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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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I’m so happy to be in Australia!🇦🇺 Today I got drenched in three separate storms and also got sunburnt 😂 I forgot how crazy aussie weather can be ☀️⛈
Настоящий уют для меня в чём-то уж совсем мимолётном. Не в диванных подушках, не в пирогах.
Мне понадобилось время, чтобы сформулировать. Получилось:
• Свет: чтобы по утрам на полу обязательно, чтобы по вечерам огоньки от гирлянды, чтобы лежал не прямо, не в лоб, а мягко.
• Окна: чтобы в них тоже огонёчки и живая жизнь.
• Запах: чтобы был узнаваемый именно у этой квартиры. Не лилии там или чёрный сандал из зары хоум, а неспециальный: как запах свежей стирки, или тостов с изюмом, или деревянного пола.
• Много «домиков» в доме: в кровати, на балконе, за диваном, на подоконнике. Чем больше постоянно используемых домиков, тем мне уютнее.
• Лёгкий беспорядок без грязи: когда чисто, но книжки неаккуратной стопкой, кровать не заправлена, на стакане капли воды, полотенце загорает на подоконнике.
• Когда кайфово на полу: держать картины и карты, прислонив их к стенам; валяться с котом и журналом; лопать творог из миски, прислонившись спиной к холодильнику.
(про людей пропускаю, потому что понятно: со своими — хоть где)
Как у вас?
Без чего неуютно?
Какой минимальный набор должен быть?
I I X I is a pretty solid effort! If you know you know ⚡️💥
Wanted By Many🤩
Taken By None☺️
Looking At Some😉
Waiting For One😍❤️
@michaelanoelle_xx ❤️
What an honour to lead this group to a gold medal in my last nationals tournament! So grateful for all the friendships and memories I’ve made through netty thus far 👭🥇
Good to see a fair spread of the SA girls get rewarded for last weeks efforts through Aus selection too. As @lanetrain___ once said, “let’s get this bread” 🥖
I’m just a better person when I’m tan ✨ @missyempire 🖤 #missyempire
smth more girly for Easter 🥴🥴🥳 happy holidays n rmb to take care of ur skin from all dat choco 😤😤 [ bag from @skinnydiplondon , shirt from @cheepstore ]
Back to reality and routine for the rest of the month, but already so excited to be back in LA in May! Bring on more adventures 🙌🏼
I haven’t posted about Clanc in a little while. And if we post on Instagram what’s most important to us, (perhaps we should do this more often), then I think I should continue to share pieces of him. After all, I was lucky enough to love and know him deeply. Clancy Shannon- my whole heart. I potentially need to write more, in fear of forgetting all of the little things, the day to day memories that over time can become blurred. The big moments are the ones unforgotten, but it was rather, the little things that accumulated into one big love- my highest peak of happiness. No matter how persistent life seems, how ever changing, ever growing, no matter how many smiles, new people met, new relationships pursued- I still think of him in everything I do. I still cry ever so often, still ache for his hugs, his advice, his humour and easygoing nature to dull my anxiousness. I still crave the sound of his laugh, the lines on either side of his smile, the way he’d cling to me on a night out. This will never change. I miss the kiss goodbye he made me give him before I ran off to work late, like many a times before- I wasn’t complaining. When he’d lay next to me on the ground while I did my silly neck training. The future talk, the excitement when I’d get to see him after only a day apart. Giggling and telling stories in the shower, silly fights fuelled by stubbornness, dancing like goobers at parties, nights on the day bed. We were my ultimate. It still hurts, I will never truly move on... not much has changed with time. But please be patient with me as I work through life, make mistakes, dive in deep. We’re all learning along the way. There is no road map for this. ✨ Pic from 4th of Feb, 2018 ✨ Monkey boy with a full face of Ella Bache. Clancy’s quick beauty tip, he’d be mad at me for telling you: apply vigorously before a party/night out and rinse lightly with water. Covers all ya pimples, heavy airbrush without actually wearing makeup. Anyone asks, “just went for a quick surf beforehand, must still have a lil zinc on” 😉
🙂 Cheep’s most ambitious pop-up project to date. 
Our heaviest hit for sure 🥊 
Competitors, get in the ring 🥊

See you at 11am Brisbane 
43 Queen St Mall 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
First 50 score!!!
forest adventures in the rain 🌲
very wholesome .
ਜਿੰਦਗੀ ਤੇ ਰੂਹ ਤਾਂ ਉਹੀ ਆ, ਵਸ ਟੂਣੇ ਵਾਲੀ ਸ਼ਾਂਪ ਉੰਗਲ ਚੋਂ ਉਤਾਰ ਕੇ ਸੁੱਟ ਦਿੱਤੀ...🙏🏻✌🏻
Today we lost someone so great. Rest easy @djmethod_aus ✨ Tau & you were going to do big things - no one knows how close you both were. Couldn’t imagine losing you Tau - please everyone stay safe this Easter ❤️
super serious
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Pad session complete. Always learning and improving 🎯 🔥

Looking forward to fighting again in Darwin in two weeks 🥇
It doesn’t matter how many times you fall. It doesn’t matter how hard things are getting. What matters is that you never give up on yourself and the team and we keep going! 💪🏾#trusttheprocess #bronxnation #misfit4
Felt coot might delete later x
Back home in paradise 😌
Thanks 4 all the love with ‘Me, Myself & I’. Make sure to add it to your playlist today, link is in my bio 🙏🏾
วันนี้เป็นgood Fridayใครอยู่Brisbaneบอกหน่อยไปเที่ยวไหนดี☺️
just sitting here thinking about the next week being off uni ☁️🌟 hope everyone has a beautiful long weekend x
Proud ❤️ #foryoupot
I’ve announcement to make this week Sunday!!!!
👕 @falaarcentury