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C'è quel tipico clima che ti pizzica il naso,
c'è quel freddo che ti fa imbacuccare dalla testa fino ai piedi,
c'è quel gelo che ti fa sbucare fuori solo con gli occhi..
Ecco come proteggere quel sottile strato di pelle così tanto delicato?
Con il nuovissimo #YOUTHDOSEEYETTEATMENT di @kiehlsitaly che funge da primer per il correttore levigando, illuminando e riducendo l'aspetto di rughe sottili e occhiaie in sole due settimane.
La mia dose di giovinezza con pro-retinolo, estratto di vinaccioli rossi e vitamina C è il mio alleato perfetto per attraversare il ponte di BROOKLYN sotto la neve..
#prodottofornitodakiehls #kiehlsitaly #skincare
NYC was dope as always🙏🏽
Bye New York see you next time👋🏼 now off to Berlin to celebrate a special someone’s birthday 😍
Love of my life. You touch her you die, you hurt her your generation suffer. Oh I swear, i’m not kidding.
Finally getting to do all the touristy things like watching the sunset on the Brooklyn Bridge
A little sick of the cold now.
BB bb
Forgive the people that did you wrong. They hurt you once; don't let them continue to hurt you. They can't stop your destiny unless you allow them to. You're not forgiving for their sake; you're forgiving for your sake. Pic by @anxonomoon
✅ First time and I’ve been in here years🙄🤷🏻‍♂️ ________________________________________
#BrooklynBridge #BKvibes #NYC #GoodVibesOnly
Brooklyn bridge 🌉 Um dos lugares mais lindos de Nova Iorque. 
A caminhada é longa, o vento é forte, mas o lugar é verdadeiramente mágico. 
Mais um registro lindo do meu amor, @higoralmeidaphoto ♥️ De @romariabh num look super clássico e elegante, em chamois. E a bolsa queridinha, @barbaravitalofficial #tb #nyc #nyfw #brooklynbridge #travel #newyork
el detrás de camara es q el viento se llevo mi guante y se cayó del puente :/
Imma love you differently I’ll give you electricity ⚡️💫
Thank you , next 🗽 
BRooklyn BRidge BRaaAag!!
City that never sleeps
New York City....Childhood dream finally came true...Can’t stop smiling here 😁
Toby is all set for the weekend, hoping to find a wonderful adopter 🤞🏽 He’s a male Jindo/Shiba Inu mix at 5 months old and weighs about 30 pounds. He’s friendly, mellow, and loves people!  He and his family were rescued from a dog meat farm by a very loving and kind vet. He’s from the same litter as Scout (@scoutthescooter), Ona (@onameetsworld), and Happy (@happy_themush). They’ve all found loving forever homes and now it’s Toby’s turn. Please consider adopting Toby 🐶
You can meet Toby at our back to back adoption events this weekend:

Saturday, February 16th
Bushwick Bark on Irving (heated tent event)
181 Irving Ave
Brooklyn, NY

Sunday, February 17th *if not adopted on saturday
Café Bark 
833 West 181st Street
Hudson Heights, NY
12pm – 3pm
BE ADVISED: Korean K9 Rescue does local adoptions within a 30-mile radius of Brooklyn, New York. Beyond this distance, adoptions are handled on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us in advance to confirm if you are eligible/if the specific dog can be adopted outside of radius.
#jindo #shibainu #puppy #rescuedog #adoptdontshop #nycrescue #koreank9rescue #rescueismyfavoritebreed #showlovekorea #kk9r #everydogdeserveslove #hudsonheights #brooklyn #adoptme #adopt #adoptmeplease
blow me some wind for the picture 🌬🌉
#pictures 💎
A @nypd officer guarding the Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, 1900's. - When the Brooklyn Bridge first opened, it cost a penny to cross by foot, 5 cents for a horse and rider and 10 cents for a horse and wagon. Farm animals were allowed at a price of 5 cents per cow and 2 cents per sheep or hog. Under pressure from civic groups and commuters, the pedestrian toll was repealed in 1891. The roadway tolls were then rescinded in 1911 with the support of New York Mayor William J. Gaynor.
My dreams guide me 🌉❤️
Cue the Sex in the City theme song please ☁️
🍂One of my favorite places 🍂
What I’ve learned on this trip is that my accent is much stronger than I thought #missippi
Chorando nas fotos que o @bryantrindade fez na Brooklyn bridge, obrigada de mais por ter topado passar frio lá em cima
Sunset on The City 🌆
a hybrid cable-stayed/suspension bridge - that’s what it is 😜
(No había paciencia para dejar que pase la gente)
SLP #뉴욕스냅 
10:00AM 촬영시작_날씨는 ☁️⠀ ⠀

맛집/명소 등 다양한 뉴욕여행정보는 ‘SLP 뉴욕스냅’ 네이버 블로그를 검색해주세요!
🗽2019년 할인 이벤트 안내🎉
주중(월~금)촬영 : 사진 패키지 전 품목 25%할인!! 영상 패키지 전품목 10%할인!!! ⠀
small girl Big apple💗🍎
• We build too many walls and not enough bridges." – Isaac Newton •
#NewYork conquistou meu coração ! ♥️
Me deixem aqui, não quero mais ir embora. Ontem teve baladão rs, aniversário da @parishilton quem viu nos stories ? Conclusão que eu cheguei : Tô veeiaaaaaa acabada, foi legal a experiência, Paris não me doou nenhuma bolsinha e agora to no chão kkkkk #socorr. Ph @dihromero
“I’m not a businessman. I’m a business, man” - Jay Z
#officeoftheday #NYC
You look out your window, you see the lights and the skyline, people on the street rushing around looking for action, love, money or the worlds greatest hot dog and my heart just explodes with happiness.. #nyc #newyork 🍎✌🏼
Is missing NYC even a thing; or is that just me ?!? I miss the vibes I miss the people I miss the rush, maybe some shopping too.. 🛍🏙🍎
A lot of y’all have been asking about this coat, it’s @pologeorgis 🖤 They absolutely saved me this fashion week and I always love their cool and unique style! #liketkit #ltkNYFW #pologeorgis #nyfw #NYFWxHer
#FridayVibes ⚡️ No matter how hard and challenging life may get at times, always show up consistently with a positive outlook! 😁 #BrooklynBridge #NYC #NYFW
When life imitates emoji: 🌇
#BKBridge #NYCLife #NYCViews #GoldenHour #MagicHour #Bloomingdales
February 15th // I see stars & painted lines
Rubbing alcohol for the outside problems, consuming alcohol for the inside ones 🍾
You have no idea how happy I am to be here. Feels like I lived here before in my past life..❤️ #hellobrooklyn
👑 Find Another Bitch To Disappoint.... I’m Busy 👑 #CR👑WNEDRELOADED #April7th Loading .......
We 💛 NY :)
Can anyone guess my favorite color atm 😎
Just chill😊🌉
Gente, desculpa eu tenho muita foto pra postar
Unsunny... still bright.
📷: @dcakey
Por si, con las 2874 fotos que ya he colgado, alguien no se habia enterado que he estado en NY 🌉👩🏼‍🦰
Le long week-end qui commence. ☀️✨
I’m a New Yawkaaa
jc, you?
Another ✔️ on the Bucket list 🏙🗽 (swipe for a surprise 🤫)
New York, i love you ♥️🇺🇸 #newyork #nyfw #brooklynbridge
Live for the moments you can’t put into words 💋🇺🇸 Wünsche euch ein schönes Wochenende! 🥰
Das letzte Bild mit @anajohnson und ihrer Mähne 🤫
Просто счастливы. Просто вместе. ❤️
Broken bottles in the hotel lobby, seems to me like I'm just scared of never feeling it again. I know it's crazy to believe in silly things, but it's not that easy.
But I've got high hopes, it takes me back to when we started. High hopes, when you let it go, go out and start again. High hopes, when it all comes to an end, but the world keeps spinning around.
it just wasn’t valentine’s day idk what that’s was my half birthday
Brooklyn Bridge <3 Swipe right for my after-credits after trying my best not to laugh!
The weather is just as predictable as my work day. I'll wear this raincoat and know I’m covered throughout day. -
The weight of the @privatehitevc Ventile Mac 3.0 makes it easy to layer up and travel with too. #privatewhitevc #ad
day 3📍
The Brooklyn Bridge is a hybrid cable-stayed/suspension bridge in New York City. It connects the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn, spanning the East River. The Brooklyn Bridge has a main span of 1,595.5 feet (486.3 m) and a height of 276.5 ft (84.3 m) above mean high water. 
#atamagazine #newyork #brooklynbridge
A cigar is as good as memories that you have when you smoked it.
TGIF! NYC tomorrow to visit the big sis! ❤️🥰
who you are is far more important then what you have
Estaría bien besarnos una vez, y otra vez...
Отличная история🇺🇸
“Я хочу на Brooklyn bridge”📝
Гулять по Нью-Йорку, что может быть лучше? Сделаем вид, что ничего. Поэтому берём рюкзак 7кг (техника для съемки) и отравляемся в прогулку. Туда обратно 23 км. Хорошее кардио.🏃‍♂️
Берём с собой все, что нужно: коптер, Камеру, объективы, зарядный блок(разряженный), телефон (разряженный)
И надеемся, что все получится, что планировалось. Но дрон заряжен, а телефон нет, закат уже на горизонте и значит мы уже никуда не полетим.❌ косяк
На мосту холоднее, чем казалось, значит, нужно пойти согреться? Но все кафе заняты влюблёнными, ведь на дворе Valentin’s day❌ а там где было место ,были условия: special menu 105$ for person😂 разумеется нет❌ в общем гулять это всегда весело, историй будет много ещё 😂я обещаю🙏📸📝
А пока помогите мне❗️🍿
Куда смотреть? В камеру или в даль😂📸 жду советов.
#Brooklyn #brooklynbridge #usa #photo #manhattan #sun
sous le soleil de Brooklyn
30 ans et 1 semaine.⠀
New York ... j’ai toujours eu une affection particulière pour cette ville. Avant même de la découvrir pour la première elle faisait déjà battre mon cœur. Il n’y avait pas meilleur lieux pour moi pour passer le cap de la trentaine. À chaque voyage j’en découvre d’avantage, mais j’ai toujours cette impression d’être chez moi. La ville qui ne dort jamais ne cessera jamais de me surprendre et de m’émerveiller ✨⠀
Quel endroit vous donne le même sentiment ?⠀
30 years and 1 week.⠀
New York ... I have always had a special affection for this city. Before even discovering it for the first time, New York was already making my heart beat. There was no better place for me to start my thirties. With every trip I discover more, but I always feel like home. The city that never sleeps will never stop surprising me and marveling me ✨⠀
Which place gives you the same feeling?⠀
Brooklyn baby
escorada aqui pensando nos lanche 🍔
Проявка пленки в наше время🎞
Качество фотолабораторий Нью Йорка меня не особо устраивало, поэтому в этот раз, я решила подойти глобально к вопросу: «Где же эта фотолаборатория моей мечты?»
В Юте блин!
Да я отравляю свои пленки в штат Юта.
Заполняю специальный бланк, где указываю абсолютно все, включая какую обработку я хочу (тёплую, нейтральную, холодную), качество сканирования и отправку обратно негативов.
Фотолаборатория проявляет, сканирует и ключевое, обрабатывает, в течении 7 рабочих дней. То есть тот цвет который вы видите на моих фото делаю не я, и вы не представляете в каком я восторге от него!
Это действительно то, что я искала!
По сути я плачу деньги и жду мучительные 7 рабочих дней в ожидании своих кадров.
Проявка, сканирование, обработка - это все головная боль фотолаборатории!
Как вы уже поняли, минус этой фотолаборатории - время ожидание (ведь по мимо времени обработки пленки ещё включается время доставки 3-4 дня до Юты). Для меня это очень долго, но вот почему они делают все так круто, что я не могу от них отказаться?!
До того как я получаю все кадры, мне присылают samples (несколько примеров), чтобы я подтвердила все ли меня устраивает.
И вишенкой на торте становиться их рецензия, где они подробно расписывают что было хорошо снято, а над чем надо поработать и как это сделать.
Это ли ни чудо для новичка!
Пометочка #1
Так делают не все фотолаборатории. В основном они просто проявляют и сканируют при чем достаточно быстро.
Пометочка #2
Этот кадр фотолаборатория так и не смогла понять как я его сделала, решили что мультиэкспозиция!
Эх знали бы они, что это отражение в телефоне, который пришлось высунуть перед мостом через решётку и дрожащими руками нажать на кнопку затвора, без единого понятия получилось там что-то или нет!
35 mm of my life🎞
Film: kodak porta 400
Camera: Canon EOS 3
Our last few hours in NY were pure magic and bone cuttingly cold 😂❤️ @iulia_matei
🤷🏼‍♀️🌉 #brooklynbridge #newyork #winter #memories
If you’ve been following my NY journey the last few days, you know that you’re auntie went on a date on Monday! We went to lunch, and later that evening, took an Uber to the Brooklyn Bridge (he also became my temporary photographer and snapped this photo of me; yes, I’m that person who makes my dates take my IG photos 😂😭🤣)! I had a fantastic time with the young man and we even met up for breakfast the following day to hang out one last time before I left. :
With all that being said, I would be remiss if I didn’t share some dating/safety advice with my favorite nieces and nephews! As your virtual auntie it’s part of my job to protect you. I want y’all to have fun, but I also want y’all to be safe (especially if you’re dating in another city/state/country). I don’t give a damn how good the chemistry is between you and another man/woman; you still need to recognize that you’re going out with a stranger. And please understand that your auntie does NOT have a particular set of skills 😂, so if you go missing, I won’t be coming for ya lol 😂. Anyways, here are some of my safety tips for women AND men: :
1. Share with (at least) one friend where you’re planning to meet up. If you change locations, update them on your whereabouts. If you don’t have friends, send me your location (I’m serious). :
2. If you have a picture of the man/woman you’re going out with (via social meeting or dating apps) send it to a friend. You don’t have to send a collage lol; just a few photos to identify your date. :
3. Please watch your drink(s). One of my friends was slipped a date rape drug a few years ago, so I take this very seriously. It’s getting trickier to detect these types of drugs, but as a rule of thumb, I walk to the bar with my date. :
4. Listen to your gut. If something feels off, politely excuse yourself and go home. Don’t worry about upsetting your date. Your safety is top priority. :
5. You don’t have to follow this rule, but I never allow my date to pick me up on a first date. I feel uncomfortable sharing personal information like my home/hotel address with someone I don’t fully know. I always meet up at an agreed location and take it from there.
spent Valentine’s Day doing the most touristy stuff with bae in NYC. He arrived yesterday and it’s his 1st time here so he keeps saying “WOW!” at like everything- even as he took this photo 😂🥰
—El mejor álbum que ha existido. ¿No sabes cuál es?
—No no.
—Buah… Bob Marley. Tenía una idea, era, una idea más propia de un virólogo. El creía que se podía curar el racismo y el odio, curarlo, literalmente, inyectando música y amor en las vidas de la gente. Un día, cuando iba a tocar en un concierto por la paz, unos matones se presentaron en su casa, y le pegaron un tiro. Dos días más tarde, se subió al escenario, a cantar. Alguien le preguntó que por qué, a lo que respondió: “Los que intentan hacer de este mundo un lugar peor no se toman ningún día libre… ¿Por qué iba a hacerlo yo?"
Hay que iluminar la oscuridad.
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Enjoyed NYC with Max beautiful on top of the Brooklyn Bridge. ❤😘 @maxangel_live Be sure to visit his You Tube channel for his latest music video's. Max is wearing a sportcoat @bensonandcherry & Samantha is wearing decjubua slouchy tee & ripped knee jeans @decjubakids #maxangel #thevoice #talented #singersongwriter #malefashion #teengirl #teenfashionista #fashionblogger_de #fashionphotography #teeninfluencer #brooklynbridge #nycfashion #tigerbeatnow #followmyfashion #followmystyle #followmyinstagram
feliz cumpleanos a muller da miña vida, vales de pai de nai e de todo o que te propoñas, adoroche❤️
Doing it for the gram....freezing my a$$ off in 20 degree weather 🥶 but all smiles and short sleeves here!....#nyfw #nyfw2019
Wanna shop my #nyfw look? Head over to the app and follow me {PEPLUMNBUBBLEGUM} or 
Screenshot this pic with the app  #LTKunder50 #LTKunder100 #LTKstyletip #liketkit
Me posing for a pic on the Brooklyn Bridge vs me getting embarrassed cause i can’t take myself serious
we build too many walls and not enough bridges
Tortoiseshell on the Brooklyn bridge 🌉 my tieks took me to see Billy Joel last night at MSG! We had the most amazing time 🎶
#tieks #tiekslife #tiekslove #tieksdaily #tieksblueprints #bluebottoms #tieksobsessed #tieksthattravel #tieksbygavrieli #tieksinthewild #shoefie #tieksaddict #ootd #tiekoftheday #brooklynbridge #nyc #nycstyle #tortoiseshelltieks
Hoy nada va a poder conmigo😏🙌🏻
Seguimos de turisteo, este puente es mítico, te recuerda a tantas peliculas😍🙊 Hoy nos toca museos, vamos a aprovechar al máximo que solo nos quedan 2 días de disfrutar y volver a Madrid!🥺Disculpad que no os haga mucho caso pero entre el cambio de hora y las vacas no tengo tiempo de mucho ¡La semana que viene si que si!🙏🏻 Happy weekend!🤟🏻😘
The greatest gift of life is a good friendship 💕🇺🇸 #nyfw #brooklynbridge #girlspower photo by @dearleaderjoe
Todos tenemos tiempo para lo que tenemos ganas #newyork #newyorkcity #brooklyn #brooklynbridge
Polaroids from New York. @dvf @dior #nellieatnyfw
Nueva York. EE.UU.
Las vistas desde Brooklyn del puente y el skyline de Nueva York son espectaculares. Y si a eso le añadimos la compañía perfecta, ¿qué más se puede pedir?
#wanderlust #travel #viaje #holidays #vacaciones #instatravel #travelgram #travelblogger #travellife #traveling #aroundtheworld #travelcouple #igtravel #viajando #pictureoftheday #travelingram #lovetravel #photo #travelphoto #instapassport  #instatraveling #traveltheworld #nuevayork #unitedstates #newyork #iamtb # #eeuu🇺🇸 #brooklynbridge #nyc #usa
In #newyork 👱🏻‍♀️
My last day in New York very well spent: 26k run🏃‍♂️ #gq #newyorkfashionweek #runningmotivation
This is the first time Devan has made an appearance on this insta page even tho we’ve been dating for six years lol!! (Since high school 😬) Happy Valentine’s Day! 💝
- 切~難怪打在臉上那麼痛🤣
Foodie PL2在雪景超適合的啦!
#cleoin紐約哈哈哈 #snow #snowingday #newyork #brooklynbridge
Our first Valentines Day together EVER! Unfortunately we weren’t on the Brooklyn Bridge today, nor at a fancy restaurant, nor did we leave the house.. Instead today Nicole took care of me as I cough and cough and laid in bed all day. If I can tell you one thing about Nicole is that she loves well. No matter what situation she is given she loves profusely! Today was an unforgettable rainy day that I will remember! It wasn’t an ideal Valentines, non the less it was an amazing one! I love you Nicole, thank you for loving me well! ❤️
brooklyn babies🍒
New City. Same boo. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love. ✨ @msaadalam
A balmy 22 degrees at the bridge when we went 🥶🥶 Another @renttherunway find ❤️
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As much as I like to think I’m pretty cool, calm & collected (I know, on what planet 😂), today this guy asked me to marry him by the Brooklyn bridge & im pretty sure it was quite the spectacle for onlookers 😂❤️
Pretty excited sums it up I think 🥳🥳
This outfit is from a couple days ago but it slaps for Valentine’s am I right? HVD and if I hear any of y’all get salty about being single i am fully prepared to roll my eyes back into my head until they don’t work no more. I mean we’re already halfway there #4eyes4life 💕💝💘 love u guys😻
N E W  Y O R K
♡ v ♡ .02 ♡ 14 ♡ 19
Selamat pagi buat yang rindu liburan...
Chupenmela con sus fotos de san valentin
momentos antes de quase ser atropelada por um ciclista pedalando agressivamente
My kind of Valentine’s exploring and falling in love with the big apple 🍎❤️ #HappyValentinesDay y’all xx
#newyorkcity #brooklynbridge #newyork #newyorktourism #newyorkpeople #ny #ilovenewyork #newyorktravel #brooklynbridgeig
He took me to NYC for Valentine’s Day so V Day is cancelled every year from now on because this is it folks
Flew to the Brooklyn Bridge on Valentine’s Day to “Spread Love, The Brooklyn Way.” #BrooklynBodyButter #SpreadLoveTheBrooklynWay #ThankYouBaby
LO SOOO🙈😂🍎🥰io sono Fatta COSI... a colori 🌈 🍎🇺🇸☘️adorable #instafood #bride #weddingdress #love #meteorgarden2018 #bride #ny #nycityworld #nycdotgram #love #friends #instafood
Here we are 🙋‍♂️🤷‍♀️🗽🇱🇷
#nyc #GoPro
Este 14 de Febrero ustedes son las personas a la que les doy mi corazón #shotoniphone #amoresamor ❤️ #netflixvalentine 📸 @armanrock
Happy Valentine's Day💝 
1? 2? 3? 4? 5? 6? 7? 
Which one? 
Какая больше нравится? 
#valentinesday #14february #NY #NYC #NYNY #LA #CALI #california #californiaadventure
My one and only 💘@waterstreetphantom 
Happy Love Day y'all! #valentinesday
Happy Valentine’s Day from me and mine, to you and yours 😘❤️😍 | #HappyValentinesDay #ValentinesDay #couple #love
Feliz Valentines suertudota!
Enojon, caballeroso, ranchero y celoso, que mas quieres chequetita! 😂 @marthasuch
Well let me tell you ... see that man behind me just looking like a straight up HATER?⁣
Yea ... people like him were the reason I’d never stop and take a picture like this back in the day.. ⁣
I never even wanted people to take pictures of me in public like that if people were around because I thought people would stare, or talk shit or think I’m conceited or what the heck ever ..⁣
But since this day, I have never seen this man again.. and you will never see these people again you’re afraid to shine your light around !⁣
The ultimate secret to alignment is saying YES to the things that feel good and fun and high vibe to you. ⁣
The things that truly feel good and feel at home!⁣
I wanted a lil hyphy picture on the Brooklyn Bridge so I did it! ⁣
I asked my boyfriend and his pops to take so many pictures of me in New York which was completely out of my comfort zone but I WANTED these pictures so I DID THE DAMN THING!⁣
(PS this is also why everyone thinks I live in NY but I actually live in Cali 🤟🏽)⁣
Though it was out of my conform zone - it felt GOOD and I was happy!! ⁣
It may seem like something little - but that’s EXACTLY where you need to start!⁣
Start saying YES to all the things that feel good in your body and your soul, YES to all the things you want to do as long as long as your intentions are good!⁣
Say it with me now: YES, YES, YES!!⁣
THAT is alignment and that is flow, sister!⁣
Say yes to YOU and own it! ⁣
There will alwayssss be haters, judgement, people who disagree or don’t believe in you...⁣
Efffff themmmmmmmm!⁣
Go after it- with everything you got and do it unapologetically... that’s the secret to living life in alignment! ⁣
So what are you saying YES to today??⁣

Brooklyn bridge, NYC 💙⚡
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The true happiness in life: to love and be loved💙
Happy Valentines Day🌷

Missing this handsome man extra today but so so thankful for all the love he gives me hundreds of miles apart💗

Love you lots @loganstrongarms 😊💕
If someone could build this bridge almost two centuries ago then you can easily build bridges between your hearts! Happy Valentine’s Day! 💌 photo by @a.englmann #nyclives
instagram vs real life waking up in ungodly hours with your better half for no particular reason edition. which one do you like? 🥰

happy valentines day @saucymew 🌹 spending the day at safari today reminds me of the time we planned our burning man trip before we set the wedding date and ended up in playa as our honeymoon. never a dull moment with you, 🖤 you to the moon and back. 🌙
This is all about... Happy Valentine my love @danielamtzse #myvalentines collect Moments all around the world #tomadaconhydrogen
NY you have my ♥️ #tbt #nyc #brooklynbridge
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! And to those who can’t spend it with your loved ones - I FEEL YOU! 🌍 It’s kinda hard not being able to spend days like that with the people you love but I truly believe if you can make it through an over 4000 miles distance for a while, you can literally make it through everything ❣️ #daydreamin #valentinesday
Самое любимое место на земле! Это я не про Нью-Йорк, а про твои объятья. Самое надежное и спокойное. Самая любимая улыбка- твоя! Самый родной смех, самые забавные шутки и интереснейшие истории- все ты! И пусть все меняется и мы меняемся, но всегда остаётся с нами то, как мы сплоченно через все проходим. Нам не так важно, что вокруг, нам важно что мы рядом. И я это в нас обожаю. Я обожаю нашу планету «мы». И пусть кто-то говорит, что праздновать любовь и признаваться друг другу в чувствах нужно каждый день, а не в особенный какой-то и игнорируют этот праздник. Но это не про меня, если есть повод праздновать любовь, по особенному сказать о своих чувствах, DO IT! В мире столько всего эгоистичного, ужасного, злого, что нужно использовать любую возможность говорить о любви, созидать ее и подкидывать дров в ваши отношения ❤️ ЛЮБЛЮ ТЕБЯ АНТОН ПАВЛОВИЧ @pyataykin  и все с тобой люблю, тебя люблю! я самая счастлива, у меня есть все, потому что Ты меня выбрал ❤️ но ты все равно даёшь мне гораздо больше, чем я могу мечтать. Мой идеальный мужчина, идеальный муж и прекраснейший отец! Я буду кричать о любви моей здесь постоянно, пока не закроют соц сети в России))) тогда я перееду в Америку и буду продолжать кричать!))
Dividimos os mesmos sonhos e temos uma grande paixão em comum: viajar ✈️
Meu companheiro de vida! :
Happy Valentines Day 💕 .
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«Почему ты не выступаешь на соревнованиях?»... Пожалуй самый интригующий вопрос. А так же один из самых популярных и часто задаваемых.
Отвечаю: «Моя жизнь - это мои главные соревнования; Мой главный оппонент - отражение в зеркале.. А то что я похож на соревнующегося атлета не значит что я должен выступать..» И у меня встречный вопрос: «А почему ты не выступаешь на соревнованиях?» Ведь все реально, и каждый может подготовится и выступить. Мне кажется не хватает людям веры в себя..
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City of dreams 💙 #nyc
"See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise,  Redeeming the time, because the days are evil." ~ Ephesians 5:15-16
que saudade desse lugar 😢
And just like that, it’s time to wrap up #NYFW. But not before a lil’ shine moment with the perfect watch & Remix strand c/o @swarovski 😉✨ #BrillianceForAll #ad
Planificando las maldades que le vamos hacer a Betty 👩🏻💞👱🏻‍♀️ @bettyenny . . ( Ya se que no está nada bien como Marcela y Patricia tratan a Betty ) pero como nos divertimos haciendo las escenas  @sylviasaenzz @elyfertorres
Blow me some wind for the picture 🌬💙
Sois la femme qui construit un empire avec son homme ! Ne sois pas celle à la recherche  d’un homme qui en possède déjà un. 👸🤴 💎❤️
Never underestimate the power of a good sweater on a cold day 🥶 | #ootd #nyfw2019
Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing. Pic by @anxonomoon #nyc #brooklynbridge
Perfect trip, perfect friend, perfect match! ♥️ @higoralmeida #brooklynbridge #nyc
Parce qu’il y a un an on se tenait pareil quand Papa est parti . Alors que le 13 Février nous rappelait le pire souvenir de notre vie , aujourd’hui Papa nous a fait le plus beau cadeau en nous réunissant à New York pour célébrer cette date. Je tuerai Père , mère , enfant , fœtus, embryon , chien , chat , écureuil 🐿 pour revivre une fois plus des moments si drôles avec toi. #missyouDad #1year
Mornings on the #brooklynbridge with @meliniseri @kestyoga @emchenyoga The good thing about winter is that there is less people on the bridge.  The bad thing about winter is that it's winter and about 10 degrees colder because of the wind 😅
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Leather boots and vynil bags NYFW here we are ✨⚡️🚕💖 Para que no se pierdan ningún momento conmigo voy a hacerles un highlight de todo lo que viví en este fashion week #nyfw #streetstyle
K něčemu se vám přiznám. Miluju USA. Jsem přesně ten člověk, kterýmu bude stejný kafe ze Starbucksu chutnat v Americe víc. Prostě to tak mam. New York považuju za hlavní město naší planety a jeho tep mě fascinuje. Žít bych tu nechtěla, ale pár věcí bych uvítala i u nás v ČR. Asi hlavně náturu Američanů. Nemůžu si pomoct... samozřejmě se najdou i výjimky, ale ten jejich věčnej úsměv, vstřícnost, ochota vůči cizím lidem... to, jak si neustále něco chválí! Větu “I Iove your coat, bag, cokoli...” jsem slyšela na ulici snad stokrát a zakřičí to na vás klidně i v momentě, kdy spěchají do metra. Už jenom ta jejich zdvořilostní otázka “How are you?!” na potkání, kterou slyšíte milionkrát denně a která je vesměs zbytečná, protože nikdo neočekává, že se kdovíjak rozpovídáte o tom, co všechno se vám dneska stalo a jak se máte, to je přece něco nesmírně milýho....! A New je téma samo o sobě. A musim říct, že to byla zajímavá zkušenost... probudit se sama ráno na hotelu a říct si “tak kam bych se tak mohla dneska vydat?!” 😆 A díky tomu, že jsme tu byli před třemi lety s @mirahejda a spoustu už jsem toho viděla, mohla jsem se vydat kamkoli.... a tak jsem šla prostě tam, kam se mi zrovna chtělo! Zkrátka opět se vracím domů fascinovaná a plná dojmů. A jestli aspoň trochu můžete, navštivte ho. Stojí za tu cestu, za ty peníze i za ten brutální jet lag 🖤 #NewYorkCity #BigApple #USA #America 🏙🗽
Isso é calypsoooooo! 🎵 mentira, isso é @moniquemelohair ❤️❤️❤️ 😬 📸 Foto: @djdulopes