withlovechanelxo Instagram Profile 1 week ago

& it’s always from the ones who couldn’t even do 10% of what she does & what she’s done.

evonna__ Instagram Profile 6 days ago

People always feels the need to lable an artist. Black superstars tend to be labeled in a negative way by the public. Bob Marley was called racist and a rebel. Michael was called a pedophile. Tupac called a thug. Whitney called crackhead. With Beyonce no one can find anything wrong with her so they use "overrated"

kain.myl Instagram Profile 1 week ago

meanwhile whoever they stan can't do any of those things

chelsea_gabonna Instagram Profile 6 days ago

Thank you Rihanna don’t even do shit, can’t sing dance perform just nothing I’m glad she retired

jstn_mts Instagram Profile 6 days ago

I also think it’s impressive when she continues performing when it rains, I feel like most artists wouldn’t continue the show.

jerseylicious99 Instagram Profile 5 days ago

Say it again!! For the slow bitches in the back 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

zaina_amo Instagram Profile 2 days ago

This is true. I know people who hate on her just because other people admire her it's like she can't even get a simple compliment without people getting mad.