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Good to get the super season underway! Tough contest against a physical blues side
#rugby #frontrow #superrugby #crusaders #blues
Tough hit out against a quality Blues side last night. Stoked to be back out there with the brothers.. especially this champion. 🔴⚫️
La mejor compañía 🖤✈️
I haven’t laughed that much in a long time - my stomach aches from it! We even recreated a scene from Harry Potter (you can see it on my stories). Getting away for the night was much needed for us all, but I missed my kids (I’m a weirdo). Thanks to the @pullman_auckland_hotel for a wonderful experience, we will definitely be back ... although we may be banned from laughing too loudly 😂😂😂
Only pic I got last night 👀
Naughty that’s private property 😈😈
last night with @sofpohlen 💖💖
@dc_skateboarding demonstration #DCSUPERTOUR
Take me away
@dc_skateboarding demoo yesterday went up‼️🔨🔨 #dcsupertour
family cone
Windy night for Distance Carnival ‘19. No PB but a tidy way to spend a birthday with @_samtanner taking the W
All green everythannnng 💚💚💚 (see previous post for full OOTD/where everything is from)
Perfect day celebrating a perfect couple 🥂 @briannajogreen @matty_bezza
Had the most amazing day being in the bridal party for two of our bestest friends ❣️#MrandMrsBerry 💘
Cheetah girls raw 🐆
vision kinda blurry, what u call that⁉️
Blissful start to the NZ OZ tour @AUCKLAND! Bye for now AUCKLAND chellams! 
BRISBANE chellams, on my way! See you all tonight! Bookings on
Amazing style in this stunning tiny house! Check out the full video tour via link in story. ❤️ .
#livingbiginatinyhouse #tinyhouse #tinyhome #homeonwheels #alternativeliving #smallspaceliving #smallspaces #tinyhouselife
Post competition 60 min easy early morning run done! 🏃‍♀️🦄🤙
As much as I did not feel like getting out of the softest, fluffiest, most comfortable bed in the whole entire world this morning at 6am, I got up nonetheless to move my body, to help it recover from the frenzy of competition yesterday. It always seems a better choice to sleep in and hibernate, but you can still do that for the remaining 23 hours of the day! It’s always better to move gently to enhance recovery. And second coffee ☕️ is almost a spiritual expert after an amazing early morning run in nature, while the world is still slumbering and the birds own the sky 🙏🏻
Early mornings are so precious, I always feel like I’m stealing the best part of the day for myself, from the rest of the slumbering humans. 🦄
#dowhatyouneedto #itsallyou #nz #gloriousrun #simplethings #whiletheworldstillsleeps #beuncommon #everyonepercent #alchemyofperformance #timeofmylife #freedomthrdiscipline #coachaa #crossfit #crossfitmasters #dreamfiercley #igotthis #hardtokill #strongisasstrongdoes #freedomtoroam #innergangster #earnednotgiven #unicornstrong c#findaway #introvert #adventurebounnd #childrenofthetide #skinourishment
“I am looking for someone to share in an adventure that I am arranging, and it's very difficult to find anyone. 'I should think so — in these parts! We are plain quiet folk and have no use for adventures. Nasty disturbing uncomfortable things! Make you late for dinner!' ” - J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit
What would you prefer, going on an adventure or staying in this cozy home?
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Place: Hobbiton | NZ 🇳🇿
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Thank you for all the love on my current shape post from yesterday! I hope that my social channels motivate you to be the best version of YOU 💕 Whether that means that you decide to make your lunch instead of buying it every day or exercising 3x a week at the gym instead of sleeping in for an extra hour ☺️ We all have different paths, different goals & unique bodies 💪🏽 The one thing we all have is CHOICE. The choice to look after ourselves & the choice to turn down anything that doesn’t add value to our health or our lives 💯 ⁣
1️⃣ 15 Lateral Raises⁣⁣⁣
2️⃣ 15 Front Raises⁣⁣⁣
3️⃣ 10 Renegade Rows (per side)⁣⁣⁣
4️⃣ 15 Squat to Press⁣⁣⁣
5️⃣ 10 Lunge with Knee Up (per side)⁣⁣⁣
🔄 5 rounds⁣⁣⁣
Then an optional finisher 💦 15 hamstring curls, 10 Single DB glute bridge, 20 DB frog pumps (triset) x 3 sets 🍑 ⁣⁣⁣
Anjuli ✌🏽 ⁣⁣⁣
⁣⁣⁣ #anjuli_mack #workout #workoutvideos #cardiocircuit #fitnesschicks #reebokwomen #fullbodyworkout #weightlosstips #girlyexercises #gymgirlvids #wbffbikini #HIIT #abworkouts #ehplabs #reebok #girlswithabs #workoutvids #homeworkout #fitfemalesclub #reeboknz  #auckland #oxyshred #hotelworkout
les mills special + rosé because #balance 💥🍷⚡️ @foodtruckgarage
Welcome welcome welcome to another new looking awesome house of pain @snapfitnessconstellation 💯✅
Sunday morning workout completed with the toko @vaeat we tried out  some new equipment and they are awesome so check it out guys LessssGOOOO 👌🏼👌🏼
#fitdaddy #stayfit #stayhealthy #makeeverydaycount #staygrisby
- Living a dream, But I’m not floating on the clouds!
For someone who loves food traveling brings great opportunity to try new tastes and ingredients. My inner meat nerd was overly excited to see Merino lamb on the menu at @thegrillbyseanconnolly last night. Just as there are certain breeds of cattle for dairy, and others for beef, there are some breeds of sheep for meat, and others specifically for wool. Merino is typically raised for wool only, so the meat can be far more gamier and greasier than other lamb. But there are always exceptions to the rule, with specialty breeders and producers working towards creating a delicacy, as is the case here. This slow roasted lamb shoulder with blackberry vinegar and star anise was incredible. Such a great experience to get to explore new tastes! 🙌
I love this adorable little fella, and would like to know more about him....there were tonnes of these little jellyfish at the beach yesterday; I can’t find them on google - does anyone know what they’re called? 😀 👩‍🎓
Although siding up the house brings us one step closer to being finished, it’s gonna be sad to lose our views for a little while. Windows will be installed much later, so for now we’re just gonna side right over everything for security and open them up later. Siding is easy but will be a slow process, and we have a lot of it to do
28 weeks down and the same 3 outfits on rotation 😭🐳😂🤰🏼🌝❤️
Happy to be back into the Super Rugby season.. not the result we were after but feeling good with what's building 💪
#293 #brothers #09 #home #grateful
Pretty sure I will be makeup free this whole trip❤️
要么变强改变一切 ,要么一直做被伤害的人
Creo en las sonrisas si la cámara no mira💫
If u think every day is a good day  then try the missing ones 😊💜💜
Los compañeros y los rivales aplauden al jugador que acaba de sumar su cap n° 50 con Blues, con solo 23 años. Su hermano Rieko le entrega un cuadro con una camiseta.
50 partidos y 14 tries. Ball carrier por excelencia. Si logra mayor regularidad, será el 8 de los All Blacks post mundial.
👏 @akiraioane_
#AkiraIoane #Blues
ريمپ تخصصي ✅انواع خودرو ايراني و خارجي
با همكاري استاد علي الهي
⭕️جـهت كـسب اطلاعات بيـشتر ⭕️
عوامل و پارامتر های قابل تغییر و ویرایش : ‎افزایش توان 🔴
‎افزایش گشتاور 🔴
‎تغییرات محدوده کات اف 🔴
🔴رفع محدودیت سرعت در ایسیو های بوش ME17 و کروز های sim2k
🔴رفع کامل تاخیر پدال گاز و دریچه گاز 🔴تغییر حساسیت و تاثیر گذاری سنسور های  اکسیژن بالا و پایین 🔴حذف کامل سنسور اکسیژن دوم از حلقه کنترول ECU
🔴تغییر پارامترهای زمان پاشش سوخت در انژکتور
🔴اصلاح پارامتر کنترل دمای فن 🔴ایجاد Hard cut off (رگباری)
🔴تغییرات Spark advance (سیستم جرقه)
🔴افزایش توان موتور (HP)
🔴افزایش گشتاور (torque)
🔴کاهش مصرف سوخت 🔴
رفع کامل ناک زدن موتور 🔴همسان سازی کامل با بنزین های نا مرغوب
🔴افزایش شتاب 🔴تغییرات محدوده کات اف .
ریمپ تخصصی کلیه پژو های ۲۰۶ و ۲۰۷ دنده دستی و اتوماتیک مدل ۹۶ -۹۷ با ایسیو کروز ایزیو و بوش ام ای ۱۷ دریچه گاز برقی .
هزینه داینو جدا گانه و ساعتی ۳۵۰ هزار تومان هست مضاف بر این ، هزینه ما که بستگی به خودرو و لوازم موتور خودرو مورد نظر دارد. 
لطفا برای اطلاع از هزینه ریمپ حتما مدل خودرو و تیپ و .. مشخصات کامل رو دایرکت بفرمایید.

تلفن تماس , محسن ابراهيمي📞
 0912 111 4471
 0921 637 2526
. #peugeotsport #peugeot  #206rc #peugeot206rc #peugeot #206gti #peugeot206 #206xs #peugeot206sport #206 #peugeot206co #206co #206gti#peugeot206iran .
#peugeotsportiran #peugeot207i #207i #peugeot207 #207 #peugeot206plus #206plus #peugeot207compact #207compact #peugeotsport #peugeot  #peugeotsport #ريمپ #ريمپ_ايسيو #remap #remapECU
What do you think about this beast?
Pic by:- @martinberryracing 
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How does it feel to be you?
 #changes #queen #auckland
————————— 📸: @sehr_uppal_ :) ❤️😍
Berhenti mengatakan "Saya Berharap", mulailah berkata "Saya Akan"
Game with Benedict Cumberbatch 💙
《Tag your friends who loves Benedict》🎻🔍
cr2 Dandalf 😂🍃
Winner winner chicken dinner #chinesenewyear2019
Courtney appreciation/ late Valentine’s Day post - I’m such a lucky man to have you and your support. Thank you for everything you do and everything you are @courtneylee_11
نسامح في كل مرة، حتى تتغير مكانه الشخصي و يصبح ولا شيئ... 🥀
I told u I skate 🏮
#Repost @brynhall79 ・・・What a way to start of the year. Congrats to @willjordan_ on your debut mate well deserved! #rugby #adidas #youngbucks #olddad #ontothenext
Sometimes with the best intentions we make situations worse - we want to help someone but instead increase their suffering. Often we lack the wisdom to really see what actions are required, or to understand when to act and when not to.

When you see your own limitations and faults, then it is easier to understand and accept those of others. You can then forgive and let go.

Photo by: @drtian_mryaonan
It’s hard to be serious on here
Always a tough battle against @bluesrugbyteam ... wasn't pretty but we will take a lot of learnings out of tonight. Congratulations @willjordan_ on your debut, Crusader #231 one of many I'm sure and to this young buck @braydonennor awesome game brother! ⚔
Crossed lots off the bucket list today 💛
Ser ut som denna smiley 🤓🤓🤓
❗️ALL TEAMS ADVANCE TO HHINZ NATIONALS❗️ ✅ JNR ID 4th (Junior Division) • MASQUE 2nd • SWAGGANAUTS 3rd ✅ CONGRATS to all the teams who competed today @saintz.danceacademy @notoriousdancecompany @red_studio_nz @dancebeatacademy @jayes_dance @neverland_studios and many more! • Thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout this journey to Auckland regionals. Next up @identitytauranga.idt - 7 DAYS 🙌🏽 #IDCO 🇳🇿
Great way to start the season tonight, so stoked to see @willjordan_  get on for his debut!#crusadeon#231⚡️
Had a super productive day today working a total of 12 hours, what about you?
I got everything done for Patreon, tons for Etsy, went over some uni stuff that’s been made available, planned out my storage, did some drawing and did a few things around the house that I was behind on like laundry and tidying my room.
Tomorrow I’m going to a planner meet up in the city and will get to meet my pal @smallstepsbigplans So I’m super excited for that.
Screensaver: fliqlo
#studygram #studyblr #study #student #studynotes #planner #bujo #notestagram #studyblog #studyaccount #journal #lettering #handwriting #planneraddict #stationery #studymotivation #studyspo #studyinspo #plannerlife
Another day, another city... Auckland you’re beautiful 😍
i love lyf 🏳️‍🌈
2cones #lanternfestival
Sorrayy mate but who are you 🍭👅🤓
I make pour decisions sometimes, but everything happens for a Riesling, right? 😂⁣
What a gorgeous place Villa Maria in Auckland is. You would think you were miles out in the country but it’s just a few minutes drive from the city. ⁣
Lovely restaurant, great food and the wine... oh the wine. ⁣
One more, wine not? (sorry I’ll stop now 😂🍷)⁣
#winenot #roseallday #vineyardvines #vineyards #pourdecisions #wineoclock #siphappens #oncloudwine #villamaria #aucklandfoodie #aucklandeats #visitauckland #aucklandnz #aucklandfood #travelfamily #travelandexplore #winerylovers #wineanddine #openanotherworld #villamariawines
Don’t argue with @akiraioane_. 👋🏾 #BLUvCRU #SuperRugby
🖐🏾 Welcome back to #SuperRugby, @maanonu. 🔥
if you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else? 🙌🏽
outfit: @citychiconline
“I just wanna drink girl Sip on my bourbon” 🥃 🎼 [swipe left] 
No Love Tonight ft @jaxciin will be available on all music platforms on the 1st March 2019. Also Lyric Video by my brother @leepedrano 
Dedicated to all my Alcoholics that just wanna drink til the morning 👍😂👀 _______________________________________________________
#explorepage #newmusicalert #newmusic
Saturday in @callithelabel 🕷
☕️CARAMEL COFFEE☕️ This soap creates creamy foam, you gonna love how they moisturise your skin, made with organic coconut oil, olive oil🥥
SA42' Six80Five. Book nd Pen aint nuthin need more 💯🇼🇸
‼️Ura Tabu Siva Team‼️
URA - is to dance, to siva, to hula
TABU - tapu or kapu, is sacred sometimes forbidden, other times taboo.
Honouring place, love and service to people; mothers, daughters, maternal protectors, life givers, healers and navigators of our own journeys.
For bookings and more information, email Also remember to follow us on Facebook “Ura Tabu Pacific Dance” and Insta @ura_tabu
🎥: @faanati.mamea
✂️: @beytaughtme
📸: @fata_tuialii
💁🏽‍♀️: @beatbymac // @life_with_nette
I woooon!! First fight of 2019 and it was an important one for me. 👊Yippeeeeeee!!!!!!! #winner #boxer #boxing #nzboxing #nzboxer #meehans #auckland #Durrants #amateurboxer #amateurboxing #femaleboxer #femaleboxing #thisgirlcan #thisgirlcanbox #trainhardfightharder
Sisterly love 💘
It’s been a very close game tonight with a 24-22 win over @bluesrugbyteam in the start of our 2019 @superrugbynz campaign - next week we are at home!! Ticket link in bio 👊🏽 #BLUvCRU #likenoother #crusadeon
Just me being goofy all the time 🌞
#photography #bikini #island #sun #explore
Throwback-ish to a few months ago. Have a great weekend guys! I’m so bored right now actually. Gusto kong gumimik pero walang kasama.
KAMEHAHA! 💥 Would you like to see this as a sticker?
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Love you puppy ❤️ Trying my hardest to keep adventuring! This baby is getting HEAVYYY #32weekspregnant
It’s halftime as we lead 12-3 over @bluesrugbyteam in a close battle in Game 1 of the season 👊🏽 #BLUvCRU #likenoother #crusadeon ⚔️
After a LOT of trial and error, I’ve finally figured it out.. Mau’s favourite toys = anything free. 👋 It’s been a pretty slow day around here, and we’re definitely not complaining. Happy weekend! #MauTheScottishFold
How bout that brisket tho 🍖 Day one of @meatstock done, dusted and digested 🍔 If anyone has any food recommendations for day two please fire them through 🔥
Food from 👉 @missmoonshines
Location 📍 @meatstock
#ItsCheatDay #MissMoonshines #Meatstock #MeatstockAuckland #Ribs #BBQ #Brisket #Burger #Barbecue  #SlowAndLow #SmokedMeat #AucklandCity #CanonNZ #TopAucklandRestaurants #UrbanlistAKL #AucklandEats #AucklandFoodie #UniladGrub #CheatMeal #CheatDay #TryItOrDiet #Foodbible #KingOfCheatMeals
6pm sitting #finedining #fastfoxlogistics
We are underway in Auckland - with some awesome red n black support too!! Tune into @skysportnz or follow us on Twitter #BLUvCRU #likenoother #crusadeon ⚔️
Love our new paraiba green spinel ring! 💚💎✨ Email: 💖✨
Dangerous duo I tell ya
Festival Posting 🥳
🔊 @west_soundz
Blending over 130 years of expertise with the love of the game. 🇬🇧 #playerssportsnz
❤️🖤 tonight
@crusadersrugbyteam .
#edenpark #gamenight
You believe god is a woman?
Happy to be here celebrating one of my best friends @briannajogreen marry the love of her love 💕 #berryhappilymarried **que the perfectly timed wind 😂
CrossFit with my bross x
2019 SZN 🇺🇸✈️🎾
XoXO Coco Channel 🥂
Brand new. What a cherub you are Indianna Hall. Here’s to wondrous adventures! 🌈 Bravo @mrsbodypro & @bodyprosupps Love Auntie Sas. 💗💗💗💗💗
Never gonna spend time on my hair next time when I comeback here 🌊
결국 여행은 못떠나고
2️⃣➡️6️⃣ Occupy Big Bear 🐻 2018 📸: @amando_d.g
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It’s not about going to a party. It’s life as a party ✨ #ilovemylife
When u doin photoshoots cus you seeing #Laurynhill tonight. Miseducation has always been my favourite album of all time. I’m such a fan that I’m going on my own. Don’t be shy to come share the love when you see me crying the house down. 🙈🤷🏽‍♀️👌🏾
Spice up ya life!! Peep @laurethc about to demolish a norti brownie XD
Reunited with my NZ whanau
Where your find me this Saturday.. 🙊👀😂⁣
I find it’s so important to have #chilltime especially in the weekends, as this helps me recover from my training in the weekdays. ⁣
And yes when it comes to #rest I can be super stubborn, I just wanna be ON THE GO! all the time (always doing something) .⁣
This isn’t always a good thing though as I’m finding by constantly pushing myself & not letting myself recovery I’m getting tight muscles 🙉, which makes it harder to lift my usual heavier weights. ⁣
I need some well needed sleep 😴, a good healthy meal & some time to watch Netflix 🎥⁣
What do you do in your Chill Time? ⁣
#bodybuilding #fitness #fit #wbff #wbffaustralia #physique #fitfam #health #fitspo #cardio #shred #eatclean #fitnessmodel #abs #recovery #ifbb #nzifbb #training #instagood #model #auckland #nz #workout #fitnessaddict #healthy #body #happy #weekend
I love my care bear 🐻🐻💕
Fun fact, This photo is about about 10yrs old. 📸: @stevencampbell
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Spending my weekend + Monday with @benperformancecoach Learning about Fat Loss Specialisation 🥳
Remember that growth mindset I was talking about 🤯✨🙈
Romanian Deadlifts tempo: 3010 constant tension is key and let me tell you my hamstrings were on fire 🔥
Amazing content so far 👏🏽 day 1 ✅
#fatloss #strengthandconditioning #upskill #coach #knowledgeispower #personaltrainer #weighttraining #form #mobility #gymnastics #health #fitness #auckland #newzealand
#StayStrongLilManXo | You got this🤞. For what I know I will trust GODS process ❤️ #LoveYou
His and hers seating chart for this weekend’s wedding. As always @theflowinsamoan putting in work 😍 #YvonneCecilia
Throwback to Athletics day😎🔥 y'all like it up❤
This shirt I'm proudly wearing is the first both fair-trade and organic piece I've ever bought. Really want to aim towards a more minimalistic wardrobe than I currently have made of pieces like that//Эта рубашка-это первая вещь из одежды, которую я купила, которая одновременно маркирована fairtrade и organic. Я часто что-то пишу в сториз про этичные бренды, эти два слова-это минимальная составляющая такого бренда одежды. Fairtrade означает, что на всех этапах производства, работники получают достойные условия труда, фермеры справедливые деньги за свой труд, а не 'как бы подешевле'. Organic в данном случае хлопок- не генно-модифицированный и выращенный без обработки химическим пестицидами и удобрениями (что не только хорошо для носки, но, главное,  для фермеров и их семей, которые не страдают от последствий выращивания неорганического хлопка для футболочек из масс-маркета, одно из таких последствий-кожные заболевания). Очень хочу прийти к более минимилистичному гардеробу, чем есть у меня сейчас, который состоит из таких вещей. Скажите, вы задумываетесь об одежде, которую покупаете? Материале? Где сделана? P.S.Да, такая футболка/рубашка никогда не будет стоить $10, но у таких брендов тоже бывают распродажи 😀
Just before a night of healthy competitive activities  with my friiiends ☺️ @rubytakessnaps
didn't get a pic with the lanterns last night so just pretend theres some behind me 🎏🎏 top from @anda__boutique a friends business!! show them some love xx
Airi was like not right now boy 👀😭🤫🥵 @traymfnbills @iamjustairi *video credit @_airiixxtrayy_ *
Quick catch up with the girls, happy 18th @ste11a.lam 💞
Hey NZ! Appointments are now open for May, June and July. for details
@2timesthelabel keeping me cinched ❤️🥵
#theworldslongestwaterslide An amazing event yet again this year. The final time @livemoreawesome is running The Worlds Longest Waterslide. Over the years this has done an incredible job for starting a conversation around the importance of mental health. Great work @thejimihunt. Thanks for the opportunity @deantaylor. EPIC! 
Full Version of this video coming soon.
@samson_rambo you made the Chopped 'n Mixed instie cut! Lol.
big week for my gang
Hunters ✅
30 UB C2B for my team!
Felt awesome.
What fun it is to share the mental, physical and emotional load with team mates! This was such a great wod, we set up the perfect allocation of reps and movements for each of our members, and crushed it...the feeling of integrating  together is quite a buzz. I like it. A lot. Thanku @andrewgibson27 @juicerokeni @rabeccamckenzie for being such a cool crew to wod with 🤙💥🙏🏻💜🦄☠️
#teamwod #crossfitnewplymouth #metconmadness #c2b #unbroken #beuncommon #everyonepercent #alchemyofperformance #timeofmylife #freedomthrdiscipline #coachaa #crossfit #crossfitmasters #dreamfiercley #igotthis #hardtokill #strongisasstrongdoes #freedomtoroam #innergangster #unicornstrong #findaway #introvert #adventurebounnd #childrenofthetide #skinourishment
I’m. A. Model.
For all the best in holey socks 🧦 .
Thanks for all your support today crew with #NLCALIVE in collab with @lornajanenewzealand .
Huge thanks for all the feedback from those who watched #moveme and to all the humans who have signed up for the next challenge😍
Have taken suggestions and tweaked a few things already💅🏻
Can not wait to show you🌎
#natslevifitness #natslevichallenge #nlc #movement #nourishment #restoration #didsomeonesay #hula #💅🏻
Wedding ready!! So excited for our girl to walk down the aisle ❤️ #BerryHappilyMarried
Casting spells on you fools
Here we go again. Game Day! Leeeesgoooo
New Zealand was gorgeous. Off to Sydney for a few days 💥💥.
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N3Va |uVd u 💖
AKL ✈️ SYD. How lucky I am to have so many loving family and friends that makes saying goodbye so hard. With lots of suitcases, tears and excitement, I’m off to start a new adventure in my new home, Sydney.
Saturday morning with my ♥️s
Come through to Pakuranga Night Markets Tonight and grab some of your favourite LizLo stuffed cookies 🍪😋 Tag your mates and see you there ✊🏼
• ... it’s not time to go back yet I guess .... 😎 @dvneyewear •
Haters will say it’s photoshop. ➡️
THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!!! I REPEAT!!! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!!! Our show is coming to you on March 2nd on Nickelodeon!!!! HERE WE GOOOOOO!!!!! 💛💙♥️🖤
I'm gonna miss you guys ❤ @afrofink @viajandocondudu
The first Game Day of 2019 is here 🙌🏽 Tonight we take on @bluesrugbyteam - so if you’re in Auckland come down to Eden Park! For those back home, head to Monza at the @christchurchcasino to watch the game live or tune into @skysportnz - wherever you are, you don’t want to miss this!! #BLUvCRU #likenoother #crusadeon
ICYMI | 🚀 Pick that one out! Watch again as your #Nix record-goalscorer @roykrishna21 smashes home to give us the lead last night.

What a goal, what a night at @edenparknz! 
#StandUpWithYourNix #CreateHistory #WELvMVC
These two clowns went to the @cirquedusoleil #KOOZA premiere last night 🎪‼️ woweeee‼️ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

One of the greatest shows I have ever witnessed (they practice 8 hours a day, every day and you can definitely tell 😱)... ⠀ 
The energy, the talent, the music, the performances 〰️ ⠀ 
it ended with a well-deserved standing ovation 👏🏽! ⠀ ⠀
Went to bed Thursday night in LA and woke up on Saturday morning in Auckland. So excited to start this journey!! #honeymoon
I’m so lucky to have my incredible husband here for our Premiere in Auckland! I can’t thank you enough for how much love and support you give me ❤️ #kooza #auckland
Classic @jabbawolf . Congratulations to you and all the boys (@yespleasecrew ) on yet another fine  New Zealand Street Jam last month. Full video in the YesPlease bio. #flavorscooters
No struggle, no progress 🔥
#liveforward #trainsweatcommit #lesmillsnz
Landed in the land of lord of rings! See you AUCKLAND chellams tonight. Special thanks to my wonderful team back home @rabhinderkannan, @sowpernika_a, @sumithaalex @evamstanduptamasha; OZ NZ folks @natya_entertainment for getting thru the visa and travel difficulties and pulling it thru.

OZ NZ tour details on
Thought I told ya 🤷🏽‍♀️ @todd_williamson choreography 🙌🏽
Capturing the essence of our Pasifika dances while honoring place; time and space; mixed blood lines and divine feminine energy in the hopes of better aligning ourselves with our community and clientele that reciprocate our Kaupapa of producing uplifting Pasifika performances grounded in ‘tu ma aga fa’a Pasifika’.
Follow @ura_tabu on Insta and Facebook to catch the release of our Siva Team Promo Vid tonight! 👀😍
📷 -
📽 - @faanati.mamea
✂️ - @beytaughtme 
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Countdown is on till our girl gang expands! Auntie Soph is going to spoil you Baby M 😍💕
My 4 months abroad has come to an end.. I’ve had a better time than I could’ve imagined, started with my big bro @delroytaylor in Boston. Then had an awesome time with @randypetescricket and lastly with @aucklandcricket  I’ve met some great people along the way who I’ll definitely see in the future. Thank you people 🇺🇸 🇦🇺 🇳🇿
New Zealand 🌎🗺🇳🇿🇳🇿🇳🇿 #exploringtheglobe
Who knew @brancottestate #Pinotnoir paired so well with foie gras mousse? 🍽😉🍷❤️
من و ورقا مدتیه فهمیدیم که تجربه های جدید بیشتر از هر چیزی خوشحالمون میکنه ، این شد که دیروز هم من به جای خرس و شکلات ، بلیط شوی موزیکال علاالدین و چراغ جادو هدیه گرفتم و بدین ترتیب ما یکی از  زیباترین و شادترین نمایش های عمرمون رو دیدیم .
شوی علاالدین کار کمپانی دیزنیه و تا الان ملیونها نفر در سرتاسر جهان اون رو دیدن. جالبه بدونید برای این نمایش، فقط پونصد هزار تا کریستال روی بیشتر از سیصد لباس کار شده ! و بازیگرها ، طراحی صحنه ، موزیک و نور حیرت انگیزه . بچه های ساکن نیوزلند بر شما واجبه برید ببینید ، بعدا نگید نگفتما 😄😉.
ورق بزنید عکس های ما رو هم ببینید دلمون نشکنه 😊.
روزهاتون پر از بهونه های شادی باشه از هر نوعی ، وطنی و غیر وطنی .
#ولنتاین #علاالدین_و_چراغ_جادو
We tried to get the 3 points until the end, but we could not take them home. +1
Intentamos llevarnos los 3 puntos hasta el final, pero no pudo ser. +1
Seeing my beautiful girlfriend live her dream being Princess Jasmine in 🌏💙
Big volume builds big booties🔥
Últimas 3 series de 8 😭
Fueron: 10-10-8-6-6-5-4-3 😬
130kg - 5 reps
140kg - 4 reps
150kg - 3 reps
No sé si la primera cuenta como repetición ¿que dicen ustedes?¿cuenta? 🤨 Bueno si cuenta, sumen una repetición más 🤭
Primera vez que hago fuerza en hip thrust y la verdad es que me sorprendí demasiado 😂 Yo era feliz con 120kg - 3 reps, pero siempre se puede dar más 💪🏼
Pd: omitan absolutamente todas mis caras, quejas y gritos 😁
Мне хочется много написать о своих ощущениях. О том как я вижу и чувствую мир! Возможно для многих это покажется скучным, а для кого то наоборот. Когда я отправляюсь в путешествие, для меня открываются не только новые грани реальности, открывается глубокое чувство погружения в #мир, который большинство людей не замечает и замечать не хочет. Нет, не потому что это плохо, а потому что у каждого своё изучение и восприятие. 
Бывает, что лица и фрагменты превращаются в кадры из фильма. На миг, картинка застывает (останавливается) и ты видишь не просто человека и фрагмент обстановки, а целую философию!) У вас такое бывает? Когда вы видите в простых казалось бы вещах «ОГРОМНУЮ МЫСЛЬ», которую хочется расшифровать, узнать или просто насладиться этим... #удивительныймир#люди#лица#жизнь#поток#ощущения#noteswithkarinaindigo
The points are shared following a tight battle in Auckland #mvfc #ourvictory
Playin footsie with Wifey 😂. On the real, our 5 year anniversary/Valentines dinner was too dope! Netflix and pizza from the backseat of our ride. Good lookin out, good lookin @yvonnetaufa 😏 #benandyvonne #auckland #forevervalentine #aucklandcity
Valentine 4 years in a row xo
I’m stoked to be @thepaperrainproject’s new guest artist! 🖋💭🌿 Our collaboration will include this hand-painted board and we’re also doing a laser cut series. I’m travelling around NZ as I paint this skateboard - Getting on another @airnz plane with my dog @georgethelittlepoodle and the painting and a million bags. Hectic but all part of the experience! 😆✈️
Date night with my man! We are going to see @cirquedusoleil this evening 🎪 The circus starts and hour later than we had in our calendar so even had time for a quick bite to eat before.... I got my all time favourite dish Glazed Tofu. 
Dress & head band @sukilalanz #gifted
Shoes @novoshoes 
Earrings & bag @colettebycolettehayman
Our team is in! Check out the full line up in our Instagram Story 📲 #mvfc #ourvictory
Best Stance & Best Mazda of @4androtary Nationals and no trailer queen ♥️ @__daydreambeliever #MZCHIF #MX5 #ZoomZoom #SkyActiv #RoadRash #ladyinRED 📸 @team4up 
@mazda_nz ▪️ @kw_suspension ▪️ @rocket_bunny_ ▪️ @rotiform ▪️ @gtrefinishers ▪️ @zeroflexnz ▪️ @326power_japan
Auckland it’s your turn!!! See you tonight!