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Getting my picture taken was sooo foreign to me for such a long time, I was worried about coming across narcissistic or “up myself”. 🙄 Not so worried about that now since I’ve become more confident in myself - saying yes to things I’ve always been afraid to say yes to; because I didn’t believe in myself. Things I grew up really disliking about myself, I now love about myself. Pushing yourself to try something new, and getting out of your comfort zone only helps you grow as a person; and growth is SO important to me. I will always say YES to growth and to learning what I’m truly capable of. I just ask myself what’s REALLY the worst that could happen? 🌈✨
a getaway vibe 🌹
Trying to strike a pose 😩 ...Silly me😂😂 📸 by @smiling_machine1
It’s veddy hot in QLD 🔥🥵
Just another day chIllin’ in Mummy’s office 🐾🐶🖤 #lolaneedsahaircut
This weather is 🔥
Seems like a good time for a sexy house full o' plants pick me up... #always 😉 Head to our @community_journal for the full house tour of the Terrarium House by @jellway 🌿☀️ 📸 by @toby_scott #terrariumhouse #johnellway #communityjournal
Hope you had an amazing birthday @gracewestman thanks for an unforgettable weekend🥂
Here are some of the amazing potting arrangements installed for @howardsmithwharves new events venue Bougainvillea House. Designed, installed and maintained by #martinbrothers  @fellowinteriors 📸 @content.lion -
#martinbrothers #landscapedesign #landscapearchitecture #home #lifestyle #design #garden #plants #homedesign #interiordesign #beautifullandscapes #brisbane #brisbanelandscaping
meet max my best friend
these strawberry s’mores waffles were worth the pic🍴
Can anyone name that Brisbane location? 😉 ⠀
#hit105 #brisbane #stavabbymatt
Isa Body Interview DONE 🎉🔥💫 and I can breathe OUT.
Being interviewed in front of a panel of judges (our phenomenal corporate team!) is a big part of the deciding factor for Champion (you’ve proven the physical transformation). So i was so nervous, not of saying the wrong thing, but of hopefully TRULY getting across what it all means to me AND the vision where I can see Isa Body going (because I’m here to disrupt).
Now it’s up to the judges! From here we have 2 days of fun shoots and events before the BIG event begins and I am going to relish in every Second - as champion title or not Sunday, now i TRULY know I have said all I can, and done all I can and no matter who takes it out absolutely deserves it (as I know the work that goes in!)
So here is to wearing your heart on your sleeve, going big or going home and declaring goals no matter what ✌🏽🎉💫
어렸을 적에는 친구들의 집 전화번호, 생일, 주소까지도 다 외우고 수많은 교과서의 내용들, 단어들, 공식들도 머리에 가득 찼었는데 말이야. 그런 것들이 전혀 기억나지 않는 지금은 무엇이 저장돼있을까. 
텍스트로 이루어진 쓰지 않는 것들을 다 밀어내고 어떤 날의 햇빛, 냄새, 말투, 공기의 온도가 자리를 잡았다. 저장하는 것보다 잊어버리는 것이 점점 더 많아지는 시기가 오는 것 같아서 조금은 슬퍼진다.
잊고 싶지 않은 기억들을 꼭 붙잡아둔 채 말이야.
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It’s the finer details that make the bigger picture. #teamcompton #staypositivestaymotivated
Hi guys, as we are getting closer to our Kickstarter 🚀 we want to reward our subscribers and first pledges. Make sure you don’t miss out on our hemp shirts by visiting 🙌🏼🙏🏻
I don’t believe in the word procrastination, 
The way we should be looking at it is Why is this #important to you, if it’s not meaningful to you, you will not go get after it. So Find your #meaning , find your purpose, There is no such thing as procrastination, you just need to #change the way we look at the #goal and get out there and get after it!

#motivation gets you #started #purpose keeps you going! #prodigypt #hustlehard #results #matter
Look at the compassion by these cute dogs!!! Love them!
What do you think @sheenyfmx and I are talking about right here? #NitroCircus
#metalhealthawareness day 22
My smile says it all and for the first time in a long time my smile is real and no longer fake or feeling i have to hide behind it. .
To my Mumma, I’m not sure I’m ready to walk this earth without. I love you more than you can ever imagine. This isn’t goodbye..simply a seeya later ❤️
The latest addition to our rose cut collection. This is a cracker 👌🏼. In store now.
Underglaze decoration on these wheel thrown cups by one of our talented students! 👌🏼
Calling this place my home for the next couple of weeks. Spot me and my A-Team. ————————————————————————
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NEW PRODUCT: LED Light Bar mounting solution designed by STEDI  to specifically to suit the wider 5 plank Rhino Rack™ Pioneer Platform. This is the only solution on the market that is a 100% bolt on, that will accommodate light bars up to to 52". ⁣
The following #RhinoRack widths are 5 plank: 1376mm, 1426mm, 1465mm.  If your rack width is 4 plank (i.e. narrow than 1376mm), order a 4 plank bracket. ⁣

#roofrack #79series #rhinorack #79serieslandscruiser #landcruiser79 #70series #toyotalandcruiser
Simple sensory play!
Sensory play doesn’t need to be beautiful. It doesn’t need to be IG worthy and it doesn’t have to take longer to set up than the kids are going to play with it!
So here’s your Tuesday morning reminder to keep it simple! This tray of corn kernels, an ice cube tray and some measuring spoons worked a treat to keep the kids busy (and developing those fine motor skills) while I did some online training.
So tell me, what’s your favourite simple sensory play activity? Your absolute go-to for engaged and happy children?! 👇🏻 #littlelifelonglearners_sensoryplay
Inspiração carnaval! 🎭🎊 hair by @creativesquareau and make up by @gimalufmakeup ❤️
These colours 💜💙💛🖤 @hustleticsapparel @wolfs__spirit
thanks straddy, we’ll be back 🌊🌊
We’re coming for ya Brissy! This weekend at @suncorpstadium! Get your @nitrocircus tickets at 🤘 #Eeyyoo #NitroCircus #RockstarEnergy @rockstarenergy @alpinestars @ride100percent @zeta_drc_japan @iponelube @iponelube @shoeihelmetsaus @kustommx
My silver lining @meelahcollections 💫💫💫 #sp
Getting settled quite nicely
Please check out this amazingly talented young photographer 🖤 - Such a pleasure to work with, very excited for her future work! .
📷 @edna_guimera .
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Nothing beats your own bed #amirite
Bye-bye Brisbane ✈️ (p.s. most stressful airport experience of my life pls pray for kayla to get on the next flight to Sydney)
Happy #TOT Everyone!
Don’t forget to enter my giveaway! 
Find the other post with the all @tommybellapets boxes! 
Good luck! 
Of course I'm not too small to play with toys. Oops meant to do that! #Phoenix #growingupfast

We had a vet check for all the fosters yesterday. Mama Arizona and her babies got their flea and worm treatments and the bubs also got their first vaccination shots.

The vet was pleased with older kitten Tulsa's weight gain and that Kansas hasn't had any more seizures since he arrived.

Both have been cleared to return to the shelter mid week to be desexed and go into the adoption program. #fosterwin #goodbyeisthegoal
Me watching toxic ppl leave my life
Happy Birthday to my favourite girl to get naked and makeout with @asami.hime 😍 Love you and miss you so much, hope you have an amazing day filled with cat snuggles and gluten free cake 🎂  Also go check out our hot tub set on @suicidegirls - link in bio 🌴
Fail proof method of making this style of plum/peach/nectarine roses. Use an ice sphere mould . It should slide out easily but to further fail proof it, freeze before removing from the mould.
Music - Vibin by KUTZ
Office Goals 🙌🏻
Anyone else get a message each week with how long they have spent on their phone that week 🤯? We have been loving @exyraeyewear because they are specifically designed to relieve digital eyestrain (also they are super cute 🤓) .
@blacksixteenagency #blacksixteenagency @mustdobrisbane @scott__broome #EXYRAstyle #EXYRAeyewear #bluelightglasses #computerglasses #EXYRA #glasses #eyewear #brisbanecafe #brisbanebloggers #visitbrisbane #mybrisbane #discoverbrisbane #thisisbrisbane #brisbanecity #cafe #instagood #instafood #spellandthegypsy #bohemianstyle #pinkdecor #pink #pinkboho #dametravelers #gltlove #travelgram #girlslovetotravel #travelgirlsgo
You know that feeling when someone’s got your back no matter what!?!?🥰
Yep that’s how I feel every day next to this epic human!
My ZeeZee is the best 🙌🏽
Good morning 💖 I am off to Bali for my 21st birthday week with my man @lejettness
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Winner will be announced in the comments of this post. ⁣⁣Redeemable at Nutri Hitt Hamilton, Brisbane cafe. Giveaway not associated with or administered by Instagram. ⁣⁣Good luck!
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The way I approach lunchbox packing is to pack 1-2 fruit options 1-2 veggie options, 1-2 savoury snack options, 1 sweet snack option and 1 ‘main’.
I also pack a variety of these foods based around exposure and enjoyment in addition to the nutritional value of the food.
So what this means is I pack a mix of things Mr 7 loves, things he likes and things he’s learning [thanks for the concept @veggiesandvirtue 🥰]
In this box this is what fits into those categories:
♥️L O V E  Wraps • Berry Ricotta Muffin • Cheese • Crackers
👍🏼L I K E  Mandarin • Cucumber • Tomatoes
👨🏼‍🎓 L E A R N  Blueberries
What’s a food your little is learning to like? ♥️
#schoollunch #kidslunch #goodiegoodielunchbox
If you know me, you know I love dessert 🧁 this is why I love creating oozingly delicious recipes that are filled with nutrition & without the nasties 🌼 so my taste buds not only get a treat, but so does my body & soul. ⁣⁣
Last nights dessert 〰️ chia pudding made with almond mylk & cacao sauce, topped with blueberry coconut yoghurt, chilled banana, more cacao sauce & healthy chocolate granola 🌸⁣
🖤Ps. Guys I’m going to start posting more healthy recipes and tips on this page again
You might think you're a great spotter, but here's how you can really tell:
1️⃣ You never ditch a bro date at the gym
2️⃣ You don't touch the bar too soon
3️⃣ You don't obnoxiously shout set countdowns
4️⃣ You're strong enough to lift your partner's weight if they need you to
Having a spotter is essential for safety and confidence when you're lifting! ... And it's always fun to have a friend to train with 💪🏽
⬇️❤️ Tag your training buddy to let them know how much you appreciate them.
📸: @zacperna @carltonloth
#EHPlabs #TeamEHP
It’s @jackborthwickbmx birthday 🎂 and we’re celebrating by making him #athleteoftheweek 🎉 He’s had a whirlwind year and 2019 is going to be even bigger. Wish him a happy birthday below and catch his interview at the link in bio #MonsterArmy #Bmx
A taste of our homeland.. koalas 🐨, kangaroos 🦘, and Aussie Joel.. jump over to our bio link for the full video....
🌍 Brisbane Australia by @britinbrisbane . ☝️ Follow the featured feed for more. And tag your friends in the comments 👇
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Insta-worthy places in Brisbane. 📸✨How cool is this installation? 🧶
Have you’ve ever been to Brisbane? It’s a great place to start your travels in Australia before heading over to Sydney or Melbourne and the airfare is a lot more reasonable than taking a direct flight to Sydney. .
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💔🖤Cursed Love Part 2🖤💔 I was sitting with my hands wrapped around my favourite coffee mug when I received the call.

On the line my friend excitedly told me I was getting an award.

In fact, with the sales numbers I had achieved, I was going to be named one of the Top 20 property agents in Australia for the corporation.

It was amazing news. Especially knowing this time last year I had struggled to even buy food.

It was time for celebration. I excitedly called and relayed the news to my close friends Polina and Serina and organised to mark the occasion with a drink or two.

As per usual, Serina brought up her standard conversation filler. “So, what’s new with your love life? Are you seeing someone?” she queried.

As per usual, with me being wild, the answer was no.

But suddenly I remembered I pretty girl I had seen on Instagram. She had liked all of my pictures – but I think she could be way too young. 
How old?

Just 19. She seemed lovely - but I am 27.

Serina asked to see her photo. I reach for my phone and open her Instagram profile.

It was in that moment I lost control.

The next thing I had texted her and fixed up a date for the very next night.

I knew I was in trouble. For the first time in my life I promised myself to change. I would only shake her hand until the moment I knew I was serious.

From a poor boy to a Top 20 property agent, and now a date with a beautiful girl - can life get any better? 
Edited By Big Splashcomm
Song credited to Jay Sean 
To be continued.  #followmystory #love
#cursed #m8 #harcourts #briabane #fiction
#story #eventlife #lover #over #followyourdreams #truestory #realestate
Inspiration from RA Panel Users 💝
Repost from @freyalamontphotography
💋 Suck My Kiss 💋 editorial published in @laudmagazine online • Muse - @oliviawellss • Makeup -@gemmaelaine • Photography & Retouch @freyalamontphotography • using @retouchingpanels @retouchingacademy
#beautyretouch #photoshop #retouchingacademy #wacom #adobe #retouching #retouchingservices #retouchpro #retouch #retouchingstudio  #retouchingartist #beautyphotography #studiobeauty #beautyretouching #beautyeditorial #retoucher #postprocessing #highendbeauty #photoretouching #postproduction
มองคนอื่นเราแค่เผลอ​ แต่มองเธอเราตั้งใจนะ​😉😁
We are back in #Brisbane! .
Our 17 days in #Vanuatu have been amazing - they actually became 18 since we had our flight cancelled yesterday because of the tropical cyclone - and we still have a lot of photos to show you about our time in these wonderful islands in the Pacific Ocean. 📸
Now it's time for us to go back to living in our camper #van and let our trip on the road continue, direction South.
🔜 Next stops: Gold Coast, Byron Bay, and Sydney! Any #tips?
🇮🇹 Rieccoci a Brisbane!
I nostri 17 giorni alle Vanuatu sono stati fantastici - in effetti sono diventati 18 siccome il nostro volo ieri è stato cancellato a causa del ciclone - e abbiamo ancora un sacco di foto del nostro viaggio in queste bellissime isole del Pacifico da mostrarvi. 📸
Adesso è ora di tornare a vivere nel nostro camper van e continuare il nostro viaggio on the road, direzione sud.
🔜 Prossime tappe: Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Sydney! CONSIGLI?

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Take me back to Australia!!! 😩😩😩💗
9 years in between. I was happier internally as the sasquatch on the left who wore high top sneakers with dresses with the body shape of a Samsung Wide French Door Refrigerator. 
Moral of the story: this is why I have a great personality.
EDIT: if anyone says I looked good in the first picture too you’re a liar and commenting that isn’t going to trick Jesus into letting you into heaven.
Waiting for the invisible treat to drop - Karlie and Max. 😶😶
Happy #meerkatmondayforboss 🎉🎉⁣
Today poses many questions.... Where did the weekend go? And why do my front legs look so weird? 🙀 ⁣
When u swipe to see ➡️ the little blonde's meerkat effort, more questions arise. Where are her legs? Or are they grey slippers attached to her body? 🙊⁣
These are some of life's great mysteries....⁣
What things do u ask yourself that u can't figure out on your own?⁣
Pawsome bandana by 🎀⁣
Use our code MILO15 to get your very own!
Beautiful Charlize Goody
Please show her some love and follow 👆🏻 👉🏻 her amazing account
Drag your finger ⏩⏩ for more
Credits to @charlizegoody 
Bts shoot 📸 @marshallgradisnik @aylagood
#naturalbeauty #actress #dancer #bikini
sydney is nice x
brisbane strolls🇦🇺
Check out this beautiful and stunning dessert - Honey Bavarois with vanilla-boiled pear, almond glass and caramelized honey from @herrfb 🍯 🍐.
98% of my pics are off guard lol 😩 Hope you all have a productive week though❤️
Just us against the world now 🐨❤️🙈
گفت و گو با وکیل مهاجرت حامی نیرومند از دفتر مهاجرتی @avestamigrationservices 
در این ویدیو به سوالاتی نظیر بسته شدن سفارت استرالیا، ویزای داما، ویزای پرستاران، ماماها، پزشکان و دندانپزشکان، ویزای والدین و بستگان و سوالات دیگر پاسخ گفته شد
Choose people who choose you 🍯🧁❤️
#australia #brisbane #wlyg
Catching rays in my @asirabasics  shorts 🔥
Glued my glasses back together and I’m ready to kick this week in the face 🤙🏻 #effyourbeautystandards
Glossy 💎💎💦💦
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▪️Owner: @mk_7.5r
Eat your greens 🥦🥬🥒 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
>45ml @hartshorndistillery Sheep's whey Vodka >15ml @stgermaindrinks Elderflower liqueur >15ml @tamborinemountaindistillery Passionfruit liqueur >15ml lime juice >4 pieces of cucumber >3 pitted cherries >add ice and blend ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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Так получилось, что я сейчас в Австралии 🌎🐨 если вам интересно, буду постить сториз из путешествий) если это конечно уместно) в чем я порой сомневаюсь 🙈 поэтому напишите, пожалуйста, здесь, кто за а кто против такого спама))
На фото кольцо Love Is Blind ❤️ которое конечно самое любимое и как говорится never without 😑
Koala Bear 🐨 

Size: L 1000mm  H 1000mm  W 1500mm
Weight: 25kg
Number of Bricks: 19,380
Build Time: 53 hours
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _✂
#lego #legophotography #legostagram #legos #legogram #legophoto #instalego #brickcentral #legofan #bricknetwork #toyphotography #legoart #legolife #lego_hub #legocollection #legocreator #toys #legoawesome #australia #brickmanawesome #brickmanawesomeexhibition #brisbaneexhibition #legocreation #legocreations #koala #legoanimal #koalabear #koalas #koalasofinstagram #koala🐨
I even managed to score a selfie my gals today 🤩🙌 That NEVER happens 😅
The girls both loved their dance class, but Addy just isn't quite ready yet to start classes... She was running laps around the room while Sezzy was busy concentrating on following the dance teacher 💃🏼🎉
Another few months & I think Addy will be ready 👌🏻 (I'm hoping anyways 😅)
Do your kiddies do extra curricular activities like dance or sports??
What age did you enrol them in lessons??
Using 'Brighten Up' @hellopoppylee_presets Lightroom preset 📸
🇪🇸. Dream Big, no te rindas, lucha por tus sueños, porque si te esfuerzas lo suficiente, acabarán cumpliéndose. Es mi tatuaje dedicado a la escritura. ¿Vosotros tenéis tatuajes? Yo tengo cuatro.
🇬🇧. Dream Big, do not give up, fight for your dreams, because if you try hard enough, you will achieve it. It is my tattoo dedicated to writing. Do you have tattoos? I have four.
Photo by @ditricksj .
#sorteo #aurasnegras #escritora
#bookstagramarg #escribir #lectura #lecturasrecomendadas #lecturarecomendada #leoycomparto #bookstagrammexico #leeresvivir #leermola #booksofinstagram #book #booklover #bookstagrammer #bookstagramespaña #bookstagram #igreads #librosymas #librosymaslibros #libros📚 #tattoo #bookpictures #bookaddict
Hello from Brisbane 🇦🇺 Leider ist unser Aufenthalt in Noosa schon wieder zu Ende 🙈 Die Zeit vergeht wirklich viel zu schnell ❤ Jetzt fliegen wir zurück nach Sydney um unseren Urlaub ausklingen zu lassen ❤ Ich freue mich schon auf den Bondi Beach, wo sich unser Hostel befindet ❤

Das Foto ist auf unserem heutigen Ausflug nach Brisbane enstanden ❤ Wir haben eine Fahrt mit dem Riesenrad gemacht, um die City von oben zu genießen ❤ Der Ausblick ist etwas Besonderes, doch ansonsten hat mir die Stadt bei weitem nicht so gut gefallen wie Sydney ❤ 
Es gibt definitiv sehenswertere Plätze in der Umgebung ❤

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Give me a 🙋‍♀️ if you love finding new ways to play with toys?

Earlier today I saw this fantastic idea over on @jccreativetoys stories and knew we would have to give it a try. Although their version is next level, I am super impressed with Mr 4.9yrs Playmager blocks pom-pom run. Highly recommend you check out their stories to see what I mean 😉

To say this was tricky is an understatement! It took a lot of problem solving and adjustments and was a wonderful way to think outside the box using our magnetic tiles. I have a sneaky feeling this will be a new fav way to use our Playmager Blocks. #openendedtoys

I am challenging you to give this a try! Your goal is to make a magnetic tile ball run (we used pom-poms because they were light 😉). Don’t forget to tag me so I can share all your amazing creations ❤️
So lucky 🧸🌷🎁 @dane_abbott 💕
If you hit that link, We might buy you a drink 🍄 Diamonds music video link in bio 🎥 [📸 @disconsolate ]
When you find the right print- everything else just falls into place 👌🏻 #cakedecorating #brisbanecakes #cake
I have an unhealthy obsession with buying vintage tees 🤦🏼‍♀️
5 things you probably didn't know about me 🙊
1. I had 6 toes on both feet! I had Bifid big toes which means I have 2 toes connected together basically! No I don't have them anymore, when I was 8 months I got them cut off as I wouldn't be able to wear normal shoes👠
2. I'm originally from Melbourne, VIC! I moved to Brisbane when I was 5 years old as my family live here. Since moving I've never been back to Melbourne with my family although we plan on going this year!✈️
3. I actually play netball competitively ! This year I will be playing in the new Sapphire & Ruby Series, how exciting!🏐
4. I used to be scared of water! Why? Look I'm not too sure. But according to my 1-5 year old self, water was terrifying!!
5. I HATE HONEY! Honey is probably the worst taste I have ever tasted!! If there is ever honey in a recipe I will ALWAYS use Rice Malt instead!🤤
So there's some crazy facts about me, what are yours? COMMENT BELOW💛💛💛
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Starting the week right with a wagyu striploin 😍 jacket potato and Caesar salad for health. Sure wasn’t a mis-steak to order this 😉 @breakfastcreekhotel
I think we have found one of the most Insta worthy spots in #Brisbane! Behold the swing located at the new Howard Smith Wharves precinct 🌉 
Tag a friend below who needs to check this out 😱
📷 @aazinamlee #MyBrisbane
Old one! Got a few bookings still available in for bookings @tradition_tattoo_brisbane
4 legs, 2 gals and one love of mum shorts @graccekellyy 👯
@wearethefabricstore #nobuyyesmake #memade
the ultimate range set and the fuse shorts drop this wednesday 20th! probably one of my fave @echt_apparel sets 😍 use SARAHB to save some money at the checkout! 🖤
Welcome to UQ! What are you most excited about? 😃
📸 credit: @andretanzil92
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70km week last week ✅ longest week in forever 👍 snuck in 2 sneaky half marathons for good measure 👌
Taper for 6 Foot Track starts now ✅
Strength was neglected last week due to travel, itching for tomorrow’s gym session 🏋️‍♀️🚣‍♀️💪
#saynotoblackshorts 👎
#run #nikerunning #running #nikeplus #runner #marathon #runners #triathlon #jogging #trailrunning #instarunners #halfmarathon #runhappy #instarun #runnerspace #morningrun #marathontraining #trailrun #instarunner #runnerscommunity #correr #swimbikerun #corridaderua #fitness #10km #laufen #runninggirl #instarunners #brisbane #myboausa
Up, up and away, back to brisbane we go ✈️
#aviationholic #brisbaneboundagain #tigerairaustralia
home is where the techno is 🔊
My little women had their first ever dance lesson today... they were so excited 🤩
I was shocked at how grown up they looked in this photo 😭❤
I actually died a little on the inside 😭❤
Using 'Brighten Up' @hellopoppylee_presets Lightroom preset 📸
Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones.
Top tip: Always surround yourself with cuties 🥂✨
If Shawn can do it, so can I 🤷🏻‍♂️
Go @thecrazybull tonight on @dancingon10 . We are all behind you and your pasodoble!!! #nobull #dwts #masterchefloves
Essa foto foi uma das primeiras da viagem. Parece que foi ontem e ao mesmo tempo parece que já se passaram anos, já que tanta coisa aconteceu depois desse dia. De semana em semana minha forma de ver as coisas mudava tão rápido. Eu to no aeroporto, esperando meu voo e já to chorando, chorando e rindo. Um filme passando na minha cabeça com tanta lembrança engraçada, tantos apertos e tantos momentos incríveis. Eu estou, mais uma vez, trabalhando a ideia das coisas não serem eternas. Querer demais algo eterno gera cobranças que talvez te impeçam de viver o momento. Eternamente na mesma cidade, no mesmo amor, na mesma mentalidade. Acredito na eternidade de um momento. Eu levo comigo um pouco de todos os lugares que já morei e visitei. Levo comigo as pessoas que convivi e me marcaram de alguma forma. Alguns se mantém presentes, outros fazem apenas parte da lembrança. A soma disso tudo forma a pessoa que sou hoje, e eu tenho me amado como nunca. Todo dia eu posso começar uma nova eternidade, que pode durar ou não. E não existe mais pressão nisso, o fim do ciclo faz parte e o que me tranquiliza é saber que tudo o que minha memória amar, vai se tornar eterno. #thanksaussie 🇦🇺♥️
Happy O week babies, let’s have a thrashing year xoxox
One shoulder goodness.
Here’s a true story:
When I was 18, I had been battling severe depression for over a year. I never told anyone how bad it was to feel sad all the time, I never explained to anyone that I’d forgotten what happiness felt like and most of all, I never really asked for help. Then one day after an argument, I walked into the garage and drank something I knew would end my life. I shouldn’t be here.
Suicide effects more than just you, it affects everyone around you. Although my attempt failed, I have forever scarred my folks from finding me unconscious on my bedroom floor, the ambulance sirens that mum heard and saw hoping it wasn’t for me just to find out it was and the hospital visit. I lost so many friends, I scared the living shit out of everyone and would never wish the thought of not wanting to live on anyone.
Life can get better if you ask for help. Those voices that tell you that you shouldn’t be here don’t have to make a permanent home in your mind. 
Today, looking at me you’d never know my story just by looking at me. I have been alive for over a decade, raised two beautiful babies and will make it my mission every single day to make those who battle darkness in their minds make sure they know that they have a place in this world.
Same same but different 🤷🏻‍♀️ #shoelaces
Rehearsals for ‘Cerulean’ by @mx_performancecentre are well underway! Don’t miss out on tickets 💙🤩
It is an honour for me to announce that I will be a guest speaker for @creativemorning this Friday at @thelushington. The theme for the breakfast lecture is #cmSYMMETRY, a conceptual theme that I am excited to incorporate into my talk! ☺️
Head to @cm_brisbane and register using the link in their bio!
#CMBNE @brisbanecitycouncil
📷: @snapsbycarolyn
I’ve come to realise that Instagram doesn’t have to be a dangerous place. It can be just as healing as it is damaging. Instagram is an echo chamber and what you look at the most is what the algorithm shows you. Be very selective of who you follow and try to follow accounts which show diversity or accounts which aim to educate. Think to yourself “Do I feel good when this person pops up on my newsfeed”. If not, it’s important to protect your mental health and hit that unfollow button. If you feel bad about unfollowing someone, don’t forget there’s always the mute button too. In saying this, if you are getting any negative vibes or being triggered by my posts, I give you full permission to unfollow (No hard feelings, this isn’t prison 😂).
It's a little distracting to get any exercise in at Kangaroo Point Cliffs, when you stop for moments like this😍.

A popular spot for good reason. Picnic areas, access to the river for walks and jogs, cliffs for rock climbing and abseiling, and of course, views of the City ❤


Share your moments through #discoverbrisbane

Tag someone who takes more photos than does actual exercise😝😆👇
@thezoo.bne at capacity? Brisbane you are literally ANIMALS 🐆 (really polite ones though ~~ love you) 💞
Is there enough time to see what is on my togs?
Monday, Fundayyy💦😂
HAHAHAHAHA we had to get out the pool... but didn’t say we couldn’t make a slip and slide👀🤫😂 HAHAHAHAHA fighting over who’s go it is and who’s next😂🤘🏽 but hope everyone had a good day at school or work or even at home🥰🙏🏽
Peek the tan🤫😳😂
📸: @dante.fruean
Monday's are better in metallics 😉 My theory is a work week started with a party skirt can only get better from here💃
... ..
This photo didn't capture the sparkle enough so I boomeranged it in the sun as well ➡️
. 40 lucky people have already booked into arounna from @bookhou’s workshop we are hosting here at paper boat in december. we ONLY have 8 spots left on the sunday morning now (sunday 15th december 10am - 1pm) LINK IN PROFILE if you are interested... don’t miss out !! ... it’s such a special treat to have arounna come so far across the seas to share her knowledge and passion with us... 🌿🌺🍃
This is an outfit I don’t get to post about very often, but in a lot of ways it might be one of the most sustainable things I own. I originally purchased these leggings and top from @lululemon more than 6 years ago, and have worn and washed them religiously every single week. I might get shamed for still owning and wearing a brand that I wouldn’t shop from these days, however what would be worse in my eyes is not using it til it’s absolutely fallen to pieces. My point is, there are lots of ways to be more conscious with your wardrobe, and making the most of the clothes you already own regardless of where they’re from is a cracking place to start. On a more important note, HOW UNNATURAL DO I LOOK IN A GYM, WHAT IS LIFE!?
Sharing this amazing photo from our mini shoot with @andieandolliephotography because it’s too goddam cute not to ❤️ ⁣
Normally, he’s the one behind the camera but I managed to get him in front of it for just this 30 minute session. For those new here, #instaboyfriend is the most patient, loving and dedicated man I could ever of ever hoped to fall in love with. He’s loved me at my skinniest, my heaviest, my moodiest, when I shaved my head, when I got an ugly tattoo, at 2am when I’m sick, at 5pm when I’m stressed, and every where in between. It took me a long time to realise I deserved to be loved like this. And you do too. I hope you find it ❤️❤️⁣
Wearing @portmans_
Probably should have brushed my hair. ➕b.truth↪️I’ve arrived home from work - I think my make-up has melted off after teaching my classes today; I’m in a pretty dress that I bought (sneaky Sunday shopping). I have just prepped dinner and it’s been a big day after a long commute. I’ve shuffled kids; with one of them getting on the wrong bus home; then the other worried about that one getting on the wrong bus. 😝 It’s really a normal day, been up since 4.30am to fit in a energy boost 30min cardio with this cuddly fur baby attached to my leg. Because this is the real Mama’s life. ✔️I don’t have a media team or a P.A I literally just work my butt off to show my kids that hard work is where success is found.➕I truly love this life and I would not change a single thing about being completely raw and real in my little seaside house. ↪️Mamas I wrote this book for you - the real ‘Fit Mamas’ doing it all, trying their best; failing sometimes but finding that quality life for your family amongst the mundane. You can have it all and I want to share how. ➕Book available for pre-order @booktopiabooks and worldwide @bookdepository #FitMama #healthy #happy #witcheryfashion #pink #author #blivewear #blogger #wellness #mamalife
Far och flänger
The Happiest Boy 💙 He doesn’t need sleep today apparently 🙈 He’s just happy to be awake hanging with mama 👩‍👦🥰 Sheps super cute monogrammed suit is from @naiabellethelabel you can get 10% off by using the code ‘Lucinda10’ 💕#pleasesleepbabyboy
Ferie er deilig
Check-in’s  ft. my favourite pose!
At the end of last year I was doing my own thing in regards to training & nutrition, taking a more relaxed approach to things! But recently I have started to ramp it up to create a solid base for my October @wbff_aust show! I have started working with @nath.croft & @nicklancasterss to do just that andddddd I’m pretty excited 💥💪🏻
#compprep #update #fitness #fit #healthy #fitspo #lifestyle #nutrition #comp #checkin #pics #weights #strong #gym #trains #chicksthatlift #strong #lift #curves #murves #gains #glutes #abs #physique #pose #posing #bikinigirl #competitor
Causal lunch vibes 🍴 // wearing @princesspollyboutique
What else do you do when there’s a banger sunset...
Honestly one of the best summers I can remember! Sunsets, good vibes, @six60 tunes, spontaneous trips and unreal memories 🤘🏽
Tizilchilar! O'zbekchasi pastroqda! New #collab vlog with @kisstheberry (Acai specialists) on its line to be released soon on my Youtube channel. In this vlog, I will talk about a culture of brunch and importance of healthy eating habits. Thanks to these guys at KissTheBerry, I enjoyed my #acaibowl following with my #avocadotoast in really Australian way.  Love it guys ❤️🔥🤙! O'z navbati bilan Youtube kanalimda chiqadigan vloglardan birini bugun tasvirga oldim. Unda sog'lom ovqatlanish va brunch kulturasi haqida so'z boradi. Acai o'simligi haqida ozgina yozib o'tsam. Malina kabi tam beruvchi, palma-sifat daraxtda o'suvchi bu ajoyibot 100% tabiiy quvvat beradi. Yurak uchun juda foydali hisoblanadi. Sevimli meva turi va musli bilan to'yimlilik jihati ortar ekan. Bugungi chinnimda banan va qulupnoyni ko'rishingiz mumkin. @kisstheberry dagi acai mutaxasislariga rahmat aytgan holda

#choylashamiz 🤙

#teazeal #acaibowls #acailovers #uzbek #uzbekblogger #travel #travelblogger #brunch #australian #avocadolove #foodlover #vlog #andijan #tashkent #uzbekistan #brisbane #queensland
Getting our titties litty for @joe.faagase b’day. And what a litty night it was. Here’s some bloopers for your enjoyment (last one is my personal fav.) Happy bday, boo 💕
all eyes on u 🧚‍♀️
Signed up to a beginners yoga course recently, expected it to be easy and that I’d be good at it. It isn’t and I’m not..
Meet Dozer 🚜
He’s a 5 year old Australian Cattle Dog x Border Collie with a fluffy boy coat to match… just, not right now.

With those working dog roots you know he’s going to be one smart cookie 🍪 He loves enrichment, playing with toys and just generally being active, it doesn’t matter what the game is, Dozer is all in.

All of that energy and brain power helps, because on the inside, he is one chonky boy! He has a serious love of all things cronchy and delicious, it’s up to you to remind him not to let it go to his waistline ;) Dozer’s still learning how to dog and would appreciate an understanding owner to give him time while he learns how to trust. See Dozer’s huge smile up close at RSPCA Brisbane, Wacol*

AID: 1127765
* Please meet me before 3.30pm Mon-Fri so you can talk to my people.
B R I S B A N E are you ready to rock! Don’t miss tonight with @franklin_graham down at the river stage. #planetshakers #soundcheck #franklingraham #grahamtour #billygraham
when you gotta make sure 
there are no witnesses 🤐
Meet our member Sally Prosser from @sallyprosservoice in Brisbane, Queensland ✨
Early in her career, Sally realised that having confidence in her voice made employers take her seriously and as a result, she saw her career go from strength to strength. After an MC gig, her CEO at the time told her she should take her passion full time and she took the leap! 💫
#thinkextraordinary #membermondays #theleaguewomen #womenwhoconnect #extraordinaryAF
Hey so I thought of showing you guys my all-time favourite pens:
- Tombow Fudenosuke WS-BS
- Tombow Fudenosuke WS-BH
- Pentel Touch
- Faber-Castell Pitt artist pen
- Tombow dual brush
- Crayola broad tip
Which one is your favourite? Would you recommend any other ones? ☺️
#calligraphy #calligraphyvideo #calligraphylove #calligraphyart #lettering #letteringco #ilovelettering #modernlettering #letteringartist #letteringart #letteringdaily #letteringlove #letteringdesign #typematters #handlettering #handletteringvideo #letteringvideo #typespire #strengthinletters #togetherweletter #moderncalligraphy #processvideo #artvideo #howtovideo #pentel #tombow #crayola #fabercastell #hyperlapsevideo #hyperlapse
Best way to spend a Sunday arvo 🤩
Thanks again Sydney!
@nitrocircus is coming to Brisbane! Tickets available at #NitroCircus #MonsterEnergy #cbdMD
master and the apprentice #yvettes
BATTLE ROYALE!! While spotlighting in the Kimberley, I heard a rustle in the leaves which caught my attention. I soon found a huntsman spider eating a small skink just after dark! It truly was a battle royale of the mini beasts!

@thekimberleyaustralia @australiasnorthwest @westernaustralia @9gag @unilad @australiangeographic #seeaustralia #westernaustralia #thekimberley #thekimberleyaustralia #ourplanetdaily #ausgeo #animalonplanet #natures #Worlds_BestAnimal #animalpolis #bestnatureshots #discoverwildlife #capturethewild #animalelite #spider #spidersofinstagram #battleroyale #wildlifeoftimfaulkner
Fun Wonderland last evening at this fabulous venue. Thank you BRISBANE chellams for being the wonderful audience! 
SYDNEY, MELBOURNE chellams! See you this weekend!
How is he only 2yrs old... he looks so much older especially in his suit 😍😭🙌🏾 I just LOVE him
You know that kid at school that everyone wants to be like and be friends with ❓⠀
Yeh, that kid is me 👊🏻⠀
And yes it’s highly likely I am behind the toilets participating in some form of naughty activities and smooching the ladies 😘⠀
👉🏻 LADIES SWIPE ➡️➡️➡️ I have a message for you.... (GENTS ARE WELCOME TOO 😉)⠀
#whpuptome #whptoocoolforschool⠀
and for @ivyinthewild 👉🏻 #whphumananimal⠀
What kid would you be at school ❓👇🏻⠀
The class clown❓⠀
The head cheerleader❓⠀
The troublemaker❓⠀
The library nerd❓⠀
The teachers pet❓⠀
The overachiever❓⠀
OR something else ❓⠀
I bet you are also thinking 🤔 damn he looks good.  I know I do, and this outfit is definitely not over the top or excessive at all.  I feel so stylish and hot right now.⠀
To achieve this “on trend” look, I have partnered the following :⠀
👉🏻 Denim Jacket and bandana by @hellopethaus ⠀
👉🏻 Collar by ⠀
👉🏻 Bow Tie by @traxties ⠀
👉🏻 Tee by @queenieb_official ⠀
👉🏻 Beanie by @tiktok ⠀
👉🏻 Cute speckled nose by me⠀
If you ever have any fashion queries, I am clearly your guy.⠀
Don’t be afraid to ask just send us a DM and I’m happy to answer.  Actually we may even open up question time on my story later today❗️⠀
Don’t forget to watch yesterday’s CRAZY DOG ZOOMIES video 🙌🙌🙌 you will love it.⠀
Have a beautiful and groovy day⠀
#gansgter #thuglife😎 #toocoolforschool ⠀
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✨ M O O N L I G H T 🌙 Please tag @jamescharles & @snatchedbyjake for 💛 on your new posts! #UnleashYourInnerArtist 
This look was inspired by the talented boys, Jake & James! I think my yellow undertone goes well with this look. 😂💛 I used the @tatcha Silk Canvas Primer and I cannot believe how crease-free and smooth my entire face was. It may be $80AUD, but God Damn— it's so worth it.

@morphebrushes X @jamescharles Palette
@juviasplace Zulu Palette
@tatcha Silk Canvas Primer 
@plouise_makeup_academy P Louise Base in 'Rumor 0'
@fentybeauty Universal Gloss Bomb in 'Fenty Glow'
@toofaced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick in 'Sellout'
@maccosmeticsaustralia Shape & Shade Brow Tint in 'Stud', Gigablack Lash Mascara
@anastasiabeverlyhills Clear Brow Gel
@skindinavia Finishing Setting Spray

#morphebabe #morphe #morphebrushes #jamescharles #sister #snatchedbyjake #creativemakeup #wakeupandmakeup #fentybeauty #glossbomb #maccosmetics #shapeandshade #juviasplace #zulupalette #plouise #toofacedcosmetics #anastasiabeverlyhills #toofaced #bretmansvanity #tatcha #tatchasilkcanvas #undiscoveredmuas #abh #abhjunkies #skindinavia #norvina @brand.etc #morphexjamescharles #cutcrease #muasfeaturing @vickytsai
Can confirm, nearly broke things that shouldn’t be broken to get into this pose BUT hey Jaz is throwing herself out of her comfort zone this year & aiming big ✨
Happy Monday ya’ll - set your goals without limitations & hustle until you get there 😎
Anything is possible, but not everything. ⠀
Absorb that. ⠀
For example. ⠀
Getting to a 150kg deadlift is my ‘anything’⠀
Doing a box jump is my ‘everything’⠀
many wines were had... 🙌🏻
Born wild 🌹 Unleash your inner wild side in the Marley Shorts Leopard $79.95 & Martini Date Top White $49.95!
Gorgeous walk today around South Bank with bump and Hubby, getting some content and enjoying the outdoors. Poor Hubby has to wait for me and my slow walking, this heat and my low blood pressure aren't the best mix but I make it work haha 😊😊 Mummy's to be that smash out daily workouts and sweat it out def are amazing, I cannot wait to feel myself regarding energy and fitness once our little angel is here, but until then its do what feels right without being guilr ridden ❤ how cute is this little number im wearing from @targetaus 🙊 #pregnancylife #firstpregnancy #pregnantfashion
Ga skincare aja, makeup juga perlu penyesuaian terus. Sebelumnya 240 was my perfect fenty shade, sekarang jadi 210 karena 240 is now too dark and yellow for me. For your reference, I am NC25-30 on mac and 128 on maybelline. Maybelline 128 ini juga udah terasa kegelapan. Yah begitulah hehe
Finish-nya matte, cocok buat cuaca panas. Ga set pake powder karena udah cukup matte menurut saya. .
Ga pake blush on bukan pilihan, tapi karena lupa. Untung ada lip tint andalan, goban x molita lin yang shade ‘loving’ ♥️ warna orangey red-nya membantu mencerahkan wajah tanpa blush on. Udah gitu tahan lama juga jadi ga bikin bibir terlalu kering akibat harus sering reapply. Sangat suka. Di @sociolla suka diskon loh produk ini, coba dicek.
Kalo mascara ga pake karena lupa bawa. Beli mascara apa ya? Kalo ada saran, tolong kasih tau aku ya.