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saturdays are for coffee catchups with the girls ☕️ .
#saturday #coffee #coffeshop #tanline #bosbloggers #girltalk #athleisure #ootd #seaportboston
City Lights at night, out of sight! #lights #art #publicart #boston #february
Take time to smell the roses.
#AquaRossa #LuxuryRoses
Beyond excited to see my makeup in Boston Magazine☺️ This client, friend & badass boss babe Kelly is killing it and I’m so proud of her 🙌🏼 Check out her featured story in @bostonmagazine this month and definitely get your hands on her line @bootybybrabants 🍑 and guess what lip & gloss she’s wearing?! ♥

#bbb #bootybybrabants #bostonmakeupartist #bostonmagazine #bostonseaport #booty #makeupboston #bossbitch #goddess #bestmakeup #magazine #badass #bossbabe #entrepreneurlife #getitgirl #🔥
#Afrofuturism: the reimagining of a future filled with arts, science and technology seen through a black lens.•
Styled by the stylish @farrahevita 
face beat by @taki.jayy 
Shot by the talented @shotsxdjl 
Creative direction by me and @shotsxdjl •
#futurism#afrofuturism#styledbyevita #stylish#fashion#photography#blackhistorymonth#janellemonae #dreadlocks#vogueitalia#boston#model#bostonmodel#intergalactic #poet#yogi#creative#blackart#blackartists
세상에서 젤 맛있는 커피☕️
미국 3대 커피 이런거 아니고,
아침 먹여서 밖에 나와서 애기랑 뛰어 놀다가
집에서 싸간 점심 먹이고 또 놀다가 
주차장 가는 길에 애기가 유모차에서 스르륵 잠이 들면 (헉헉)
이때다 싶어 아무데나 들어가서 먹는 커피

My kind of city🏙
Thanks for all the bday love 🐕💕
Being near water does my heart good. Almost forgot I still live on a coast 💙
Another skyline shot I caught of Seaport last Friday. #Seaport #Boston #Skyline #Night #CityLights
Tacos and Tequila Festival 🌮
Commute of long ago, you’re so gorgeous. #seaportboston #boston #sunset #bridgecommute #nostalgia
morning rituals: sitting on human’s lap while she drinks coffee #puglogic #pugsofinstagram #dogsofinstagram
Take it back to before it all went wrong
I hope I didn’t curse my love life #tbt
what’s more new england, this #chowdah or this weather? 🥄 ❄️ @lukeslobster #seaportbos #seaporteats #bostonweather #newengland
Dark nights with city lights, can’t wait till we reunite! Missing my fave model 🖤
Infinite. 💎 #prismatica
happy birthday @camillekostek wishing you your best year yet 🎉 keep #nevernotdancing (esp. down seaport blvd) #seaportbos #okudart
all of the lights ✨
🌝✨27✨🌝 #fullmoonbday
paint me as a villain
Even though you're a pain in my ass sometimes , I love you , only god knows where I'd be without you #tb #23forever #lostfiles
are the bright colors @its.fornow a sign of brighter days ahead? 🌤 🛍 #seaportstyle #seaportbos
instagram vs. reality •
Thanks for an amazing weekend of laughter, tickles, and delicious food. Only 12 days until Paris✈️ #spoiledgirlfriend #luckyiminlovewithmybestfriend
Sunrise + Playground + Good Company = Happy Ritsa #theloop #seaportbos #keepyouryouthalive
A alegria do coração transparece no rosto...
Provérbios 15:13
kaleidoscope eyes
Your favorite villains are back in town🖤
Sipping sooo much tea... cheers
It’s hard to find a friend who’s cute, fun, sarcastic, candid, stubborn, and smart 🧐
My advice to y’all is, don’t lose me 😎
Thankfully, this was not Grace’s wooden leg
when art imitates life. 🌈💙🏙 #seaportskyline #seaportbos #prismatica #bostonseaport #igersboston
Reflections - AC.jR & Brady James (2018)
Brought you by the @ryanhans11 College of Instagram
Hoy quiero hablar sobre ser libres🤸🏼‍♀️⁣
Libres en cuánto a poder escoger los alimentos que nos gusten sin remordimiento ni culpa⁣
Libres en decidir a qué hora queremos comer sin tener que depender de una dieta o de un “estilo de comer”
Libres de escuchar a nuestro cuerpo , de incorporar alimentos nutritivos y divertidos de una manera balanceada porque la vida es 1 y es muy corta cómo para no vivirla al máximo ⁣
Feliz Domingo a todooss☺️🤗🤗⁣
Can’t do [twenty] fun without my only [one] ♥️
Sundays without football mean actually getting off the couch & adventuring the city 🏙
#boston 🔥
which jacket?
Best city, best company
still trying to find a problem @shakeshack can’t fix. #seaporteats #shakeshack #seaportbos
Make sure to visit "The Loop", an interactive art installation, in the Seaport this weekend if you haven't checked them out yet! It's only going to be here until Sunday the 17th, so get out there and experience it for yourself before it's gone forever. Link in Bio. #EchelonSeaport
Camino al trabajo 🙂
I had so much fun running around @seaportbos today! I couldn’t pass this @okudart without snapping a pic 💃🏼Check these colors🌈😍!!! You have to see this art for yourself #seaportbos #okudart
I love this city 👏😍🇺🇸 #boston #fortpoint #beatifulplaces #river #southboston
Loop the loop
Hey, you’re cute, we should date ;)
happy v-day boos.. 💕
Loving you is like standing in a warm patch of sunlight all the time - grateful for every day with you and for this life we’re building together. Happy Valentine’s Day my love 💛☀️
Special thanks to @jayrobinphotography for the beautiful photos 📸
#happyvalentinesday #boston #love #valentinesday2019
you’re hot, sweet, and we have feelings for you. @lacolombecoffee #seaportbos #valentines #lattelove
dirty city sidewalks 👣
social circle of 1
no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. #fluffypuppy #bostonseaport #seaportbos #squishyfacecrew
golden hour ☀️
Prima sua visita aqui foi uma grata surpresa. Sabe aquela coisa de lavar o espírito e se preencher de energias boas, foi assim que me senti. Você quebrou um passado de amarguras e transformou no melhor sorriso do mundo. Obrigado por ser assim, que felicidade a minha em poder lhe chamar de família. Isso não é um novo capítulo, é um novo livro. Seja sempre muito bem-vinda. Obs: Graças a Deus fiquei maior que você, obrigado Deus, obrigado tempo, obrigado. Ah, essas fotos resumem bem nosso encontro, faltou as margueritas, que não vejo a hora de repetí-las. 🤘🏽🇺🇸❤️🙏🏼😂 #familia
You never cease to amaze me! .
#boston #bostondotcom #seaportboston #artofvisuals #photooftheday
Boston Tings......Happy Galentines❤️💕 my girl @mrsmayo51 had an amazing event💕
As long as it lasts
my ankles are cold but you wouldn’t know from this sunshine ☀️#sundaze
when sunday’s aren’t for the pats they’re for the moms
When it’s -2 outside ❄️ but then @maurodibuono takes you to @caffenero for coffee ☕️ (and takes photos of you) 😍
Such a beautiful wedding celebrating these newlyweds 💍 #MackAndRichGetHitched
selfie sunday 🥶 miss you boston @friends see you soon 🤪
Been a minute...but is anyone surprised that it’s with these two?
Pretty cool experience the other day with a good friend @patrickfantasia123
last chance to love the loop 🌀only ten more days to get loopy with loved ones! 💙
#seaportbos #bostonseaport #publicart #theloop
BOS ✈️ @away
cause at this point you ninjaz should know better 😤🏈 🔵🔴✔️ #PATSNATION
“ 🌍💙🍕” #whoispizzapapi #boston #redsox #redsoxnation #bruins
you wouldn’t be able to tell, but we walked in circles around Boston trying to find Chinatown after this
Casual sunset walk and Vin asked to take a pic .. talk a about a good boy
Life with you has been my greatest adventure & home all at once and I can’t wait to start forever with you! I SAID YES!!!!! WE ENGAGED💍✨✨🍾🥂
carolyn be like: *loml noises*
pasta, present, future @tuscankitchen
#seaportbos #seaporteats #trufflepasta
it’s a bird, it’s a man, it’s @okudart! 💛 #seaportbos #bostonseaport #okudart #publicart
“I wish we could have gone to the tea party”
monday blues, city hues 🌃 #seaportskyline #seaportbos #igersboston
This is my “thinking chair” (90’s kids will get the reference)
it’s, saturday. let loose at the loop 🌀 @astyledaffair #seaportbos #seaportstyle #bostonart (peep the ‘glowport’ highlight for details)
getting loopy for the long weekend, hbu 🌀#seaportbos #loop #seaport #publicart
22 looks good on youuu 😎
Cheers to ✨2019✨ ..
Starting out in a full on sprint 🕺 ..
This year’s #goals- Make it to 2020 📈 Start writing and posting more regularly 💻 Travel, travel and travel some more 🌎 Get buff #fergalicious 💪 Visit the future aka Tokyo 🇯🇵 Always drink more water 🚿 Learn to cook ~better~ 👨‍🍳 ..
Put on the spot this is what I could think of— Subpar effort on my part, C- I’d say. But will think long and hard on what I want to accomplish, check back w/ you next yr ..
2019 bringing all the #success 🍀
be thoughtful about what you share with the world - words, actions, facial expressions etc etc. what you put out there sure will impact everyone you interact with. 
👆🏻working on this
Smile like it’s not freezing out❄️
📸: @leighbarrow8
Guys let’s walk to Seaport it will be fun and  𝓷𝓸𝓽 𝓬𝓸𝓵𝓭 I swear
City swag
📷 @1chrisanderson
#okudart is on point in the port. ++ @okudart #bostonseaport #seaportbos #publicart #igersboston
Grades are in, and all is good... but the real reason to celebrate is that I was able to rent my Torts casebook for $20, instead of purchasing for $250. Cheers to that! 🍹
little by little, a little becomes a lot. @echelonseaport is moving on up. #progress

#seaportskyline #seaportbos #bostonseaport #igersboston
✨All of the lights ✨

Coming to the Seaport - two immersive light installations ‘Prismatica’ and ‘Loop’ as well as the Igloos at the Lookout Rooftop will create a colorful winter playground. Will you go check them out? #WBZ #Seaport #Boston
Just because I miss you and being tan and the sun ☀️😎
I want to inspire people 🎨. I want someone to look at me and say “because of you I didn’t give up❗️”
this is what happens when you feed the seagulls. 🐦 #okudart 
#seaportbos #bostonseaport #seaportskyline
Visitando a mi hermana  @juliemejia03 #seaportboston #immigrationlawyer
Day 1 back to work and my shit👏🏻is👏🏻together👏🏻. Taking bets on when I’ll crack? Probably after my day tomorrow but it’s fine... I’ll get back on track again, I hope😅
Holidays are over.  Alright time for warmer weather
❤️one of my best part in boston
Milo was very excited to spot this “baby tree” 😂 in the seaport. It was a busy weekend in the city and we loved every second of it. Also, #shevillage in @seaportbos closes 1/4, so be sure to stop by before then. Loved seeing these women-owned businesses pop-up but excited to see what’s in store next! #bostondaybook #seaportboston #boston
back to reality, this @lacolombecoffee coffee is most necessary. 🥐☕️💻 #seaporteats #seaportbos #lacolombecoffee #boston
Sitting pretty
• new years resolution: not be so extra ...maybe next year •
Maybe in 2019 I’ll be better at captions
Cheers, 2019
I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave. Bring it on 2019 🥂✨#nye
ready 4 the new year 🤘🏼
circa ‘16 ✨
This way to a New Year ⬆️ Here’s to 2019 & to building beautiful moments 🥰👛🎉
it’s a vibe ⚡️ @djcosta ringing in the new year tonight @thegrandboston. #NYE2019 #seaportbos #boston
2018, you were the sh*t. 🎉🎉
🌟 NEW YEAR’S EVE!! 🌟 As 2018 wraps, we want to shout our gratitude from the rooftops—for all the ways you’ve embraced our styles, welcomed us to your cities (and closets!) and shared your #howdoyoududley adventures. We’re toasting in the new year feeling on top of the world thanks to what we’ve done—and what’s to come—with you by our sides. 🍾🥂#happynewyear #NYE #bestisyettocome
ANNIE BROTHER GIRL!! HBD!! Try the seltzer I heard they’re really good!! #21ISFUN
Looking back, 2018 has been an exciting year filled with unforgettable trips to Europe, tons of weekend getaways to Miami and NYC, lifetime memories with new friends and old friends, and meaningful connections with people that I’ve met along the way. Heading into the new year in pursuit of growth, purpose, and adventure. Not sure what’s in store for 2019, but I have a feeling it’s going to be an amazing one. Cheers to the new year coming soon, and enjoy every minute of it as time seems to disappear in the blink of an eye. #winter #home
saying @fuku to new years resolutions. (kidding we will resolute, but not tonight) 
#seaporteats #seaportbos #bostonseaport @bostonfoodies
didn’t get the blonde and boot memo
Christmas be like 1 for you, 1 for you and 10 for you Maui🎅🏼🎾🎁 #goldenchristmas #icanteven #imthebest #ballislife
dimensions // 12.27.18
Fuck all that playin’, now I’m grown; I put my heart in it #22 #happybday2me
You read it here first folks
the magic of believing 🎄✨
#bostonseaport #winterwonderland #seaportbos #christmasmagic
“Sleigh-in” it with my boy in Boston❄️❤️!
nothing better
Surrounded by love. And fur...lots of fur. #mastiffsofinstagram #doggoals @thor.odin.mastiff @aschauff
City sidewalks ft. My new light hair
I swear this puppy thought I was her momma
The beauty of strolling around is that you never know who are you gonna meet and which places are you gonna see 🌃
About last night🥳2️⃣2️⃣ 12/18 🎂 
S/o to everyone that showed some love 💕 #dt
Couldn’t stay away for too long #mylegshurt
good nutrition is the mission @juicepress 🖤 
#seaporteats #bostonseaport #juicepress #bestofboston @rhc1368
Baby, you light up my world! 💫✨
@stanley_thegreatpyrenees holding court in the dog park, per usual. 🐾
#bostonseaport #seaportbos #fluffypuppy #greatpyrenees
|| A Sundy in Bashton [...] Cit. Brad Sago || @hultboston
I might miss this city ❄️
that same “what did i miss” feeling you have about checking your phone...why don’t we have that same (sometimes desperate) need to pay attention to everything happening around us in real life?
☝🏻working on this.
Talk to me nice 💋
👁‍🗨 💟 U
Someone once told me I should be a fashion blogger- to me that was an insult. Nothing against fashion bloggers (live your best life), but I have far deeper interests in social and economic issues, philanthropy, fitness, and health; fashion is nowhere near my list of interests. I would consider myself more of a painter than a fashionista and I haven’t painted anything since high school. We tend to have misconceptions of people, and the only way to overcome this prejudice is to ultimately have a genuine interest in getting to know others before we presume who they are as individuals. Our misconception of others is a reflection of ourselves, not of who they are. It’s a work in progress, but giving people the benefit of the doubt is essential #boston
my straight jacket’s custom-made tho
bbq so good it should be against the slaw @thesmokeshopbbq 🔥

#bbq #seaporteats #bostonseaport #barbequenation
Seaport Vibes 🤘🏾🤩
Life has happened lately... both the good and the bad... but you’re always there. Thank you B ♥️ ily
Another trip around the sun, I have learned so much. I have adapted a new life and mindset for myself. I have attracted sweet serendipity and I am grateful for all that surrounds me. I have changed so much, but this is the ideal me and I am so happy I have found myself at such a young age☀️🍾🍯 I am young, but I am a woman. I am mentally ready for all the experiences and places I will be able to see in the future. I am ready to continue to build my lil bb empire and inspire women to not succumb to less, but instead be all they are destined to be.

Andddddd a blessed thank you to my lovely boy for being by my side for many years, this is an important day for you as well! I look up to you and all you have accomplished. Nothing feels better than this, especially with you by my side🌻 #21
A world of pure imagination #millywonka
Who wants a Wayfair cupcake? #tbt to our Boston holiday party last year! 🎉  #WayfairAtPlay 📷: @sarahviaf
Look at that form and that view! Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate Kayla’s surprise ‘birthday’. Wouldn’t have been able to pull it off without the help from everyone who came, you are all amazing!  Happy birthday fiancé.
boston PHI party 💫🛳🌃
sunday’s + this weather = soup @bastillekitchen (esp. dripping in gruyère) 
#seaporteats #bostonseaport #frenchonionsoup
Happy thank
Feelin good, livin better
Livin life day by day
no one compares to you
FBF to the other week in Boston celebrating our engagement with friends and family where @kristenchayes gave @carvanwart this on point sweater. 🔥🔥🔥🍾
When completed, @EchelonSeaport’s interior piazza will provide a flexible venue for year-round uses such as farmers’ markets in the spring, volleyball in the summer, and ice-skating in the winter. Rendering by #Boston #kpf #publicspace
Another days work by @seaportbos & @ciscobrewers 🍻🐇🐐#zooandbrew #seaport #cisco #boston
not today satan but wyd tomorrow
Without a follow, without a mention
The neighborhood just got colorful: Okuda San Miguel created and installed seven monumental sculptures that line Seaport Boulevard. Influenced by animals and natural elements, these pieces are colorful and vibrant explorations on themes of life, intersection and coexistence. They speak both to Boston’s rich history as well as its boundless future, and they add both aesthetic and cultural value to this lively area. #okudart #seaportskyline #bostonseaport