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Bluffton, South Carolina

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Sharing this list with some of my very favorites. Sometimes i imagine our characters all hanging out without us, talking about what we’ve done to them.

Thank you so much @tracigkeel
To the man that deserves all the happiness that life can bring today and always: I hope you live this year to the fullest and remember just how special you are because you truly make the world a better place. I can’t wait to see what comes your way next and to celebrate another year of you! Happy 28th birthday to you, my sweet James. I love you!
Family Traditions! #mydad  #oneofmyfavuncles #fiance  #belfair1811 ⛳️
English 4 h🤞🏾📸 #classof2019🎓😍 my favorite teacher ❤️
Vitamin String Quartetting💥🎻
@dethviolin @bababamusic @vitaminstringquartet #stringquartet #magneto
Mom or sister?
Anybody want a peanut? Or a #KingOfPopsSquatch? #FreeArt #FA4U #FindersKeepers (Please leave a comment if you find it.)
Your biggest commitment must always be to yourself! You see results when you put in some HARD work, never put yourself at the bottom of your priority list! Do it for you 💪
Too blessed to be sister stressed.
When the pool boy brings you a free bottle of champagne 💁🏼‍♀️🍾🥂🍓
Sam took me paddle boarding for my birthday but we forgot to take pictures so here are cool pics from past trips! I had a sweet 22nd birthday! #taylorswift22onrepeat
I know I look crusty but this is easily one of my highlights for this year. 😖 anyone who knows me knows how much I love Vusi. Im still in awe. 💕🌸
You ever have a situation or relationship that you repeatedly tried to salvage? Each time, you try a new strategy and convince yourself “this is it, I know it” but once again it crumbles? You fight with certain things for so long telling yourself, “but if I want it bad enough-it’ll happen.”
Yeah, I know that all too well. This weekend I realized some things just can’t be fixed, that maybe, they’re not meant to be, that some situations have been solidified by the universe. I ran, I meditated, I asked myself repeatedly what would do ME better. I was faced with a choice-try another strategy yet again, or just to let it go and accept what is. I chose to move on, to embrace what was in front of me and stop fighting with what isn’t. It definitely hasn’t been easy and I’m sure I’ll falter at times but I feel lighter; at ease with a scenario I have played in my head for years desiring an outcome that just wasn’t in the script. It felt like the series finale of a show I’ve been binge watching for years. But I’m doing it-I’m choosing me. I’m choosing to move on and live in peace and love.
That means you too. Choose you. Choose to provide and surround yourself with peace and joy. I’m not preaching sunshine and rainbows, I’m sharing my journey as someone who struggles with loving just a bit too much and not letting go enough. The struggle is real and the journey is on going but we got this. Let go of what doesn’t serve you, what’s weighing you down and take flight. We’re worth it.
Excited to get the busy summer start at Thunderbird. Let’s get it! @ajgagolf @taylormadegolf @adidasgolf
my birthday is in 2 days!🥳 #14 #kygothepony #wherehastimegone
cultivation and dedication // Fox Gardens; journal entry for 21 May 2019:::: today we prepared a few rows of soil and planted shiso and two other types of basilicum as well as a variety of tennessee red peanut. we harvested the final bit of the carrots, some leeks and some more red scallions for our proper breakfast. @foxamongbears had more dragon tongue beans and bull’s blood beets from @soulsticeacres for us as well as more greenbrier from Prodigal Sun. The @wreckingbarnfarm strawberries we received the other day were the best we’ve ever tasted. They got gone fast! Off to make a beet ketchup!
A vacay post ☀️🍓🌴
Bring it home big dawg💯 #nationals #triplejump
When you pull off a bike, but your teammate steals the glory 😱 @napolifemminile @mycujoo @legadilettanti
my A1 swearrrr
Home is where the pool is ☀️
Golden hour where afternoons are spent “porching” – socializing while sipping sweet tea and nightfall reflections on the day’s events. We invite you to experience the traditions of South Carolina #Lowcountry. 📷: @jillian_eversole
strep throat thought it could hold me down this summer, not this year
you too close to a boss lil baby back up @a1kpgra #explorepage
☀️So long Palmetto Bluff! Definitely recommend checking that place out. We had the best food ever. Even our lunch (Mexican) was amazing! Hope y’all have had a good wknd! We’re now headed with Ascher to our friend’s bday party .. We never want the wknds to end 😁🍹🌴☀️