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Photo by @acacia.johnson | A sea kayaker approaches the shore of Pedersen Lagoon in Alaska's Kenai Fjords National Park. Home to dramatic mountains, calving glaciers, lush rainforests and abundant marine life, Kenai Fjords can easily be accessed by boat from the coastal town of Seward. My favorite way to experience the park is by multi-day kayak trip - a true immersion in this remarkable wilderness ecosystem. Follow me at @acacia.johnson for more adventures from the sea and shore. #seakayaking #KenaiFjordsNationalPark #Alaska
Photo by @max.lowe | His name was Paul the Pigeon Man, and while strolling the old cobblestone streets of Bathe he stood out as a character I couldn't pass by without a portrait. "I just love the birds, always have. They each have their own wonderful and quirky personalities." he told me. Unafraid of the public perception of someone covered in pigeons might draw, Paul lives his truth unabashed, something I can only aspire to.
Photo by @jimmychin | Perfect weather, perfect conditions, and perfect partners don’t come together very often on remote expeditions... You gotta make hay when the sun is shining. @kitdski harvesting in Greenland. For more mountain adventures around the world, follow @jimmychin
Photo by @Sofia_Jaramillo5 | Climbers ascend Pingora in the Wind River Range in Wyoming. #wyoming #climbing #sunrise
Photo by @CristinaMittermeier | Vibrant hues of pink accentuate the glory of these mountains during sunset in the fabled Pleanau Inlet of the Antarctic Peninsula. This isolated polar region supports some of the planet’s most unique and most vulnerable wildlife. The consequences of climate change can already be seen in this area, as rising Antarctic temperatures have caused a decline in sea ice, upon which almost every species here directly depends for survival. #FollowMe at @CristinaMittermeier for more photos from #Antarctica. #mountain #polar #climatechange #conservation
Photo @stephen_matera | The cool, wet days of late winter seem a long time away from the long, warm summer days in the Cascades. Wildflower displays like these at Mt. Rainier are all too brief, with the wildflowers lasting only a couple of weeks. But maybe that's part of what makes them so special? Prime wildflower season at Mt. Rainier is the first week of August, plus or minus a week depending on the year. Follow me @stephen_matera for more images like this from Washington and around the world. #wildflowers #summer #wilderness
Video by Aaron Huey @argonautphoto | #onassignment shooting photos from an experimental "Trike" high over #CombRidge, #BearsEarsNationalMonument, Utah with @shotsfromabove.  See more images and video live from Bears Ears this week by following @argonautphoto.
Photo by @andrea_frazzetta | Milan, Italy. A view of the city from the top of the Duomo cathedral terrace. The Piazza del Duomo (Cathedral Square) marks the center of Milan, both in a geographic sense and because of its importance from an artistic, cultural, and social point of view. The Duomo is Milan’s most iconic monument. A feat of Gothic architecture, its Italian marble facade, intricately carved windows, and lace-like ornamentation took five centuries to complete. To see more photos from my travels, follow me @andrea_frazzetta #italy #milan #duomo
Photo by @taylorglenn | A skier ascends into the upper reaches of Garnet Canyon, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. A brief opening in the clouds allows the sun to illuminate the snow covered Teepee Glacier, one of the few remaining glaciers in the Tetons. Follow @taylorglenn for more from #Wyoming and beyond #grandtetonnationalpark #winter #skimountaineering
Photo by @simonnorfolkstudio I Chichen Itzá was a large pre-Columbian Maya city in Yucatán State, Mexico and was a major focal point in the Northern Maya Lowlands from the Late Classic Period (c. CE600–900) through the Terminal Classic (c. CE800–900) to the Postclassic period (c. CE900–1200). Architecturally, the site exhibits a multitude of styles, reminiscent of central Mexico and of the Puuc and Chenes styles of the Northern Maya lowlands. The presence of central Mexican styles was once thought to have been representative of direct migration or even conquest from central Mexico, but most recent interpretations view the presence of these non-Maya styles more as the result of cultural diffusion.
Here photographed, Las Monjas ("The Nuns" or "The Nunnery"), a complex of Terminal Classic structures built in the Puuc architectural style. The Spanish named this complex Las Monjas  but it was actually a governmental building. On the left here is a small structure known as La Iglesia, ("The Church"), decorated with elaborate iconography.
Follow @simonnorfolkstudio for updates, outtakes, unpublished and archive material. 
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Photo by @KristaRossow | A wedge-shaped iceberg floats in the Orleans Strait in Antarctica. The beauty of these massive floating islands of ice are beyond words and will keep me returning to #Antarctica. #iceberg
Photo by @daisygilardini | While on assignment, everything we do is determined by the light conditions. In Antarctica in January, there are 24 hours of light. That means the best warm light for photography happens right in the middle of the night. We worked tirelessly to capture the raw beauty of Antarctica, with only a couple hours of rest between sunset and sunrise.  A lot of knowledge and logistics are involved in being at the right place at the right moment. Follow me  @daisygilardini for more images and behind-the-scenes stories. #antarctica #ice #iceberg #polar #conservation #climatechange