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Beacon, New York

Instagram photos and videos at Beacon, New York

Took Tre to my church today aka Dia:Beacon @diaartfoundation @tmg.tre #auntielife
sorry toppings :/
Stills from a little project brought to you by some really cool people.
My dad told me to smile
Todo mundo deveria pegar o trainzinho que vai pela beira do rio Hudson com maior visual lindo e ir conhecer o Dia:Beacon. Um museu com instalações gigantes incríveis como essa da foto. Eh um lugar que não eh todo mundo que conhece mas pra quem curte arte e está vindo pra NY deveria colocar na “to do list” com toda certeza!
Our beautiful production of Beauty and the Beast opens tomorrow! Sunday is SOLD OUT but there are still limited seats for Friday and Saturday! Come be our guest this weekend! #beaconplayers #beautyandthebeast🌹 #beourguest #soldoutsunday
half hair frizz // half tree branches 🌿😋👑
Getting so good telling those lies
And pretending that I’m so fine, My life looks better on the internet, But there’s a million things that I regret, So low, so high, Get numb, get by, Living like I’m never gonna die, Cause I already have inside - Lukr
23 Weeks 💙💙 I’m definitely starting to show now!! And I’m finally starting to feel this little guy wiggle around! I feel so blessed🥰❤️
Keepsake (8%) Dark Sour Farmhouse ale conditioned on raspberries, aged in oak for 18 months and blended from red wine barrels and whiskey barrels from our neighbors at @denningspointdistillery Available this Saturday at Noon! $20 per bottle / 1 bottle per person
Flavin lighs.
#danflavin #diaartfoundation #diabeacon
Dia:Beacon offers public guided tours every Saturday and Sunday at 12:30 and 2 pm. Reservations are not necessary but can be made in person at the admissions desk. RG @raul_al #michaelheizer #diabeacon #diaartfoundation
🔮SEANCE (8%) Sour Black DIPA with wheat & malted oat, milk sugar, Mandarin orange & Tangerine purée, dark chocolate, vanilla, pink sea salt; hopped with Citra and El Dorado. Available this Saturday at Noon! $20 four-pack / 1 case per person.
Classic flex for the camera 📸
this was taken right around the time we met eddie at @midhudsonanimalaid in 2015. he had no teeth and he was deaf and he was half blind and he was a fabulously handsome fucker from day one.
celebrating earths natural beauty by movin’ our booties today 🤩
(12x12 in. / #watercolor)
Earth is a gift we did not earn. And yet we, beasts born from the mire, take without hesitation and dare to ask for more. And now our mother bears the weight of our excess. And yet, she still gives. Because life does not belong to humanity and it is far from granted. .
I photographed this rainbow moments ago. A poignant reminder of the hope the outlives the storm. A storm that we helped create. #happyearthday #earthday #earthday2019