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Y avait pas Queen ☹️
Natural habitat
Thanks guys for an amazing day and for putting up with me and my shopping habits... haven’t had that much fun in months 💛 also shoutout to the man in Dr Martens for giving me a discount just because it was my birthday :)
Enjoying this rare sunny Sunday 💛
פיספסתי את החנות של הבגדים הזוהרים בקמדן מרקט,אז לפחות הגעתי לגרפיטי היפה הזה שם🦌🦉🍃
💃🏽🦄 y olé
At @bapitta at Camden Market 🛒🇬🇧🌯yesterday, we had the pleasure of trying the amazing healthy one of a kind Mediterranean dish “Arayes”, a pocket kabab with beef and lamb 👌🏼inside a pita with 27 different spices.

There’s also a vegetarian pita and a chicken wrap option 🌯🥗 A real surprise for the taste buds! 👌🏼
Mgk i aint got sh*t on my weird beard
Camden Town 🇬🇧
In the words of Louis C.K., "the meal isn't over when I'm full, it's over when I hate myself." #missionaccomplished
🍔🍔🍟🍟🍻🍺🍺 #camdentown #london #prettylittlelondon #picoftheday
Shaka Zulu 🍸🔮
Que me gusta a mí un rastrillo , mercadillo.. como lo quieras llamar .. Deja a una mujer 4/5 horas comprando y la haras la más feliz que una perdiz -
- #me #london #londres #camden #camdenmarket #travel
♡ 🇬🇧 ♡
Lucas Bruno in wonderland...
Deutsch pancakes 😋😋😋
Its hard not to smile when you're eating a waffle under the sun 🥞 ☀️ #maltese #bubblewafflescamden  #sunnyday #londonfashion
Fav place
Best weekend ever 🇬🇧❤️
Mixed Grill kinda day isn’t it? 
Caesar dressed chicken + cheesy chips.
Totally off menu but very much for real. 🍗🧀🍟
It’s no milk market but it’ll do ! 😻😻
✖️ Say yes to new adventures ✖️
Finally getting round to posting some photos from Camden 🖤
¡Y qué suerte! ❤
rogue vegan on the loose😋🤷🏻‍♀️ #phoneeatsfirst
Made a new friend today 💂🏻‍♀️
camden is good for two things: food and piercings
London for the day🏙
Having a bloody good time in the UK 🇬🇧
awesome day shooting in Camden, watch out for all the professional photos,  you will have to make do with my phone pic for now...
#ombreweddingdress #camden #camdenmarket #bexbrides
“wait mom i want a picture”
Couldn’t of asked for anyone else better to take with me on my birthday weekend. Love her! 💕 #selfie #photoshoot #photobooth #loveher #bestiegoals #bestfriend #london #dayout
i’ll be down 4️⃣ u
Bodysuit, Jeans & Belt from @isawitfirst #ISAWIcon 💕
Toko, yanno?
a known cereal killer
On a visité le quartier "Punk" un endroit à faire sur Londres tout est dingue et démesuré 😍💕📷 Vous avez suivis les story de cette journée ? 😬🔥🔥🔥 #Londres #london #quartier #punk #rock #mumfriends #weekend #copines #crazymoments #singe #amazing #streetart #kiss #xoxo
wandering round Camden Town
Именно в этом месте в #camdenmarket у меня появилось чувство дежавю) для меня это означает, что именно этот момент должен был быть в моей жизни! И я делаю все правильно! Вчера был снова насыщенный день - #boroughmarket с его устрицами и мидиями, #camdenmarket # порадовал своими магазинчиками, #regentspark вновь насладились природой и живностью, встреча в офисе #facebook с другом, #sherlockholmes pub  с его вкусным пивом и компанией
Candem, Londres.
Back in one of my fave cities and one of my fave markets 🥰 🗺🛫#flightattendantLakyn #ELLOLondon
Cheers mate
XSame old situation,Same old ball and chainX
looking for my dignity x
Get the London look
When you eat pasta out of a cheese wheel.
Yh we make #Music but its a #Brotherhood first 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
📷 @ktw_photography_uk
× octopus in a cupa tea × #skateboard #skate #purple #camden 💜 @threeamigosskateshop
📸: @patributterfly 💕
👀 📸 @meghay16 #studyabroad #england #london #camden // I’m not photogenic, I did my best 😂
Namaste 🙏🏻
This was a food overload!!! Amazing!

#camdentown #food #barlife #bartender #london
Camden times #camdenmarket #camden #gin  #london
🖤 @jade.knightx In Our 43t Bearsuit & Vogmask 🐻❤️ Shot By @callybooth_photograpy 📷
A #nice #wedding in #camdentown thanks to @liannegrayphoto for having kindly allowed me to shoot this photograph! @bexbrides #bexbrides
London 🔝
Sup @camdenmarketldn - we got your weekend sorted! 🍗🧀🍔
Shopping & dessert. U Londonu se kalorije ne broje
Camden le dimanche soir c'est calme, très calme
#visitlondon #camdentown #night #travel #yolotrip
Good weekend everyone! 😁
📸 @fr.nicolee
뜻밖의 고퀄 #camdentown #camdenmarket #캠든마켓
Just swinging around in Camden 🐒 this challenge is so much fun I now have to do it everytime I walk past this bridge. A challenge for anyone wanting to test thier grip and shoulder strength 💪🏼😜
Camden market,  то место в которое хочется вернуться...погулять, вкусно поесть ❤️ и сфоткаться в будке 😂 #london #londonlife #camdentown #camdenmarket
🇬🇧One of my favorite markets of all time @camdenmarketldn and one of the really good stalls there @maizeblaze I had their chicken with potatoes 😋
In love 🖤
Prohibimos a la mente confundirse con memorias. 💥
Yes of course
👉🏽 SQUIDS 👈🏽
🍍 #london
Coolt ställe detta
Big man in the big smoke
thanks for letting me tag along @catrin.l.manning
Memories 😎

Doing tourist before the show 🇬🇧
Camden Lock
‘Sailboat at Sunset’
Oil on Canvas Painting 🎨 20”x24”
Hand painted, one off oil painting with beautiful colours and thick texture.
Made on request 💛🎨🖌
Choose from our designs or have a design created just for you 🖌
📍🇬🇧 Camden Market #camdenmarket #london
Status på mit liv: ANDEN gang på en måned en fugl skider på mig 🤯 #jesustakethewheel
Y es esta duda negra del corazón, que a veces tengo, Si tu la coloreas será mejor...🎨
Friday fried chicken coming your way! NSFW! 🍗🧀🍔
‘Hey Mac-Arena’ Mac n cheese, if you ain’t tried Chipotle beef chilli on your Mac, you ain’t been living right 🤤🤤🤤 Spicy 🌶Hell yeah 💪💪
Happy Fryday!!! Let me tell ya, I am obsessed with fried chicken but it’s something I never get to eat in Germany, so when I saw these awesome buffalo tenders from @othersidefried at @camdenmarketldn, I had to have them and they did not disappoint!
Voici l’une des mes photos préférées du shoot réalisé à Londres avec @fordtography il y a deux semaines. Ce soir, on s’envole pour Munich car le groupe dans lequel est mon copain joue un concert demain soir là-bas. 
Oh et puis je ne vous ai pas dit, mais j’ai rendez-vous pour me faire tatouer par @akoyafox demain... À votre avis, quel va être le motif du tattoo ? Indice : il n’y a pas un jour sans dans mes Stories 🙈♥️
Robe : @monki 
Chaussures @drmartensofficial (Offertes par la marque)
Tengo tiempo, pero no para perderloo⌚🐾
Two happy girls 🤞🏼🍻🤩
Lo fantástico de ser diferente es que no hay copias. *
Pray por la cara de la chica de abajo a la izquierda 😂
CAM for the pics, DEN stayed for the food
Now that I’m buzzing, the honeys want cuffing 🐝🐝
To a young heart everything is fun. #london #camden
Last week :(
double fries pls 🍟
Non stop 👣🇬🇧
Just touched down in London Town ✌🏻
No es falta de tiempo, es tener claras las prioridades...👆🏻
The sun may be gone but our cheesy chicken burger is here to stay. Hit it @camdenmarketldn! 🍗🧀🍔
I’ll figure it out someday
Wow, almost two months since my last IG post!..
.. Guess it's true what they say about time flying like a magnificent Seagull in the heat of Dubai on a winter day (admit it, you missed me ). .
.On a more serious note, It's been so long I wasn't actually sure how to get back on here. We're part of a weird generation in which a lot of us (myself included at times) feel like we have to post on social media to "belong", to be important and to stay relevant. I realised I started to feel like Instagram had become a job and I wasn't enjoying it as much.

So I took a break from it.

I was just living and didn't feel like posting for a while.. and that's okay, I survived haha. If you're on the same boat as I was, can't recommend doing this enough. 
Social media can be as draining as it can be great, so don't be scared to step away, take some time for yourself and live a life that only belongs to you...
.ON THAT NOTE: I'M BACK! ... and keen to make some content!

What would you guys like to see more of? more acting related posts? more audition bloopers? more modelling stuff? or do you just not give a **** ? Haha. .
.Let me know in the comments below!!
Goodnight 😴
Pair from the photo shoot in Camden 📸 @jacob_t.a.b @the_attentive_barber : on the trim @nxmadicstudios :photographer @dukehyde : hair products 🙏🏽
Este abrigo rojo y mis pelos volando patrocinan mi viaje a Londres
Camden Vibes 🇬🇧 #LovelyLondon #CamdenTown
RING RING ‼️💋💄☎️
Area Code goes +44 now 🇬🇧
Circa Waves Tavern
Plant babies 🌵🌷🌵 #potd #plantbabies #cactus #plantsofinstagram
Its the little things that make a big difference.🌟
🇬🇧 rainy camdentown✨✨
i like it 🎭
Tour pour toi ان شاء الله
You‘re beautiful like a Rainbow.🌈 #London #camdentown
Such a groovy lil place 🎐🏮
cAmDEn paradise  #l4l #tbt
Crear recuerdos para quemarlos luego ☄️
food at Camden Market is to die for... 🖤🖤🖤🖤
Acho que esta se tornou uma das fotografias mais bonitas que tirei 📸
De aquí para allá.
im feeling good... drop some feel good emojis 😌☀️ in the comments
škoda, že už jsem měla plnej batůžek! 🇬🇧✨#london#camdenmarket
if only you could smell the aromas of this place through your screen 😭 the plethora and array of food stalls was 😍
Quem acompanhou hoje nos stories viu que eu fui comer esse hambúrguer vegano a base de proteínas vegetais que prometeeee ! Chama Beyond Burger , os criadores e patrocinadores  querem criar algo mais parecido possível com hambúrguer de vaca morta ! Eu acho isso ótimo , quanto mais alimentos veganos parecidos com tradicionais melhor , pois podemos conseguir mais pessoas pra causa dessa maneira ! Eu gostei muito do gosto , uma delicia , mas a consistência ainda está um tiquinho longe da consistência de carne ! Mas eles criaram não tem muito tempo , então tenho certeza que Jaja estará cada vez melhor e mais evoluído ! Mas esse queijo vegano tá uma coisa de parecido viu ! Só que o sabor mais leve e melhor 😋 aprovadissimo 🌠
#veganfood #vegan #vegaondon #beyondburger
my own personal tour guide 💛
te miro a los ojos y no sabes dónde mirar.
Don’t get me wrong, I still prefer a size S tee most days 🤣 muscle fit for life. But here’s one where I don’t show my tetas 🤪
@khaliyahkay 💚💚💚 #neon #happymonday #style #fashion
more rain
📍CAMDEN🇬🇧 #magicplaces #camdentown #camdenmarket #london
Quick trip to London fueled by espresso martinis and dancing to Irish bands all night long 👯‍♀️
Sun and jewelry! ☀️#AnnaMariaMazaraki #AmmLove
#Halloumi time🇬🇷 in #Camden
When most of your international friends are Europeans, you go on a Europe trip and visit ‘em! First stop — London! 🇬🇧
London 🇬🇧
I'm not sure if she was looking at me or my Chocolate Milk but either way, she's not getting none. Unless she was @adrianalima