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Our mission is simple: #DOGOOD.

Celebrating Easter? There are plenty of alternatives to go plastic free this holiday.

Here are some tips to go #plasticfree

1. Use real eggs for your hunt! 
2. Opt for non plastic prizes... Get creative! 
3. Use non-plastic Easter baskets.
4. No more wasteful plastic grass or decorations! 
5. If you already have plastic eggs, REUSE and save them every year! 
Thanks for the photo @algalita 
Let’s make an impact today...
What does Do Good mean to you? Please share! 
Deadline is approaching!
Interested in being a part of #OceanHeroes bootcamp in Vancouver, British Columbia this June? 
Applications are open to all youth leaders ages 11-18.

Submit your application by tomorrow, Wednesday, April 10th. Hurry and apply now to take action against plastic pollution! 
Apply now at 📸 @paditv

We received these photos from an awesome member of the PWF family and loved them. 
Thank you @ailee ! 
Please share your photos of the super bloom with us here @paulwalkerfdn 
Penguins don’t only live on the snow and ice. The species African Penguins thrive on the coast and islands of South Africa. They make donkey-like calls and sounds to communicate. They can also dive for up to 2.5 minutes when catching prey!

Thanks for the photo/info @bigblueoceancleanup
What a beautiful photo from our dear friend @montereybayaquarium’s page.. Family is everything ❤️
in honor of world whale day (Feb 16) here are some fun facts about whales...
1. Scientists divide whales into two general groups, toothed and baleen.
2. The blue whale is the largest animal that ever lived- weighing up to 200 tons
3. The smallest whale species is the dwarf sperm whale- up to 8.5 ft long
4. Sperm whales use sonar (echolocation) to hunt prey and to sense the world around them
5. Whales are among the world’s deepest divers- up to 3000ft🐋❤️
Rainbows are everywhere🌈🌍 In honor of tomorrows #KindnessDay, be a rainbow in someone else’s life today... wether it’s a #dogood deed or a simple hello, a random act of kindness can make someone’s day a whole lot more colorful!
An estimated 8.3 BILLION straws end up on our beaches every year... and that’s not even counting the ones that end up in our deserts and other environments! Single-use plastics are everywhere and stopping the use of plastic straws is the first step to the path of no pollution🌊
Baby Galápagos Sea Lion= ADORABLE!! 🌊🦁
This beautiful blue is where our waste ends up... 🌍
There are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean.
Of that mass, 269,000 tons float on the surface, while some four billion plastic microfibers per square kilometer litter the deep sea...
Superbowl Sunday Vibes😴🏟 🏈