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▪️influencer styling and design ▪️Yorkshire/Leicester ▪️ Fashion Design Student: @phoebehopedesign ▪️email📥: [email protected]

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This is probably one of my favourite shots from NYC, we waited around for there to be no people and it was well worth it! Hope you all had a lovely valentines or Galentines!  What did you all get up to?? ❤️
Confidence isn’t ‘they will like me’ confidence is ‘I’ll be fine if they don’t’ 💃🏼❤️
I’d like the five thanks to this huge duvet coat I got for NYC, thanks for keeping me warm whilst reminding me of my bed 😂💙
Wish I was back in New York living my best life 😭💙 how was everyone’s weekends? 🌷
Happy Sunday everyone! I’ve had a difficult and stressful week learning that some people really aren’t meant to be in my life no matter how much I want them to be! Onwards and upwards though, we live and we learn🙌🏻 how have your weeks been? 💙
Go Chase those dreams while you can, they won’t wait around for you ❤️
It’s safe to say I’m more of a city gal. My top two places i’ve been are NYC and Hong Kong... the biggest cities😂 next on the list is shanghai or Seoul!!! Is there anywhere you want to go?
Had a full day in bed catching up on sleep after working 12 hour days in uni all week! Feeling refreshed and ready to get on with it now 💃🏼 how was you guys’ Saturday?
Can’t get enough of a good old blazer! Been buying them like their going out of style recently 😂 someone help!! Is there anything you can’t stop buying? 💕
So hard getting a decent shot at the top of the rock with the ever changing winds 🙄 swipe to see the reality of taking a photo 70 floors up! 😂💙. All outfit details tagged on my 21 buttons!
There’s something so charming and intriguing about big cities like NYC and Hong Kong that just takes my heart! Always say that part of me was left there. Let me know if somewhere stole your heart!! 💙
I’ll be dreaming about New York for the next few months! Also how beautiful is my new bag 😍❤️ p.s it’s very hard getting a good shot on the WINDY Brooklyn bridge!!
One way ticket to Manhattan Please!!! 😭💙I was forever greatfull for this duvet of a coat in NYC!
Happy Sunday my lovelies ❤️ hope you’ve all had a relaxing weekend! This will be the first of new content that I shot in New York and I’m so exited to show you all💙
Giving my self relaxer doing almost nothing but emails in bed today as I’m very jet lagged! Coming back home has made me even more determined to find work out in NYC for when I graduate! Never felt so driven before, 2019’s looking goood!! How are you all? 🧡. 📸: @izziofilms_
The new year has Gotten off to the the best start! Spent New Years with my bestest then jetted off the New York on my 21st Birthday! I’m so incredibly lucky to be able to do everything I have been and can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for me! ❤️
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEE!!! Can’t believe it’s already my 21st🥳! I’m so incredibly lucky to be able to spend my 21st birthday in New York!! I’ll be arriving at around 5/6pm (nyc time) so we’ll be heading straight to the bar!💃🏼🎉 Also, Happy New year to all my followers❤️ thank-you for making 2018 special! See you at the top of the rock 🙌🏻
MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎄🎅🏼 hope you all have a lovely day filled with love and happiness❤️ let me know in the comments what Santa brought you! 💕