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Mette Feldt


Idealist.Psychotherapist.Dreamer.Humanist. Lover of family, girlfriends and loud laughs. 2019 is my year👊🏻 Follow my company IG @wishbyseimei

Night • Swimming ✨🌙 #nightswim #beach #ocean #vinterbadning #sunset #dusk #magichour
Today my universe expanded✨ I was intruduced to art❤️ I thought art wasn’t for me, but it turns out I was wrong. I felt it in my veins, in my cells and in my heart. I feel so inspired. I want to see more, feel more, create more. I am grateful beyond words for generous friends and talented artists. Thank you @pernilleaalund for being the first and @dellyrose for being the latter🙏🏻🙌🏻 #art #louisianamuseum @louisianamuseum
Woke up to this😍 Because it is my biiiiiirthdaaaaaaay🎂🇩🇰❤️🥰🥳 I’m 37 today, and I feel so freaking blessed in life with such an amazing family, the best friends (including IG friends) and colleagues ❤️ I can’t even describe how grateful I am for you all, how filled to the brim my heart is with love for you and for my life. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you🙏🏻 Love Mette #birthday #birthdaygirl #thankyou #forbeinginmylife
Saturday morning happiness 🧡 #lifebythebeach #sunrise #saturday #prayertime #countyourblessings
One of the perks of having a juice plant next to open fields and forrest🌄 Gorgeous sunsets... #wishjuice #sunset @wishbyseimei
Abundance of water on the 2nd of January 🌊 #mothernature  #sunrise #ocean #beachlife  #2019 #abundance
Going into 2019 like this... 😍 #newyear #2019 #lovelovelove
'Oh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain.' Prayer of Jabez 🌅 #prayerofjabez #morning #beach #winterswimming #riselikethesun
December 24th,  2018🌅 #morningswim #winterswimming  #family #christmas2018 #vikings
Sitting in my car while it’s charging and enjoying the new Tesla feature of a fake fire🙌🏻 But What I am more excited about is my new jewelery - this beautiful golden ring with a big, blue sodalite. Things with purpose makes me the most happy, and this ring is called HAPPINESS. I just got it yesterday and I may or may not look at it every two minutes to admire it’s beauty😉 But what I love most about it is how it makes me feel. I feel like a power-house - invincible💫🙌🏻 Like I am the boss of 2019 and I am the type of woman who goes after my dreams, love whole-heartedly, laughs  loudly, am bold, unapologetic and comfortable enough in myself to stand in my own light👊🏻👊🏻 Certain pieces of clothing can make you feel a certain way and that’s also the case with this ring. I thought I wanted a red ring, but after Reading the meaning of the sodalite, I knew we were meant to be: 


Intuition is like your inner guardian angel, protecting you from darkness and always keeping you towards light and love. It’s the eyes and ears of the soul and it’s had your back since day one. 
Transformation through illumination is the primary meaning of Sodalite. The stone prompts deep thought about one’s place in the universe💙 
#putaringonit #sodalite #readyfor2019
Light and truth always find cracks to speak/shine from💫 Swimming in the winther isn’t ideal for beautiful sunrise pics, as we rise and swim hours earlier than the sun🌅 But in the weekends I sleep in and enjoy the morning-sessions in sunlight😍 Enjoy your Sunday, sweet people❤️ xx M
Good morning world🌄 #trysil
God weekend 🔥
Sunday morning at the beach🌅❄️ Today it felt cold. VERY COLD❄️ But as always beautiful, and it works as a natural anti-anxiety tool for me. It helps me to be grounded and present when my mind wants to play tricks on me and my nervous system. This week has been so packed with social gatherings and my introvert self is feeling it😬 But like the Sun We rise. And breathe. Breathing is very important🌬 Happy Sunday, sweet friends❤️ Stay sane😘 xx M #sunday #morning #beachlife #antianxiety #vinterbadning
#copenhagen #christianshavn
Moonlight swim this morning🌌 It was dark, cold and restorative. #vinterbadning #moonlightswim #moonlight #beach #ocean