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Photo by @jimmy_chin | Peace and tranquility between squalls on the west coast of Greenland. Always good to know wild, pristine places like this exist... #greenland #outerbanks For more images from Greenland’s coast, follow @jimmy_chin.
Photo by @lucalocatelliphoto | Battersea Power Station in London has been for decades the symbol of disruptive architecture and harmful coal energy production. Today it is the centerpiece of a mile-long redevelopment along the Thames and will soon be home to offices and residences. Critics say the project is too focused on luxury in a city short on affordable housing, yet it caught my eye for its innovative architectural solutions. Please follow me @lucalocatelliphoto to find out more about the London story I covered for @natgeo #London #architecture #battersea #britain #people #city
Photo by @kengeiger | Lip-smacking good! That's all I could think when I saw this expression on the leopard's face. In all honestly, he was simply laying in the shade, grooming, and waiting for his next meal to wander a bit too close. The Maasai Mara National Reserve is a great place to see all the big cats, including cheetahs and lions. For more images of the #maasaimara and #kenya follow @kengeiger
Photo by @TimLaman | A small iceberg photographed in an over-and-under view, in Gerlache Strait, Antarctica. One of the highlights of visiting Antarctica is getting to see all the incredible variety of forms that ice takes. This is a small iceberg with multiple mushroom-like projections above water and a base below. In this view, you can really grasp that a much larger proportion of the iceberg’s mass is below the waterline. Photographed on expedition with @NatGeoExpeditions. See more of my photography from Antarctica and wildlife from around the world by following @TimLaman. #iceberg #Antarctica
Photo by @simonnorfolkstudio | A grass-roofed church at Hof, sits below the Vatnajökull glacier, Iceland. Very few of these churches remain today. The practice of turfing over the roofs of buildings was developed in Northern Europe as early as the Iron Age. Settlers constructed shelters from trees for the frame, stone slabs for the roof and then covered the structure with turf for insulation and protection from the harsh elements. Hofskirkja (Hof church) was built in 1884 and dedicated to saint Clement.
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#Iceland #Hof #architecture #Christian #photojournalism
Photo by @ladzinski | From a distance it looked like a mirage, blurred and wobbling from the heat reflecting off the salty desert. As we drew in closer, however, it was an even stranger sight: a giant cinder cone isolated in the Salar De Arizaro salt flat, towering at roughly 400 feet tall. I later learned that this is actually a minor volcano, one that never had the power to erupt,  and a mountain considered sacred by the local #Aymara people. As a spectator, it’s a surreal geological feature to see from the ground; the sheer scale, shape, and oddity is made clear from an aerial perspective. #SalarDeArizaro
Photo by @CristinaMittermeier | The headdresses of tribeswomen in Papua New Guinea are prized possessions, crafted from feathers of various birds of paradise. What I love about this photo is how the decorative colors highlight her eyes. I’ve always had a fascination with people’s eyes when I’m photographing them. I find that they visually reveal the most about a person and remind me of our common humanity. #FollowMe at @CristinaMittermeier for more portraits from the ends of the Earth. #PapuaNewGuinea #colourful #headdress #portrait #photography
Photo by Matthieu Paley @paleyphoto | Portrait of a gentle saluki dog, in the Rub al Khali desert (also known as the Empty Quarter). Historically, salukis were used for hunting by nomadic tribes; in 1996 the Guinness Book of Records listed a saluki as  the fastest dog, capable of reaching a speed of 68.8 km/h (42.8 mph). This one sat quietly for a bit, enjoying the sunset glow. On assignment for @natgeo. For more cultural encounters, please visit @paleyphoto  #Saluki #salukisofinstagram #fastestdog #dogsofinstagram #dogportrait
Photo by @CristinaMittermeier | As the day’s light starts to fade, a humpback whale lifts its fluke and disappears down into the deep waters of Norway's Andenes fjord to feast on herring. My moment with this whale was brief but vibrant and spirited, just like the light during this time of year. In the dead of winter, when the sky only glows for 20 minutes a day, you truly come to appreciate the gift that the sun brings us every morning. #FollowMe at @CristinaMittermeier for more photos of our ocean's largest inhabitants, whales. #humpback #Norway #sunlight #nature #photography
Photo by Corey Arnold @arni_coraldo | Bristol Bay, Alaska, is home to the world's largest truly wild, non-hatchery sockeye salmon run in the world. For over a hundred years, commercial fisherman have been harvesting these fish in large numbers, and due to successful science based fisheries management, recent returns have been record breaking. About 62.3 million sockeye returned to spawn in 2018, the largest since records began. For the fishermen, a mega fish season equates to extreme sleep deprivation and every possibility for a nap is taken. Nat Geo interviewed a few of us about how we deal with sleep while on extreme assignments (or working as a commercial fisherman). You can find the story online “How Explorers Sleep in Extreme Spots” via a link in my profile @arni_coraldo | #sleep #bristolbay #commercialfishing #fisherman #salmon #sockeye
Photos by @hammond_robin | “The CID [police] told me he died of hunger, abuse, coldness, and dehydration,” said Anna Van Coller, from her home in Johannesburg, South Africa. Anna's 73-year-old brother, Jan Daniel Francois Denicker, died in June 2016 after being transferred from Life Esidimeni, a specialized care facility, to the non-governmental organization Siyabadinga. She didn’t learn of his death until 12 months later. It has come to be known as the worst human rights scandal to hit democratic South Africa. In an attempt to save money, 1,700 people with mental illness and intellectual disability were moved from Life Esidimeni into unlicensed care homes. Within two years, 144 people died. Causes of death included starvation, dehydration, and cold. No one has faced criminal charges. The relatives want justice. Shot for @witnesschange. To see more follow @onedayinmyworld
Photo by @TimLaman | A magnificent bird of paradise male displays to a female in the rain forest of West Papua, Indonesia. The male clears the ground of leaves and calls to attract a potential mate. When he finally lures her close, his presentation culminates in this pose. Then the female makes a very careful examination of her suitor before making a decision. With  birds of paradise, it’s all about female choice! The Birds of Paradise Project is going on tour with @NatGeo Live! Come hear Ed Scholes and Tim Laman in Gainesville, Florida, on Jan 23. See the link in our profile at @BirdsofParadiseProject for tickets, and follow @TimLaman for more. #NatGeoLive #birdsofparadise #Papua #Indonesia