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More van stuff #vanstuff #cabinets #carpenting
📸 @carlosbocai
that light thing at the dia
I was cleaning up my phone and found this ☁️ gif from Dia:Beacon. Yes, you can cuddle at the museum
Burning down in the night 
So cool so right 🌟
Gorgeous day in #beaconny! Great practice today with @erin.annie! Thank you 🤸‍♀️✨🤸‍♂️❤️🧘‍♀️✨🧘‍♂️
Every time I’m in the studio I’m reminded of how much I need this. Feeling so grateful for music today. Big love to everyone doing this because they can’t live without it. It can be so hard putting a price or high expectations on something you need to do survive. Let’s collectively never give up 🖤 📷 @samsanroman
sunny but COLD
There is just something about being in the saddle; no judgment and letting go of the rest of the world. Go check out @thestudio_beacon for a great, spin or boxing class. Today we took a 45 minute spin! If you don’t have spin shoes, you can borrow a pair at the studio. After class you can take a walk down Main Street and head to Glazed Over! 🚴‍♀️🍩
#hudsonvalleyfitgirls #HVFG #BeaconNY #spinvibes #Sundayfunday
Amazing day at @diaartfoundation #danflavin #installation
✨✨new✨✨ classic 22k gold trimmed relish dish (or whatever tickles your fancy) with box! Yes, this dish is GORGEOUS but did you see this box?! It’s an added bonus. We have plenty of new vintage pieces to show off so come on by the shop today. We’re here til 6 🧚‍♀️
Beacon in the Hudson Valley became my home for the last 3 years, giving me all the peace and inspiration needed to keep developing a career in music.
Huge changes are what my life has been made of and now it’s time for the next one.
Good bye New York! Welcome Los Angeles!
just a couple of these quilted lovelies left
Pomegranate dyed green // natural cotton 
#shopcolorant #beaconny #wintersale
Wandering around and exploring with @lenethb 👣
#우리여행가요 #yoneth #heyyonjitravels
Granola French toast > granola yogurt
An #Amsale bridal party dream with #AmsaleBride Alyson in "Aida" and #NouvelleAmsaleBridesmaids "Cait" ☁ @dideofilmsphotography @bellabridesmaids #BellaNYC
Chilly evening in Beacon before game night. 👫🥰
🐥❣️ #LoveBairds
NBD, just warping through some solid steel.

#diabeacon #richardserra #weekendvibes
Birch polypore tincture. Foraged and formulated by my family and me. Anti-viral, Anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, anti-fungal and anti-cancer.  It is neuroprotector, high in Betulinic Acid, and Polysachharides. This 2 month aged, dual extracted tincture comes in a 2 oz dropper bottle.  Just add one teaspoon to your tea, coffee, juice or soup! $20 each. DM with interest
Experiments in farm fresh eggs...experiment in progress... #beaconny #hudsonvalley #dutchesscounty #farmfresheggs #farmfresh
What was once our dining room has become his art studio. More than ever, I’m learning that parenting is a lesson in surrender. #sevenyearsold #sundaymorning
Beacon ❤️
Something about how that grind it never stops...but this morning is good glorious! #compostforlife #trashlife #loveyourwork #myotherbenz #zerowaste
Remain clear
Chocolate & raspberry .. because we can  #dotd  #sogoodtogether Raspberry jam & chocolate chips drizzled with raspberry on top of a chocolate glazed donut.#raspberryjam #chocolateraspberry #glazesoverdonuts #glazedoverbeacon #specialtydonuts #specialtydonutshop
See, this is why I have artistic trust issues... #whatthe #whytho #modernart #apparently #oi
on to the next set with @jordan.kisner
Way too cold for a swim 🥶
All packed!!!
Never not laughing (and I’ve got the smile lines to prove it) ✨
Always nervous about doing this style of staircase,
In time out 😂 #notinprison 
#diabeacon #lightandshadow 📸: @susanwlai
🍄 mushroom field

#diabeacon #mushroomcolumns
Good news! Even though beacon is only 4.9 square miles, you don’t even need to take the short drive to Main St. for your groceries anymore... @instacart is now delivering @keyfoodbeacon ! Order groceries online so you can stay inside, stay warm, and stay with a full fridge. #deliveryseason #dontleavehome #hibernation #itscoldoutside #grocerydelivery
my lover, my friendsssss #myboys #home
Sisters in a Serra @puppysunsets @hiemilyrae
Thank you @ebby__rose 😂😍
urban cowgirl
🌿🌷these cans are giving some serious spring vibes 🌷🌿
D I A : B E A C O N
Yasss road trip to Beacon did not disappoint 🙌🏻🎨Such a cute little town 📍 #beaconny #hudsonvalley #andywarhol #modernart
Tony Velez demonstrates his brand new tres available at Lord of the Strings #tres #guitar #luthier #cuba #puertorico
Baby shadows curtesy of Richard Serra
Got out of the city, went to a real grocery store
Take me to an art museum and I fall for the nature views #snow #❄️ #beaconny #travel
Who knew there was so much culture in Upstate New York? #art #culture #roadtrip #newyork
Que pequeñitos somos 
Belleza pura y magnánima de Michael Heizer. Monolith ⭐️
Foto @karimiztan
#mariadalmazzo #loquehacemaria
This Larimar. Kunzite and Topaz pendant has just been listed on my etsy.  Follow the link in my bio and give my etsy a follow! More updates on the horizon.  Sterling silver and 14k Goldfill. $150.
This must be what RBG feels like
maybe poetry will help
{ nature pallets i } Beacon, New York ~ January 2019
Successful Saturday 💫
Being real in #beaconny with my brother @thee_candidate. ✌🏼#beaconboys
Lovely Galentine’s Day weekend
four years later and I’m still waiting for the day he looks at me the way he looks at these donuts... happy anniversary @jackgmjanson
sometimes is better to just remain silent and smile 😊
I guess you could call me a townie now
Where the wet is still wet...
Perfect size for a fantastic meat and cheese spread! Both sides are good safe. ———————————————————
Medium: @art_resin
Alcohol Inks: @ranger_ink @Jauqardproducts @brearease
Molds: eBay, Etsy & Amazon
Uses:  Charcuterie Board 
Size - 13in x 9in
#madebykeeper #resinart #artforsale #resin #artofinstagram #charcuterie #originalart #alcoholink #amazing #homegoods #instaart #abstractart #colorexplosion #homedecor #resinartist #meatsandcheeses #artistoninstagram #artphotography #abstractartdaily #create #fluidartwork #petri #craftsposure #resinartwork #resinobsessed #handmade #maker #colorcompanion #makersfeature
Me and the boy out by the fire. #hudsonvalleyliving
Just another Saturday at the record shop. #records #vinyl #recordstore #beaconny #hudsonvalley
through the looking glass of a giant cinnamon roll 🌙 #richardserra
Inside Richard Serra
The Map. 🗺🗺🏝🏝🌋🌋🍺🍺💥💥🔥🔥🍻🍻
This was that 🍋 #SIPA special coming straight out of @hudsonvalleybrewery 🌄🗽
This wild triple can release was just another reminder that these wizards simply do not miss. 🎯💯🧙‍♂️👨‍🔬👨‍🍳👨‍🎨🐐🐐🗺🗺🌄🗽🍻
#TheMap #HudsonValley #HudsonValleyBrewery #HVB #ThatTowel #ShareYourBeer
Flavin - art or light fixture?
It’s exactly what you think it is.
Exploring modern art in Beacon, NY #diabeacon #diabeaconmuseum #beaconNY
There’s hope for Spring yet, and it comes in the form of cake! Shop cake 🍰 Lavender & Lemon cake with Lemon Curd filling & Vanilla Buttercream 🌺🌼
#shopcake #springcake #cake #layercake #cakesofinstagram #glutenfree #edibleflowers #raspberry #lemon #lavender #vanilla #glutenfreebakery #ellasbellas #ellasbellasbeacon #springisintheair
We make some pretty donuts @b_michaelll 🍩
Experience the charm and splendor of Beacon during the wintertime. Less than two hours from #NYC, it’s the perfect spot for a weekend retreat. #NYLovesWinter 📷: @beacon_transplant
If you've ever seen @planet_of_the_ipas out there on the line,  chances are he's showing love or popping a whale like it's nothing, or both. .
JC was one of the first people who supported the movement, which is why you see him rocking that batch 1 OGs only exclusive @tradesonlybro shirt here at @hudsonvalleybrewery  Throw that follow if you don't already. .
Link in bio for the new new. Look out for something fresh dropping soon!!!
#TradesOnlyBro #itsamovement #facts #craftbeer #confirmedfire #craftculture #beerpics #ipa #craftbeeronly #mobile #properglassware #craftcans #craftbeerlife #beertrader #localbrew  #instabeer  #beerstagram #linelife #thebeerdeddragon  #whalezbro #beertrade  #beerstagram #nyc
Does your weekend need a little rainbow action?? Of course it does! #trixiefabric #heatherrossfabric #windhamfabrics #rainbowsforever
Confident // All my ladies, the kick-off to the 2019 year with #Dâughters will be one for the books! It’s free-ninety-nine and features the insanely anointed Ps @georgieclaire preaching on our confidence & courage in Christ. Link in bio to RSVP for March 1!
📷 @heejungkimm
Hey everyone!!! I am so excited to announce all the Hike With Mike 3.0 details:

February 23 
Stoney Nakoda Resort
888 Nakoda Resort, Kananaskis

9am-10:15am: I will be at the Stoney Nakoda Resort + Casino awaiting your arrival. Look for my Big Red Team Ford Truck and a beige truck with a SMRT Rooftop Tent set up in the parking lot, you can’t miss us! We will be fuelling you up with Coffee and Carbs from Tim Horton’s courtesy of SMRT Tent sponsoring the event! There will be a SIGN IN SHEET! Please make sure you check in before the hike, this is to make sure everyone is safe and accounted for at the end of the day! (Be HIKE READY, dressed and ready to go when you leave to the trailhead. Jacket on, bag packed, boots on)

10:15am: WE LEAVE TO THE TRAILHEAD! (DO NOT BE LATE). From the Casino to the trailhead is 15 minutes down highway 40. We will be hiking (Drum Roll Please) WASOOTCH RIDGE. This is such a gorgeous hike that is safe, beautiful and steeeeeep at the start! I have done this hike serval times and it is a real treat in winter. I went up today, walking without breaks and it took me 3 hours 15 minutes. But we are going to have lots of laughs, lots of breaks and lots of photo opportunities so im budgeting for around 6 hours or so!

10:30am-10:45am: I’ll give a mini speech, go over a few brief safety things, give a little pep talk than we are OFF!!! 10:45am-4:45pm-ish: We hike our butt’s off and have the best time ever.

5pm: Back to the Casino (where we all met up at the start) for dinner and drinks as a group to celebrate an awesome day. Note: just wear your sweaty and gross hiking cloths, we have no one to impress :). This location is incredibly convenient for those driving back to Edmonton or Calgary and not needing to re-route over to Banff. I have book a large table (and pushing to get a banquet room) for our large group. I would love to have everyone there that can make it! Saturday evenings they actually have $30 all you can eat Lobster and Prime Rib + Drink included for those interested. If that's not for you they also have other great food. (but for me this isn’t about the food, its spending the time with you. (continued below) 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽
We’ve always been a fan of the tasting menu (or, for beers, the sample flight): there’s a real delight in getting little tastes of things (and then ordering twelve more, because egad those tasting portions are teeny). That was the inspiration behind our Everything-Seasoned Gougères with Scallion Cream Cheese — it may taste like your favorite bagel, but tiny-sized, and with a much lighter, puffed form and a rich cheesy flavor. Fill it with whatever you like on a bagel, or even your favorite dip. And we’re loving the everything seasoning we sprinkle on top so much that it’s ending up in ... well, in everything. If you make too many, freeze them before filling, and reheat at 300F for ten minutes or so. That’s what we did, and now we have a second weekend of tiny fancy bites! Recipe link in bio.
#everythingseasoning #gougeres #bestbrunch #brunchrecipes #cheesefilled
#hudsonvalley #beaconny #seriouseats  #foodgasm #rscozy#truecooks #foodporn #easyrecipes
#marthafood #bhgfood #bbcgoodfood #nigellalawson  #heresmyfood
#foodbloggers #eats #igfood
❣️ Almond in heaven with this #dotd!  #nationalalmondday ❣️ Glazed donut topped with almonds, Chocolate Toast Crunch & a red velvet drizzle ❣️ #glazedoverdonuts #glazedoverbeacon #specialtydonuts #specialtydonutshop
Have a breezy weekend everyone! 
besë♥️ #besë #weekendvibes
model: @eramyrtz wearing #besë
The Calm
Friday night☽ ♦
💖my valentine for two days💖
I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since we took a road trip through the Carolinas to spend a fantastic week with family in Florida. We ate at @chefandthef ‘s Boiler Room as well as @chefandthefarmer , and got a taste of Lowcountry specialties. One of our highlights was shrimp and grits, served for any meal of the day — which we’ve lovingly adapted by giving the shrimp a buffalo sauce heat, and adding a creamy, salty layer to the grits with the addition of blue cheese. There are a couple of secrets to this recipe: brine the shrimp in a baking soda solution to keep them juicy and plump, and look for coarse-ground cornmeal for your grits. For more details, check out the recipe in the bayou! Er, I mean the bio.
#shrimpandgrits #buffaloshrimp #spicyfood #bluecheese #franksredhot 
#onmytable #foodphotography #foodwinewomen #firstweeat #bareaders #thekitchn #eeeeeats  #huffposttaste #food52 #f52grams #feedfeed #hudsonvalley #beaconny #seriouseats  #easyrecipes #marthafood #foodporn
doing things
👽👽👽 // #richardserra
Thank you @sushiandwine_ for the amazing photo ❤️
#abandonedplaces #graffitiart #badhabits #exploreny #beaconny
If you think museums are boring, you’re doing it wrong. #diabeacon
Missing sunny days filled with donuts & gail
What to do if your feeling unmotivated:
BLAH. Do you ever feel stuck in a rut? I have days that I’m so busy working onset, answering emails, taking calls, writing blog posts, that I can feel completely overwhelmed and then get stuck in a lazy ass rut. You know what I’m talking about.
By all means if your body is telling you to slow down then rightfully do so- you don’t want to get burnt out or sick. However, if I’m feeling stuck, lazy, or unmotivated here are my easy tips to SNAP BACK:
Make your bed. It takes 2 minutes, looks pretty, and congratulations you accomplished the first task of the day leaving you feeling with a sense of encouragement.
Get your favorite pens (I love to use a pencil) out and WRITE IT DOWN. Brew yourself a nice cup of tea (green tea if we want a caffeine boost) and Write a to-do list out on paper in front of you with no more than 5 things. Seeing your priorities on paper helps you physically see what you need to get done and it feels so good to cross your task off after completed.
Listen to podcasts! @timferriss @tailopez @tonyrobbins @lewishowes @aubreymarcus are all GREAT and super motivating podcasters to help you feel inspired to get up and get shit done.
Move. Get up. Take a walk. Get outside. Do this for mental clarity not necessarily a work out. Unless you feel motivated to get in a work out then hats off and bravo 👏🏼 to 👏🏼 you 👏🏼 I suggest doing 5 to 10 easy reps of something.
Clean. Nothing better than a clean and organized space. + then even if you do have a lazy day, your cortisol levels (stress hormones) aren’t YAY high because you have a relaxing sanctuary rather than a messy home. It makes the WORLD of a difference.
Diffuse citrus oils 🍊. Citrus scents wake you the F up 👏🏼 they naturally energize you.
Say NO. Sometimes saying YES to everything can drain your energy even more leaving you even more uninspired and unmotivated. For all you people pleasers out there you know exactly what I mean.
Get a posture belt. There are 2 poses. Power pose with your chest open standing tall and no slouch + low power pose making you small, slouchy, and closed off. Power pose increases confidence and productivity.
@bea13rose holdin down the frontline at our newly opened cinema in Beacon, NY. Head over to our site (link in bio) to check out what we got going on and come say hi! #storyscreen #movies #theater #savedthebeacontheater
Trying to show you that mushroom lining to match the mushroom belt. Co-ord-din-ate.
honestly just flexing on single people at this point
“It is what it is, and it ain't nothin' else” - Dan Flavin (artist) 🧡💛💚💙 #diabeacon #abstractart #modernart
Current Fave Color Combo⚡Neutrals + Neons. Happy Friday!
Spent some time cleaning the shop this morning and it occurred to me how fast six years has flown by. This place started with me and Charlie and looked very different than it does today. To say thank you to our clients and tattooists would be a dramatic understatement. This shop would be nothing without the artists in it, and the clients that trust us with their work every day. 
Congratulations to these cuties. ❤️
“For many artists the universe is expanding; for some it is contracting.” —Robert Smithson

RG @redmnt #robertsmithson #diaartfoundation
Friends getting busy!

Respect to the guys who leap into the unknown
In progress
안부럽다 안부럽다 ❤️
Intercepted! @lunabellenyc stole a kiss from @krisherrera!! Happy Valentine’s Day to my precious girls. Days like these with you are when I am my happiest. I can’t wait for more to come 😘💝🤗 #valentinesday
Roses are red, Vinyl is black, Skip the bouquet, Send me a stack 🎶❤️ Happy Valentine’s day my loves. Maybe you are celebrating with your significant other, maybe you are celebrating with your family, your pets, your records, or maybe you are spending today just celebrating your damn self and giving YOU all the self care, love, (and maybe chocolate?!) you deserve. We are all on our own journey, so don’t use today - or any day of that matter - to compare your life to what anyone else’s seems to be. I have now spent 7 Valentine’s Day with the love of my life, but before that I spent many with friends, with family, and many alone.. learning to love myself and love my solitude 🌹 So where ever you are in life right now, don’t get hung up on the small things.. take care of those you love, and take care of yourself. Love you guys so much ...and yes, my hat is in-fact shaped like a heart 🥰❤️ Hat is from ✨
happy day of love from “harry potter’s parents” - @joevfoley (swipe 👈)
There’s no simple way to say “I love ya  babe!” because it’s so much bigger than that. It’s bigger than the decade and a half we were friends before our short time that we dated. It’s bigger than the loss we felt before the honeymoon phase we were lucky to have and missed out on. It’s even bigger than this amazing force and person and kid we have now named Marlo who we now re-name THE BEST!...Who is the biggest blessing and amazing part of our lives. What’s bigger is your support and love of who I am and how I do things in an indirect way (I think it’s called ADD?). We are on a new adventure which doesn’t surprise me & I have no doubt we’ll just keep truckin. You are the laughter I love to lay next to in bed at night. Love you papa!
i love life with you.
Love. ❤️
No idea how I’m lucky enough to have tricked you into being my valentine for the 3rd time but I just can’t stop cheesin’ about it❤️
👀 Check out this behind the scenes look at the making of one of our favorite beers: Hiding Place! Fermented with Muscat wine juice and conditioned on fresh rosemary and dried orange peels, this Sour IPA is a perfect example of how we build flavor here at Hudson Valley Brewery. Hiding Place is available to-go from our tasting room this weekend! 📽 @patrickcapriglione
New yoga pose 🧘🏻‍♂️
Check her out.  Hawty Valentine
Reminder: We’re going to be closed tonight for a private event (2/14). Normal hours resume tomorrow!
❤️Happy Valentines Day, Valentine ❤️ @johannabartlett Photos: @melissarobinphoto
One piece of a three part monumental installation. #woodworking #sculpture #art #wood #lighting
Nearly a month ago, @raeraeel and I had to make one of the toughest decisions. We found out our kitty Velour had a tumour in her bladder and cancer had spread throughout her abdomen. It accelerated rapidly over the course of a month during the holiday season. Ultimately, we had to put her down in the beginning of January.
We adopted Velour when she was 14, four years ago, when her owner passed away. She was the first cat we could call our own. She had a million little quirks, including hissing at her tail and eating a mess ton of food while never gaining any weight.
Since I started freelancing, she’s stuck by my side and was my little helper day and night. She’s brought us so much joy over the years, making the past couple months incredibly difficult for us.
It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything on here, as I’ve been in this creative/sharing rut, but I’m ready to break out of it. I’ve been keeping my head down sorting our lives out and working hard on lots of new projects. I’m looking forward to new work, new creative endeavors, and a ton of new adventures. I sincerely appreciate every single one of you who continues to follow me on this journey. You’ll be hearing more from me, I swear!
catch me
love u @claudia_helms_photography
Baby making music if babies are smoking joints just kidding it’s snowing. #jazz #vinyl #records #joehenderson #herbiehancock
Beyond The Purple Star Zone for Sun Ra Snow Day #sunra #vinyl #records #jazz
“i want to apologize to myself for constantly submerging in a state of panic, for allowing myself to self-destruct for so many years.
there is a person inside of me who deserves kindness.”
—brianna pastor
Years Of Thorough 💯💯 #WheresBrad
Where the art seems so secondary but also very much the focal point. That's @diaartfoundation
Possible earliest press of this Logan classic with thick Folkways style black jacket & what I believe to be silk screened blue text labels. Crazy #records #jazz #freejazz #vinyl
mama long legs🕷
“It’s like listening to music. Like going to an opera and coming out of it and feeling somehow fulfilled—that what you experienced was extraordinary. It sustained you for a while. You can’t explain it to someone who did not experience it.” —Robert Ryman, 1930–2019

RG @felmankatya #robertryman #diaartfoundation
When the #bergergetsfried wedding snaps hit... 💃🏼 #glamsquad #weddingszn
Thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday for “In The Garden of Forking Paths” 🖤
Ultimately construction always starts with some destruction.  @_kevin.e30
In memory of #RobertRyman — a painter of great brilliance who shaped post-war painting and embodied every nuance of white with his poetic, masterful vision. 1930-2019. ▫️◽️◻️⬜️◻️◽️▫️
@carrotsbyanwarcarrots + @listergallery 🐇🥕
“I don’t think you’re freer artistically in the desert than you are inside a room.” —Robert Smithson

RG @angelagonzo #robertsmithson #diaartfoundation
🤨 What Is Greatness To You? 🤨
A lot of people look at people who do great things and merely dismiss them because that’s not what success looks like to them.
Everyone’s definition of success means something to them. For some that’s money. For some it’s fame. And for others it could be changing the world.
Personally, my definition of greatness falls into two categories: self & worldly.
My “self” greatness represents overcoming all my negative habits and living life based on my core values. These include: time with family/friends, financial freedom, time freedom, ability to go travel whenever I want, being extremely healthy, and maintaining a close relationship with God.
My “worldly” greatness represents my contributions to non-profits, my ability to deliver clean drinking water to under-developed nations, how I leave people feeling on a day-to-day basis, and what I ultimately create to leave the world a better place.
I’m not saying everyone needs to look at greatness like this. However, if you choose to, you must first understand that in order to accomplish your worldly goals, mastering yourself is required.
⬇️ Comment Your Thoughts Below
Early morning inspiration from my last trip to Beacon. This little store on Main Street has such peace and quiet amongst all the gorgeously curated pieces (including #greenpoint’s own @virginiasin__  bowls). Meanwhile back in the city, I was awoken by construction workers unloading scaffolding pieces right under my window so me thinks it’s time to go back 🤔 #visitbeacon #morningmood
👯 Marina & Ronni + On Kawara painting with their actual Birthday 💘💘@marina_kappos @ironnikappos #onkawara #diabeacon #twinlove
Major surgery on “New Light.” Jazz exercises to get my hands back. Learning modular synthesis to relax. Finally reading “Dune.”
Still rocking a noisy beater copy. Every upgrade of this I file is just a better VG- someone help a guy out. #records #ilovenoise #scratchedup #jazz #vinyl
Okay, this was intense. #gonutsfordonuts
➡ Working on this dress for more than 6 hours only by putting glitters on the right way,looking just like a real fabric😇😇🤗Tiring but well worth it😊🤗😇💎
Collab @vchiclounge
Gathering inspiration for a springtime project. (If anyone knows who built these lemme know)—————————————————————- #diy #woodworking #creative #woodworkersofinstagram #iliketomakestuff
Just one more from yesterday at Dia. A Dan Flavin piece with some mysterious photogenic properties. In life that piece is only 'white' florescent lights. I'll let you guess about why the photos came out this way...?
#diabeacon #danflavin #florescent #art #weekend
Photo by @williardx
I could do this all day. // hand plane ice skates, made from white oak and repurposed handplane parts. Video soon! // ————————————————————————— #woodworking #weirdworking #diy #creativelife #iliketomakestuff
color collaboration w/super artist! @leepricestudio