anxomniak_ Instagram Profile 1 week ago

I suppose Apple did enough in terms of external design, adding new features and the new A12X which I’m personally looking forward to see benchmarked, But it would’ve been nice if they used an OLED display on the new iPad, that way they could’ve shrunken the bezels a little more as it wouldn’t require as much space for the LCD backlight. The storage bump is a nice touch although I just don’t see anyone using up 1tb of space on a mobile operating system. Can’t really say until I see one in person and see some benchmarks. If most likely wouldn’t be very significant for anyone already with a previous iPad Pro :)

ev.shoob Instagram Profile 1 week ago

Can’t wait to get the new model! Anyone else?

harryclickz Instagram Profile 1 week ago

The camera looks kinda different!! Waiting for reviews on 7th for reviews

lifeasamutt Instagram Profile 1 week ago

"Specs wise, there is no notable difference" bitch what?

rohit_srini Instagram Profile 1 week ago

What’re you talking about? Specs wise there’s a huge difference, new one is way more powerful, actual performance and benchmarks have proved that. I wouldn’t buy it cause iOS and the lack of ports and support for storage just make it a glorified web browsing machine. Too bad such amazing hardware is limited by software and idiot Apple company.