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Orioles Opening Day is right around the corner, are you ready with your @fedthrill shades? ⚾️🕶☀️🍺🥜
My Dawgs4L🖤
Yes grandpa 😁😁😁😁😤😤😤😤
“People who play roles will eventually forget their lines. Pay attention.” ~ Anonymous | #StayWoke #LostFootage #BirthdayBehavior #SagittariusSeason #December2018 #Chapter37
The Bangers 💥✊🏽✨💙 #nachobangers♨️✨🌮 #cuffiebowls🎯 #sawwwce @dinzykilla @shahirbanger
Drop a☑☑☑☑☑when u get it😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
but i’m a playa ain’t going tell u all the details!
the balloons attacked me tonight 🛸💠
N💣checita 💛💛
i love the pictures i took yesterday😅
083 Baltimore, MD
I was a master piece 🎨 you where just blind. 🤷🏽‍♀️
haven’t posted/taken pics in a while so here’s a real high quality one i took when trying on bikinis yesterday. enjoy 😂 - 2 months til bikini szn woooooop
The New Wheels looking 👀 Good sitting with the #Staggeredftitment Make moves in silence. By the way it’s #moparmonday
I’m learning so much about myself and confronting a lot of things that I’ve tried to ignore. I’m facing the giants in my life. My goal isn’t to be better for me but to be healthy for my service to God, my family and my church. I’m investing in every resource I can get my hands on and leadership event that God gives me peace about reading and learning from so I can be challenged in the way I think and grow in the areas where I’m insufficient. I believe growth happens when you’re able to come to an end of yourself, and I’m at that point. I have a big vision for my family and my church, and there’s no way I’ll accomplish it without maturing beyond my comfort zone.
So, be encouraged to confront the things you’re ignoring. Be encouraged to grow beyond your comfort zone. Be encouraged to invest in books, seminars, conferences and the like that will stretch you. Instead of buying the shoes, go learn about what God has purposed you to do from someone who does it better than you. That investment could help you excel to such a point that you go from buying a pair of shoes to owning your own brand.
And, I’m inviting all the guys to make that investment to join me July 25-27, 2019 at my Strategy Sessions Conference. This is about strategizing for success as a husband, father, entrepreneur, etc. I’m helping guys write their identity statements, draft vision and mission statements and so much more. Register via the link in my bio or visit #seasonofgrowth #implementingmyownstrategy #successisstrategic
There Is Nothing That Is Faithful In This World, Even Shadows Will Leave You When In The Dark⚠️
Thanks @uabaseball for the swag bag! Excited for another season in Baltimore #WEWILL
Back in the cold. DC, Philly, Pittsburgh, & Boston this week..have you listened to HIGH yet?? (Link in bio)
So focus on my dreams and goals it’s hard for me to sleep sometimes... #focused
🍽: @waffiewaffle.  How sexy is this dessert though? Make sure you hit them up to try @bmorefood’s creation! Topped with fresh brownies, @Oreo dusting, Nutella, whipped cream, and @taharkabros’ “get woke” ice cream 🤩 TAG A DESSERT LOVER
Sometimes I wish that I could fly away from the pain and anxiety, the negative thoughts and paranoid emotions... I wish I could be free..... I wish It would be okay to be me...
Taken by @ianjaredbell
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My bro Take a “L” I pick him Up , We Stick Together They Not Rich as US #nachobangers♨️✨🌮 #cuffiebowls🎯 #sawwwce  @dinzykilla
Ya know, some days you have your shit together. You choose the healthy food, you crush your workouts, you hit PRs, you drink enough water, you feel good, and you kick ass.

And some days you don’t brush your hair, run late to work, eat Taco Bell, do burpees after eating Taco Bell, and wear your butt scrunch leggings backwards (which isn’t flattering BTW). Guess which kind of day I had?

Learning to laugh at yourself is such an important and fun tool. This is the moment I realized the leggings were in fact on back wards. 
Life’s not perfect selfies, humility is an amazing gift, and wearing your leggings backward can humble your ass real quick.

Happy Monday sweet friends. Don’t be to hard on yourself. Life goes on even when you don’t believe it will so you might as well laugh while you can.
Well if you saw my stories over the weekend you’d know that this sole pair of sneakers right here got me through a very bitter, cold weekend of outdoor soccer! Which has only increased my love for them! Obviously, I find them appropriate for all occasions.  Follow me on the app to get the product details for this look and others #liketkit #LTKunder50 #LTKunder100 #LTKstyletip .
 #styleideas  #stylediaries #personalstyle 
#styledaily #trendymom  #momswithstyle #momlife #modernmom #keepitreal #keepitrealmoms #budgetfashionista #styleonabudget
It might technically be Spring but I’m still in ramen mode 🍜 #JZeats
"Baltimore I 💜 You!! I'm so thankful for all the amazing souls I know here past, present and future! You are part of what makes this city so special to me. I tried to infuse this papercut with love when I made it and I hope it shows!" // How awesome is this paper cut by @anniehowepapercuts ✂️
Want to join the feed!? Show us your creative side by using #thebmorecreatives on your next post! 
#Baltimore #artist #papercut
Greetings from Maryland .... where we've got the good kind of crabs! 😉

#HappyMarylandDay 🙌🏼
#CrabcakesAndFootball 🦀
#ItsWhatMarylandDoes 👌🏼
Got these bitches mad now they teaming up🤧
I was teaching this today and had to not use the ‘a’ finger since it’s broken and sounds horrible, and only flesh in the thumb since that nail is broken too... 💅
#tango #franciscotarrega #classicalguitar #classicalguitarist
Posting selfies online isn’t activism within itself. However, it can be used for activism to describe the conditions that are withheld from public knowledge. That is, posting selfies isn’t activism itself but may be a form of activism if we use them to educate, mobilize, and inspire others. If we define activism as a way of transforming our political or social conditions/consciousness, then the act of posting online seldom meets this criteria. I rarely post my organizing work here because it’s usually not about me and I’m not going to exploit others’ narratives. My social media hardly reflects my work at the various organizations, groups, and collectives I collaborate with. It’s important to speak on trans issues but want to make it clear not to limit yourself to social media. However, applications like Instagram may be a great tool to teach and encourage others. We must do the tough in-person work our communities have survived from for generations.
Family first 🤞🏾🖤 #Family
Baltimore’s just the worst
@emilystange vroom
I do what i want
You do what you can
Dinner date 🥂
Lose yourself to the urge to dance under the moon!
🕺✨🌜🔥 -- Comment #watchthemoonrise now for a chance to win Moonrise prizes!

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The Colorful Seasons flat iron from @herstyler is my ultimate fashion accessory. Got my hair silky smooth in minutes! With 100% ceramic floating plates, the Colorful Seasons flat iron generates 6x more negative ions than a regular flat iron.
• Solid 1.25″ ceramic plates allows you to straighten, flip and curl hair for long-lasting results
• Heats up to 460°F to accommodate all hair types
• Floating plate technology allows flexible movements of the plates along the central axis
• 360° professional-length swivel cord prevents the cord from getting tangled or damaged
• Ceramic plates emit negative ion technology to eliminate frizz
• Infrared technology heats hair from the inside out, distributing heat evenly causing less damage to the surface
• Dual voltage
And I'm also using the Argan Oil Hair Mask
This intensely nourishing mask repairs and prevents further breakage due to over-processed, dry and damaged hair. Infused with Argan Oil and Panthenol to repair even the most processed hair, resulting in thicker, shinier and healthier-looking hair.
🇧🇷 Meu novo acessório queridinho é essa prancha linda da @herstyler ela deixa meu cabelo liso e brilhante sem danificar e o melhor é que ainda consigo fazer umas ondas nas pontas com ela. E eu também estou usando a máscara de cabelo de óleo de argã, esta máscara intensamente nutritiva repara e previne a quebra adicional devido ao cabelo excessivamente processado, seco e danificado. Infundido com Óleo de Argan e Pantenol para reparar até os cabelos mais processados, resultando em cabelos mais grossos, mais brilhantes e saudáveis. Estou amando!
I’m the truth‼️ and yo nigga the proof💯💋. #notthinking
Enjoy the rest of your week 😉
@ital.yute 📸❤️🔥🔥💯💯🙏🏼
Finally got my new computer up & running! What a weekend for my PC to take a 💩 I decided to switch teams and upgrade to an iMac! I wish I would have done it sooner. ANYWAYS, it was a pleasure lead photographing this styled shoot yesterday with @garnetdahlia ! See below for all of the amazing vendors that took place!! _____ 
Planning and Design || @Loveclarkevents

Lead Photographers || @dylanfox || @garnetdahlia|| Models || @Venturewithtv || @Leahblair.model || @Jessicatritt || @Dulcephotography86 || @Kevincrawford36 || @56zayrozayy

Hair + Makeup || @brushedbeautyllc_ || @Amandamerrellbeauty || Doing her own( Model: Jessica Tritt) @muajessicatritt

Rentals || @Honeywoodrentals || @Prettylittleweddingco || @Whitegloverentals || @redefinedwoodworkingco

Dress || @CoutureBridalMd || @TLCBridal

Menswear | @Christopherschafer 
Venue || @Habitatseya

Florist || @Westvirjeni

Cake & Stationery || @Tortoise.Design

Donut Wall || @CrownKidsPartyrentals

Videography || @Naflimco

Caterer|| @2fish5loavesbbq
Rainy day RAMEN 🍜 ☔️ and this Thai Curry Shrimp in Duck Sambal Broth will def heat you up!! We were legit sweating when we got done with this hot bowl of NOODS! #ramensweats #eatnoods.
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Yuhhh Yuhhh 📸 @itsdredayy
They’ve seen better days... Ils on vu des jours meilleurs... #nails #brokennail #guitar #guitarist #classicalguitar #classicalguitarist #guitarplayers #ongles
25. How It’s Made.
I’m not super familiar with the pin manufacturing process, but since I know my way around Adobe Illustrator, the pre-manufacturing process is typically pretty smooth. I’ll mock something up exactly how I want it to look and once that’s ready, I’ll send over the final PDF to our manufacturer for a quote. It typically costs a couple hundred dollars since most manufacturers have a minimum of 50-100 pins, and then it takes about 4-8 weeks to get them back.
When we receive the pins, they’re individually wrapped in little polybags. We already have our backing cards and sleeves in the studio, so the last step is putting them all together!
Jumping back into everything today after a week of chillin’ 😎 Here’s a pattern from in case you’re also desperately in need of a creative boost.
HEAVY TERPS - 4.4% 🔥 HEAVY THC Rocket Fuel - Jet Fuel OG x Face Off OG Bx1 - CULTA
Heavy THC +  Heavy Terps = One very rich experience for extended pain relief with a heavy helping of blissful euphoria... 🚀⛽ Rocket Fuel - @cultaig 👏👏
Testing @ 29% Total Cannabinoids and 4.40% (!🔥!) Terpene profile 👃🔥🌿👃
Swipe left for Joy 😊#yaylattesbykatie
⬆️⬇️ Mustang Air Lift Install ⬆️⬇️
These are the numbers we watch all day long. Mostly the O2 to see if we think she’s improving, and to see if she holds her sats if a change has been made to her vent setting. Today chest x-ray looked about the same as yesterday but oxygen saturation is better today even on slightly lower vent settings. So that’s a good thing. Nothing else to report at this time.
Baby Blue💙
this is me big cheesing because i got to see my idol last night @fleetwooddmac 🧙🏻‍♀️🔮
ew a couple pic, gross
The boys down in Baltimore over the weekend. @hanuscga @jamessayres @tetachris @lukemalaney @zachyattack and special guest @sunbrewsourtea / edit by @stienerrecliner
I’ve played this piece many times over the past few years and the one thing that I know is this... you NEVER learn a piece. Your understanding of it evolves over time. This is why it’s important to keep studying! Even if you’ve heard it a million times... keep studying it. Keep shedding. Find new versions of it! THIS, is a big part of musical/artistic evolution!
Happy Monday! So you guys showed so much love ❤️ and had so many questions 🤔 about my wash and go from that slow mo clip last week! So I made a tutorial for y’all! It’s up on my YouTube channel and the link is in my bio!! Please check it out! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
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Dukes not playing today soooo... I figure I'll let you see some of the other stuff I been up to 😅 Like these DBS/z PGs for my guy @jbell ... You likeeee?
Baltimore, MD tonight 🤘🏻
3.25 - Baltimore, MD @ Baltimore Sound Stage
3.26 - Greensboro, NC @ Blind Tiger 
3.27 - Columbia, SC @ The Senate
3.29 - Tampa, FL @ Orpheum
3.30 - Jacksonville, FL @ 1904
3.31 - Pensacola, FL @ Vinyl Music Hall
4.2 - Baton Rouge, LA @ Varsity Music Hall
4.3 - Birmingham, AL @ Zydeco
4.4 - Nashville, TN @ Exit/In
4.5 - Belvedere, IL @ The Apollo Theatre AC
4.6 - Springfield, MO @ The Complex
My brother and partner @egsmith2 and I are working hard to improve the Baltimore dining scene and have @atlasrestaurantgroup be a catalyst for positive change in our city! Thanks @charmcityjane and @baltmag for a wonderful piece. @fsbaltimore @harboreast @visitbmore @eater_dc @beardfoundation @xbecca #mybmore #cityneedsit
smiling through the breaking news 🙃
Don’t let my thighs fool you I’m still shaped like a box 🌝
That💵 Did something to me💯& I ain't never goin back broke🚫🗣..
René Magritte’s headless bronze sculpture, “Delusions of Grandeur,” has taken the lead against #KaySage’s geometric landscape in #MarchMonsterMadness, but it’s a close one! 😬 Lock in your votes because tomorrow, we’re moving on to the final four #Surrealist works from the exhibition Monsters & Myths. Play along at (Link in bio!) #monstersBMA #artbma #renemagritte
This is what leadership looks like. Click on the link in our bio(@watchtheyard) or swipe up on the link in our IG story to read the full interview we did with Alexis Samuels as a part of our series highlighting Black campus leadership across the country. @ohhthats.lexx #MorganState #SigmaGammaRho
“Guala” Going UP On @YouTube📈🔥🔥🔥🚀 1k n’ 2days 🤧! Run them numbers up and keep supporting 🤞🏽🖤 #LinkInMyBio 🚨everybody tag @squirrelwyde @92qjamsbmore Tell them throw GUALA ON 92Q 🎧🎧 #MoWorld 💔
We have our winners! Congratulations to the three photographers who stole our audience's heart with their images. 🥇 "The Night Heron" by Corey Yarko
🥈 "Polar Bear Meets A Boy" by Charlene Abeln
🥉 "Polar Vortex" by Amanda Akes

Want to win next month's photo contest? Enter your best Zoo shot at 🌼
Super Strong 🔥⛽👃 SWEETIES - Indica Dom Hybrid with Powerhouse Genetics
(White Tahoe OG x Cookies) x Face Off BX1 🌿 Archive Seeds
Insane flavor and mind blowing appearance 70/30 Indica abound in this unique and super STRONG 👃⛽🔥
Strongly sedative with creative euphoric flashes and mild chronic pain relief thanks again @cultaig
Full review coming soon... Stay tuned
A #BRUNCHGODS 🍾 Story 📖 You gotta get your own!!! 😑 Pull up on us this Sunday for #BRUNCHGODS 🍾 Sunday. Preorder for pick up begins this Wednesday
This My Mf Year‼️😈🎥🔥Mr.Bad Guy Shot By @dgainz Prod. by @8o8e_ comin soon‼️🤞🏽🎥Flood the comments if y’all want me drop THIS FRIDAY😈🤧✌🏾
The Jays are about to go on a B1G run. You heard it here first!
#Hopkins #lacrosse #bigten #lax #leagueplay #marchmadness
So I did this painting a few weeks ago, playing around with some plants in the foreground instead of my typical pine trees...but that’s not actually the most important thing in this photo. The most important thing is...
I’m engaged!! 💍 @hashtag_youre_it surprised me over the weekend on our anniversary. He took me out hiking at #rocksstatepark and proposed to me at the top of a cliff (I’m afraid of heights too, so that was fun 😂) Swipe if you wanna see a photo of us and a photo of the gorgeous ring he got me 🥰
So get ready cause in addition to all of my normal art, you’ll definitely start to see wedding related crafts happening too as we start to plan and figure everything out 🙌
500 Views & I’ll drop this next. 
If you rocking with it comment below 🔥😎🚀 •
#rhymes #hiphop #upcomingrapper
What’s shaking? 🧂😂 Tag your bestie below! Are you the salt or pepper in your relationship?
// Salt & Pepper pin set from City of Industry [tap to shop]
I was down bad literally I was boxed in then I took off I ain't have no other option💵.. #YoungStunna✨
Eggs Benedict with n'duja,a particularly spicy, spreadable pork salumi.
The last supper: lobster carbonara 🦞🍝
Saturday was the last scheduled public dinner service at @theelephantbaltimore 😔
The Elephant (Mt. Vernon, Baltimore)


#theelephant #theelephantbaltimore #carbonara #lobster #baltimore #mybmore #baltimoreeats
Happy Birthday Twizzy  Wish money could bring you back🚫🧢
Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking. 🌸🌿 & yes I will be living in this denim jacket for at least the next month.
Pic mail from my Brother @a1catus  of my BEAUTIFUL Nieces 💚💚💚
Thankful and I love everyone , thanks so much for the support and love , pray for me people , we going to the top thanks #meechigang @americanidol @abcnetwork @katyperry and @lukebryan @lionelrichie for this amazing opportunity ❤️
My baby Went Outside for the First Time And enjoyed it 😊 god has been very good to US 🙏 #zaiorj🎀 #blessed💪
No Monday Blues with this Bacon, Egg and Cheese! 
#feedyoursoull at @thb.bagels.deli
Get in agreement with me in this prayer in JESUS name; type AMEN TAG UR FRIENDS!! 👫
#godlywoman and #men 
#PastorWest ✊🏾
In honor of Maryland Day, the diamondback terrapin is our Animal of the Week!

The terrapin is Maryland’s state reptile and the only species of turtle in North America that lives exclusively in brackish water—a mixture of salt water and fresh water—like the tidal waters of the Chesapeake Bay.
Which artist had the most 🔥 set at @moonrisefest 2018? Should we bring them back?
Steak 🥩 and shrimp 🍤 Wrap SCHOOL BOARD NORTH AVE
missing my venus of the avenue #85mm
More Life.....
... are you with us?
Had an awesome shoot with @love_paperdoll Saturday at graffiti warehouse. Here’s the second photo. @love_paperdoll is s natural. So easy to work with I’m looking forward to more shoots in the future. #blackcosplay #blackcosplayersrock #electra #marvel #cosplaygirl #sexycosplayersgirls #blackcosplaymatters #blackheroesmatter #photooftheweekend #photographer #blackphotographer #red #portraitphotography
I’m bringing Big Boy game with me to @torreysmithwr Charity Basketball game this Saturday 3/30 at @royalfarmsarena in Baltimore, MD! Whoever supposed to guard me is in for a long day... #BucketGetter #Hooper #BallIsLife #Charity #GiveBack #GiveBuckets #Baltimore #410 #NFL #NFLCares #Panthers #HeATerp #SheATerp #WeATerp #TerpNation
Here we go! This spread is brought to you by... well, you! Thank you for everyone that voted in my stories for these elements to be a part of this weeks #bujoweeklyspread .
☑️Double Page Spread
☑️Mood Tracker
☑️Washi Tape
☑️Song of the day
☑️Sleep Tracker
☑️Tiny monkey, wearing a monocle, judging the page
This was so fun to create. I loved every second of it - and I’m super pumped to try it out. It kind of has all the things I need. What do you think?
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We’re coming... 😤😈 #RavensFlock
Another day, another step closer to the dream!!! 🎰💎🎹. What y’all on!?!?🥦🔥🚒💪🏽🚀🥊💣🧨🎸🥦@brokoliartistry 🥦
Turn on post notifications, and ensure you miss nothing!!! 🚨🚨🚨
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Look good, play good, all 2K19 
Tenacious Wear Presents a New Website and New Exclusive Designs Available NOW at @tenaciouswear
We Did What You Wanted. All You Can Eat and Drink. Wed Apr 17th at Jimmy's Famous Seafood. Tickets are now available. Link in Bio ☝🏼
Isaiah 43:1 “Don't fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine.” TAG UR FRIENDS 👫
I’m in my own lane... working, being a kid,  and having fun! 2 gigs this past weekend.... Guess who going to the mall after school today!!!💯💯🦄🦄💪🏾💪🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾💕💕❤️❤️#dja_eazy @617mikebiv @sportyrichapparel @swaybydesign #sportykidssr
Size Options: Small (4-6) Medium (8-10) Large (12-14) has Great stretch. 
Price: $180
📧 for questions and inquiries.
LIMITED TIME ONLY! We’re bringing back the Vegan Oyster Mushroom  Po’Boy. Ya know how it is—crispy flash fired oyster mushrooms, red leaf lettuce, tomato, marinated cucumbers and vegan chipotle aioli on a warm baguette mmmmmm. Get excited. Tag a friend who needs to try this Vegan Oyster Mushroom Po’Boy!!
RQ Silver Sequins Rust Gown. 
Size 6 on Mannequin w/ some stretch. Sleeve 23”-24” Long. 2 1/2” Tall collar. Shoulder to knee 37”-38” $600
More color options & Sizes available to order. 📧
RQ PETALS Cocktail Dress available in Skies Blue & Flamingo Pink. Price $400 (both $700) 📧
Has Back zipper insert that protrudes into Skirt. 
2-3 weeks Turn around time.
that’s water you’re drinking, right Papa? #hydrated #memorymonday #magdalena #mce 📸 @gianna_latella
The Rodders Journal brought out so many rides.
📍Pimlico Baltimore
semi sairas maa
🗣SHE’S HERE💝🙌🏿‼️
Gimmi a chicken box with a half n half.
Dreading Monday and not eating junk food for every meal 😫
// Pretzel pins from Old English Company [tap to shop]
New things are coming into motion and it feels good. I'm not just doing "my food" here, I'm doing food for @thepointinfells that's in my style. It seems right too, my food has always had those elements of comfort and familiarity to them while still being unique. At least I think! 
This new Chicken & Waffles is dope.
📷 @thebaltimorefoodie .
#food #foodporn #baltimore #fuckthatsdelicious #chefjohncreger #f52grams #eatfamous #forkyeah #buzzfeast #buzzfeastfood #beautifulcuisines #foodgasm #feastagram #instafood #theartofplating #discoveringchefs #eatmunchies #truecooks #chefsroll #baltimoreeats #baltimorefood #charmcityeats #foodaholic #thepointinfells #gettothepoint #chefsofinstagram #chickenandwaffles #eatthis #eattheworld #delicious
Ok but why the baby sound like that inna laundry mat today 😂😂😂
One thing I know! You got to believe in your people from the ground up son!! @queensempire & @occasionalsuperstar been putting crazy work!! ASH held on to these prints & Tees like the suitcase in pulp fiction!! Now @kaepernick7 got some dope work from. Likkle ole me, @cfluxsing & @awtheartist much respect to his cause & the Home team all day!!! #kaepernick #kaeperbowl #respect #support
Yup, have definitely never posted this before. Don’t blame me, blame the deleted insta
When you’re so darn cute they make cookies with your face on’em.
Thanks tons for the amazing cookies Dotty of @sugardotcookies, not only were they gorgeous they tasted fantastic too!!
You guys should check our her account✌🏻
Meanwhile I’m off to #sundayfunwithbuddy, hope I’m not to late. Definitely bringing cookies for everypawdy.
Follow Mama and I on our other channels via the link in my bio or check out our blog at:
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looking through a fog mirror🌸
happy sweet 16 baby💋
All these cheer formals are really just an excuse to get unlimited pizza
“This just the intro, let me not get ahead of myself.”
Seniors ‼️💪🔥🥍😎
Ok love Abby Patterson
All thanks to God...☺️
✨Booty worship✨ @hellcatshaus 
Costumes: @jaimodallc 
Company: @samsara_entertainment 
Venue: @mosaicbmore
To those who chose twist-out, y’all were correct!! 👏🏽😊 The front were flat twists and the back were single twists. This was the best twist out results I have ever achieved. I achieved this look using the:
•Leave-In •Crush Defining Gel 
From Lavender Collection @camillerosenaturals 💜💜
How's your Sunday going? :)⁣
... new song dropping April 6th⁣
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i thrive off this weather, can’t you tell?
Honored to receive the Ed Block Courage award for the 2018 Atlanta Falcons. The best part of getting nominated was being voted in by my peers. Thanks to all those who helped me get back on the field in 2018 and thanks to the Ed Block Foundation for all they do in the community.
Do you really know the cost of being successful and winning?
Often times we’re only focused on the end results and everything that comes with success. But there’s a dirty little story that takes place in between the lines. Sleepless nights, stress, failure, doubt, and so much more. 
Can you handle that? I think you can, but it’ll take hard work and dedication. Lets get it people! 
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Gotta say thank you to the @buffalobills for voting me to be this years #Edblock award winner. It was a honor to take my mom on this trip to share the experience with me. I will continue to overcome all obstacles ahead of me & continue to inspire those I encounter as I continue my journey in the NFL. Thank you #Godisgood #year9