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Real life in New York from the eyes of a resident ... 🗽 I’m in love with this city and would like to share what I see with you all! 📸 #newyork_eyes

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With the sun... with the rain... even with the snow... Flatiron you always look amazing! ❤️ happy Thursday from NY my friends! #newyork_eyes #flatiron #happythursday
One of my favorite places to go running early in the morning: Bethesda Fountain! I was there a couple of days ago and I couldn’t resist from sharing these two pictures with you all! Happy Wednesday! #newyork_eyes #bethesdafountain #centralpark
Have you guys ever been inside the Woolworth Building? To tell you the truth it’s the first time I had the chance to explore the inner part of the building with a tour and it was such a nice experience! I also wrote a post in my blog in case you want to know more about it! #newyork_eyes #woolworth #financialdistrict
Today I’ve been to this incredible spot for the first time and I saw New York in a way I never saw before... I can’t tell you why but the view and the charm of these graffiti with the Freedom Tower in the background makes this photo one of my favorites! #newyork_eyes #chinatown #graffiti
Happy Saturday people! There are many unique fantastic spots in Central Park but if I had to pick a few this would probably be one of those! Bow Bridge. Imagine when the weather is warm and you can simply sit there, with a book, and admire it... I would spend hours! 😍 what are some of your favorite spots? Just curious! #newyork_eyes #centralpark #bowbridge
Surprisingly enough, it’s still possible to ice skate at the Wollman Rink in Central Park! The real question is, how good are you? I’m quite a disaster 😂 happy Friday people! #newyork_eyes #centralpark #iceskating
Hi friends! How’s your week going so far? Mine has been a little busy at work but here I am with one shot I took last Sunday before the snow hit New York! This building (745 Fifth Avenue) is one of my favorites, I really like its architecture and the fact it’s positioned in front of the Plaza Hotel makes it even more special! What do you think? Happy Thursday! #newyork_eyes #theplazahotel #centralpark
...and finally the snow! It’s been a strange winter so far with no real snow flakes in January. I’m usually a person that prefers warm weather but snow in NY simply gives an additional touch to this gorgeous city! Credit to the best food photographer in town @4theinsta  for sharing this picture! #newyork_eyes #snow #empire
So there’s one little secret I have to tell you. One of the first times I realized I was in love with NY was when I was about 6 years old and I watched one of my favorite movies ever: Home Alone 2! In the picture you can see the Plaza Hotel :) Since then I dreamed one day to come and live here ❤️ I took this shot on Sunday morning... some sun waiting for the snow! Happy Tuesday! #newyork_eyes #plazahotel #centralpark
Hello my friends! Monday is always a tough day for everybody... so I thought to make it a little better by sharing this photo I took on my way to a client meeting. This photo capture so much the real New York, its typical buildings, yellow cabs running on Second avenue .. and you can even see the top of the Chrysler Building! Happy beginning of the week to everybody! #newyork_eyes #monday #happymonday
Hello friends, this is another picture I took yesterday early morning on my way to Roosevelt Island. There were such beautiful unique colors and views, hard to show it all with only a picture. That’s why if you’re interested I also posted more photos in my blog! Happy to hear suggestions and feedback! Thank you all for being my special followers and happy Sunday! #newyork_eyes #sunrise #sunrise
Hello my friends! Saturday morning here, 6.30am to be more precise! After a long week at work I wanted to share something special with you. I took the Roosevelt Island Tramway and recorded this video where you can see Manhattan with the sunrise 😍🎥 I hope you’ll like it! #newyork_eyes #rooseveltisland #sunrise
Friday night, New York City, everybody rushing to go for drinks, to go party, to go on a date, to simply go out! You can breath the vibe in the city! I hope this picture could make you feel this energy! #newyork_eyes #fridaynight #radiocitymusichall
On my way to work, I stopped and realized how special this city is, even with the rain! And as a super classic, you can see in the corner a cute deli that serves good coffee ☕️ happy Friday to everybody! #newyork_eyes #rain #midtownmanhattan
New York is beautiful with any weather and in any season, but the colors you can see early in the morning have really captured my ❤️😍 in the picture you can see Canal Street from which you could start the exploration of Chinatown! #newyork_eyes #sunrise #canalstreet  By the way, before I forget, many thanks to my friend @henryweinstein for walking around the city with me at 6am and giving me a lot of suggestions!
Happy Wednesday my friends! I hope to make your day a little happier by sharing this really cute picture of Thompson Street from which you can even see the Freedom Tower! #newyork_eyes #westvillage #freedomtower
On the way to the Guggenheim Museum! If there’s something I really like is also the walk on 5th Avenue that goes from the Apple store to the museum! What’s your favorite museum in the city? #newyork_eyes #guggenheim #centralpark
What are some of your favorite spots in the city from which you like to enjoy sunsets? The picture above is from my small apartment, the sunset yesterday was absolutely insane! Happy Sunday! #newyork_eyes #sunset #weekend