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Instagram photos and videos at Battersea

Goodbye studio, time for the next chapter... 💍
We literally look like we’re students in the 90’s. #birthday #flatmates #cake #polaroid #friends @corrielatchem @lily.denley
This lot better taste like @thalisocial ‘s Mogul chicken curry 😋 #sundaycooking
Chelsea Bridge Battersea. Daytime long exposure walking about the neighborhood. Nikon Z6, 10 stop ND Filter, 70 second shutter, F22.

#daytimelongexposure #nikonz6 #nikon #battersea #chelseabridge  #london #ndfilters #landscapephotography #dusk #evening #bridge #longexposure
Celebrating my 2️⃣4️⃣ with my favs ❤️
Sorry, can’t talk right now, in a meeting 🐶
Make I add dodo??? 🤔
Sunday funday 🌸
I wanna see you bust down🤘🏽
🔷 And they say the centres never move!!! So what do you think of this effect❓It’s sort of new and the concept credit goes to @seanie.magic for the sprinkle of genius for this. 😉
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#cubepic1 #magic #magictrick 
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Louis loving the sunshine
So excited about this 👍👌🐄🍷🥩
Best weekend visiting @stephaniemarsh18 🏙
Over the next few months  I am going to be sharing with you my favourite spots & today I am starting with one of the best.
@farmersmistress 📍 Battersea 🍴I went for: The Veggie Mistress - Breakfast hash cake, FM Bloody Mary beans, poached eggs, smashed avo, wilted spinach, slow roasted tomato & portobello mushroom with GF sourdough toast 5🌟s For a delicious, homemade & creative menu, (they use one of my favourite bakery’s @gf.ranas.bread ) there are so many options for everyone, I never know what to have/ want it all.  It is a beautiful restaurant, with a lovely atmosphere & staff. 
Let me know some of your favourites & I shall check them out 💛
#healthyeats #brunch #londonbrunch #sundaybrunch #sunday #eggs #healthy #foodie #postworkout #food #foodie #womenshealth #wellness #lifestyle #glutenfree #sugarfree #vegetarian #instafood #foodphotography #yummy #love #london #paleo #girl
Difficult roads often lead to the most beautiful destinations. #myquella
First time when I came to London one thing I noticed.  Everyone was running 🏃‍♀️ people was running on the road, on the pavement, in the park, nearly everywhere. I was wondering why they do that?? Are they late , are they stressed, is it fashionable...It must be a good way the comit to places???
Few  years after I start running myself, without even knowing. It’s just happen. I was running in sport clothes, elegant, any kind of outfit just because I thought I’m late. I need to be on time. I was train my body also.
Most of the people run to reduce the stress or the get fit. Just because by moving your body you really push it to the point that make you feel good after. Now is a springtime and you can see even more people out just running 🏃‍♀️. Happy spring time!
Thank you @lgfbuk for my certificate and badge. It arrived on the day I celebrated 9 years since my first workshop at The Maggies Centre, Charing Cross hospital 😍💛💙💗
Blossom watch! There’s many benefits of having a dog one of them being I get to go for a walk every day and it’s been so beautiful recently to see the blossoms coming out and changing each time I’m in the park 🌸🌸🌸💕🌸
Mooo’ching round her dreamboat @lr100  @vonmyhre
I’m fresh out of Pomeranian based captions but say hello to Jerry please
Dusty Sunday!
Le Spring c’est arrivé, as they say in London. 🌸🌸🌸
Isi @vonnyclarisa 💜 #loveyou #ILoveYourBootyMore
New hit from the heaven !!! 🔥💨🔥🌩🌩💥💥🌪🌪🌪🎸🎸🎹🎹
Throw back to presenting at last years British Arrows Awards Show. The first time I'd ever presented in front of a crowd of over a thousand and it was a complete adrenaline rush! Now its nearly
 time to do it again, on the same stage with an even better speech.

Watch this space.
#saturday #whistles 💕
Seriously beautiful blossom out in #batterseapark #london
Pre-bake Salted Ta-honey pie by @annierigg A few imperfections going on with the case but not easy to focus with snotty toddler sat on my foot. Went nuts with the sesame seeds. Inspired by @birdsblack #NYC #piesandtarts
Parallel: Say Hi to my tutor
Loving this groove from @elijahfox 🔥 #pickupbeats
In today’s episode of how to be a grown up...
#ENAwards ❤️
Rehab #londonmarathon2019
Isadora’s artwork ahead of the march. #makeyourvoiceheard #issyjukes
My breakfast buddy and dog co-parent. Aka my husband, @dom_moass. I love doing life together! 🥓🥞🐶
Twiglet watches as the world tumbles into chaos ❤️#schnauzersofinstagram
An oldie but a goodie. No trouble at all #ribessanguineum #floweringcurrant #pinkflowers #springfloweringshrubs
Ahhhhh that weekend feeling #nelsonthecat #catsofinstagram #bemorechill ✌️
#ENAwards 2019
Whats not to love here in London? always something new and surprising to see🤗. 🎭🎥#beatifullondon #londonphotos
#batterseaartscentre #lavenderhill #claphamjunction
Selvfølgelig habibti 💚🧡
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Oh Hi! 👀💙
amazing @chezellebeauty 💜
makeup for “so real” @musicbynish ft. @hdhamimusic can’t wait to see it ✨
it’s ironic that I always say “so real” to everything and now I’m going to be in a video titled that 🤔
#musicvideo #selfie #pullandbear #makeup #makeupartist #lips #eyes #eyeshadow #model #models #naturallight #stylepost #londondesign #Londondesigner #accessories #bts #preview #fashion #makeuplooks #Londonmodel #Londonmodels #instastyle  #photoshoot #Landan #look #cute #styleinspo #styleinspiration #makeupgoals #hairandmakeup
Will you ever consider doing this ladies or gents ask your wife to??. I saw this story and I was BLOWN away ⛅️... This is AMAZING, and it’s something I will do without any regrets. God bless her heart 💓
Simple ingredients makes the best soups...
#awesomedishes #africanfoodblogger #naijainfusions #awesomerecipes
These look like webcam quality pics lol hi x
#probsneedanewphone #dueanupgrade #animalprint #again #shock
Spring 🌺
Oh, London😍🚁 -
H135 #London #VIPcharter #helicopters #londonhelicoptertour #londonhelicopters
Looking after a neighbours dog today and am VERY reluctant to give her back 😭 (she fell asleep on me on the tube people- I cry)
🔱 #zelda 🕹the rain briefly subsided to take this 🙄 The mosaic is double sided so take a look at my last post. How about that for an #icubeinpublic ey?
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Rendered raised beds being finished off. Gas pipe being trenched in for bbq and firepit.
#workinprogress #hclgardens #londongardens #battersea
바터시의 봄
#springof #battersea
Hands up if you’ve got a long run planned this weekend? 🙋🏼🙋🏼
Hands up again if you’re beginning to get a bit jittery about it? 🙋🏼🙋🏼 So you know this is totally normal. These long runs are likely to present challenge, and they could in these late stages mean you taking on your longest run ever 🏃🏼‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️ , which yes, can make the tummy go!

Now, we’re no experts but we have done a few long runs in our time so we thought we’d share some of the secrets that have helped us keep breakfast down and the legs clocking up the @strava miles!

1) Stick to what you know. The likelihood is you’ve done a few double digit mile runs now, and therefore we hope have enjoyed one or two of them so far. Keep the brain sane and repeat what you know. If pasta the night before sat well stick with it, if a few minutes of meditation before you set off helped, set a few aside. This we hope will aid the recipe for repeat success!

2) Grab a group or buddy to get you through. As you know we’re a little bias on this one, but there’s no doubt and @daddydarkrdc will agree with us on this one, many many miles alone suck. You get into your own head and under your own legs and you spend the hours convincing yourself you can’t when we know you can! Join a group (we run ‘Saturday long runs’ - link’s on our stories) or convince a partner or supportive friend to join you for sections that might be the toughest. We suggest somewhere in the middle or towards the end. Another option is to split your run up by linking up with a group or @parkrunuk part way through!

3) Suss out loo stops. Us girls especially cannot simply pee wherever we find a quiet spot, so when mapping your route note some key wee spots should you need them. It’s one less stress to worry about and can also help break up your run!

4) Finally, have a secret weapon or two up your sleeve. Take extra of your favourite run snack, or line up your favourite sing song ready to whip out when the going gets tough. It’s simply something to look forward to, and to settle the strop whenever it crops up. These mid run tantrums happen to us all you know!

Hopefully these 4 tips help you to run smooth, and happy! 
TTH x #twicethehealth👯
From the archives, crush pepper fish stew.
Spring Equinox is here at last,  so looking forward to the lighter evenings ahead. It is time to start planning (for those of you who haven’t as yet) your  spring/summer outfits. Hats being the main accessory for 2019.💕
Finishing touches for my bedroom! Don’t you love plants? 👏🌵🌿 #plants #london #lacasadelasflores
Too many foxes in this den 🦊🦊🦊
Jollof is READY
#naijainfusions #awesomedishes
What’s your favourite snack??
1. Pies 
2. Buns 
3. Egg roll 
4. Puff puff .
#awesomedishes #naijainfusions
There are a couple of places left on my paper and slash block making class in 2 weeks during #LHW19 . This 2 day class, teaches how to make blocks  using the ( cut and slash method) and helps with designing new shape ideas, also helpful for pattern cutting.  This is how I made my first brim block with @marieO’regan many years ago, and it is still one of my favourite brim shapes to date. Thursday 4th and Friday 5th April 9.30am-5pm. Cost £300.00 
Please contact me if interested in joining this incredibly useful class . Please email: or call 02074985390.

When friends become enemies 👀
Egusiiiii soup, late but man must not live by AIR... who’s bringing pounded yam or fufu???
in my element x
Boli X Groundnut or Ponmo alata sweswe???
Same location different me 👀
"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"  Hippocrates⠀
I have been feeling really under the weather the last couple of weeks so have been feeding my body a lot of fruit and vegetables. This mango smoothie bowl was delicious so I am sharing the recipe below.⠀
1 Mango⠀
1 frozen banana⠀
50ml Coconut Milk⠀
Juice 1/2 Lime⠀
Blend all ingredients together and put in to the bowl. Top with frozen berries, kiwi fruit, coconut shavings, almonds and seeds. ⠀
#SmoothieBowl #Nourishbowls #SmoothieRecipes #NourishYourself #GetTheGlow ⠀
Most people don't win because they are more afraid of losing 🤷🏾‍♀️ #richdadpoordad #wisdom ✨
CC 📸: @bens.mosimi
Happy birthday to my other half. I love you! My forever ❤️🌹
When you’re greedy and you know it 😆... #ilovefood #dontjugdeme
Rice or Pounded yam or Semo🤔, which would go best with this efo soup
What should I prepare with this two lovely fish?? I’m thinking 🤔 African native JOLLOF 🤷‍♀️... the brown one is called Abo (sole fish) and the black one is called cat fish
. .#awesomedishes #awesomerecipes #naijainfusions
Still celebrating my birthday but this time I’m treating myself to a lie in and some time to myself 😍
I got all my sisters with me 💞
(miss you but see you soooon @frazerrich 💙)
I don’t start without the intention of finishing, thank to those who have contributed via the gofundme link ☝️on bio. 
I spoke to Vera, who is Respect’s mom. She has promised to send me her daughter’s school details including the principal’s number tomorrow. I don’t advice making payment into mummy’s personal account unless you have meet up and seen her, just starting from experience. 
This year I’m putting myself aside.... You will be kept updated on every stage. If you know a child/Adult without education pls let me know, as no CHILD SHOULD BE DEPRIVED OF ONE. 
Thanks and God bless
She’s stunning, but the definition of sweet but a psycho 🌸
Back from Milan and back in the saddle. Looking forward to Sunday 17th @kindredyogalife for 2-hour advanced class 2-4pm. Still some spaces available. 
Saturday 16th @vauxhallgardenscc 10-12pm. Two more weeks before an unforgettable @yogazenjapan retreat with @stefanocamassa 
#yogazenjapan #dharmayoganyc #yesyoukan #ekapadakakasanatoadhomukhavrksasana #mustntcurlmytoes
Want to do a big shout out to @turnerandgeorge (or Select meats, thier wholesale department who have been one of my suppliers for years) it's #nationalbutchersweek and despite there being alot of talk about cutting down on meat in the press recently, its also about buying ethically sourced and reared meat. Its about quality not quanity and making little steps (lile buying from a butcher, not a supermarket)are all in the right direction
This is their rare breed, free range pork belly cooked for 6 hours, pressed overnight & then glazed and made into a Pork, watermelon, cashew & mint salad. So good......🐷🐷🐷🐷
🌿 What is coaching? 🌿

As I have a few spaces opening up for some new coaching clients I thought it would be helpful to share a little bit about the 1-1 work I do. 🌸 Coaching is not the same as therapy. 🌸 Coaching is future focussed, it is a way of building confidence, challenging limiting beliefs, creating clarity and purpose. 🌸 Coaching creates a safe space in which to explore different perspectives, build a more positive mindset and unblock your full potential. 🌸 Coaching can benefit anyone who wishes to cultivate self-awareness and live a more abundant life.

If reading this has you thinking OMG YES then dm me for more details/to book in a discovery call 💌
It can be a real chore being with him ;)
-Tea life 💝👌
The Royal College of Art’s centre for enterprise and entrepreneurship, @innovationrca, has reached a significant milestone on its journey, helping 82 graduates launch more than 50 spinouts. These companies range from one producing a vegan leather alternative made from pineapple leaves to another producing concrete material available in a roll.
Collectively these companies have created more than 650 UK jobs and generated more than £87 million turnover in the last 10 years. InnovationRCA recently launched its First50 Scale-Up programme to connect their start-ups with industry mentors and help them reach even greater heights.
You may have heard of some of these start-ups, they include:

1. ROLI – Creating new music-making devices for the digital age

2. Plumis – A fire detection and suppression company that produces Automist®, a simple, retrofittable, sprinkler-alternative that detects and puts out fires without soaking homes

3. Concrete Canvas – Maker of Concrete Canvas, concrete on a roll

4. Loowatt – Maker of a waterless toilet and waste processing system that converts waste into fuel and fertiliser

5. Ananas Anam – Maker of the world's first sustainable leather alternative: Piñatex®

6. TG0 – Developer of a tactile interactive control technology

7. Gravity Sketch – The company's immersive 3D technology allows users to explore and communicate their ideas directly in 3D though AR and VR

@innovationrca #innovationRCA #startups #spinouts #tech #entrepreneurs
Love these idiots💘
A never ending sea of creativity! 🖼 🖼 Come see us, the Official Shippers for The Affordable Art fair, to see if we can help you take a bit of this creativity away this weekend ! 📦📦📦
Wind and crust 📱 @lucachiarin #skateboarding
I want it, I get it
I’m honestly confused to which is worst 🤣😂🤣😂... the cream baby or the sharpie zebra aunty, that decided she loves a zebra so much she has to paint her sister with a permanent marker 🤣🤣🤣🤣... she loves baby zebra 🦓
Such angels 👼🏼
Took a late flight to London 
Found my Mama💛
Introducing Betsy Bowles, born 3/3/19 weighing 3.33kg. She’s stolen our hearts 💕
#babybowles #internationalwomensday #heartbreaker #milkmachine
Tell me what you need bae🌹

Wearing Bodysuit from @isawitfirst |Advertisement | #gifted
Hello #london 👋
I still stand by the fact that it was worth moving (our home) across the car park for this view 💓💫
‘If you love your job, then you haven’t worked a day in your life’.... Come see us at The Affordable Art Fair to see if our perfect packing makes you as happy as it makes us 📦📦
A look around this open plan family room at a project in Battersea that we designed last year. We managed to fit a lot into this relatively compact space from the bespoke joinery with storage and to house the TV, a comfortable lounge seating area, to the dining table with banquet seating, a desk area and bar seating at the kitchen. Almost all the furniture (aside from some side tables) was custom made to make the most of every inch of space. #sophiepatersoninteriors #interiordesign #livingroom #livingroomdecor
My work is currently on show @affordableartfairuk in Battersea with ArtDog London.
#londonart #londonartfair
Tbh February was such a stressful month but here I am, just turned 21 and ready to see what the rest of the year has in store.  Also new YouTube video is out, swipe for a preview ❤️
Some weird s£%t, how can a wig just change within the same scene 😂🤣😂🤣.. Na real Tokunbo
They’re head and shoulders above everyone else ! 🎈 Just like us when it comes to packing and fine arts deliveries 📦 ! Come see us, the Official Shippers for The Affordable Art Fair, for more information!
Got myself an ugly grandad blazer from a charity shop and I can honestly say I’ve never felt so fabulous
🔹 Una vez uno de mis grandes Maestros me pregunto durante una clase: "Hace mucho que no dejas de tocar ¿verdad?". En ese momento estaba estudiando y tocando mucho, casi sobreexigidamente y con algunos dolores, por lo que orgulloso respondí "cierto Maestro", pensando que luego vendría un halago de su parte. En su lugar, me hizo una pregunta que al principio no entendí. "¿Y por qué no?".
Mi respuesta fue obvia: Porque queria ser cada vez mejor. A lo que él respondió. "A veces es necesario tomar un descanso hasta de nuestra pasión mas grande, para darle tiempo al cuerpo y a la mente de asimilar la información y así retomar con mas fuerza". 🔹

Desde entonces respeto y acepto aquellos momentos en los que por alguna razón debemos tomar distancia de nuestras pasiones, sabiendo que es sólo para tomar impulso y volver con mas fuerza.

Es tiempo de entrar en la cueva.

#royalascotstyleguide thrilled that the Green Goddess Turban has been included in looks for this years fashion for @ascotracecourse .  For a ultra glamorous look you can not compete with a turban!
Throwing it back to this denim and Ankara outfit I wore on last night’s beast of a show!!! Boy... was it tough??
But a big shout out to @jenerates who won #garmentoftheweek and @avian_exile who went home. Lots of love to my #gbsb5 family!!
Onto a new week.... let’s go!!
The time has come, the walrus said, to forget how strong wild garlic is and whizz a kilo of it into a pesto that repeats on you for three days.
DAAAAAN!! 🔥📕🔥 @skankiee Back 50 on the cover of @freeskatemag 📸 : @samuelashley
Trying To Find A Way Out The Ends👑
I am so tired, my bags have bags 💼

FD v EFD - The rivalry continues.. 📸: @giorgiashoots
Happy Birthday to ME! Who’s sending me a surprise gift pls??
#birthday #awesomedishes #naijainfusions #awesomerecipes #birthdaygirl
What a wonderful day#maya fiennes#kundadance#all e-motions found a sense in me. Thank you maya and also our kunda dance group.
📍 Battersea
#weekend #london #sunsout
Filming in our kitchen today and loving the spring time vibes. Best feeling when you can see the light at the end of the winter tunnel #home #spring #weekend #kitcheninterior #flowers
I did a thing! I created a project where I can geek out to my little heart’s content on my favourite thing: Film and TV.
And how lucky was I with my first guest, internationally renowned stuntman and stunt-coordinator, @gary_connery ... who has doubled for @leonardodicaprio , #GaryOldman and the QUEEN(!) in the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony. .
He is as charming as he is nuts and he has the best stories of anyone I’ve ever met. I cannot wait to record more. (It’ll be a bit before they’re ready, it’s all brand new).
Big thanks to @batterseapodcasts - what a gorgeous environment to bring this lovely dream of mine to life, and thank you @jackpatchettofficial for sniggering and zooming in on me when I f-up. Hahaha!
#podcast #newproject #juliadoingstuff
Since sharing this post on the blog a few weeks ago I’ve had lots of messages asking about the blind and lampshade. The blind is made from my favourite @designersguild fabric, it’s called Madame Butterfly and now comes in other colour ways and print sizes too (it’s in Lily’s bedroom in another colour) - in fact I think I’ve used it in almost all of our renovations I love it so much!
The lampshade is from @grahamandgreen and also comes as a table lamp and a floor lamp. Happy Friday! ✨
#bathroom #bathroomdecor #bathroominsporation #lbmdesignstudio 📷 @butlermadden
💜Me and my new boyfriend 💘 This is just cutenesses overload😊 #frenchbulldog #happymood #puppy #bestoftheday
We ain’t talked in a minute so don’t hit me up..
تقدیم به نگاه پر مهرتون❤🙏 .
 شب بخیر ای ردپای گمشده در خواب ها
سایه ی رویای عشق افتاده بر محراب ها

شب بخیر ای آخرین خُنیاگر تصنیف شب
خنده هایت برده طاقت از دل بی تاب ها

شب بخیر ای تابش لبخند جان افزای عشق
غمزه ی نازت گره خورده به اسطرلاب ها

شب خوش ای شیرین ترین پرواز صفر عاشقی
در سماع واژه ها با زخمه ی مضراب ها

ای صدای رهگذر در انتظار پنجره
ای طلوع شعر من در خنده ی مهتاب ها

دلخوشی هایم شده ، دیدار قاب عکس تو
شب بخیر ای شهرزاد قصه گوی خواب ها

عطر تو پیچیده در تنهایی "یاس خیال" 
شب بخیر آبی ترین  نیلوفر تالاب ها  #محمد_جوکار 
Like something from the movies 🐣 Good morning guys! I've got a spring in my step this morning because the sun's out ( and I've just had pancakes ) 
Hope everyone has a lovely day 💕 #happytuesday 📸 @elenaimpi_photography
Usually he lets me practice in peace... Tomorrow (Tuesday) at Airbeem 6-7.30pm, 19-20 Berners St W1; Thursday 10-11.30am @moreyoga_ Soho Marshall St, Saturday 10-12.00 @vauxhallgardenscc ; Sunday 1-4pm I’ll be up north with @dharmamat in Market Bosworth. For more information @markkanyoga 
#omarkitten #dhanurasana #yesyoukan #dharmayoganyc #yogazenjapan
Changed my mind. This is my #monday mood.
The small things 💖
Battersea Park & chill 🌞🌞🌞
you’re at home like “damn she can’t compare”🌻💛
(via @gavin.wren)
Days like this. Table for 1. 🐶 
#dogsallowed #youcantsitwithme #battersea #london #doglife
If you happen to be further north on Sunday 3rd March 1-4pm, I’ll be back in Market Bosworth for a 3-hour multilevel class with @dharmamat and his great sangha. A few places left. Contact @dharmamat for more information.

Also, on Sunday March 17th 2-4pm I’ll be in Deptford at @kindredyogalife for another advanced class. If you haven’t been to this studio, check it out. Great space and great community led by @katarinarayburnyoga and @julianvangils 
#backbendvariation dontknowitsname #yesyoukan #dharmayoganyc #yogazenjapan
At 8pm GMT TONIGHT we unleash @filthycuteldn at 😈 we have waited so long for this! 💥 📸 @cokney #emilymalice #stephbolam #filthycute #londonfashion
Damn bro. Even @highsnobiety showing love now. Shit is getting different 2019, this the come up
Keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about...#STONE😁😁
I set you up so you could level up... But you was used to being average
Hbd omo Igbo in the race @nkechiblessingsunday llnp
Spa days are the best days😌😌
“All eyez on me” ~ 2pac ————————————————————————M1 repaired denim 🤘🏽
not so good with captions loool
The @james__rhodes stand-in collection #fujiframez (when it’s stunning weather on the recce in Jan, and miserable two days later on Feb 1st)
Post 10hrs of yoga teacher training & I’m living for the leg pump & glowwww 💫
The stage is set for our new global headquarters 🌟
RAD students presented an exclusive #dance piece, choreographed by our Artistic Director, Gerard Charles for special guest and RAD President, Dame @darceybussellofficial, to mark our topping out ceremony at @avanton_london: Battersea.
Click the link in bio to read more
Homemade chocolate and Netflix after a long lie in, noodles with my sis and cuddles with my nephews 🙌🏻 Can every day be Sunday please?
I don’t talk about work stuff here very often, but great to announce what we’re starting @deliveroo to make it easier, simpler and quicker to find healthy food.  Loved working with @rhitrition and her team on this.  Video with more detail in bio link. Also a massive thanks to the following who’ve helped spread the message that takeaways don’t have to be unhealthy @tallyrye @londonpaleogirl @james.middleton_  @rogerframpton @thefashionfitnessfoodie @isabellewagstaff @foodfitnessflora  @mathewlcarter @hayleyfocsan @fafitsake. Lots more to come in 2019!  #deliveroo #feelgoodfood #nutrition #Rhitrition #food
battersea cats n dogs home (tigers too)
Sundays are for box-building. ‘Step into my office!’ #nickostravels
Obligatory pink wall posing 🤷🏼‍♀️
Magic London! 🥰🌇
Basically live in my Italy shirt 🇮🇹 ⚽️
📸 @isabellehigham
Christmas party vibes 🎉💕
Swipe left for Bobbie #bungabunga #shemadshes2nd
Mum & dad at home for  @punktmagazine 💫💫💫
Good to get out there on the long run, which included an interlude with @alexholley in his @districtvision meditative state....
Swipe to see what happens when @laurenn_spencer tries to give me constructive criticism #nye
this post from christmas day was delayed by @chewie_designs ... you're welcome😉
honestly the rotary christmas party is something everyone should do at least once😭❤️
Last workout before Xmas but I didn’t do it to ‘earn’ my mince pies
Today’s workout would only be worth 1 or 2 anyway and I’m not putting myself through 30 mins of sweating and pain for a couple of mince pies, fuck that!
Having the mentality that food is bad and you have to put yourself through pain to justify it is one that will only lead you to a dark place.
If you know that it’s only when pushed towards our limits that we change and that the discomfort we get from training is just our body’s way of telling us we are pushing them and growing, you’ll enjoy the discomfort.
It won’t be punishment, it will be reward.
It won’t be “having” to train, it will be “getting” to train.
Most of the time you’ll want to fuel that performance but sometimes you’ll want to eat 4 mince pies, 6 pigs in blankets and 10 Lindt chocolate balls and won’t feel bad because you know food isn’t the enemy.
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Vivienne Westwood en sådan inspiration för mig genom åren. Intellektuell, aktivistisk, gränslös, visionär och på samma gång befriande gammeldags. Bjussar på en gammal goding från sommaren 2010 då jag praktiserade på hennes Gold Label i London. Jag fick chansen att prova en massa kläder ur arkivet. Bland annat denna klänning, som råkade bli fångad på film. #viviennewestwood #funtimes
Sandra and I admiring the view x
Recently reminded of this afternoon with @designanddigest and @atelier.ellis. 
I find myself revisiting these photos of Cassandra’s home for inspiration. Such a beautiful mix of classic British, with simple and modern touches too - so warm and lived in. Exactly where you’d want to sit for a cup of tea with friends.