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ABC islands

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5 months later. No this is not an April fools joke but it sure feels like it to me too.
Now I know my ABC’s 🌴
#Aruba #Bonaire #Curacao #caribbean #gaylove @gaycouplegoalz
Swipe right to see my iguana 🦎
#tbt when we locked our love in Curaçao this summer ❤️🔓
Enjoy the little things ☕️🌴🌞💦
With sunshine and coffee your day can’t go wrong!
indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events.
island hopping 🏝
Back to my happy place #beachlife. This has been an amazing year! Let the leaf like people blow away and surround yourself with people rooted and support you. The birthday celebration is just beginning!! #mellypunch #knowyourworth #bestfriendgoals #blackpoets @lnac_lagosnupes
We’re definitely not the most responsible adults, I mean when we went to the store to get toilet paper and medicine we only came back with a bag of waffles but hey, it made for a great trip!!
I’ve dreamed of going back to the Caribbean ever since I came home from my mission, so visiting was quite literally a dream come true. I loved being able to see the people and places I loved so much with my little brother and remember the amazing experiences I had there. I loved my mission, and I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I’m so grateful for all that I learned in the 18 months I served on these islands. Mi ta stimabo Curaçao y Aruba!
already missing spring break and it’s not even over #ripmytoe
Até debaixo d’água ❤️💙
lower the latitude better the attitude
14 days ago I was on a plane headed to sunshine and beaches for vacation while it was freezing at home. Perfect timing. After years of traveling for work & never traveling for more than 2-3 days of fun, I finally did. I require the Guster Law team to vacation and recharge, but they made me do it this time. 
The photos:
1) Watching some lady fall off her horse in the water. We called it before it happened. Yup. “She’s about to fall...uh oh. She’s falllllling” Yup. Bloop 😂😂
2) Quick pic before my many naps on the beach. I always take books to read & on kindle. Never happens. Naps and water sports for me. Also 🍷 🍹 
3) Riding horses through the water. Ya know, like in the movies & the travel brochures. 😩😩
4) “ABC Islands”. One of the many constant laughs we had during this trip. We laugh at ourselves often. Actually a lot. Laughter keeps stress away. 
5) This is the view from the villa! Ahhhhmazing. 
6) Waterskiing!!! Took lessons there (first time) and I am hooked!! People were shocked it was my first time. Can’t wait to go back and do it again. The instructors were amazing. 
7) While on the trip got the call “Hey. Got your tix to the game- want ‘em?” Yessirrr!
8) After talking trash to Georgia fans in my box the entire game, Bama won!! Whew. That was close 
9) Driving from ATL & The BCS Championship to BHM “Aye. Let’s find some good BBQ!!” Told to go to Cooter Brown’s. It was definitely worth the extra 90 mins drive off I-20. We are always looking for some weird adventure. Always. 
10) NYE pic - If one pic can summarize a trip, a friendship and what has developed beyond our many years of real friendship, this is it. 
Smiles, laughs and fun😍!!! This is #Her, y’all. Or #Bae. Or whatever word you want to use. 😍😍
Until next time✌🏽✌🏽✈️✈️
Peanut Butter Vibes
God’s work 🙏🏽
(Patio view)
Be back in 4-5 weeks!!
Happy Thanksgiving from Bonaire turtles & Curaçao sunsets
'All The Same' ft. @orangegrovemusic out now!! #AllTheSame #OrangeGrove #Brainpower
already missing the seventh christmas/new years cruise with my family!!🚢👙💋☀️(notice the rainbow in the clouds🌈)