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When I see this image it’s a total reflection of what I could...never be! 😂😂😂Zac Efron tearing up the Obstacle  course back in 2015 in Baywatch.
Everyday on the way to set I pass this amazing Drive In I just had to pull over and shoot my bike next to it! #leica🔴 , #leicaq2 📸LeicaQ2-Frank Masi
Last day on Hobbs and Shaw. Who’s your Pig Daddy!!!!! 📸Frank Masi , #leica🔴 #leicaq2 . #leicastorela🔴 , #blackrapidambassador ,#masistills 
Posted @withrepost • @therock Preppin’ my ride to shoot one last scene for HOBBS & SHAW. 
I played with a couple ideas for my license plate from LAWMAN to POPO but then decided to go with this. 
It fits me better 😈
AUGUST 2ND 🌍📸@masistills
Woke up this morning to see this shot that I just took of DJ a few days ago on Hobbs & Shaw. Shot this in the pouring rain on Stage 26 at Universal and somehow managed to stay dry!  Gotta admit of the tens of thousands of photos I have taken of DJ, this may be one of my favorites. You can see all the hours of dedication to diet and training in every inch of this photo. I’m talking about Dwayne not me! #fujifilmxt3 , *Shot with Fuji XT3-16-55  2.8😂-📸Frank Masi Posted @withrepost • @therock Wrapped Jumanji and flew in to switch gears back into HOBBS mode. 
Had to handle some final business with a bad dude named, BRIXTON aka THE BLACK SUPERMAN. 
The character of “BRIXTON” is perfectly played by my brother @idriselba aka The Second Sexiest Man Alive 😉
Long, physically draining hours for this fight but worth every second. 
Biggest showdown the FAST & FURIOUS franchise has ever seen. 
@masistills 📸
Happy #xmenday. Always a great day when I see Hugh Jackman through my lens!
Shooting on Hobbs & Shaw this week and a few new images from Hawaii appeared in Empire Magazine! I somehow managed not to get hit with any of these weapons!!! This film will be a 100% Bad Ass!  Guaranteed!!! In theaters August 2. 📸by me
Great day on set again today with one of my photography heroes, Michael Muller @michaelmuller7 ! Met this guy about 10 years ago on the set of Hancock and been fortunate enough to shoot side by side with him a few times over the years! I am a huge fan of his work and in awe of his Photography with Great Whites!! I’ve never seen anything like it!!! He surprised me today with a signed copy of his incredible Taschen book , “SHARKS”. Thanks for the sweet words!!! Always great to watch this guy shoot on set and I always steal a little something from him when I watch him!! One of the greats and a damn cool guy!!!
They don’t mean they? So awesome to shoot at Universal this week! It’s only been since Die Hard 4, 2007 since I’ve shot here!!
That’s a wrap on Jumanji 2!!! Man, this is one you just don’t want to see end!! Five cities and two countries to continue this great journey! This film is gonna be so damn good!!!Thank you to my pals Producer and fellow Photographer Hiram Garcia @hhgarcia41 and DJ @therock  for taking me along for another fun ride!!! See you next week boys!!! Thanks for the photo Matt! 📸Matt Tolmach
Thank you Black Rapid for all your tremendous support!! The Black Rapid Sport X Coyote was the perfect strap for our desert location!!! Thank’s also to my pal @jjdashnaw for all the cool BrandX shwag!! #blackrapidambassador , #blackrapidsportxcoyote, ##brandxstunts #frankmasiphotography,
So stoked to wake up and see this shot of DJ and Jason from Hobbs and Shaw that I shot in Kauai in Jan. Minutes after I shot this , I showed it to DJ and we both agreed, it was a keeper. This film is a 100% Bad Ass!!! Can’t wait to see  Hobbs and Shaw on August 2nd. 📸-Frank Masi
Riding and shooting from the back of this thing gave me pains in parts of me that have never seen pain before! Anything to get the shot!!! #blackrapidstrap , #blackrapidambassador, #fujixt3 , #leicaq2 , #leica🔴 , #frankmasiphotography
Wow from the Canadian Rockies to Northern New
Mexico in just 3 days! Just a stunning cloud formation over a place they call Shiprock!! Looks like the eye of a hurricane over this amazing monument!!! My favorite shot of the day!! Shot with the Leica Q2, 28mm 1.7  #blackrapid ,
#blackrapidambassador , #leica🔴 #leicaq2 , #leicastorela #frankmasiphotography.
📸Frank Masi
I shot this the other day. Great way to end our last day in the Jungles of Hawaii, watching these guys laugh it up between takes!! Shooting on Jumanji with most of the same cast and crew really feels like you are with family! Great fun to work on. Next stop...The Canadian Rockies!!! @therock , #leica🔴 #leicaq2 ,#blackrapidambassador , #blackrapid , @smpspstills , #frankmasiphotography
Rockin’ the new Black Rapid Coyote Sport X Camera Straps in Hawaii, tethered along with the Black Rapid Wrist Strap Breath on my Leica Q2. Thanks Ron @blackrapidfounder and @blackrapid for all of
your tremendous support!! Love the new Camo and Coyote straps!! #blackrapidambassador , #blackrapid , #leica🔴 , #leicaq2 , #frankmasiphotography
We you don’t have a shot it sometimes forces you to get creative . I always am on the hunt for silhouettes and it was fun to shoot this with the new Leica Q 2 on the set of Jumanji 2  the other day.  Just love everything about this camera! Currently my favorite camera in my arsenal!  #leicaq2 , #leicastorela🔴 ,#blackrapidambassador , #blackrapidwriststrap .
“When shooting with a camera as great as a Leica, there is no better strap or strap I trust more than Black Rapid! The Black Rapid wrist strap is perfect for small cameras like the Leica Q2.” Thank you Ron and everyone at Black Rapid for your continued support!! #blackrapidambassador