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butuh holiday😣😣
Bali Vibes at @kokonutcurtains 🌴🌊
Jangan geser nanti nyesel 😅
part-time mermaid 🧜🏻‍♀️
Biasanya, cowo selalu semangat bicara tentang masa depan. Dari setiap hal yang dilakukan mereka, kebanyakan tujuannya untuk berinvestasi. •
Bukan perihal uang aja, melainkan networking, melihat peluang bisnis, dan harapannya, bisa bekerja sama dengan mereka. Tujuan akhir, adalah bagaimana kita, sebagai laki, bisa berguna bagi masyarakat.
Yakin deh. Apa yang dilakukin pacar kalian, pasti untuk masa depan juga. Hayo, yang cewe cewe ngaku siapa yang sering suudzon sama cowonya?
Btw, gue sedang quality talk dengan @freshnam219 ! Tempatnya di @lebora.canggu . Bagus banget!!! Cek ig nya. Kalo ke Bali wajib ke Villa ini 🤙! #leboracanggu #relationships #discuss
Take me back there 🏄🏻‍♀️🏖✨
si bapak pengen punya foto keluarga,
makasih mbak ita @pravitaputri udah mau jepretin :) #canggulife
say what you need to say 🌚 💛
jauh sekali matahari seperti melihat jodoh✨
We strive for happiness while also having wants that need to be satisfied. Happiness is a state of mind while satisfaction is the absence of want. Everything actually depends on our belief. If we see poverty as a blessing rather than curse and be content with what we have, then our chances of being happy are greater than the person who sees material things as necessity in life. I do believe that what I have now is what I actually need and be grateful always 🙂✨💕
Beach is life.
happy long weekend 🌊🌴🤙🏼🎄 #holidayday #baliindonesia #happynewyear #honeymoon #traveling #halal #mywifemyadventure #alhamdulillah
pretty, you 
What’s the greenest place you’ve ever been to?! For us definitely those rice paddies around Canggu 🌾❤️!
📸 Photo from @jovi_travel
📍 Canggu, Bali
Your life, Your story, Your choice.
Dont forget share your story and tag @mytraval & for a chance to get featured!
#mytraval #letstraval #explorebali #exploreindonesia #canggu
the month of joy, happines and to finish what you started
another poolside. 📸 : @arvitomuhammad , begitu emang pitok kalo potoin guenya ga ada yg bener.
Kamu tau ga seberapa gregetnya kamu?
Have a good time at Bali.. lucky me to meet my friend.. thank you ☀️
Muse: @goodsunvibes 
Retoucher : @_dennyindrajaya_ .
#photo #bali #model #canggu #beach
Anaka Abayomi Kadarusman..Denpasar 14.10.2018. Barrakaĺlah..😆😅😅😍😍😘
team tulang, ga bisa ngunyah daging ayam, ga ketelen cuy!
yang tengah malem suka ngomongin akhirat ampe subuh. terus takut sendiri karena kita berdua belom bener sebagai hambaNya 😌😌
/senja dan bahagia bersatu..
Activities 😆❤️#bali #leadingthepack #atv #free #ocean
I miss my Bali friends.
Chasin sunset
🎬 @ravespa 🎥 @dsuronos 
adopting the right attitude can convert a  negative stress to the positive one
Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results.
melon basah 💦
The tans will fade but the memories will last forever🌻
All abt malaika
You cant stop the waves, but u can learn to surf. Thx for this quote.
see u in a bit, bali 🤪
feel safe💙
Eh masa kita digosipin. Udh kaya artis aja 🙊 hahaha
#honeymoon #married #happy #life #laugh #moment #holiday #bali #story #love #couplegoals #swimmingpool #private #thankful #l4l #likes #instalike #instalove
Morning glory 👌
Weddings and scooters. Oh, and borrowed aviator and equestrian helmets too. Congrats to Ajeng and Lukman!
good vibes only ✔️😋
LET'S RIDE 💨😎...............
@villa_lotus8 での、朝ヨガ時間がたまらなかったなぁ〜😍 生徒さん達と行きたい❤️ Baliから日本に戻り、今日は地元鳥取でのレッスンです☆


surfing & yoga stay @villa_lotus8
(19:31) And He has made me blessed wherever I am.
24K and feeling magical and blissful and thankful ✨🙏🏻♻️
“You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop”-Rumi. 📸 @jesicajeanette
8 years and still counting✨
#Sunset 🌅
All i want now just ride ride ride:'(
Candies of my eyes. Miss them so much. 
#latepost jigy jig massage bali holiday
Take me back 🌴
Menikmati ombak tampa beban
. Plis jangan di zoom 😂😂
Hi Zumi 👋🏽
24x3 with the dearest, weirdest, and craziest people.
Black cat 🐱
Ini hanya salah satu hari cerah lainnya, dari sekian banyak lagi nantinya untuk Bali. Dari ombak-ombak yang menghantam karang laut saja, pagi ini segera terumuskan definisi. Bahwa akan mudah sekali untuk jatuh hati. 
Wangi udaranya, suasana mistisnya, tariannya, pantainya. Kemudian, semua itu hanya akan jadi pelengkap, dari yang tidak terungkapkan sebelumnya. 
Canggu, 2015.
Sometimes, the heart has its reasons which reason knows not.

I really miss this villa, an entire house of our own. It's a pity we spent most of our time in the bedroom at the second floor. #AngelaBtravelogue #angelaelsontravels
the same but different
Good #morning #bali
take me bck 🌴
lots of me by kevin #filmisnotdead #35mm
Sunny side up - day. 🍳 #balilife
in @nikicio’s marbled emerald green top ✔️
My 👚 by @143is 💅🏻💅🏻
spoiling myself coz i deserve it...
Pukul 6 Waktu Bali🌾 | #explorebali
Feels good to chill with the homie again @rianurria 👊🏼
I was busy thinking bout ~
Lets take a break, lets slow down a little, lets enjoy || 👕: @label8store
Making little win out of each weekend
"Stay with us, feel like home "
Tirtha Canggu Suites is an hotel with 22 rooms designed by the architect and ethnic Balinese, hommy design, suitable for surf lovers and travelers.

Tirtha Canggu Suites located in Canggu Seminyak Bali, A strategic location to the surf beach and club, 40 minutes from the airport Intenasional I Gusti Ngurah Rai Bali, To Berawa Beach 10 minutes, Batu Belig Beach 15 minutes, Batu Bolong Beach 15 minutes, Echo Beach 20 minutes, Finns Club 10 minutes into Canggu Club 10 minutes by walk.

Tirtha Canggu Suites also features an outdoor swimming pool, wifi and Cafe "warung koboy" serving dishes typical Balinese and Western

Jl. Raya Semat gg.Jalak Indah No.8 Canggu, Bali - INDONESIA +62 361.3351098 - +62 361.3351086 +628123652522

09.27 ✖️ Do something today that your future self will thank you for.
Boys will be boys 📸 : @aqilavviv 🙌🏼
@balibody cacao tanning oil made me glow✨ Bronze kinis are from @topshop & sunnies are @quayaustralia #quayxdesi Sahara🌵
Fruit delivery🍍
Whaaatchu lookin at
The sun is coming through✨
If you LOVE him, let him be himself, then you will not be disappointed when they do not like what you want ☺️
out of water, i am nothing #whpnaturallight
" We Bali know each other but I Jakarta my eyes off of you "
👀 sometimes the eyes can say more than the mouth
Villa moyo 🌞 
taken by @typicalraz
Can i stay here forever? #bali #finnsbeachclub
such a beautiful day for a ride.
I'm naver gonna stop the rain by complaining.. ☔️ .
#rain #beach #landscape #fujifilm
The art of doing nothing 🌧🌊⛱.
#beach #sea #bali #indonesia #landscape .
📸 @raarast
Beach is never failed me.
#landscape #beach #baligo #indonesia  #fujifilm
Overwhelmed with excitement & anxiety! Feeling extra blessed for the adventures coming my way, all thanks to my super awesome familia and my partner riding this out by my side. In just one month I can officially call myself a #permavacationer
Come stay at Villa Madera! #bali #canggu
Another bouquet from jakarta fwiens !! 16🎂
It shows you exactly how a star is formed, nothing else can be so pretty! A cluster of vapor, the cream of the milky way, a sort of celestial cheese, churned into light...
Doa yang terbaik untukmu anakku sayang.. 🎂
Work-Life-(trying to) Balance
Photo taken by @bebyjuliane
Taken by GoPro from @traveloan
Enjoying her moment at @villaluabali
My husband is a promise from God that I will have a friend forever. I'm so lucky to have you 💏
Bahagia itu ketika kita masih diberi kesempatan untuk kumpul dgn para sahabat #ygie_
Naik vespa keliling kota sampai binaria~
#Throwback to the best summer holiday with my best girls 💦💦 #Bali #explorebali
Kata orang liburan kemarin saya honeymoon. Ngana gatau aja combro-combro yang gangguin ada 12 orang. Mane honeymoon nye.
Good Morning👙🌄🏊
🌾🌾🌾 📷 by @fendychow
Paparan hangat sinar mentari #tbt #vscocam
Nyawah #vscocam