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Petra Kvitova


Czech lefty with a big heart :)

Thanks @bmwcartecpraha for always being behind me. The X5 is a beautiful drive ❤️ 📷 Jan Vagner

Diky @bmwcartecpraha, ze stojite vzdy za mnou. X5 je vazne krasna
V prirode jde vsechno trochu lepe, i to behani kopcu 🏃‍♀️🌳
Ready, clay!
What a beautiful day in Prague☀🕶
Nové rtěnky od @loccitane_cz mě baví! Obsahují ovocné oleje, vitamíny a jsou úžasně dobré! 💋 
Having fun with new lipsticks from L’OCCITANE! They are full of fruit oils, vitamins and so yummy! 💋#petralovesloccitane
Not quite warm enough for a swim. Or should I go for it? 🏊‍♂️
Monaco, a glass of red wine and a few days without tennis are a pretty good combination right now 🍷😀
Yes, I know, it's been a while. Hello quarter-finals @miamiopen 👋 📷 @gettyimages
Just a girl and her ice cream 🍦
Waiting for Hawkeye to prove you right like... @miamiopen 😝
First time I've worn heels in a while 😝👠 @jwmarriottmarquismiami #matchpointpassion19
Happy #internationaldayofhappiness @miamiopen 🎥❤️ 📷 @jimmie48tennis