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Calgary, Alberta

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I'm Canada's newest permanent enby resident!! 😅
it's been a long fucking journey, y'all. ive spent the last year and a half in fear of being sent back to America and the potential of having nowhere to go. this shit was not easy and i am so thankful it is over. i will continue to recognize my privilege as a white person who has a partner with financial stability, and i will recognize that because of that, this process was a lot easier for me than others. with that being said, i am incredibly proud of myself for tackling this while juggling tons of mental health issues, dealing with the harassment and threats of my abusers, navigating my sexuality and gender identity, and so much more. it has been a fucking wild ride. and lastly i want to say thank you to ivy for being there for me while i went through this, for easing my anxiety, for supporting me, for everything. i couldn't have done it without you. now im ready to start the rest of my life with the love of my life! and i finally feel like everything is going to fall into place. 💛
We are homeowners 🏡👫🐈!!! Thank you @joshhamiltonhomes for everything!
WHO’S EXCITED FOR @glossybodyposi POSCAST TO LAUNCH?!🤩💖 My very first podcast episode with @laurenslipglossary will air April 24th and honey we spill all the TEA 🍵🤯 Make sure to give @glossybodyposi a follow so you can follow along and keep in the loop 🤟🏼 And yes.. we are wearing matching pjs 👯‍♀️
We just nice like dat
Officially finished!! (Pending passing grades on all my exams) 🤓
The glow-in-the-dark 'Chinook Arc' illuminates Calgary's Beltline. You can walk through it and even control the colours with a wave of your hand.

Photo: @mikey__travels

Art: Joe O’Connell/ Blessing Hancock/ Creative Machines

#capturecalgary #explorealberta #explorecanada
Visions getting clearer
Clearly I like red a little too much
21 babyyyyyyyy 🎉🎊😛✨🥂🍾
we ❤️ mojito pitchers
Dil di nai maariiii
Wow they showed up
Song: Whole Heart
@hillsongunited hmu
@flipaucoin lookalikes
h(we want chicken nugs)i
Say goodbye to the camel emoji, ‘cause hump day’s officially done! Photo by @ana_shahnovich #curiocitycalgary 🐪
If you don’t work you gon’ starve that’s why I go hard. All praise to my God‼️ (🎥: @northpolehoops )
I did it again but I poured water into a bowl lol
I struggled to get down😂
Get your mini egg donuts tomorrow and Saturday! After that, they gone! 🐰🐥
My sister often says things to me like “what realtor posts photos with their tongue out” - obviously only the cool ones. 🤷🏼‍♀️
exchange is cool but it’s very difficult to stream the flames games on this timezone so
Miss my beautiful babies🥺