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#violincompetition #bulgaria #firstprice 
Prva nagrada na Medjunarodnom takmicenju u Perniku,Bugarska!!!
Veliko bravo za mog Aleksu Acimovica i veliko hvala mojoj dragoj Jovani Mladenovic za sve!!
SURVA 2019
PERNIK-BULGÁRIA #surva #bulgaria
2016. KUD Nikola Tesla-Beograd
2017. ANIP Taurunum-Zemun
2018. KUD Sveti Sava-Beograd
2019. KUD Radost-Beograd
I was looking forward to my trip to Pernik to visit these amazing kids for so long but did not expect to leave feeling so inspired. Their strength, constant smiles and laughter made this the highlight of my year so far. Experiences like this make me so grateful for my time off during the season. Already looking forward to the next time I'll see all of my new friends and the incredible people who have committed their lives to helping others. 🥰
Prvi ansambl na turneji u Perniku🇧🇬❤
Ратевски Бамбурци - Перник 2019
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of
Невероятно,но това видях това преди малко,тази сутрин от моят дом!Последователност на облаци и слънце!Настъпи астрономическата зима и зимно слънцестоене!!!Денят ще почва да расте....
🇧🇬 #moods
#ilovebulgaria #pernik 😍😍❤️💙💚💜
would rather be getting corn in the bulg than back at school #ruleofthirds
Jesus is doing great things in Bulgaria and I am so grateful to have been a step in his process // Obicham Te Bulgaria
Miss Bulgaria in a weird way ❤️
t-2 days til I'm back with my kiddos!!
my heart longs to go back