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Hold your own hands, new trend alert started by @double3xposure
Photo shoot 📷 by @emily_mcenroe !! Had the pleasure of taking my still painful and healing back on a playdate with Em . We watched #chernobyl fantastic show omg!! And Emily cooked such a yummy dinner for us while I cried because my pain won't go away and I cried about everything from our planet deteriorating,  to the mother fxxxing draconian woman haters  who feel it's their right to decide if a woman should carry the child of a rape to term and raise that child with love and care all children deserve . But this is the right of the woman not any male legislator‘s , and or old lady governer’s hello  #kayeivey  for the love of God which is what y’all say it’s in (god’s name). I am livid just livid !! I am sickened by everything I read in the paper. I’m not going to go into my personal story but suffice to say I was lucky enough to bear my three amazing children from pure love .  We get to own our bodies ladies pure and simple . And haters don’t waste your time leaving unkindness Here .

So better reading less news more daughter . More happiness and love!  Speaking of god ! I got so lucky . Not just for my baby girl . But my two amazingly  handsome sensitive funny men that I am also so blessed to call my sons . Kevin and Sean . So  I thank god everyday of my life  for my good fortune. For what misfortunes I have had and there have been a few . With out these three amazing cubs. i have I would not have had the determination or courage to make it to through my broken hearts ,  addictions . Ect .. they have given me all that I have, and am. I am so blessed .  They don’t have the emoji of one mum 3 babies . But that’s what mine would be .  Thank you guys for always being there  when I need you!! I love you back obviously! THEMOST !!! 💝💝🌈💘🌺 mama Tate
All my people in the same city 🕺🏽🥰
Thank you for letting me love you... #firstmothersday @matt_medrano thank you for a wonderful day we love you xoxo #lakotajames #todayinmicrofashion
Stella on Stella on Gangley @stellamaxwell 📷 obviously @drinkmykool_aid2
@jengotch / Mad Men / oversized phone. #bonnietsangandfriends #bonnieinstagramppl
Drinking an extra glass of champagne to celebrate my bestie's birthday. Happy Birthday, @ohjoy!!
Dessert Time! 😘
Empty. Thank you #Coachella. Time for a drink.
Silver Lake life // no. 2
Silver Lake life // no. 1
Don't worry, you'll see light at the end of the bar.
When the day is gloomy, you call up one of the most cheery people you know to have breakfast. 😘 to @geronimoballoons.
bloody mary here.
yessss. @arianshreds flight got moved back 2 days because of the typhoon. which means date night at my favorite place. 🍸✨
Yes. Okay.