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Celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Day with this fantastical new beast created by @hey.luisa, @julien.tabet, and @andy.okay!

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#Ps_DoubleExposure wraps up with @ciscographie’s tropical twist.
Which was your favorite double exposure from this month?
Fir coat. #Ps_DoubleExposure piece by @patrikgama.
Embracing our inner city with @imaneheydari. #Ps_DoubleExposure
What’s your preference: cityscape or countryside?
@hey.luisa, @julien.tabet, and @andy.okay collaborated on this image for World Creativity and Innovation Day. Without knowing what the others would come up with, they each created one piece of this imaginary creature. Find out more at the link in our bio.
Now it’s your turn to show your creativity and innovation: Help us come up with a name for this animal! We’ll pick our favorite from the comments.
Sand city. #Ps_Opposites piece by @88.visuals
We are lost in space with @photoversum’s #Ps_DoubleExposure piece.
What do you daydream about?
Wave hello to @circlestances! #Ps_DoubleExposure
Does anyone in our Photoshop community surf?
Hazy memories with @nak_bali_. #Ps_DoubleExposure
This astronaut is holding all the spACEs.
Wishing you a happy International Day of Human Space Flight with @mr.kalopsia.
Discover his astronaut alter ego and watch as he created interstellar scenes in Photoshop at the link in our bio!
Seeing double with @eyesboyzinsta. #Ps_DoubleExposure
⭐️Caption contest!⭐️ What would you title this image?
@smwallday gives a whole new meaning to “a cat stuck in a tree.” #Ps_DoubleExposure
Comment with your favorite cat pun!
“The significance of our lives and our fragile planet is determined only by our own wisdom and courage. We are the custodians of life's meaning.” – Carl Sagan
Hi everyone, it’s @ewan.draws.stuff again. This is my last post on here, and it’s been such a pleasure sharing my designs with you all! Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed seeing them, and thank you to everyone who has commented/liked. This design is called “Nature is…necessary.” You probably noticed that this design and my last design use a technique called Double Exposure.
This month’s theme is #Ps_DoubleExposure. Be sure to tag your designs using the hashtag on Instagram because a selection of them will be shared on this account. Get designing, all you wonderful people! -Ewan