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This is going to blow people’s minds....announcing Kastles Stadium at Union Market - our new stadium unlike any sports venue ever seen before.  Watch the world’s best players including @Venus williams, @bigfoe1998 and Nick Kyrgios (@k1ngkyrg1os under the stars with spectacular views of Washington’s skyline on top of the epicenter of DC’s hottest neighborhood.  This is TENNIS REIMAGINED!

#RefusetoLose #KastlesStadiumatUnionMarket
One of the great thrills about starting the @washkastles has been bringing the best players in the world to represent our DC community. Today at 4pm, the star of our very first home match in 2008 @serenawilliams plays the star of our last home match in 2018 @naomiosakatennis for the US Open title.  Should be a great match and it’s an exciting day for our franchise, all our fans and the great tennis community in the Capital region.
The outpouring of excitement, encouragement and offers of support since the news broke about my purchase of the Washington City Paper has been overwhelming. It makes everyone involved even more emboldened about our mission ahead. My decision to do this, with full awareness of the challenges and headwinds that all papers face, was driven by a deep belief that good, responsible, and high quality journalism has never been important than it is today. Journalists that are producing this work today are, in some respects, saving our world and they deserve our support. Also, all thriving communities, like ours in DC, need strong sources of local news and the City Paper has been that for the last 36 years and I wanted to make sure that it continues to be for the next 36. They have an alumni network that is a virtual journalism Hall of Fame (Jake Tapper, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Kate Boo and many others) and, today, have a fantastic editor in Alexa Mills and a wonderful team of dedicated writers and staff that will now be able to continue to do great work and serve our community. I am also deeply appreciative to the WCP alumni and many friends who were part of this effort to date and to the many others that have reached out in recent days wanting to join the team going forward. We will give the City Paper a strong foundation, opportunities to grow, and a long, multi-year runway so that ultimately its community of readers and advertisers can ensure its very long-term sustainability. While our entire focus is on the Washington City Paper, it would be a dream to also help crack the code for other papers ably serving their communities across the country. Based on what I have seen over the last three days, I think it is entirely possible and I am just thrilled about the journey ahead.
DC friends - I am thrilled that Barry's Bootcamp is finally coming to DC. Since I first discovered Barrys in NY four years ago, I became addicted to it and try to go in any city they are in and that I find myself.  It is the best workout i have ever found and a day with a Barrys session is a better day. To celebrate their DC launch, we are hosting a free private session this Sunday at 12:40pm followed by smoothies.  We have some spots left, so if anyone wants to join us, let me know asap by messenger or below.
Was honored to co-host the DC screening of the @battleofthesexesmovie. It's been one of the greatest pleasures of my life to work with, learn from and be inspired by @billiejeanking over the last ten years and I am thrilled for the movie's wide release this week so that everyone, depending on age, can learn about or rediscover Billie's courageous fight for equality and remember why she is the undoubtedly the most impactful female athlete in history.  Go see it - I think you will be entertained, enlightened and also leave inspired.
Being there to watch your friend @martinahingis80 who you adore win her 25th Grand Slam title and second in two days.....priceless!
Handing out US Open doubles best thing to winning them!  Especially when the champions are your friends and really good guys @julrojer and @horiatecau
Happy birthday to one of the true G.O.A.Ts -. Rod Laver.  It was good to spend some time on Saturday night and thank you for being such a fan of the @sdaviators and for your support of @worldteamtennis over so many years
Not the match I thought I would, nor wanted to, be watching in the WTT finals tonight but it's a great crowd in @sandiegoaviators with a ton of support from the visiting @orangecountybreakers.  Great to see @worldteamtennis thriving in communities across America.
Can't wait for the 2017 @washkastles home season to start tonight.  Love these players and our team that is loaded with talent and accomplishment. But, above all, they are all great people and I'm really proud to have them representing our community and our franchise. If you are in DC, come check us out over the next two weeks. Every night promises to be memorable. @martinahingis80 @bigfoe1998 @murphyjensen @arodionova1@mbrengle @treathuey @samquerrey @bryanbros @mikecbryan @venuswilliams
Super fun interview tonight on Sports Talk with @erinhawksworth talking @washkastles and our two @wimbledon semifinalists @venuswilliams and @samquerrey. Home season starts next Tuesday night!
An amazing day in the Royal Box at Centre Court at Wimbledon. The level of attention to detail and quality in every respect is hard to describe other than to say it is the finest sports hospitality experience that I get to be a part of. They have found an extraordinary balance of tradition and modernity that is truly exceptional.
Out of the office today....
The G.O.A.T and his magic in the cathedral of tennis.
End of the most scaled down, yet most meaningful, White House Correspondents Dinner weekend in recent memory that actually celebrated the first amendment and the best journalists on the front lines at a time when it has never been more important. #whitehousecorrespondentsdinner
Couldn't miss this....waited too long to see this rivalry in person again. #federer #nadal #miamiopen
This is an awesome match.  The best of the past and current against likely one of the best of the future.
At 35 and after knee surgery, I actually think he may be playing his best tennis ever. Even if you don't love tennis, watching him live is truly watching greatness. Try to see him In person before he does retire. It's a thing of beauty to witness.  @rogerfederer #GOAT. #bnpparibasopen