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(new account) just love being around music 🎵 \\ 📸🎥⚡️based in LA 📍PEEP @odnathan for old content⚡️

just a kid from the suburbs💿
Yoo had an amazing time filming and working on this 🎬 so many 🔥IDs were played that night @SlushiiMusic 💎 /// thank you @katiespotts @adamjchaves @viforvendetta for having me out and trusting me to capture these moments🙏🏻
LA was a movie 🎬 w/ @SlushiiMusic 🚀 Swipe ⬅️ production on point, pyro 🔥 and lasers everywhere ⚡️ #pyro #lasers
roll up some gelato and listen to jazz 🎷 record by: @masego x @medasin 📀 Sunday Vibes 🏄🏻‍♂️
trap god UZ💀 @balltrapmusic #realtrapshit
Summer’s ☀️ right around the corner ⚫️⚪️ #surfsup #surf_shots
that one time, big film 🎬@MadeInTYO @24HRS @Jehmahk ⚫️⚪️ \\\ Swipe 👉🏻💎
Throw back 🧞‍♂️yet rare ⚡️recap of @BarelyAliveUS B2B @OfficialVirtualRiot 🎬 \\\ collab w/ @PH_Labs
Happy 🌏 Day \\\ Swipe 👉🏻 for da snow ❄️
Glad I was apart of making the lyric video 🎬 for ‘Faded’ by @InTheMXXNLIGHT 🌙 ft. @Ye_Ali🍁 From bumping their song ‘The Man’ to their new music that they’re featured on @wizkhalifa ‘s new mixtape, you should definitely look out 👀for this iconic twin R&B duo 🌙 
Special thanks to everyone who was involved in producing this video in less than a week (we wanted it to be out by 4/20 🌳) @MiriamMccoole @johnacastro98_ and especially @Ph_Labs for coming through with the fire 🔥 CGI graphics \\\ full video link also in bio 🎬
if you aren’t playin on the edge, you takin up too much space
Stay a step ahead is the follow 🌙 @inthemxxnlight \\\ lighting by @whalenproductions ⚡️#MakePortraits #Neonlights #MercedesBenz
and every time we link, I’m breakin’ ice with a blunt
🎬 Somethin’ a lil different w/ @HelicopterShowdown 🚁#UnionNightClub #wubbalubbadubdub
it’s a different world out west #wildwest #oregonisbeautiful
✖️fashion week✖️ \\\ #portraitshots #editorialshoot
blurry nights 🌫 \\\ @Thutmose #MakePortraits
Cuz tomorrow's never promised so we live it uppp🤘🏻@Thutmose spittin bars last night in OC 🍊
aiming for the stars with a rocket in the backyard 🚀 haven’t snuck into this rooftop in over 4 years, but hell, we’ve come a long way 🌃
Produced this video 🎬 for @SBTNOfficial - The Voice 🎤
gotta stay all gas, no brake pads
✈️ Got the chance to go to Seattle and Portland over Winter Break ⚡️so I made a video about it! Here’s a quick peek for now 🎬 Releasing it soon, just putting in final touches 🤘🏻
let go of everything then you have bliss
caught in a dream 🌌
absolute bliss ❄️
mama said you could be anything in this world 🌎 /// ✌🏻 perspectives on Seattle, Washington ⛲️ Swipe 👉🏻
NYE w/ the talented @TOKiMONSTA 👑 \\\ Currently Working on a video on my trip to the Pacific Northwest 🌊🎥
sun don’t shine in the shade
someone actually lives in the plane behind me, pretty fuckin gnarly ✈️
Explored the Pacific Northwest for only $300, who said it’s too expensive to travel?
will you love me when my phone turns off? ⏳
all about your perspective 👁 swipe ➡️
aye caught Santa on film b
Cause I dreamed about it even when they seemed to doubt it 👁 this is nothing new to me, you see me, I’ve been about it ⚡️
Matroda California 2018 #throwback 🎥🚀