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Placing, pouring and shaping: The process behind the installation of the terrazo flooring for the new interior design of the @cheriff_restaurant in Barcelona. 
Artisanry by @terraconti
"As filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein’s 1938 essay Montage and Architecture first suggested, architecture guides us through space, much like the montage of a film does when cropping, framing and abstracting.”
We compare the architecture that of film making in order to explain the concept behind the Rupià house.
Published on @disupmagazine 
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We are using terrazo for the new interior design of the iconic @cheriff_restaurant in the heart of the Barceloneta neighbourhood. Originated in 16th-century Italy as a way to reuse stone offcuts, terrazo is a composite material, made of chips of marble, quartz and granite, held together with a concrete and epoxy-resin binder.
Artisanry by @terraconti
The Rupia House is a polyvalent home that proves architecture can bring about a more active experience of the context which surrounds us every day (our habits, culture and natural surroundings) by creating a system that blends in the landscape but makes it feel present at the same time.
New project on the website: the Rupia house
If architecture is capable of shaping a more meaningful experience of space, we wanted to not only let the surroundings define the design of a new house in Rupia, but to guide the user’s gaze towards it, and the Mediterranean way of living.
On the website: The Rupia House
Model tests for a home in the fields of Rupia (Catalonia, Spain)
Photography by @irishumm
Our new office space in Barcelona, Gomis 34, as seen by photographer @irishumm
A collaboration with @losobjetosdecorativos, representing the materials we used for an upcoming project in Rupia, Spain
“What do we require from a space when we come into work? What makes for the right atmosphere to work in, and how can we project our philosophy onto a spatial design?” Some of the questions we asked ourselves while designing GOMIS 34, our new Barcelona office
Picture by @irishumm
Our new website is live.
Thank you for the design and guidance @folchstudio and @martaoliva for the photo.
Many new things coming soon!
AWARD: Casa IV has received the 2A Continental Architectural Award 2018 in the Residential category, by jury members such as Carme Pinós & Willy Muller.

We would like to give a new vision of the house through this video & commemorate the house awards:

AJAC X Awards
RADA 2016 Residential Architect Design Awards 
Premio de arquitectura COACV 2015-2016 
2A Continental Architectural Award 2018

Hispalyt Awards - Special Mention
American Architecture Prize - Honorable Mention

Ascer Awards XIV - Finalist
XIV BEAU - Finalist
AR House Awards 2018 - Finalist
Dezeen Awards 2018 - Longlisted
Best Architects Awards 17 -  Blue label
The morning light and @santacole ’s Cesta Metálica (1962) by @miguelmiladesign at our Barcelona office
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From the Barcelona Library competition: 
A building that generates a patio working as a nucleus between the seaside promenade of the Barceloneta area and the neighbourhood beside it
#architecture #library #barcelona
“Architecture is a service: we are no longer selling a product (some more, some less beautiful), but instead have become professionals at the service of others: the client, our society.”
From our project for Anna Maria and Manuel in Sant Mori
#architecture #service #renovations
@santacole’s Tatu (1972) by André Ricard illuminating the models of a new project in Rupia. More soon.

Photography by @yosigo_yosigo and @salvalopez
"The Peratallada project is an intervention in the original, an adding of new meaning, but it is neutral and modest, fitting, always with the original textures and forms it is put next to."
New project published on @galeriadaarquitetura 
#architecture #addition #landscaping
Respect and moderation: 
For the Born Apartments interior design meant bringing out what was already there
#interiordesign #interiors #barcelona
Photography by #josehevia
Visiting Fundación Joan Miró (1981) in Palma, Mallorca 
Photography by founding architect @syrjames 
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