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So excited to announce I’ve been cast as the next James Bond!!! #tooblessedtobestressed #007
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Freedom to explore.
So, the seasons have shifted ❄️😬 #february #mothernature #iceicebaby
A not-so-typical focal length but I love the depth and the bokeh from the wet dirt road ✨🚎 swipe for bts ➡️
Decided to put all the clips from this winter so far into a edit, I read the sign wrong on the second last clip and died.
Hands frozen, clouds full of snow rolling in, and temperatures dropping into the negatives, I crouched over my camera with radio in hand as cars rolled in.
⤜ Location: British Columbia, Canada
⤜ Camera: @canonusa 5D Mark III
⤜ Lens: @canonusa 16-35 f/2.8 III USM
⤜ Filter: @hoyafilterusa EVO Antistatic UV
While driving in and out of avalanche zones through the pass during my trip through Canada, the most memorable nights was when I stood above the final curve of the pass as cars zipped on by. Wandering up to the lookout with four layers on, the cold still bit through my clothing as I kept in contact with @adenace below. It had snowed the duration of the short ascent up the lookout and just as I had gotten to the location the snow had stopped for a brief moment as the final vehicles drove into the night.
Don’t forget to brush... When moose are sedated we can estimate their age by the amount of wear and staining on the incisors, but we won’t know the age for sure until the moose dies and we can pull a tooth. How old would you guess she is?
END of discussion👩🏽‍⚖️
It’s been way too long 🎿
west coast cozy 🏔
Remember what it felt like to believe?
Remember running wild and living free?
Remember when the magic was a mystery?
Now all the fuss is just faith without the rush...
Did the rainbow fade?
We won't see beyond our feet
Staring down afraid to leap
Jump into the wonder
And dance on the thunder
We're crying in color
Breathing infinity
Flying free
- @kingskaleidoscope 
photo: @zmelhus 
#ragamuffinco #justgo
🦅 Have you ever seen a fish in a tree? 🐟
📍 British Columbia
🇨🇦 #bcisbeautiful // @dailyviewbc
📷 @fursty
show me how you really feel
The cold never bothered me anyway🤷🏻‍♀️❄️
British Columbia surf and snow.

Brought to you by @johnrathwell
↟ For an experience I will never forget ↟ 
what we did this whole trip? We stayed in a tent on giant rocks by the water. We slept in forests far away from where towns and hotels were even close to. We did everything in the nature around us and enjoyed every little bit of this trip. You don’t always needa have money to travel and explore the world around you. You just need to have the right mindset on how to do so, choose to adventure wherever you please but don’t settle for staying in one place. This planet is everything to us, it keeps us alive and breathing for a reason. We are here to explore what we have been blessed with, and that simply is the most unique and life filled planet in the entire universe. 🌍 
For a real brother for doing it with me @brodyshaye 
Anyone else dying for summer ?
It’s Family Day and look who I came across!
Currently packing for my next adventure
and this is how it’s going! Anyone relate?!?
Packing Procrastinator: @christinakimbo 
Photo: @salzar/ Edit: Me
📍: Emerald Lake, BC
I honestly take Canada for granted 🏔
Family day well spent with this handsome guy ❣️
XIV of ♠️ goes snow boarding
i love you ♡ #explorebc
"A father teaches his son ice fishing on a frozen lake north of Whistler." Photo by @thepomoexplorer last month.
We love seeing you explore BC in the winter! Share your moments with us (and tag #exploreBC) so we can follow along. #exploreBC #exploreCanada #OnlyInWhistler
Recreation in winter conditions can be hazardous. If you are travelling through avalanche terrain, you and everyone in your group must be self-sufficient—carrying all the proper gear (transceiver, shovel, and probe) and have avalanche training. Familiarize yourself with #LeaveNoTrace principles and @bc_adventuresmart is a great resource to help you get informed before heading outdoors. Remember the three Ts—trip planning, training, and taking the essentials.
A new luxury glamping site has arrived in BC!⁣⁣
*Click link in @narcitycanada bio for more info and photos! 👈⁣⁣
Article by @mysticurbanist⁣⁣
Cover photo by @wildpodtofino
Swipe to see how I made friends with a Wolf 🐺 #preneat
📸| @northernlightswolfcentre
Cruising 70 year old, deactivated sections of the Trans-Canada highway.
BC film out now! Follow the link in my bio for the full HD video on my YouTube channel! Let me know what you think!
Skiing untracked powder can certainly change your mood. But how does your emotional state change your skiing?
I’ve spent the last couple days touring like, well... a real jackass. Run and fucking gun. Lost—well, perhaps not lost at all—entrenched, rather, in personal thought on the uphill, practically running up the skin track, not chatting with the crew, just up up & up, searching for that physical limit where the body wears out the mind. Still looking, as it were. It’s not entirely new: I trail run the same way when my mind is elsewhere or I’m upset—thoughts consume me; they also physiologically empower me. An adrenaline drip to the mind, in a way. Perhaps an odd reaction to stress, emotional pain, etc. but a veritable reaction nonetheless. Melancholy motivation... who knew.
The way down can be another story. Sometimes it’s liberating—ripping skins off in the alpine peels the thoughts away, sparking a brief pursuit of presence in smooth arcs downhill. Other times a sour mood scares the hell out of me: my risk threshold skyrockets while my rational perception of environment and conditions plummets—not an ideal combination in the backcountry. (These are the revelations of hindsight, of course—I can’t claim such awareness in the moment.)
Some people fight (or at least try to ignore) days like these; I’ve learned to shrug and own up to them. Stress, emotional turmoil, heartache, confusion—it’s human. It’s worth acknowledging you’re in an odd headspace before you set off into consequential terrain, but it doesn’t have to keep you from touring. In fact, I find skiing therapeutic. But in any situation, be it skiing or going into the office for a 9-5, you need to understand how emotions affect decision making. We’re emotional decision makers after all; few of us are truly rational.
It’s best to surround yourself with people—most backcountry partners (or work colleagues) will tell me when I’m being rash; but the good friends strike a helpful balance—they let me trundle along in my own world, stepping in only when consequential decisions are to be made, letting me sort through my thoughts and emotions in the best way I know—one step after another, uphill.
Riders of the Storm.
It seems to snow a lot up in Canada, the boys drove up to take a look.
#chowder #spraylords #liveskirepeat #upincanada #Iheartfaceshots #stokens
Gostaria de VIVER e TRABALHAR no Canadá?🤔
Diversas regiões no país estão precisando de mão de obra em vários níveis.😉
Entre em contato, nós podemos te ajudar!👍
💟Nos siga no Instagram: @terryferreiraassociates
💟Curta nossa página no Facebook: @terryferreiraCANADA
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Exploring the surrounding of Callaghan Peak. Perfect snow and weather for the bird to fly! #anotherbestday 
Would you spend a night here?
Jumping to conclusions
Is there any more idyllic winter scene than the river or creek winding its way through pillows of piled snow?
#northwestnature by @junifyh
Sunny Days 😎 #snowboarding 📽 @dougiesharpe
Team Bernie conquers Canada 🇨🇦
thank u
Found a random cat at the park that kept following me😻
Can all Mondays be like this?
doing the things. 
35mm/ can’t remember
Top 5 sweaty palm moments. 
We aren’t necessarily scared of heights, but overlooking this beam definitely made us pinch a quarter. Anyone else been in this position? 😂
The strongest tree in the forest is not the one that is protected from the storm and hidden from the sun. It is the one that stands in the open where it is compelled to struggle for its existence against the winds and rains and the scorching sun.
📸 @powdermatt •
#giro #girosnow #seevivid •
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You got any hay puns before I bale out?
white ferrari, good times
Do you remember when you were a child and you harnessed that childlike wonder when the snow would fall from the sky?
The excitement that came from piles of snow blanketing your whole world. I can remember wanting to build the biggest snowman in the world, and I would spend hours out in the snow trying to do just that.
For many years as a older teenager and adult, I let that childlike wonder disappear... I let it be overtaken by a stress, a worry, and a frustration. Snow became something that would hinder my life, cancel my plans, and get me stuck in the worst situations.
I truly started to dislike snow, and only could appreciate it if I had the option to drive to it. And I probably to this day would have still been feeling all these feelings, and more... if it wasn't for a sweet little human who entered my life just 4.5 years ago and reminded me of that childlike wonder I have within myself.
Any time I start to feel a lack of enjoyment to snow, I just have to spend a minute with my daughter to be reminded of the joy, the laughter and the play for hours upon hours that filled my days when the snow would fall.
#playmore #childlike #childlikewonder #getoutside #stressless #motheringintheraw #documentingmydays #raisingconsciousness #raisingwilds
Sizi Edmonton’dan Kelowna’ya gotureyim :)
Walking into work on Monday like @whiskeytahoe. Photo: @bradslackphoto. #arcteryx
Happy Family Day! We sure had a great day with our 'local family' yesterday.
Happy President’s Day Weekend! The holiday that nobody knows what it means, where ski town locals complain about crowds and tourists get their AWD SUV’s stuck in snowy ditches. Let’s party!
"Pessimism leads to weakness, optimism to power."⁣ -William James⁣
#wdom #monday #takeabiteoutoflife #malinois #workingdog #dog #k9 ⁣#getsome #tcb ⚡️ #thinlinemedia #workingdogmagazine⁣
#photo: @brenthemalinois⁣
life changing @revelstoke
Goin up
10cm over hard windslab... Careful with the knuckle dragging @marxkarkis 👊  #drought
Hope you’re feelin’ 22, Happy Birthday. Thanks for letting me celebrate with you for another year. I love you always❣️
The goat meat is all gone but the memory is still fresh! Can’t wait for spring to start getting after 2019! #MountainGoat #MountainGoatMonday #BC #Archery #BowHunting #BowHunter #Kifaru #KUIU #Bowtech #WildPlaces #GSCO #WSF #RMGA #GoatAlliance
Suicidal pictures from the other day.....😩🥶❄️🤦🏽‍♀️...
Powder highway.
Only came at you with this like 6 days later. I know I keep saying I’m gonna post more and then like not doing it but I promise this is actually the last time. Anyways tho I guess it’s kind of appropriate that I’m posting this in between snowfalls. I understand that the lack of snowfall makes it not worth it to buy the appropriate amount of snow removing trucks however we did get our ass kicked and looked really goddamn dumb like 2 years ago so. Like honestly I wasn’t even in town for half of the snow and all I was getting was messages of people asking me to comment on it. Cmon guys I mean like u buy them once and ur good for quite a while. I feel the government probably should’ve learned their lesson after letting the exact same thing happen with the forest fires. Cmon Bruh. Absolutely crazy. Lmao. Tag a meme connoisseur. #hardforbc
Winter adventures with @jasmine.lorimer 
Video by @braedin #beingkashmiri 
Song: whole heart - @gryffinofficial
I like adventuring almost as much as my sled liked that tree;)
Perfect day to boss up.
The risk that a photographer takes 😱🙃
Tag a friend who wants to be a photographer 👌🏽🔥
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🎥 Video: @keatonharaga

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Back on the grid after 2 weeks at @sorcererlodge . So many good times, great turns and amazing people it’s hard to know where to begin. Here’s a shot of @laurieblock leading the charge past the Little Matterhorn on the Perfect Peak tour to whet your appetite for all things Sorcerer...
Hey moms, do you ever feel like you need eyes in the back of your head?! I know I do! 
Get peace of mind with the @panasoniccanada Long Range Baby Monitor. You get up to 1,500 feet of secure, interference-free long-range coverage which means you can watch them clearly on the 3.5" monitor while they sleep. #momwin

Head over to my stories to see what other cool features the Panasonic Baby Monitor has to offer:) What do you look for when purchasing a monitor? Is it camera quality? Long-range coverage? Let me know in the comments!

Available for purchase at, and the Panasonic eStore ( and it’s on sale for only $149 from Feb 15-Mar 7! #sponsored #panasonicbaby
Throw back to this young pupper playing in the deep snow!
📸 @viktoriahaack 
| SOUL CALLING🔮 : awakening of inner purpose, to deliver unique gifts to the world |
It’s taken me 30 whole years to WAKE UP to what soul calling even means. I’ve always been super intuitive, little did I know. But when I got that “gut feeling” I went with it. That was my intuition speaking. I recieved signs from above for years, without ever taking notice. I’ve always had a love for animals. Dogs & horses really stole my heart. But as I got older, my intuition & empath heart GREW- so did my love for these animals.
I suppose I got the message from the Universe that I was meant to be a CARETAKER. To give back through some form of human connection & healing abilities, which led me to becoming a Registered Nurse. I think the Universe was giggling above knowing that Nursing WASN’T my master plan. But it was a necessary part of my journey. As I closed the door to Nursing, the door to Entrepreneurship opened. Helping women globally in so many ways.
When I was asked to take on Goldie girl here, I couldn’t say no. I knew I was combining my unique gifts of: compassion, caregiving, nursing skills for her 4 year old leg wound, & simply GIVING BACK my time, energy, resources & LOVE to her... & the Universe.
What I didn’t put together right away, was that I was getting CLOSER to my soul calling. I was put on this earth to HELP & to HEAL. Humans & Animals. Not in the way that I first expected, but in much BIGGER ways. Sometimes it even scares me, but I KNOW it’s what i’m here to do. I’ve been getting subtle hints from the Universe lately that I’m on the right track & subtle shoves in the right direction. I know it’s right because it scares & excites me all at the same time. I truly feel like THIS is just the beginning.
When you awaken to your inner purpose. When you pay attention to the signs of the Universe. When you provide your unique gifts to the world. You’re aligning with your SOUL PURPOSE. There’s nothing more beautiful than that.
What is YOUR Soul Purpose!👇🏼
Northern Hawk launches from a branch to perch onto a post for a different hunting view with hopes to catch a vole 🦉 🐭 🇨🇦
Cat-yaking on Kennedy Lake near Tofino. I traveled with this cat a lot before he disappeared. He followed me everywhere. I hate to admit that I forget his name. It was a very common name – Grigri or Tigris. But, anyway, he was a good cat.

Hi, @benoit_paille here. My biography is way too complicated to share, but I’m happy to present my series of ironic animal photos. //
Kayak avec un mousse félin sur le lac Kennedy, près de Tofino. Je me suis beaucoup promené avec ce chat avant qu’il disparaisse. Je regrette d’avoir à avouer que j’ai oublié son nom. Quelque chose de très commun, genre Grigri ou Tigris. Peu importe, c’était un bon chat.

Salut, c’est @benoit_paille, j’ai une biographie beaucoup trop compliquée pour être partagée, mais par contre ça fait plaisir de présenter ma série de photos animalières ironiques. 📷 @benoit_paille
Some air miles on the rental. Since the 850 blew up and destroyed the chain case. Borrowed a 9 year old kids 146 and sent it with stock suspension 😬  @riderz_edson @enzoracingcanada @509inc @marlon_products @atlasbrace @iceage @specialty_motorsports  @rpmpowersports @stealthgraphicsco @alpyneapparel  #strattyoilfieldrentals #kevsshed 📸 @curtis_fellows for the pic and the sled lol and the 2 hours of full throttle towing my 850 home.
Hot springs in beautiful British Columbia ❄️Photo by of @angelaliggs
Smiling because it’s a three day weekend and I can sleep in tomorrow 🤩 Do you have tomorrow off? ✨ #liketkit
Been getting lots of rad pictures up in the mountains but this one has to be my favorite.

Where's you favorite place to hike?
February subscriptions featured our slick Classic Fly Sticker ☝️😁
It's always awesome seeing our stickers adorning trusty fly fishing rigs and tackle boxes. Each month our subscription plans feature a high-quality vinyl sticker that exudes fishy awesomeness. Try one of our subscriptions today for less than 10 bucks!
Artwork by the uber-talented @wildflies_kathrynshaw
The petition already has reached into the thousands of signatures now!⁣
*Click link in @narcitycanada bio for more info!⁣
Article by @allysha8h⁣
Cover photo by mdominguezfoto via @unsplash
Humpback Breaching time - 🐬🐳📸 Breaching and lunging is a common behavior among humpback whales, and witnessed with ooohs and aaahs by whale watchers. In fact, it is what most whale watchers hope to see. Breaching whales emerge with great power from the water, to slap back down with a loud boom. There are a good number of theories about why humpback whales and other marine mammals breach. ⠀⠀ @lindaloo7474 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
✅ @MMREnthusiasts ✅ - Bringing you amazing moments of marine mammals
▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
#humpbackwhales #humpbackwhale #humpbacks #humpback #marinemammals #whalewatching ⠀
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How many goats can you spot? Image by @ianharlandphoto #ImagesofCanada

Selected by @jayeffex
This weekend was warm enough to do some installs 🎉 looking forward to having all of our goodies from @quadratec on our Jeep, front and back bumper done 👏 #summitoverlandca #quadratec #bumpers #parts #jeep #equipped #adventurerig #offroad #overland #4wd #4x4 #madeforadventure #sundayfunday #4wdrivecanada
@flyfishingfilmtour Behind The Lens: Alignment
“We posted up in northern British Columbia all winter, it’s a pretty ideal place for steelhead and for snowboarding. We definitely found steelhead for sure, but the reality of winter steelhead fishing is, it’s brutal. Especially up in the north. And it’s cold, your guides and your reels are frozen all the time. You do much more just being in the environment than actually catching fish, and really it’s not about the act of catching and holding a fish – that’s just a bonus. It’s more about just being out there and getting to experience where these fish live.” We sit down with the legendary @ejackshreds to talk about his latest film, playing on the big screen now with @flyfishingfilmtour.
[LINK IN BIO] for our full interview with Eric!
Angler: @curtisciszek 
Photo: @darcybacha 
Video: @vantagedigitalmedia 
#Flylords #Flyfishing #Fishing #Snowboarding #Alignment
how are you when the sun sets?
I have some exciting news, I'm selling prints! This feels like the first real step towards making something out of photography. Its exciting, but at the same time makes me a touch nervous for some reason. (Hence why this photo of driving into the unknown seemed suiting)
If you've ever wanted to buy a print, check out the link in my bio. I'll be adding more photos there over time, so if there are any photos of mine that aren't there, or want a photo in dimensions that aren't there, just let me know!
#WHPUpToMe #WHPFirstStep
me by jevon 
35mm/portra 400
Festive nights on the Capilano Suspension Bridge 🇨🇦💡Photo by @jamieout

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Nature & Her Sweet Tooth 🍭
Nicknamed the "Matterhorn of the Rockies" Mount Assiniboine is one of the most tasty peaks in North America and is located on the Great Divide between the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia.
We were having breakfast in @assiniboinelodge, situation totally normal, then suddenly the sun came up and kissed the mountain for the briefest of moments. I lept from my seat and caught these two in action just in time! I could almost taste the flavour the sun left on the face of the mountain...
#assiniboine #offgrid #mountain #sunrise #alpine #canada
One of my favourite places
Ivy’s @embarkvet breed results are finally in!
Here they are:
-52.0% Border Collie
-21.9% Australian Shepherd
-17.7% American Pit Bull Terrier
-8.4% American Eskimo Dog
We have always really wanted to know which breeds Ivy has in her. I was fully expecting the first two breeds to be in there but I never ever suspected either of the second two!
I couldn’t figure out why Ivy’s tail often curls, why her eyes are more round than almond shaped, why she doesn’t really shed or have much of an undercoat, why her fur is a bit shorter and thinner than I had expected it to grow in, and why she’s a bit smaller than the breeds she most resembles.
I’m not sure what else to say about the results. I think I’m still trying to process them and look for traits in her that make the results make sense to me. I would really love to hear what you all think!
The code PUPFLUENCE can be used to save $10.
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Pre-dawn blues 💙💜
The moments before sunrise are my favourite - the anticipation, curiosity, and awe as the darkness slips away and the scene is revealed in all its glory. There is a new day ahead, fresh and untracked, and there are possibilities that have yet to be discovered.
#themountainsarecalling #sharecangeo #longexpohunter #longexpoelite #longexposure_shots #exploreourearth #formatthitech #wildernessculture
Mentally here, physically at home in sweatpants 💤
filmed a couple nutrition videos to my IGTV this weekend (in my story highlights) where I show how to make a yummy energizing first meal of the day + discussing a controversial topic.. that personally I've had positive benefits after using! Hope you enjoy these little vids 😊
ps cable only leg / glute workout coming up tomorrow, it's gonna be a GOOD start of the week fam 🙏🏼 luv you all so much
CON LA NIEVE HASTA LAS RODILLAS! así sigue la cosa por aquí y nosotros mientras trabajando duro 💪 para en cuanto podamos... volar! 🚐💨
Y precisamente os estamos preparando un artículo sobre CÓMO CONSEGUIR LA VISA DE TRABAJO EN CANADÁ que nos permite estar un año #traviajando por aquí. 🇨🇦
. 👉Estad atentos que os lo anunciaremos muy pronto 👈
#invierno #Canada #nieve #winter #snow #frío #cold #viajar #vivirviajando #travel #traviajar
I love me some heel toe action... next step is to lock down the quick quad!
#bassdrum #heeltoe #oractice #drums #drumeo #drummer
This was no doubt the best trip of my life! Thank you @austensweetin and the amazing @quiksilver crew for letting me come be apart of something special! Swipe for epic pow shot❤️ #ygsnow #jiggyworldwide #itsfalcontime #jiggyflip 
p: @chadchomlack
Bringing new meaning to ‘lapping lifts’
We’re open through April. Link in bio to be here
📸 @garberchristoph
Fairy Tale 🌿😍
L o c a t i o n :- British Columbia
I m a g e - S o u r c e :- @Fototripper
All Copyrights Belong To Photographer.Please Visit Owner's Gallery For More Such Photos - Contact Owner For Any Queries
Lets Experience The Most 
Unexplored Region Of The 
Earth - You Can Also 
Be a Part Of  Our Journey
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Not much dust on the trails today, once you get a good moto rut going she’s mint |
📸 @neve_abraham1 
#justagoodtime #chromagbikes #pembylife
Happy World Whale Day! Here’s an oldy but a goody of a mother and calf humpback whale hugging a kelp forest in BC. The whales try to keep close to the shore and the kelp and avoid deep water, because in deep water they are easier prey for killer whales. #worldwhaleday 🐋🐳
#wildlifeaddicts #wildlifevideo #wildlifephoto #planet_of_animals #wildlifeonearth #wildlife_seekers #animalsaddict #instaanimal #wildlifeplanet #igcswildlife #wildlife_perfection #exclusive_animals #wildlifephotography #anmlsworld #animalworld #animalofinstagram #awesomeglobe #williamdrumm #wildlife #animallover #drone #dji #jre #vancouver #bc #animalelite #canada
Wintery Mix - British Columbia.
My Italian beauty during our #backroadsofbc tour with the most amazing guide ever, Alan @rmabtc  who took us to some stunning locations on and offroad!  Besides being an exceptional guide, he is also extremely well versed on setting up offroad motorcycles.  Cheryl @beastrider_111 and I had an experience that will last a lifetime.  Give Alan a shout, you won't be disappointed!!!! #nowrongturn #advmotomag #ridetogetherstaytogether #bucketlist #rmabtc #multistradatravel #TheWildSideofDucati #upshift_online
This is one of the cheapest flights you can get to BC this year!⁣
*Click link in @narcitycanada bio to get the deal! ✈️⁣
Article by @miashabsove⁣
Cover photo by Daniel Shumny via @dreamstime
Northern Hawk Owl 🦉 🇨🇦
Grab your bucket list and be sure to add a visit to Emerald Lake, British Columbia, Canada to it. Cozy cabins along the alpine lake await you! Who’s in? 🇨🇦 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️
Cabin: @emeraldlakelodge 📸: @earth.superior -
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💯Exploring BC by air with @fursty.
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Rediscovering the magic of winter ❄️ Yesterday my students asked to go outside early to play in the snow. They slid down snow hills and I caught snowflakes with a few of them. The snowflakes we caught were some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen! It made this long winter a bit more magical ✨❄️ #liketkit
Dreaming of the mountains. Who wants to go?
Valentines has passed but you can still share the love of AIReal Yoga by becoming an AIReal Yoga Instructor! Check out these photos from our teacher training with Haven Yoga! •
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When you pull the recovery rope out of the bag, you can’t help but stare. We can’t wait to try it out the question is will it be in mud or snow? #summitoverland #saberoffroad #saber #getstuck #recoverygear #essentials #offroad #overland #4wd #4x4 #kineticrecoveryrope #mudding #snowwheeling
Throwback dirt spine clip with @anthonymessere 🤣🚂🌋📱@antonthelander
If love can fade ... so can the pain 🖤♠️
Late nights and early mornings 😴  #pipelining #tieins
Last turn of the day for @jeff_ashton97 last winter.
film is not dead and @judiannegrace knows it
All along the Pacific Coast, life has relied on herring for thousands of years. Archaeological records from up to 10,700 years ago show incredible abundances, and herring bones have been found consistently in ancient village sites from Puget Sound to Alaska. At the beginning of next month, @fisheriesoceanscan is allowing over 20,000 tons of herring to be removed from the Salish Sea - that's approximately 130 million herring. This number could feed 100 humpback whales all summer, or up to 900,000 10lb Chinook for a year.

If DFO is trying to save Southern Residents, how can they allow this amount of Chinook prey to be removed to feed farmed fish, aquariums, and livestock? If fisheries management is so good, why is there only one viable commercial herring fishery left? Let's not let Jonathan Wilkinson and Fisheries and Oceans allow herring to suffer the same fate as Atlantic cod, which "sustainably managed" to virtual extinction.

Sign the petition to suspend the Georgia Strait fishery at the link in our bio under "Speak Up for Pacific Herring - Petition". And look out for more actions to take for this #BIGLittleFish next week.

Happy #WorldWhaleDay. 📽 @sealegacy

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Who else is missing wildflowers and long hikes in the mountains?
🗻kootenay national park🗻
in the shadows. 
120/ portra 400
Air to tree by @mikkel_bang
•Bright eyed and bushy tailed heading to the weekend! •
•We are headed out to Banff for camping and @cricketinthethicket’s birthday!👑🎉 happy birthday lil shiba! Can’t wait to freeze all weekend in the mountains with you 😆❄️
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The best views come after the hardest hikes🏔️⠀
📸 @brendanpaton
Weekends are made for walking. Have a great one out there and play safe. Make sure to check the @avalanchecanada for conditions and weather.

📷: @lifewithelliott 
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My little brother doing a back flip out of a helicopter. (Look close!)🤘
Snow face!!! ⛄️ Check out my main account @viktoriahaack for an image of Jack tonight!
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Some warm light for you on a cold winter’s day....
What you’ll find us doing this weekend. Anyone else?
Photo by @errincasa and @braybraywoowoo
Despite my new @ezlynk with @ppei_tuning, I still don't get anywhere fast. Pull over here for a picture, pull over there to enjoy the view. But isn't that what life is about, enjoying the journey not the destination?

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I want sleep in tent on this beautiful place 💙 is British columbia on your bucket list ?❤
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Some roads are just amazing 🛣️
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BC is home to one of the wildest places on Earth—at over six million hectares (16 million acres), the Great Bear Rainforest is the world’s largest coastal temperate rainforest. Follow the story of a Spirit Bear in the @macfreefilms IMAX film, Great Bear Rainforest, a film directed by award-winning storyteller @iantmcallister and narrated by BC’s own @vancityreynolds. Playing now in select theatres.
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What is the weather like where you live? ❄️
Photo by @zmelhus
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Jamie looks to be enjoying his new kitty.😺
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Northern Hawk Owl perched on the ground 🦉 🇨🇦
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@cycledog -  Happy Valentine's from two lovebirds, Bliss & Flash, an inseperable duo🥰💘
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Misty conditions always give me a feeling of wanderlust...
Photo by @masonstrehl
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⛰ Mountain Adventures ⛰
📍 British Columbia
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Love yourself first. 
The rest will fall into place. Promise. 
It’s the only way. 
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@shuffy_whips with this early season capture 🤘


💙 Happy Valentine’s Day 💙
📍 Golden Ears Provincial Park, British Columbia
🇨🇦 #bcisbeautiful // @dailyviewbc
📷 @emmett_sparling
Perfectly still alpine nights are the best for stargazing 🇨🇦
Who would you do this with?
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In an instant I remembered everything
It’s always fun getting out to new places in my own area. Feeling the spray and hearing the roar of a waterfall. Smelling the damp ground and lush greenery. Watching the cycle of nature in motion.
🎥 Video by @vprigollini
The rare and elusive kermode bear (Ursus americanus kermodei), also known as the spirit bear. It is a rare subspecies of the American black bear living in the Central and North Coast regions of British Columbia.
Location: Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia, Canada 🇨🇦