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🧿 5’2” / loves a good pun / mama to Elvis 🐶

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Soo here’s the deal...I got this tattoo recently as a symbol of self love. And that’s what this last year has been about...being alone (but not lonely), not settling and truly finding my inner light & loving who I am. This Valentine’s Day while I don’t have a significant other, I am so happy with the place I’m in and unbelievably grateful for the overflowing love I have in my life from my family and friends. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO MYSELF AND TO YOU. Whether you got someone or not ❤️ ( art by the incomparable @fredericforest and tattoo by @robgreennyc )
Love is in the air, so it’s a perfect day to show a little love to our animal friends. Today is my Buzzcoin Bonus Day – which means every scan of a Honey Nut @Cheerios box gets you 500 Buzzcoin, and that much closer to winning $100K for the ASPCA. #TeamLucy #ItsBuzzcoinTime #ad
❤️valentines❤️ Grateful for new experiences that bring amazing people into my life 🙏🏼 #fantasyisland
when Mags & I found the original Fiji Gold boys
Cotton candy skies. actually no filter. Madly, madly in love with this place. 🍬🍭
🥥❤️ fantasy.island.
Lucy and the Technicolor Shirt 🌈 @jamesleewallphoto
Jason waterfalls
i swear we are actually making a movie here ....
What. A. Day.
don’t go chasin waterfalls they said
🦄 What a fitting movie title for all these magical humans. thanks to everyone who let me be a part of it - in select theaters Feb 1 & on demand Feb 5 🦄