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Real life in New York from the eyes of a resident! I’m in love with this city and would like to share what I see with you all! 📸 #newyork_eyes

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Monday morning has knocked our doors, so I wanted to share some vibrant colors of the Rockefeller fountain to start strong the week! Did you guys eat anything special for Easter? I’m very curious! 😃have a great day!
Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it and happy Sunday to those that don’t! I will publish soon on my blog a of photos taken today at the Saint Patrick cathedral, please check it out! ! 🙏❤️🌸
After a strange cloudy and rainy day... this is the gift NY is making to all of us (the view is from my rooftop)! You should also be able to watch it on my live video! Happy Saturday people!
To tell you the truth today is quite a rainy not sunny day, but I really wanted to share this picture I took yesterday at Madison Square Park 😀📸🌳
I hope you could share these beautiful flowers with the people you like and care about! ❤️
What a better way to get ready for the long weekend if not with such an amazing sunset from Long Island City! A lot of you asked me what are some great spots to enjoy the sunset... oleasse don’t tell anybody but I think this is one of my favorites! 🤫😃🌇
Happy Friday people! 
Literally two days ago I was going home and noticed this beautiful townhouse two blocks away from where I leave 🤔😱
So I spent some time doing some research and found out in 1917 architects William A. Delano and Chester H. Aldrich remodeled an old stable at 126 East 38th street into their studio 😍 investing $25,000 that back then was actually a lot of money!
For the most curious, in 2016 the area between 35th and 38th street and between Park and Lexington’s Avenue has received landmark designation and are now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
If you have time, I would definitely recommend to spend some minutes walking around here!
Happy Wednesday people! If you haven’t had the chance to visit this little gem in the West Village called “Jefferson Market Garden” I would strongly suggest to check it out, especially in spring and summer time! 
In 1833 this space used be a food market for locals living and working around this area. The garden’s first flowers bloomed in 1975. It was designed by architect Pamela Berdan, who also co-designed Central and Prospect Park with Calvert Vaux. 🌳
In 2004, Miranda - a Sex and the City character - got married here! 👫
I’m not sure how much light this small house gets but every time I find myself walking around the West Village I also enjoy to stop by and take a picture of it! 
For the most curious, you can find it on 12th street between West 4th street and 8th Avenue! 📸🏠
So much of NY in such simple details... the fire escapes, the reddish-brick apartment buildings, the contrast of old real estate and new modern skyscrapers... I love NY! 
Now, the subway in NY might not be the cleanest... still it has some unique features worth to be seen! 😁📸🚇
Happy Monday people! Did you have a nice weekend? I would like to start the week by sharing with you the amazing time I had last Saturday in Brooklyn. Me and my wife went to see the @brooklynmuseum - more specifically the Frida Kahlo’s fantastic exhibition. Totally recommended! This is how Frida described NY many many years ago: “New York is simply a marvel. It is hard to believe the city was built by humans, it appears like magic.” Wow!!! A special thanks to Cathy for the really kind invite!
What’s your favorite NY outdoor place where you usually go for a healthy workout? 
Alright, mine is probably an easy answer but I love running around Central Park! 🏃🏻‍♂️
Btw I will try to go live in about 20 minutes! I’m a little shy but I’d like to show you Central Park :) stay tuned! 
There are people full of dreams... and there are people that help us to dream. This beautiful mural in Delancey Street is to honor #anthonybourdain that made us see the world through his eyes. 
Almost 6.30am... on my way to work... I still couldn’t resist from taking this picture and sharing it with you all with the hope you had a great week and day to come! 
As always, I can’t stop from telling you how greatful I am for all your nice comments, DMs, and likes 🙏 happy Friday!
Sometimes I try my best to capture little corners of the city that you guys would appreciate, sometimes to tell you the truth I don’t even have to look for them🧐😃
This is what I just saw in Chelsea (22nd Street)! @hatchcreativestudio 
Three simple words: I ❤️ Central Park! Ops actually four 😂
Make sure to share these beautiful flowers with a friend or a family member!!! 🌱🌸
"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched--they must be felt with the heart." --Helen Keller
I hope you all had a nice Monday people!
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Ever dreamed to live in “old” New York back to 60s or the 80s? When I walk by this apartment building, located on 36 Gramercy Park East, my mind goes back those times... I’m definitely a dreamer!

In the 1840s, wealthy New Yorkers began constructing elegant brownstone homes around the new Gramercy Park. 
In 1908 John E. Olsen commissioned James Riely Gordon to design this luxury building. The Texas-trained architect created a 12-story, Gothic Revival structure that melded well with many of the Gothic-inspired brownstone residences around the park.
Gordon clad the entire building in white terra-cotta at a time when the fear of fire was wide-spread. For this reason the building was also marketed of being “fireproof” 🔥😃
Because of bankruptcy, the building became rentals in 1946.
I hope you found this interesting!
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