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Borough Market

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Food, food and more food! 
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whistle, whistle, whistle 💞🌈
Stay calm and almond on #brexit
Just got back from LONDON and I had some of the bessssst vegan food. Egg benny from @farmacybeauty , vegan mac & a vegan PB🥜milkshake from @eatgenesis , vegan bubble waffle from @nosteagia , but these baos from @eatchayclub were SO FREAKIN GOOD. one had lemon grass chick’n and the other Korean bbq seitan and you seriously couldn’t tell they didn’t have meat. ahhhh i love it.
On the other hand, I had some really great not very vegan food like the beautiful stuffed donuts at Borough Market and ube ice cream in Chinatown. It’s all about balance and that’s really when I feel best. I’ve started to seek out foods that I can’t easily make/get at home when I’m traveling. It makes things fun and interesting and more worthwhile for me. Why order avocado toast with a poached egg when I can just make that at home? (Ok yes i know it’s delicious but stillllllll)
London this weekend was QUICK but it was a good trip. It felt a lot like being back in the States. I missed Whole Foods and all the specialty health foods and vegan places and boutique restaurants. But London is huge and there’s no way I could have done everything or seen everything in three days...but that just means I’ll have to go back:) I’m spending the rest of my Sunday resting and getting realigned before the start of the week. How’s your weekend going? Did you do anything fun?
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Fresh 💪
Masive oyster and creamy sea urchin. My favourite snack when I am around @boroughmarket
When in London...
Humans of the final year project due this Thursday :(
In the streets going to play with other mates🇬🇧 Photocred: @jpnyawo 
#notmuchspringhere #travel #gangsterpose
Hustle and bustle of @boroughmarket...who wants to go?! - 📸:@jenni.maow⠀
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Spring is everywhere 💋

For #stdavidsday, last month @boroughmarket invited some of the best of Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 to London for a celebration! I was kindly #invited down by @terryspatisserie to try out some of their cakes and this beauty is one of them! I lovedddd the raspberries running through it - the sour and sweet together was amazing! ...
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Continua la mia avventura in questa città fantastica #ilovelondon

Non potendo preparare nulla, ovviamente, andando in giro per mercati mi sono imbattuta in questa bancarella che prepara e vende questi fantastici #cinnamonbuns

Sono stupendi per iniziare questa domenica❤️❤️❤️ #nonvogliopiutornare

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🤘 #london
+ London
Currently in dream-mode. If I ever open up a flower shop, best believe my shop will have chandeliers!! I’m a huge believer in being intentional with my thoughts and being open to the universe [ visualize it, believe it and receive it😬] just putting this thought into universe ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #currenthomeview #flowershop #ihavethisthingwithflowers #realsimple #lifeauthentic #loveyourhabitat #livingmybestlife #designisinthedetails #colorfulliving #designblogger #londoniscalling #kbtravels #katrinablair #boroughmarket #traveldaries
My face when I see edibles after being overstuffed with tons of food truck eats and local brews. #foodbaby
My first urchin (bulu babi) tasting featuring the yum yum oyster from @furnessfishmarkets at @boroughmarket ✨
These were so juicy and fresh! Such a heaven to having them in my tummy😋 in Indonesia, only for urchin or uni will cost more or less 500.000 idr or 25 gbp. Guess how much these all cost? 13 gbp or 360.000 idr!
Indeed, i recommend you to come if you guys around and you'll thank me later!✨
Caught some quality grub in Borough Market - never can beat a good steak and chips🙌 -
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We've all been there, an oyster that just won't budge, the only difference is most of us don't  have an audience....
"I am not a glutton - I'm an explorer of food." - Erma Bombeck
Had one of those days where my love of this city makes me feel like my heart could burst. 💗
[AD : @veryuk] Guys, I’ve found my holy grail Instawall (thanks for the inspo @hannahstyledit and @40andshorty) 💗🙌🏼 Such a great day mooching around @boroughmarket and Tate Modern. May have squeezed in a G&T too. 😉🍸 Off to a fabulous restaurant tonight (I’ve wanted to eat there for exaggeration). Can all weekends be like this please? I’m guessing: no. 🤣 Big thanks to @veryuk for this spring dress of dreams. Love it! 💚 How’s our weekend so far? And nosy question: do you have a holy grail Insta spot? 💗.
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Thankful for my goober man and all of the happiness he has brought into my life.  I shlove you 🤖💛
I’ve been in London for 72 hours and this is the second picture I have taken
When that first sip hits you 🤤
✨Today was incredible!
👭💛Hosting my first in person masterclass & brunch for my tribe was just AMAZING!👭✨
& the fact they decided to wear yellow was just magic!!
(I know we are missing 5 of you here but I love you too!!)
👉🏼Never underestimate your potential!💥
Where I spend my time
• work
• gym
• @groomsmith_barbers
• bed
Big fan of leafy clems 🍊 #london
Jobs fill your pocket, but adventures fill your soul. Keep walking, keep exploring. 🚶🏻‍♂️✈️🌏
📍Borough Market, London 🇬🇧
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"I wanna tell the world about you just so they could get jealous ❤️🌻”
You're doing well if you've got enough cheese to stack higher than a man...twice...
Breakkie and catch up with some #streetart at #boroughmarket - and some moments from last night that made me a tad bit jealous! Lol
Found a matching background 🦄
Browsing through Borough Market 💯
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On his element! Cheesburguer in hands! ♥️♥️♥️
Lunch at Borough Market :) #beautiful #instamoments #london #market #tasty #food #uk #israel
จ่ายกาดเช้า #อยากเป็นคนเมืองผู้ดี
Here’s a bit of colour to brighten everyone’s day, have a super Saturday! Today is my birthday so I will 🤗🎂🥰💐
#BoroughMarket ❤️
You don’t need a huge amount of signage when you’ve got exposed concrete and a couple of @biggreenegguk-s.
Love the texture of this shot of our @boroughmarket pop-up by 📸 @samphireandsalsify.
We’re open at both #boroughmarket and @maltbystmarket NOW ‘til 5.😀
22.03.2019  sometimes you just need to keep moving. #london was good once again.
*PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT* @thebeefsteaks now have a unit inside @boroughmarket. Go and eat steak and chips with plenty of bearnaise and peppercorn sauce 😍😍😍
#steak #chips #thisislondon #loveborough
BOROUGH MARKET😋渡英したばかりの友人を軽く案内してました。平日は空いてて回りやすーい♪久々に食べたGarlic Prawn Wrapは間違いない味♡やっぱり女子は海老が好きー。
Locked & loaded 💪❤ @boroughmarket Open til 5pm tonight.... so if you need fuel for you march... come and see us #powertothepeople ✊
at @lxryflats nailing KOJI FRIED CHICKEN WRAPS like Bob the Builder nails theme songs. 
If I had my way, these guys would be perm fixtures @boroughmarket...and I’d win Euromillions. 
Kinda the same thing. Kinda. 
“Flu, eh? They should eat more fresh fruit. Ha. Right. Now, self-defence. Tonight I shall be carrying on from where we got to last week when I was showing you how to defend yourselves against anyone who attacks you armed with a piece of fresh fruit.

Can't we do something else for a change? Like someone who attacks you with a pointed stick?

Pointed stick? Oh, oh, oh. We want to learn how to defend ourselves against pointed sticks, do we? Getting all high and mighty, eh? Fresh fruit not good enough for you eh? Well I'll tell you something my lad. When you're walking home tonight and some homicidal maniac comes after you with a bunch of loganberries, don't come crying to me! Now, the passion fruit. When your assailant lunges at you with a passion fruit...” – Monty Python [And Now for Something Completely Different].
let's make time travel a reality so i can go back to this weekend, when i ate as much as i can at borough market 💯
Love me love my sweet addiction🤦🏻‍♀️💘🍩 #andhelpmeeatthemtoo
today I was brave and ate even more cheese! thank u to all my fans for ur endless love and support ♥️
fishin’ for likes
이렇게 웃으며 👧🏻😁
#앵구와앵순이 #앵구앵순inlondon
🇬🇧Best of British Week💂🏼♂ Legend be told that contrary to popular belief the British jewel that is the Scotch egg is NOT of Scottish descent, but actually seemingly conceived by Fortnum and Mason in 1738 as a commuter snack😲 @scotchtails was created by Oliver Hian and Dominic Hamdy while at Uni, born from their love and excitement for the Scotch Egg. This sparked their mission to perfect the traditonal pork scotch egg as well as creating more adventerous creations such as the squid and chorizo, and the soon to come vegan scotch egg! 📸 @plus_une_miette
Tired 💤 still have to work on assignments 😤 #education #actress #art #model #london
📌 Location: 伦敦BoroughMarket附近拱桥下
📷 拍照小技巧 Photo Tips:
在这里我们还有个小经验,如果拍照时你穿着了裙子或是有下摆的上衣,可以通过一些动势,把衣服甩起来,这样照片会看起来更有临场感哦! -
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Starry eyed ✨💖
ให้คุณลูกสาวถ่ายเน้นผัก เธอเน้นแต่ผักจริงๆ555
Morning coffee ☕️
Var så varmt att man inte behövde ha jacka, lovar xd
Our most popular lunch dish: BIBIMBAP (Korean Mixed Rice) 🇰🇷 What other rice dishes do you want to see us veganise? Let us know 👇
My happy place.. yang pling bikin happy dan berasa peaceful itu di tempat kaya gini.. liatin seafood, daging, keju, spices, pokoknya yg berhubungan dengan makan dan masak bikin aku happy banget.. sebenernya di jakarta juga aku suka banget ke pasar, tapi disini lebih rapih, ga bau sama skali, dan udaranya enak 😍 so yep, this is my happy place, bukan harrods atau liberty atau selfridges 😂. Beruntunglah suami nih istrinya hobinya makan bukan belanja 🤪🤪🤪
London 🤘
#london #favorite #boroughmarket #familytime
Excuse my messy hair due to crazy windy💔
Ps: Bring your own salt & peppers👌🏼 #throwbackthursday
‘THE FILTHY ANIMAL’ 🤤🤤🤤 on the menu now at Patty London Bridge - serving brekkie realness every Friday 8-11.30am 💥💥 💥 get a load in for your office crew, like now 💪🏼 .
#pattyvibes #breakfast #london #londonbreakfast #mostimportantmealoftheday #londonbridge #boroughmarket #boroughmarket #theshard #betterthanporridge
Mateo finished that phat sandwich way too quickly, I struggled through it and then I got a cookie as big as my face
Can we just chat for a hot sec about how creative Mother Nature is? Like, she pulls some COLOR and I’m beyond here for it !!
Устрица размером с подкову, ревень в каждой лавке, выворачивающая наизнанку выставка Трейси Эмин, прогулка до Тейт Модерн, обед с видом, невероятный магазинчик @petershamnurseries — такой выдался Лондон. А еще — интервью с креативным директором @hermes — невероятной Вероник Нишаньян в здании бывшей пожарной станции. 
Через 20 минут едем смотреть показ весенне-летней мужской коллекции @hermes и иммерсивное шоу. Я люблю свою работу ❤️ #спасибокоммерсантузанашесчастливоедетство #приступсамолюбования
Just had a Good Afternoon in @boroughmarket‘s Demonstration Kitchen, whipping up recipes from the spring section of the Market's Cookbook. Including this hake bake. A one-panner packed with flavour and particularly tasty if you use the salty-sweet Gemlik Duble olives from Turkish Deli. 
Recipe: p.42 The Borough Market Cookbook
things that found me yesterday (2/2) — some of said things were consumed in the process
Jeg går rundt her i London, egentlig for at være sammen med min kæreste Christina, og hvor jeg lovede at det hele IKKE skulle handle om arbejde og kager. Men det var kun indtil vi (efter Christinas idé faktisk!!!) besøgte Borough food market, hvor jeg nu går rundt og har fået den vildeste inspiration og optur over en masse nye bage- og kageprojekter jeg glæder mig til at dele med jer! Jeg er nået ret langt i processen, og kan MEGET snart løfte sløret for mine kagekurser!  Jeg glæder mig for SYGT til at præsentere det for jer derude! 😎🙏 DET BLIVER MEGA FEDT! Håber i har lyst til at være med!  PS jeg kommer til at holde kurser både i Århus og København... Jeg skal bare finde de helt rigtige steder! 👌
#JonsMadklub  #kagekurser #hygge #goodtimes #sespågrillen #dettrorjegnokvigør
holy water
Kicking off @boroughmarket’s 2019 Demonstration Kitchen schedule tomorrow with a clutch of my Spring recipes in *The Cookbook*, including lamb meatballs w pea, mint and chervil broth. Which is reet lovely. 
1-2:30pm at the Demonstration Kitchen in Market Hall. @lukemackaycooks will be there too, treading gingerly (ask him why)
Hoje é o primeiro dia da primavera aqui! 🇬🇧
Better than Whole Foods🥐😋🌸
Bomba paella .
#boroughmarket #london #uk #paella
Took the day off work just to #innovateBoroughMarket
#allowthat #boroughmarket #venturecrawl
No mercado central fazendo degustação!
Say no to boring leafy salads ❌. Our side salads are always loaded with pickled carrots, fresh coriander and cucumber, refreshing noodles topped with crushed peanuts, crispy onions and sweet & sour vegan fish sauce dressing 🥗. Perfect with a set of fluffy bao buns 💥
MARKETS THIS WEEK (feels like an age since I’ve posted one of these - cure you #stormgareth!):
📍Mon-Sat @boroughmarket .
📍Thu @kerbfood #KERBgherkin.
📍Fri  #KERBontheQuay .
📍Sat/Sun @maltbystmarket
Love this rich shot by 📸@charaimeeclarke. Nice one, Charlotte! 👍😀
I am, like this guy, in search of coffee, and sunlight ☕️ -
#strangersinmyfeed #strideby #butfirstcoffee #coffee #londonbylondoners
음식이 입에 잘 맞아서 탈이다
뭔지 모르지만 예뻐서 찍었는데 남들이 보기엔 약간 명동에 있는 떡볶이집 찍는 외국인 느낌이었겠지😃
Photo blog is updated & live!!
Absolutely delicious fried koji chicken wrap with kimchi, salad, pickled chillis, hot sauce and yoghurt! 👅💦🌯 from @lxryflats in @boroughmarket ... they have a falafel option too! 🙌🏼 #AyeshaInLondon #mbfhalalblog
Required a blood transfusion later.  So worth it.
This gal’s in love with London!
หอยนางรมแกะสดๆ ใน Borough Market 🌞🇬🇧
สดมากกก 🐚🐚🐚 .
📍 Place: Borough Market @ 8 Southwark St., London, UK 🇬🇧
#tiktokthailand #tiktok #eatoutbkkxUK #eatoutbkk
A #beautiful morning @boroughmarket seeing all the stalls setting up!! Looking forward to trying lots of cheese @neals_yard_dairy #cheese #london #breakfast @james_fowler_uk
ร้านพาสต้าเส้นสด ใน Borough Market 🍝​ ต่อคิวร่วมครึ่ง ชม. รอไม่นานอย่างที่คิด ในร้านมีสองชั้น นั่งล้อมเคาท์เตอร์ทาน มีเมนูพิเศษของแต่ละวัน portion ไม่ได้ใหญ่มาก เส้นเหนียวหนึบอร่อยเลยนะ แนะนำว่ามาตลาดนี้ไม่ควรพลาด 😋​
📍Place: Padella @ 6 Southwark St, London SE1 1TQ, UK🇬🇧 #eatoutbkkxUK #eatoutbkk
시간이 나서 내게 오는 사람과
시간을 내서 내게 오는 사람을 구분하며 살기
Salt, endless varieties
#spicemountain #salt #boroughmarket #london #uk
coffee club girls☕️ snapped by @yerlibird
Fresh lunch courses 🤤
러쉬가 런던 버로우마켓에서 많은 영감을 얻었다면써....✨
#러쉬 #여기_볼거리_짱많음
Beauty and the beast
Siempre hemos tenido en la cabeza que algún día a todos nos llegaría ese día.
Más tarde o más temprano nuestra cabeza hará click y nuestro corazón PLAF.
Y que aparecerá esa persona que nos hará perder la cordura y nos desate la locura.
Esa por lo que saques horas que no tienes de tu día para poder preguntarle qué tal está.
Esa que se convierte en tu confidente.
A la que le cuentas cosas tales como no se que ponerme esta noche o he tenido un día de mierda en el trabajo.
Esa que te escucha y te apoya, pero que te dice las verdades como puños.
Que te motiva para que vayas al gym y luego al ñam los viernes por la noche.
El que escuchará tus notas de voz de 3 minutos o te comprará flores un domingo cualquiera.
Aquel que le de igual que vayas pintada o sin maquillar. 
Que no se fija en tu celulitis sino en el mapa que forman tus lunares sobre tu cuerpo cuando trazas una linea de unión entre ellos.

Pero, antes de que conozcas a esta persona tienes que advertirle de ciertas cosas:
Que tu siempre has sido.
Que tu siempre vas a ser.
Y que tu ya existías antes de que llegara él.
Que tu eras jodidamente feliz con tu vida antes de que apareciera, y que sólo complementa tu felicidad.
Que siempre harás lo que quieras. Que seguirás viendo a tus amigos, que seguirás saliendo, que seguirás disfrutando de los momentos de tu vida que hacen que merezca la pena vivirla.
No te olvides que antes de él,
Siempre estabas tú.
Charcoal-grilled steak dressed with punchy chimichurri and served on a bed of crisp, rustling fries is one of @thebeefsteaks signature dishes, now at Borough Market - visit the site and click on 'Lunchtime Briefing' for more | 📸 @feastie.boys | Tag your best food photos #eaterlondon and we'll share our favourites