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Work with a view
We’re on @LateNightSeth tonight. Show starts at 12:35am ET / 11:35pm CT / 9:35pm PT. Check your local listings for more info. #LNSM
kinda considering picking up photography as a hobby 📷
Fun shoes 🚖 😁 #katespadenewyork #shoes #newyork #newyorktaxi #iwantoneofthose 👠👡👠
Hoy celebramos el Día de los Presidentes o Presidents Day, que es festivo federal, no hay colegio, ni correos, ni trabajan en la administración federal, pero si en otros muchos lugares. Nosotros os deseamos un feliz día de los Presidentes desde el ❤ de NY, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, en el @rockcenternyc donde se encuentra el mirador Top of the Rock *
#presidentsday #rockefellercenter #nuevayork #newyork #newyorkcity #nyc  #ny #nyatuspies #nuevayorkamedida #otronuevayork #inviernoennuevayork
work on Presidents’ Day should be illegal
just jokes 🤣
"Her tweet was accurate and not anti-Semitic…it can't be off limits to talk about this money and say 'it's all about the Benjamins,' 'cause otherwise it's gaslighting."
Some of my Feb. 17 @msnbc #TheBreakdown segment defending @RepIlhan Omar's criticisms of @aipac, with host @aymanm and @jdforward's @bungarsargon. Link to full clip in bio.
#saturdaynightlive with @doncheadle was as exciting as you can imagine. Lotsa hangin out too. @garyclarkjr 📷 @thejouany @labellastrings #katemckinnon
So I just woke up from a dream that my otherworldly talented buddy @garyclarkjr asked me and some friends to play #SaturdayNightLive with him... @doncheadle was the host. How weird and perfect would that be! Crazy...... @nbcsnl @zapatafication @jonkeyz @jbradleyatx @gretschdrums @sabiancymbals_official @promarkbydaddario
Every day is a good day to speak out against the President, especially on national TV during Presidents' day.

I appreciate Telemundo's Un Nuevo Dia for inviting me to speak about the fake "national emergency" Trump is using to attack our democracy and immigrant communities. Join me today @ Union Square at 5pm to protest. #NoBanNoWall #ImpeachTrump #AbolishICE
I will definitely go back and have my new year's countdown right here ! I❤️new york
Si A Ti Te Encantan Las Galletas De Chispas De Chocolate ¿Y a quién no? ¡vuelve a tener esa chispa en tu vida!
 Comienza tu día con una celebración de cereal que trae el sabor de la galleta americana preferida - de Chispas de Chocolate - directo a tu plato de desayuno💕

@layoni_market @layoni_market @layoni_market @layoni_market
“Anything is possible. This is New York."
Day in New York City
I don’t think they’ll get his name wrong this time. (Repost from @johnmulaney)
Yesterday @ Rockefeller Center, I was lucky enough to be able to take the time (and my Spanish) to help out a Non-English speaking family visiting and make sure they had the best experience possible. Today, they came back and sought me out to give me a hug and this pen they brought from their home in Peru. Totally warmed my heart and made my day...this is now the most valuable pen I own. 💖💖 #positivevibes #lucky #nycblond #ny #nyc #manhattan #metropolis #gotham #gothamcity #peru #actsofkindness #moved #blessed #rockefellercenter #30rock #topoftherocknyc #citylife #cool #helpthyneighbor #oneracehuman
@nbcsnl NICO Slobkin and BRI Barcdi aka Nico Scholly and BRI Boyer  #snl #relationships #vday
perfect places on the tonight show 🌾🌼 #lorde #melodrama (June 15, 2017)
You guys have TRANSFORMED my whole weekend with your response to the release of Never Have I Ever (ft. @sonsofdaughters). 🤣🤖❤️ In all seriousness though...Quite possibly the warmest response I’ve ever heard on one of my tunes.  Thank you so much... it means a great deal to me on this song.  You can hear it at the link in my bio. #NeverHaveIEver #Transformers #OptimusPrime #rockafellercenter #NYC
EP4: Love That for Her
--- in which another stummy sets off to chase her dreams and I have to find a new person to reference Vines with while my liver recovers. Good luck at NBC, McKenz!
Also, Rafi really likes his jacket ;)
no sign of aidy bryant 😟
Wow. I have been way too lucky lately, being in studio 8H has been a dream of mine for a long time now. Thanks to my dad and brother for making this a hell of a trip. Until we meet again #SNL
Data is the new currency ⚖️
New York (and @joe_gaule and @that_guy_eddie_ ) I love you.
Live from New York, it’s Jill and Chris!
Not gonna lie.  I am very excited for this.
Tonight’s office #snl #garyclarkjr #doncheadle
Celebrating our friendversary in the Rainbow Room ❤️ Last night in NYC, back to the grind tomorrow. Headed to Providence RI to play at Alchemy! @seankamery @ruthless77
New York was my Valentine this year. Such a gold digger, but I keep on coming back to her 💸 #newyork #newyorkcity #nyc #manhattan
Why stand out when you can blend in? 🌿🍃😜• Today’s look on set @newyorklivetv & @thehubtoday thanks to @lkbennettlondon 🇬🇧👸• Always a good time but particularly #TGIF festive with my gal @jacquereid , featuring @loriloughlin & 👗⚡️✨💫• #newyorklivetv #thehub #fashion 💇🏼‍♀️ 💄 @beautyphonics
& the design dream continues👩🏼‍💻 I am so proud of myself to be back!
Overall, I'd say it was a pretty decent Valentine's day. A link to Richard Kind's performance of "Christmas Tips" from last night's @latenightseth is in my bio - if you listen closely at the top of the song, you'll hear my offscreen two word cameo (check me getting wired up) while conducting Richard. Thank you John, Seth, Richard, STACEY ABRAMS! (my future president) and especially Allison for being my super hot date.
Small Aussie girl sees very tall building at 30 Rockefeller Center for first time 3️⃣0️⃣
happy to play tourist for the afternoon

Quick story... Last year, I did a national interview for @nbcnews ... in the middle of my Unfair Advantage Live event!

But ... when the media calls — sometimes you have to be ready to drop everything and make it happen. 😊

So when we got a call from a producer at NBC News for a national interview — that could only be done on Wednesday afternoon ... I had to figure out how to make it happen.

Normally it would be easy but I was kind of in the middle of leading my event that people had flown in from around the world for!

But... I knew I had an hour during lunch to get over to 30 Rock ... do the interview ... and make it back. It didn’t matter that it was freezing rain outside!

So I jumped in an Uber and made it happen! 😊

And I was back before lunch was even over.

Plus I got to see @klgandhoda and a bunch of other NBC hosts outside of @jimmyfallon’s studios.

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🚨SO excited to finally announce the official release of Earn It! out May 7th!!! 😱 A book @mikabrzezinski and I have been working on for over a year! So honored to have been able to collaborate with such a strong, brilliant, talented, total boss, role model and mentor!! Thank you Mika for enlisting me to help write such a needed message. You truly practice what you preach. I’ve seen you personally lift up, coach, and help empower women in real time, countless times. You taught me my story was worth sharing to help other young women along the way. Thank you for believing and trusting in me to help share your message of knowing and growing your value!! Link to our interview in bio!
For pre-sale copies:
What is this gonna be!!!! #SecondChanceTheater
Big Bird and @jimmyfallon yesterday on @fallontonight was a dancin’ good time!
Living it up on the stoop! #TalkStoop #InternAtNBCU
Felt like a real life ghostbuster/astronaut/superhero playing @fallontonight with @metroboomin @gunna and the most badass string ensemble I’ve ever been a part of. @littlekruta @weareblackskull thank you for bringing this insane vision to life, I am humbled and so grateful for this unforgettable experience. 👩‍🚀💫🎻 Also thanks to @evantyor and my dad for being my late-night (and always) cheerleaders
Sitting in Debra Messing’s chair is probably frowned upon but...🤷🏼‍♀️
...but it’s not about me.
Midterm szn has me acting like NYC: never sleeping🙃
One night after a long day, some of the writers went into our director @christartaro’s office to hang out and maybe have a sing-along dance party or something - he’s got a loud sound system in his office so it was the place to be and, that night, HE COULD NOT GET THE PARTY STARTED. Song after song, he just couldn’t start the wave. We all just kind of bailed and went home. The next day he saw that the playlist was on his Spotify. He was nice enough to print it out and put it in a tiny frame for me. Now I am sharing with you... here is the PARTY LAUNCHER PLAYLIST. #party #launcher #playlist
Going to a "taping" of SNL was one of the most magical things I've ever experienced in my entire life.  Thank you @melissavcomedy @robheppler
Here I am. A touch startled by all the flashing cameras when I got out of the car but doing my best to serve looks for @csiriano’s #NYFW show. Many thanks to @lenanicholson for capturing this moment 😍
I literally have no words for this tiny treasure! ✨ @glitter_and_bubbles x @csiriano #NYFW
Being @ashleygraham “personal bodyguard” has made it incredibly memorable and exciting for @csiriano latest show! Thanks so much for the honor, hope we can do it again some time. ❤️
A pleasure to chat with the hilarious @stephenmerchant and the gorgeous @sherrieshepherd today on @newyorklivetv 💕 (and of course talk about my #Valentines A-List Picks 💝)
My Funny Valentine @donnafarizan 🥰 and I hamming it up in a double-headed @zulily sweater on this morning’s @goodhousekeeping Valentine Gift Guide on @klgandhoda ! Soooo many cute and clever ideas (all under $50!) and brilliantly produced by my girl crush @sclagett ! 😘Check it out (link in bio)! What are you giving (or hoping to get)? #valentines #valentinesgift 📸: @carecarlson
Thanks @sara_gore and @jacquereid for the fun time and all the support for the new book on @newyorklivetv .. Buy it on @amazon today, link in my bio. And I got to meet Rita Moreno one of only 2 people to win EGOT and the medal of freedom. Guess who the other one is???
☀️☀️☀️ Every morning 
the world 
is created. 
Under the orange

sticks of the sun 
the heaped 
ashes of the night 
turn into leaves again

and fasten themselves to the high branches— 
and the ponds appear 
like black cloth 
on which are painted islands

of summer lilies. 
If it is your nature 
to be happy 
you will swim away along the soft trails

for hours, your imagination 
alighting everywhere. 
And if your spirit 
carries within it

the thorn 
that is heavier than lead— 
if it's all you can do 
to keep on trudging—

there is still 
somewhere deep within you 
a beast shouting that the earth 
is exactly what it wanted—

each pond with its blazing lilies 
is a prayer heard and answered 
every morning,

whether or not 
you have ever dared to be happy, 
whether or not 
you have ever dared to pray.
- Mary Oliver
Yes I procrastinated on posting Christmas photos🤶🏻🎅🏻❤️ || #pristine0102
Tonight on @nbc, I’m making my #fallontonight debut 11:35/10:35c
Scroll to the last photo for puppies.
Photo credit: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC
We’re live @newyorklivetv @sara_gore !
This is how you tundra...❄️ #CELoves #natashalyonne #russiandollnetflix
Beat winter blues with @chefjernard easy 1-pot pasta with shrimp & peas Recipe 🔝🔝 link in bio https: via @todayshow @todayfood
@fallontonight felt like Kobe tossin a lob and I throw a #Dunkman 
don’t forget the bet! @jimmyfallon 
#SuperBowl see u at the party @gronk
A 4’7” American skating legend drops pearls of wisdom on a 5’10” reporter with a failed career at Friday night roller disco. ⛸🕺🏼Tonight on @nbcnightlynews!
would you be a Chaser to your Dream for The Family? 🤝🤔 [shot by @evanpierce] 
Every closed door isn’t locked. Keep pushing.. [shot by @evanpierce] 
Tonight is the 1000th episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and also my 13th episode working there as a writer. Two equally important milestones. Also, this pose is called “fake laugh.”
First time to NYC 🗽 was a super dope, and frigid, experience!
The architecture, icy air, gourmet food, city culture, and bundled up fashion are all personal highlights about the big city! 🌃 
Super thank you again to the Longos for the overwhelming hospitality!❤️
Now, Where to travel next is the prompting question? 🧳✈️🎒
📸: @ant.deleo + @juliee.perazaa
Chris and I are on @latenightseth in mere minutes. Holy shit. Thank you @sethmeyers for letting us scream at you for six minutes, we love you forever. ❤️🤯🤬<- that’s me cursing on the show, oops!! 📸 @mikekarnell, @paulbriganti
Today was fun. I got to be a mum AND a musician. Charlie experienced his first New York live TV green room hang (and lots of dressing room naps). I had more make up on than I’ve worn in at least 5 months, my hair wasn’t in a mum-bun, and although I was still wearing maternity pants (because they are the only non-legging pants that fit), it was nice to feel pretty. I got to be the “old” me for 2 minutes and 50 seconds, and it was incredible. Almost as incredible as running back to the dressing room and scooping up my little man in my arms again and slipping right back into mama-mode. 💕💕💕 I’m so grateful for @thefrostman for being an excellent dad today which allowed me to do my thing, and for @christinaperri for letting me bring my entire family to the show and supporting my journey into motherhood with such love and compassion, and for @classichanson @ashtonlunceford @paulcostabile and @theadamjackson for the always fun hangs and for making Charlie giggle over and over.
So proud to announce that our very own @tuckerrule will be sitting in on the drums with the legendary @8gband on @latenightseth Feb 4-7 ❤️. Photo by @carlyhoskins
HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🥳 to one of my all time favorite humans. @questlove has more jobs (19!!) than anyone I know and has always managed to show up and support his friends. He’s been in Dannijo’s corner since day one and he’s the reason I have my NO FILTER podcast (he calls me No Filter 🤣). If you haven’t already I highly recommend listening to our podcast session. Raw, honest, hilarious and heartwarming - link in bio 👆and swipe right to hear a great clip about why the @theroots are the ‘ #superbowl jinx‘ #nofilter #questlove
Jan. 19. Yes, was worth it (and Marvelous!)
Live From New York! 🎬
I’m really excited to announce that I am moving to New York to be a Page with NBC!!! If you don’t know, the Page Program is a year-long development program for people pursuing a career in entertainment media. If you know me, you know this is a dream come true that I’ve been working really hard toward! I’ll try my best to live up to the standard that Kenneth the Page set, and I expect lots of visitors! As Sue from SNL would say, “I’m so freakin’ excited!”
A real career high captured by @rachelbrosnahan #blessed
It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening with Rachel Maddow!! An honor and a treat thanks to @sammytunis  @ashmerriman @maddowshow #rachelmaddow #resist
Black mama’s make you wear a jacket on late night. Jimmy @FallonTonight TONIGHT! promoting! ‘No One Loves You’ Jan 25 on @ComedyCentral 📷: @AndrewLipovsky/NBC 
🖤🖤🖤 Late Night With Seth Meyers and um... James McAvoy 🖤🖤🖤
Here’s me showing @sethmeyers the latest trends in flamenco dancing... Thank you thank you to @latenightseth for the best night! Such a fan 🙌 —  link in profile if you’re bored at work... or anywhere really... just watch it :)
Not to be caption obvious over here but my friends can sang...
Thank you @latenightseth 🗽🌉♥️
Dear Hannah, we had a marvelous time in NYC. The reason that city is so special is cause you’re there. Love you ❤️
2019 is going to Rock 🥯🎄! Excited to share that we’re opening a new location in 30 Rockefeller this spring. We’re coming for you Midtown
Qui con Miles, il mio vecchio compagno di bevute, un amico di sempre, detto il Roccia, un grande.
Love these two ☺️ Happy Friday! @todayshow
#notsohumblebrag 😉
Very excited for what 2019 has in store & beyond grateful to those who helped get me here! ✨ Needless to say, I’m high-fiving a million angels ✨
A simple way to feel better is getting a great shoe shine. One of the best in #nyc is at #eddiesshoerepair in the #concourse at @30rockefellerplaza
patiently waiting with the weight of the world on his shoulders.
I love @thecwriverdale so it was so fun chatting with @marisolnichols ❤️Check out our interview tomorrow on @newyorklivetv
Büyük Buhran yıllarında Bir Gökdelen Tepesinde Öğle Yemeği 🏗 #NewYork #1932
Proud to tag along for my brother @geoffrbennett ‘s  debut in the anchor chair at @msnbc.  Alabama A&M University.  Morehouse College.  The Pi and the Gamma Phi of Kappa Alpha Psi.  Wakanda at 30 Rock.
two posts in a day, whoops
American Progress (1937) mural by Josep Maria Sert.
never gets old
Someone tell my boyfriend to get an insta
Rockin’ around the Rockefeller tree with my ❤️! 🎄🌟
can u back up a lil
We’re still embracing the holiday season here at NBCUniversal! Check out our NBC Entertainment Interns, Jennie & Sophia, working at the iconic Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting this year! Just one of the many iconic moments NBCU Interns get to be a part of! #internatnbcu #NBCUHereYouCan
wishing everyone a joyful holiday season - from hawaii & nyc🎄
Exactly what you wanted for Christmas, a picture of me. 🎅🏾
Merry Christmas! #nyc #lategram
Christmas in #NYC. From our family to yours! Merry Christmas 🎄🎄🎄🎉
Merry Christmas 🎄❤️
always like to start with a one on one conversation.
Happy Holidays from @morningjoe.
📷: @millerhawkins
#merrychristmas to everyone #🙈🙊🙉...💛❄️💛 from #Emdiland
Me : “let’s take a picture, smile for me” Them : “is she good bro?” Me : “ HELLO, SMILE” Them : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. So cute 😍🎄
The 5am walk to work on Sundays comes with a pretty good view
It’s Christmas time in the city 🌲🎅🏼
Rockefeller NYC
Next week is my 5 YEAR 😱 anniversary 🥳 @nbcnews @msnbc ! I never thought I’d last at a company for more than a year due to my favorite hobby of job interviewing. So grateful for everything I’ve been able to do here from reporting and editing to creating fun projects and even watching myself on TV from my pjs on the couch with my parents. So here I am, from the set of SNL, which has literally zero to do with my job, just because it’s fun and I had to bribe an NBC page. 🙂🙃
#fbf to Rockefeller Center! 
I love the holidays, I always have. With the holiday comes the memory of my cervical cancer diagnosis on Dec. 21st, 2006. I came through it and stronger for it! 
Guess what? I embrace the holidays even more!

Happy Holidays from the NBCU Internship Program Team! ❄️✨⛄️ #internatnbcu
muchísimas gracias a The Voice por invitarme a ser jueza en su programa, encantada con la experiencia.
Performed “26” for some beautiful people (link in bio). Thank you for having me @sofarsounds @xfinity @dinahjane97 🌹❤️
Fifth consecutive Jimmy Fallon annual Christmas taping; this time with Michelle Obama, Ariana Grande, and two great friends 🎄
I admit I got a problem
Backstage with @arianagrande before our rock band played @fallontonight ‘I Wish it Was Christmas Today.’ #ArianaGrande #Thankyounext @nbc
I absolutely loved spending time with these sweet folk... thank you @todayshow team for welcoming me with such love 💕 We are all #PiecesOfHeaven ✨ watch here:
We don't only compliment each other, we can also devour a bowl of Ramen in 3 minutes.
@stellandjamhoparoundtheworld and into studio 8H to see SNL!!! #round2 #putabagonit
Rockefeller Rink in NYC is absolutely magical!! ⛸ ❄️🎄🎁 #iceskating #bucketlist
We ❤️ New York
TonightOnFallon.... BlackThought & Myself... PerformASelection from TraxPloitation... StreamsOfThoughtVol2..... #MarvinMonday
Thank u to my tourist free tree plug (@nbc n my sis) for the view🎄🌟
Shout out to the “props” department 😉 Happy Holidays! 🥂 @todayshow
Obligatory Rock Center tree shot. She’s a beauty!
Christmas trees sure are beautiful when they light up #feelthebern
do u think they named this place after the show
Doing all the New York things. 🥨
Last year, I was going to visit New York to watch SNL but it was the same week as @eggyboom’s birthday party. She said, “don’t worry you’ll get a chance to go. I promise.” She kept her promise AND she killed it tonight!! So did the homie @chrisreddis and my dawg @garyyesgary #DSO #SNL
Doing well
Ariana is tired of being vilified! After showing up to SNL and tweeting that she was there for Pete Davidson and wasn’t going to leave, Ariana Grande came under attack. This is her response! Thoughts???
Favorite spot with my favorite human in my favorite time of year 🎄♥️
FAO Schwarz is back in New York City! I still can’t believe that we got to be a part of reimagining this brand and designing this incredible retail experience! If you’ve been to the new store, let me know what you think! I hope it makes you feel like a kid again.
my time at syfy has tragically come to an end. i’ll miss my three hour long lunch breaks and constantly being locked out of the production folder. i’m so grateful to all the people i met and the chance i was given to grow creatively. i’m also super grateful that i get to make a highly anticipated return to 30 Rock this spring to work at usa network. nbc can’t escape me. #syfytillidyfy
Portrait of a Giant: my father, James Sherwood #hes80percentlegs #NewYorker #humansofNY #wolfofaman #30rock
Front lines of the war on Christmas. #30rock #rockcenter
It was snowing when we woke up & I’m pretty sure that smile ain’t left my face all day long❄️
Steve, Johnny, Jay, Conan, Jay, and Jimmy. #Intern
Congratulations on all of your success this year @darrencriss 🙌🏻 Not only is he talented but a genuinely kind person (which you can see in the interview on @newyorklivetv ✨)
Make a wish 🌟 & #BELIEVE ✨...The magic of #NYC 🌲#tistheseason
Curious if the rights to YOU’VE GOAT MAIL are still available? 
Thank you @todayshow!
Wonderful week in New York with D’Andra celebrating the Reunion of #RHOD. #mommadee
Christmas time in New York!!
thank u thank u @todayshow for such a litty semester🌟🌟🌟. also Air-nest Hemingway is an up and coming author I did not pronounce anything wrong I am perfect and make no mistakes.
Me warming up my eyebrows before the @todayshow this morning. 😂
merry christmas from 30 rock #nyc #christmas #30rock #merrychristmas
still high off this moment, one of our biggest dreams was to play the snl stage and it felt great crushing it with my brothers the @freenationals and @kendricklamar. Many thanks to @nbcsnl, we will be back!
The best views of my favorite city.
One YEAR Anniversary celebration with my best friend! ❤️ I love you so much Becca!
#LezBomb at @maiseltv ✨🤟
The 2018 Rockefeller Christmas Tree is here!
In studio, going live on Keeping it Real w/ Al Sharpton from 1-4 pm/et on local stations and SIRIUS XM 126. Call in at 877 532 5797.
It ain’t over till the Fat Man rolls thru 🎅🏻 #macysthanksgivingdayparade #cameraop
I’m on standby news duty this am.... Watching the @macys_thanksgivingdayparade from my office - while I listen to our @todayshow team cover it on @nbc on my tv - It works!☺️ Happy Thanksgiving everybody !! ❤️
Headed to the radio studio. I’m live on Sunday Morning w/Al Sharpton on FM stations nationwide from 9-10 am/et. Call in at 877 544 6290. Then l’m live from 5-6 pm/et on Politics Nation w/ Al Sharpton on MSNBC.
Is it that time of year already??
I had someone tell me I fell off / oooh I needed that 🎶 🤣
30 Rockin’ in my boots on this Thursday 👢❤️
I'm the one in the jumpsuit. Hint: I'm also a bartender.
Returned to the @todayshow with @klgandhoda to debut my new custom HQ suit courtesy of @shinestythreads - tune in Friday to see who answered seven savage  holiday questions and won $5,000!
Mood after teaching @shanayamakani how to ice skate ⛸ #pizzaslut
Thank you @chrisreddis @samjaycomic @petedavidson Kenan @nbcsnl for having me! This was a dream come true! Never thought I’d shoot a video about #Consent with @future and @liltunechi 🙌🏾 #SaturdayNightLive
Doing a pre tape w/ @cthagod for tomorrow ‘s Politics Nation w/ Al Sharpton. The rest of the show is LIVE both days. You want to see this interview. Politics Nation w/ Al Sharpton live every Saturday and Sunday on MSNBC at 5 pm/et. #PoliticsNation
Conducting a staff meeting of Politics Nation w/ Al Sharpton in my office ( we’re live Saturday and Sunday at 5 pm/et on MSNBC). I am live today on Keeping it Real w/ Al Sharpton from 1-4 pm/et on local stations and SIRIUS XM 126. Call in at 877 532 5797.
Watch Stu in the SNL house band this week (and next)! (11/10/18 & 11/17/18) ☺️ #proudwife
Back when i used to photograph #DemocracyPlaza at 30 Rock. #NYC (2012)
In my office at MSNBC getting ready to give my final arguments on the midterm elections. I’m live on Keeping it Real w/ Al Sharpton from 1-4 pm/et on local stations and SIRIUS XM 126. Call in at 877 532 5797.
America’s fastest growing sport. America’s #1 network. Onward together.
Talking politics with Stephanie Ruhle and Lawrence O’Donnell in the lobby at 30 Rock earlier today.
Worth getting up earlier this morning to be on @morningjoe to discuss the global public health crisis of burnout that’s lowering our collective immune system, and making us much more susceptible to the viruses of fearmongering, scapegoating and demagoguery. They’re always there, but they’re much more dangerous when we’re running on empty and our resilience and immune resistance are weakened. Link in bio.