphic impressions. One of the new Twist Bags combines #LouisVuitton signatures in a playful new way. Discover the rest of this season’s collection via link in bio.
An extra dose of charm. The Twist bag combines #LouisVuitton signatures with fashion-forward finishes. See the newest models via link in bio.
Always in fashion. From classic to bold, there’s a #LouisVuitton Twist bag for every inclination. Explore the newest collection via link in bio.
Sophistication, with a Twist. Epi leather gives the #LouisVuitton Twist bag an undeniably timeless allure. Find the entire collection via link in bio.
Twisting a signature. The #LouisVuitton Twist Bag has been refreshed with new colors and finishes. Explore the collection via link in bio.
Playing with nostalgia. @VirgilAbloh’s LV Trainers bring together classic design elements with #LouisVuitton’s savoir-faire. Learn more about the Artistic Director’s first sneaker collection via link in bio.
Setting the pace. @VirgilAbloh first sneakers for #LouisVuitton are the highly anticipated LV Trainers. Explore the collection via link in bio.
An aura of the past. Vintage codes meet #LouisVuitton signatures in the new LV Trainer by @VirgilAbloh. See the full collection via link in bio.
Reminiscent of a golden era. The basketball-inspired LV Trainer is @VirgilAbloh’s first sneaker for #LouisVuitton. Learn more via link in bio.
Step forward. The LV Trainer from @VirgilAbloh’s #LVMenSS19 show reinvents the vintage basketball shoe. Find the new #LouisVuitton sneakers via link in bio.
Made for movement. The LV Trainer is @VirgilAbloh’s interpretation of old-school sport shoes for #LouisVuitton. Explore the new collection via link in bio.