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First friend I met at BU, thanks for talking to me ❤️ 🐾
graduated btw
@giorgos_kouts said I had too many pics in here’s one in my #hchc #blackandwhites
When winter comes, I shall take the Iron Throne and rule the Seven Kingdoms. 👑
All hail His Grace, Mochitato of House Chonk, First of His Name, King of the Chubs and the First Meow, Lord of the Potato Cats, and Protector of little Sumo. 😹 Please let us know in which photos you are tempted to squeeze this chonky potato. 🥔
Khi Mập lớn lên, Mập sẽ cai trị nhân loại. 😈 Mập sẽ ép loài người bắt 100 con cá trong dòng một nén hương. Còn không . . .  đánh chết không tha rồi ném xuống sông cho cá ăn. 🙈😹
It’s golden hour✨
Formada! 🎓🙏🏼🥂👏🏻
I’m backkkkkk 🤗 (p.s. @christinastamatos graduated!!!!!!!!)
i just took a dna test turns out imma hundred percent that b*tch 💯
Our girl did it! 🎓🎉💕
Feeling the love after the best night out with my best friends! 💍 #samsaidyespinoza
I paid $10 for the beer in my hand
do you think if we post about @echelonseaport enough they’ll let us move in? 
#seaportbos #seaportskyline #igersboston
hangovers sponsored by @smirnoffus spiked seltzers
The best night celebrating the best girl. @samanthagreymont #shesaidyespinoza 💍💍💍💍
Graduated ✔️
my sunflowers 🌻 #friendsbeingfriends
nice beer, if you can get it
L🦀🦀king for summer like
Personality pic 🤩
on to bigger and better tings 🎓
proud is an understatement ♥️
frolicking around Boston with the best people 💃🏻♥️ @rachelzaccardo don’t ever leAve me thx!!
wore my brunch pants to dinner🤪
Beautiful day with a beautiful view 🌤
in dog beers , we’ve only had one... ☘️ #seaportbos #fluffypuppy #stpatricksday
it’s march but we’re pretending it’s may, that’s why we’re drinking @tuscankitchen rosé 
#seaportbos #seaporteats #roséseason
say it ain’t snow, i will not go, turn the lights off, working from home ❄️ #seaportbos #seaportskyline #igersboston #newenglandoutdoors