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Что произойдёт, когда ты наладишь отношения с собой?!
✔️тебя перестанет интересовать чужая жизнь;
✔️ты поймёшь, чего на самом деле хочешь;
✔️ты найдёшь энергию для реализации своих желаний;
✔️лишний вес, который защищал твои комплексы и блоки, стремительно уйдёт;
✔️тебе захочется питаться здоровой пищей;
✔️твоё тело вдруг покажется тебе идеальным, но ты захочешь сделать его ещё лучше! Чтобы быть молодой и здоровой всегда🤗
Хочешь, делай это вместе со мной и другими девчонками? Мы стартуем 18 февраля, в понедельник. Присоединяйся⤵️
Пройдите @aselinahoney и по ссылки и напиши мне «ХОЧУ ЛЮБИТЬ СЕБЯ»
Bust Down, Bust Down, Bust Down
@chythegreatest ❤️❤️❤️ LINK IN BIO
Discreet and fine😉
I just want to take you out & show you off 🏆
The Reverend Doctor Smoothie Green (Alan H Green 😉) came to #everaftermusical tonight!!!! #adventuresofrevandberthia
My view 💨💨💨💨🥶🥶🥶🥶🏙🏙🏙🏙
Probably in your city 😏
The ONE.. 🔥
Nobody watches you harder than the people who can’t stand you!
Rich nigga, I come straight out the poor house
All i know is i want blueeeee hunnids 💵 ... I’m finna fu€k up some new money 
Hair : @hairbytweet_studio
The Way time FLY💖 when we met I was so broken, this home we built : long distance for the first year; you chasing your dreams but still caring for me and Kash showed the TRUEST SIDE OF YOU! Kash was so little , you placed him in front of me 🥺🥺🥺When you got in one knee I snatched the ring before I could say yes🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Every relationship I was In was abusive and I had no idea what love ❤️ was! Then you showed up🥰🥰🥰🥰 my phone just reminded me of where I use to be in comparison to where you’ve taken me! Thanks for being you! #phillipines #destinationwedding #2020
Soul is just that inner spirit. I use that inner spirit for whatever it is I do. -Gladys Knight much repect @msgladysknight 🕺🏾
I’m getting my nigga @queenscokeezy back in the booth @djenvy lol
they asked to see the boss, so they sent me dawg 🤪
I wanna try those goggles on😂💀 If u not following @addicting.clips then what are you doing with your life
#instagood #twitter #aesthetic #summer #love #meme #theme #uber #cute #trending #relatable #tiktok #cringe #memes #fit
#lmao #selfcare #couples #love #explore #travel #tweets #tweet #threads #twitterthreads
Great day... goodnight! 🥰🤗❤️😘😴
Support Independent Artist.
Download full album on ALL platforms NOW! 
Please & Thank You.
And that’s a wrap for Fridge! Man I’m so grateful...I literally LOVE these people... @jumanjimovie #Christmas #2019 #jakekasdan
It’s been a while.
Give me all the lush florals, candles and romance. 💕
@theweeknd 🔥 #CRAZii 🎤
Jordan Year🎉
Tell your main n***a he your ex now. 💞
The Internet does not sleep 😭😭😂 Salute to @kaepernick7 💯
( follow @wellingtonojukwu )
#steveharvey #colinkaepernick
@jacquees is our daddy
Slay in your lane.
Thank Da Lord He Better my situation🤫
#Jacquees brings out #TKkravitz On #4275tour 🔥
The Truth
Pic 1: “C’mon babe lets take a cute pic!”
Pic 2: “Babe! Quick! Let’s pose like JayZ & Beyoncé ! Tag team taking ova!! “ 😂😎
Pic 3: “Gimme KISS” 😘😂.
Nights like these is what I dreamed of.
Stay woke.......or skinny lmao #ClubGod6Feb18Hoe 🦖🎈
Keep your head forward and blinders on. The only thing holding you back from your goals and dreams is you. No one cares about your success more than you. So FOCUS
In honor of this competition weekend being here again , I'm gonna share some of my favorite memories from attending cheersport nationals @cheersportcorp (pt. 1)
Atlanta!!! It’s about to be a WILD night!! Meet me @ Ace Atlanta tonight!! #Shutdown 🎥🎥 @jefe_snow & @mr_shotttt Birthday Celebration!! #GF #30BG
Chapter III starts NOW 🔥
Are you ready, Atlanta
I could be in better shape but  it’s not my priority 🤷🏾‍♂️🤙🏾
Whatchu mean that’s not how gangstas do it!!
I wish the happiest of birthdays to one of the most kind, compassionate, and loving people I’ve had the fortune of meeting. I love you ♥️
let’s do this thing
life’s been sooooooo much freaking fun lately💚🤩 Jesus is so cool you guys lol.
You know you f*ckin with a shotta, come here let me give it to you proper🥰
That time I killed that @imblackowned shoot with @kivenchy 🐐📸
The beauty of Life @thejaydacheaves 
Photos by Me @Marioshotme
surgery Thursday -> game Friday #wereadymarist
🤷🏽‍♂️🤣 #ClubGod6Feb18Hoe 🦖🎈
downtownnn for the birthday girl @hannahhalpaus
Doing shit for attention wont get my attention witcha stubborn ass 🤷🏽‍♂️🗣
Triangle braids 💙👑
Fresh off stage ya diggggg #4275tour
PRESS PLAY ❣️ Here’s a mini toot on this #mofajang #hairpaintwax from Amazon that I bought for 10 bucks! I applied it on freshly washed hair that was about 50% dry. I went ahead and did a twist and curl and it surprisingly came out good! 🙌🏽 I’m definitely going to order more colors!
It’s about to go down. Headed to Albany for the night with the crew, but had to post a little thirst trap. #beardgang #bodypositive #progress #muscle #beard
We #RiseUp to the occasion and take the first map in our inaugural @overwatchleague match against the @flmayhem !

@gatoroww & @kodak_ow are in for map 2. #LetItReign⁠ ⁠ 📺:
#DogMan #OWL2019 #OWL #Overwatch #OverwatchLeague #Atlanta #ATL #ATown #Reign #ATLReign #AtlantaReign #Fanatics #ReignGear #Jersey #Pokpo #Daco #Nlaaer #Dafran #Kodak #Masaa #Gator #Erster #Sephy #Dongmin #WelcomeHome #WeTheKings ‪#OpeningDay‬ #TheRoyalFamily
12 AM 🎈
I’ve been struggling with a lot of anxiety lately. Seems to be a trend with many artists. I think it’s safe to open the conversation and help each other get through the difficult times. These series of photos represents a huge overcoming fear of strength for me. It’s been about 2.5 years since getting my palm tattooed by my lovely friend @savannahcolleen . If you have ever been through a really tough tattoo session you’ll resonate with this. The way it feels to come out on the other side and feel almost overwhelming emotion that you had accomplished a personal goal. Yes getting a tough area tattooed isn’t a normal goal but it was for me. It has since grounded me every time I glance down and see it. Sometimes past victories can help you realize how you’re really stronger than you think. 🖤🌹 Recognize your strength, you have more than you could ever imagine.
Pieces found underated 🧩🌀
They got me big cheesin’
Got my shootaa ready sllaatttt
Moooooveeee. #fuckshit by @pjtheking & @therealhasani #theWoah #PjTheKing Flood this so I can throw it on YouTube. 🖕🏾🐍🖕🏾🕊
LA ALL DAY!!!! •
#RamsDJ #LA #WestCoast #ILoveMyJob #djhost @theshaderoom @balleralert @tmz_tv #NikeDJ #DJMalski #Legends #OnlyGOD @laramscheer @laramsfans @rampagenfl
Heaven sent 😇
Who always “Said YES to new adventures”? This girl 🙋🏻‍♀️
Thank you @threadtank for sending this wonderful tee. Use the code MAI10 to get 10% your purchase. 
#threaktank #newadventures #railroadphotography #happyfriday
Young Gifted & Black. 
@frankcooker x @doncannon 
Shout to @jarrettjack03 I tried to shoot stance 😂

We are donating the proceeds of this collection to various charities. If interested dm me 💣
I seen my dawg turn his bak on his bro 🤦🏽‍♂️I seen dat bitch turn ha bak it was slow 🤷🏽‍♂️ Yu turn yo bak yu can’t cum bak nomo 🖕🏽💯
Chapter III 🔴⚫️⭐️
anyone else craving this feeling rn
Thanks for sitting like a warrior Natalie. Made @livefreetattoo.
happiii for feb break
Bad lil vibe...she been on my mind 😍😍
Just Hit 100k Let’s Go !! #YeenTalkinBoutNan Out Everywhere !!!! 🌊🌊🌊🤷🏽‍♂️
Thankful for every day, for real!! 📸 @killermike #cripacola #triggerwarningwithkillermike
Lets make it 7 tomorrow. #RoadWarriors
Real trap 👶🏽 my mama might as well had me in da kitchen.. done had da recipe since 13 but ieen never whipped it 🤫 #FreeBird #DONDolla🔋
Hippie Heathen...
A mood. A vibe. A way of life.
“Don’t tell a girl
with fire in her veins
and hurricane bones
what she should and shouldn’t do.
In the blink of an eye,
she will shatter that ridiculous cage
you attempt to build around her 
beautiful bohemian spirit.”.
- Melody Lee
wearing: @aloyoga
Shot by: @briandwayne
What’s your fav shot: 1 or 2?
Side eyed smirk or toe point? Lol
This is me, enjoying life.
Act up🌚
We coming... #gacup pc: @garyland
Star and Stripes 😡
Special thanks to @sirrod333 for showing up and talking with the students... its great to collab with someone on the same journey to inspire the youth!! The Stop the Bullying School Tour today at Bunche Middle School... its lit 🔥🔥🔥 featuring @therealshaniah @jabiasdakidd @littwins0 @elitriplett @shocheese @badnewz38 @sirrod333 @rapgamelifetime @thedlewis4real @mix877atl @jabiasdakiddpromo #Noplace4Hate #StopBullying #STBT @5starfranko @therealtravischerry @jungleboii1
It’s FRIDAY! Which means @mtv is airing 3 new episodes of @mtvwildnout today! 8/7c YOU DONT WANT TO MISS IT 🖤🖤 #gamefitness
bad lil vibe 📸❤️ @jacquees concert 😁😁 #explorepage
Introducing the all-new Star & Stripes Kit
SoOOoo excited to announce I’ve been accepted to move to Atlanta this fall to attend the Georgia Baptist College of Nursing!! I cannot wait to see where my future career as a nurse takes me! 👩🏼‍⚕️
I'm so excited about my @thehughjackman concert in July that I've turned my kid into a crazy fan! My boy really does have 🎶A million dreams for the world he's gonna make.🎶 #autism #autismawareness @autismspeaks #proudmom #momlife @zacefron @michelleingridwilliams #fan #music @greatestshowman #smartboy #asd #thegreatestshowman #movies #amazingkid
id say i hit a home run!!!!!⚾️❤️
#throwblanket being worn as a scarf🧣
When fashion and decorating overlap.🖤
Click the link in my bio or find me on the app #liketkit #LTKhome #LTKunder100 #targethome #targetstyle #capsulewardrobe #layering #wrapdress #camelcoat #neutraldecor #fridayfavorites #womenwithstyle #atlantablogger 📷 : @monicanevesphotography
Looking good is always good👍🏾. But to be real...... I’m tryna stack it up to make the “HARD TIMES” easy💵💸💰
#primemgt #ynh #currency
About to hit the stage in Atlanta. Getting my game face on. @kevinhart4real am I doing it right?
I’m just in love with this Beautiful Bow from @valeriesbowtiqueaz is the perfect combination for this beautiful Glasses from @luxxatelier🖤❤️ Go ahead check and follow these shops and don’t forget to get the 20% OFF on your purchase from @valeriesbowtiqueaz 😍🤗 code: MIAGRACE. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Bow from @valeriesbowtiqueaz •Sunnies & Purse from @luxxatelier •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #ootdfashion #kidsofinstagram #insta #instagram #instagramfollowers #instagram_kids #instagood #instamodel #outfitoftheday #styleoftheday #kidsofinstagram #instapics #instagirl #gorgeous #trends #trending #photography #picoftheday #amaizing #model #beautiful #ootd #ootdfashion #style #fashion #kidsofinstagram #mejorvestidoenda #despiertaamerica #univision
One of my 2019 goals was to read more. Read one book a month to be exact. I’ve kept up so far.. 2 months in. But it’s been quite a turnaround to get here. So I wrote a blog with the advice of my super smart and book savvy friend @kimboklaer on the “Busy Mom’s guide to actually reading” check it out in my latest post + the list of my favorite reads for 2019! #bookstagram #bookclub #bookswithkatie #momreads #honestmotherhood
just a kid with a big dream 👀💭
miss me?
Setting up a stand in #greenbrair also #fu💔klove #blackownedbusiness #fu💔kloveskully #customorders  #fu💙k @iveyleaguestyles
So glad I got to work with these amazing people!!♥️
• Photographer: • MUA: @alexandragaultmakeup • Hair: @leebarnes_professional • Stylist: • Agency: @mpmanagement_atlanta
trust in your process.
U N M A T C H E D ✨
Our helicopter pilot Matt said he loves to fly because nothing else matters when you’re up in the air. I couldn’t agree more 🚁
Aw junk! Made @abcworldnewstonight with the presidential kiss cam!!‼️
Who you think you playin with?? 🤔
Tune in tonight at 8p/7c to watch all new episodes of @mtvwildnout 🙌🏽🙌🏽 #wildthefridaysout #wildnoutgirls #wildnout #wildnoutmodels #nickcannon
Que llegarás a mi vida no fue casualidad...
money can’t buy happiness but it can buy marshmallows😅™️
@fashionnova 🌹
Creme Brulee — This is one of my family favorite desserts. There is nothing better than cracking through a crunchy burnt sugar top and digging your spoon into a silky custard. Sedap nakkkk matteyyyy!

Untuk 6 Hidangan 
1 1/2 cawan susu 
1 cawan heavy whipping cream
1/2 cawan gula 
1/4 sudu teh garam 
2 biji telur size A 
3 biji kuning telur 
2 sudu teh vanila esen 
Air mendidih untuk “water bath” 
6 sudu teh gula, untuk topping gula 

Panaskan oven ke (160C) 325F. Susun enam ramekins 6-oz dalam loyang pembakar 9 × 13 inci. 
Masak susu dan heavy whipping cream hingga mendidih. Masukkan esen vanilla. Biarkan suam sebentar.

Pukul telur, kuning telur dengan gula. Jangan sampai berbuih. 
Masukkan adunan telur sedikit demi sedikit dalam adunan susu dan kacau sebati. Tapiskan ke dalam bekas remekins. Bahagikan campuran sama rata. Susun di dalam loyang pembakar.

Masukkan loyang pembakar ke dalam oven, dan tuangkan air mendidih ke dalam periuk di sekeliling ramekins. 
Bakar selama 40 minit, sehingga custard masak. 
Biarkan dia dalam selama 20 minit. Berhati-hati keluarkan dari oven dan 
sejukkan kira-kira sejam sebelum disimpan dalam peti ais. Tutup dengan plastik cling. 
Custard boleh disediakan dua hari lebih awal. 
Untuk topping: 
Taburkan kira-kira satu sudu teh gula ke bahagian atas setiap custard di permukaan custard. Bakar dalam oven guna “broiler” 3 - 5 sehingga gula bertukar keperangan. Siap dan boleh di hidangan kan. 🤤😍 #cremebrulee #linathomasrecipes
Walked outside and immediately regretted getting this popsicle 🥶#bringbacksummerplz
2 pics in one day cus @csythes is perfect ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Netflix and chill 🎥 🍿 •
If it wouldn't of been in Atlanta I would of taken this fur baby home 🐈
Right here in Decatur where it’s better, 4275
Of course I had to be OWT one time for @ronclark__ “do it for the youth, Epps Love the kids” @ronclarkacademy
My second favorite animal 🦈
Cross your legs,sit up straight,rock your pearls, remain a lady #KiyaLavish
Kelly was feeling natural and curly today.... the way my wrist is set up. 🙃 #liketheriversalon #welcomehomegorgeous 🏡 #kellycurls #naturalhairstyles #naturalhair
I’m bro & bae... Lets play 2k... (fun fact: I can beat any of y’all niggas in Black Ops, 2k, FortNite, or Mortal Kombat... and that’s on God) I’m competitive and a gamer.
city chic, little bit #atlanta
BET JAMS 💪🏾 2019 Great So Far
WOOPSIE DAISY @holyvail is PLAYING A PSYCHO HOUSE SHOW IN ATLANTA W 03SEM / SIBLING / SUPER SECRET GUEST• DM 4 DEETS • 2/21 • DIVINE PAINT CO at “show o’clock” knight clown capture by @corbincorbin
New episode out now! @85southshow #quittouchingshit
1 1 1 🔋
Photographer | @_uptown 🎨
Brand | @allonjustin 🧨
Last night we celebrated Love, and we had some special things happen during the Kiss Cam. You're going to want to watch it through the end ❤
Just a couple of FFA boys havin a grand time out in peach country.
State CDC 🌟🌟
Melanin poppin
These mfs hurt but they still fly 💸
Tune into @mtvwildnout tonight ALL NEW EPISODES with @nickcannon hosting the funniest show on TV!!!
I have been sick this past week and haven’t been to the gym, I’m definitely having withdrawals as you can tell by my outfit... but if you really know me, I always wear athletic wear so is this really new? Lol
F*ck a vacay, I feel better at work. Blessed. -Sean Michael Anderson #blessings #beach #workcation
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•Artist: @rxcan
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Current life situation: bliss
Chase nothing 🤗😌👌🏾 Attract everything 🗣🤞🏾‼️
@iam_mexikodagreat ily big brada May you Rest In Peace ! 👼🏻💕🐍
The Triple Crown begins here. 🏆👑Watch CHEERSPORT Nationals live on #VarsityTV, February 22-24! 🤩
Dance With Me 👑
Buckhead, GA
Thank you for the hospitality as always. Ours is yours now ATL and we appreciate you. Come @dancewithme 👑
yesterday i had the privilege to meet some amazing cancer patients and their families here in Atlanta GA, at the @americancancersociety Hope Lodge. this place is truly special... they provide free housing for cancer patients who cannot afford housing while receiving treatment. there are over 30 hope lodges across the US, visit to learn more 💖 #cancersucks #americancancersociety #hopelodge
Let the tequila flow 😬 #bringmeatlanta 📍 @threesheetsatl