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lazy saturday with @maisie_williams
It‘s not me who’s crazy, it‘s everyone else. Mood of my life.
Egg hunt with @runahansen
Some people feel the rain others get wet.
On the new episode of Streetphilosophy I‘m talking with @sudelheft about growing up in an environment wich is allegedly uninspiring and how to draw inspiration from it. You can watch it on or find it in their media library. 
It was a pleasure to be a part of your production @weltrecorder
On a journey with @chudnyyyy .. do you remember the first photo you have seen of me?
Walls are made to overcome them.
I‘m trying to remember what you were looking at.
It’s been nearly one year since I started filming the music video for „such a bore“ with a bunch of my super talented friends. To celebrate that I want to share some behind the scene photos with you that you can find at the blog on my website. Also I really want to shoot another video but this time something completely different.. (ps. the video is on the main page of my website)
Alexa, tell me how to sit on a chair.
It’s not nonsense as long as you don‘t think so.
Can‘t decide, won‘t ever commit