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“When we give ourselves to what we care about. That’s when all the good stuff happens.” - @imalexweber here’s to ALL the good stuff and bringing more of that into our lives 🙌🏼 ON MY WAY BACK TO SEE THE PUPS 🐺🐺 | 📸 @helenboast
Gracias @ibzugasti, @aleixespargaro y todo el equipo del @orbeafactoryteam.
Gracias a tod@ vosotr@s por seguir con nosotros esta aventura. 
Disponible en nuestro canal de Youtube el último vídeo de la @capeepic 2019. Os invitamos a verlo porque hay sorpresas.
#OrbeaFactoryTeam #Orbea
It’s HAVOLINE - Q and A this Friday 💪
Any burning questions you have for Rachel and I , write below and we will try answer as many as possible this Friday 🤘 just use #Keepgoing in your answer 👊

#keepgoing 📸 @raineduponmedia #Africa
Drip season 🤐💉
Head in the clouds ☁️🇿🇦 #capetown #tablemountain #highonlife #tablemountain
They call me ranch ‘cuz I be dressing..#dadjokes 
Tell me your best dad jokes in the comments. I need a good laugh today. I will be posting the best ones on my story. .
Photo credits: 
Photographer: @ebenphotography 
Agency: @3dmodelagency 
Clothing: @tahira.lifestyleboutique 
Make and hair: TBD
A year older and a bit wiser 💫
Can't ignore the stats....#cptsd #nike #sa
Essa garota tem 18 anos e o ano é de 2014. 
Nada conhecia do mundo e exalava imaturidade. A ponto deste lugar transforma-la. A ponto dela querer agradecer todos os dias pelo o que pôde viver.
Nos seus 18 anos, ali, ela se prometeu jamais deixar de viajar, conhecer, aprender e evoluir. 
E assim tem sido feito.
2019. 62 meses passados. Tanta coisa mudou para essa garota. Mas ela segue ali: completamente apaixonada por aquele lugar e lutando diariamente pela promessa que fez naqueles dias, nos seus 18 anos.

#instatraveller #africa #beach #capetown #instatravelling #instatravels #followforfollowback  #fashionblogger #travelblogger #lesphotographes #fitnessmotivation #letsgosomewhere #lifeofadventure #livetravelchannel #alldaytravel #amoviajar #nature #life #awesome #awesomeearth #likeforlikes #fit #worldpackers #trip #travel #viajar #viagem #photooftheday #photo
Going natural in the sun ☀️
How they could be so cute 🐧
swiiipe 🏹
Me hitting the gaps like..

Follow @swetrail for videos and photos on bikes, components, product reviews and competitions
Keep up the shred 🤙🏻
📸 Awesome snap by: @pinkbike
___________________________________________ ..... #mtb #mtblife #bike #mountainbike #ride #nature #bike #enduro #enduromtb #endurolife #endurolove #outsideisfree #biker #mtblove #bikes #freeride #bikeporn #mtbporn #downhillmtb #mtbgram #lovebikes #cykel #downhill ##cykel #lifebehindbars #inspiration #life #adventure #fail
Had to cop the foreign just to drop the top 🚗💨
Welcome to the world beautiful girl 👧 What a ride the last day has been.  @georgina_rothschild you are my hero  and I am eternally blessed and grateful to have such a beautiful and strong queen as the mother to our three princesses ❤️❤️❤️
#blessed #grateful #3girls #myprincesses #myqueen #familyiseverything #familyfirst #luckyman #babygirl
Deja salir al flipado que llevas dentro.
Déjale vivir. Déjale gritar.
Que chille, a corazón abierto.
Que llore, cuando sienta desamor.
Que luche, cuando merezca la pena.
Que huya, cuando le hablen de crecer.
Fotón de @processingraw
en la Cape Epic 😁🤘🐗🔥
Be good to me and I’ll be good to you! It’s that simple.
Photographer: @r2fphotography .
#photoshoot #beauty #hybre #modeling #hybretaljaard #love #modeling #mode #photo #body #me #living #life #vogue #foto #sesiondefotos #sesion
Just a little piece of my South African journey #happier
Gracias Leopardo Oiz por hacer que sea más rápido.
29:54:31" 630km +16.650m.
Foto: @niquitus para @orbeabicycles.
Her eyes follow you 👀 @williamgibbsss
When we have each other, we have everything ❤️
#capetown #love #myfamily
🔫| A Bond moment.

I don’t know why but every time when a picture is taken of me walking out of the ocean I feel like James Bond. 🤣 Do you know this feeling, too?

Tag your friends who also feel like „little“ James Bond or like the Bond girl.

#jamesbond #oceaneyes #capetown #speedo #sesignaturestyle
change of scenery.
if you came here for shots of scotland - hang in there. we will be back soon-ish. 😉 in the meantime @starhamburg and i went on a holiday to south africa with our trip ending in the beautiful #capetown. didn’t think i would be back this soon again. it was a perfect getaway to skip a bit of the grey weather in hamburg for a while. 
this drone shot shows the majestic #lionshead which guards the city next to table mountain and signal hill. when i’m looking at this picture i can’t believe that we actually even climbed on top. definitely one of the highlights of the trip!
Don’t ever change just to impress or please someone. 
Change because it makes you a better person and it leads you to a better future. 
New work created by the beautiful @jaimiebeth & great @gavinkleinschmidt at @theathleticclubandsocial !
two moods
Excited for winter actually ✨❄
Want to be in a YouTube video 😏👉🏼 design an ocean inspired slime in the comments 😍🐟 I’m going to recreate some designs (with credit ofc) for a YouTube video 😏 try and be creative and crazy as possible 😍🥳🦑
I’m getting my nails fixed tomorrow 🤤 what colour should I get?
#slime #slimecapetown #slimesouthafrica #slimevideos #capetown #southafrica #mushyslime #mushslime #creative #satisfying #satisfyingvideos #asmr #slimeasmr #relaxingasmr
Pretty mo‘fucka mein Geld ist nicht von Papa 😎
Welche Quotes/Sprüche/Lines haben dich am stärksten beeinflusst?
#creatorhead #nofckngexcuses #teammentor
The birds eye view of these gentle giants has always been my favorite.

Skating the empty sunset road of Chapman’s Peak Drive. #AndWearingThatSmileLikeAkiddo
Shot in beautiful Capetown ☀️
New for @brunellocucinelli_brand
@spoegwolfofficial live at #Kirstenbosch #CapeTown a couple of Sundays ago. 📸: 
We'll see you all on the 30th of March at Dozi's in Hartebeespoort and in Pretoria on the 31st for @park_acoustics .
#RocknRoll #Tour #SouthAfrica
En sevdiğim renklerden evleri yan yana görünce şekerci dükkanına girmiş çoçuk gibi mutlu olduğumu söylesem yalan olmaz. Sizleri en çok mutlu eden renk hangisi? 
#travel #lilac #lila #pastelslime #pink #summer #bokaap #capetown #traveldairies
R O C K S T A R  S T A T U S 💎
Do what ever the hell you want, one life, one story, yours♥️
📸: @byjono
I miss being a mermaid with my peachy  mermaids☹❤
Set for @lex.banducci ✨😘✨😘✨
Mistakes are part of the journey just don’t let them sit in the front seat - NF
something blue is happening on Thursday 🤫💙 | Anzeige @bumbum
Ich glaube, dass blau (mal abgesehen von Jeans) tatsächlich eine von den von mir am wenigsten getragenen Farben ist. Das könnte sich allerdings mit der neuen @bumbum Kollektion schlagartig ändern 😏
Heute stand bei mir übrigens ein Trailer-Dreh für @rockanutrition an. Zur Fibo nächste Woche kommen nämlich unter anderem zwei neue Booster raus 😍 wen von euch sehe ich auf der Fibo?
Glace Vanille pour moi 🍦😋 Je me croirais presque en Italie 🇮🇹 avec ma petite glace ✨ et vous c’est quoi votre goût préféré ? ( Pistache ma phobie 🤢)#southafrica #icecream #holidays
the sky was really showing off tonight 😭🌺
Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.
Credit 📸 @imjacob_n •
#classic #formalwear #blackmenwithstyle #congolesemodel #congoleseonpoint #congolesefashionbloggers #instaphoto #meninblackclothes #maninblack #photography #picoftheday #instafashion #instagood #blackboys #africanboy
Coloureds make everything fun 😂
Tag your mense 😏👇
NB NB !! EVERYONE make sure you tag @lasizwe and send this to him. Make sure he reposts this 😏 justfam too lit 🔥!!!!
My partner in crime and I 🌬🌪 @spotlight_as 📸
Chyann: the greatest friend, sister, roomie, co-leader, 5:30am devo buddy and soon to be double date buddy 😂 I am so so so blessed by this girl and her friendship! Not only were we able to travel to South Africa for a second time together but we were also able to get baptized and declare our faith together. Chy,  I am so thankful to have grown with you on this trip and I can’t wait to see all that God has in store for our friendship. I am so thankful you’re staying in AZ with me because I am not sure I could survive alone. Love you pal ❤️
96hours, then it's time to booooooogie
Today was a bit of a madcap day. Hope you all had a more manageable Tuesday.

With many of you recovering from the Ed Sheeran concert in Johannesburg and others still to go in Cape Town, we are gearing up for the April @girlfriendsguidetoluxe challenge. As we did for March, we are asking you whether you prefer another set of riddles or whether you would want us to opt for a #whereami challenge.

So, do please indicate your preference by commenting on this post 🙏✨🎉 And as this is #shoesdaytuesday, I received several DMs, as to my shoe of the week. Although there are many worthy contenders, I am partial to the @louisvuitton Call Back open back pump in white. I am including images, to give you the 360 degree view. What do you think? What is your current shoe fave? ----------------------------
#louisvuitton #shoeporn #whattowear #whattopack #riddle #competitiontime #competitiontime #designershoes #designerwear
enkeltje terug graag🇿🇦🚁
Views on views on views 💥
For more follow @trillionairegang
Picture/Video is not taken by us, all rights belong to their owners. DM for credits.
Trade your expectation for appreciation and the world changes instantly.💎
Came home to the most amazing gift ever😊😁 A lovely engagement gift to congratulate us
Thank you @lindt @lindtsa We love it! -

Big announcement this Friday are you guys ready, 🔥🔐. #everybodyeats
There's a lot on my mind, there's a lot on my plate
But I never complain ❄️🚶🏽‍♂️ #hypebeast #drip #dirtysprite2 #future #fashions #dapperdan #gucci
“Control of consciousness determines the quality of life.” - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Introducing founder and lecturer, Razana Omar, of Zar Academy and Agency- the new makeup school in Cape Town. 
Now taking bookings for July and September intakes. 
Email ✨🎨💄
Been exploring a lot of things, amongst them being hair and make up. If you know me you’ll know I’m like braids gang the whole time neh, but I thought I should try something that’ll allow me to enjoy my natural hair more. So this is my first attempt at doing my own hair and I won’t lie, I really like it. And of course keeping it simple on the face.
Yay or nay?
#naturalhair #naturalhairstyles #makeup #simple #ootd #girly
Nope.. it’s not makeup related.
It’s ME related..
• “Since the beginning of time, humans have been on the journey of improving themselves with some pretty extreme measures...”
I can’t speak for everyone, but I can speak for myself, and studies show that in a room of 30 people, at least 5 will have/relate to the same problem (yes I made that up, it’s actually 8)
For as long as I can remember weight has been my constant struggle. Wether it’s been baby fat, lack of discipline, lack of activity or just cause of what I’m dealing with. It’s always been there.
I’ve tried EVERYTHING (almost).
Not eating at all.
Putting my finger down my throat after a meal.
Only consuming liquids
A ridiculous amount of fat burners... ——- honestly just NO ———— •
I would use the likes of the people in my life to set a standard of what I thought they wanted, and I would chase that over a short term. Looking for a quick fix , for approval and then a sound mind. None of those go together btw..
It took me roughly 24 years to figure it out but my heart is so content.
I’m not where I want to be cause I’m still hiding my cellulite behind long dresses and jeans in the summer , but instead of setting unreachable short term goals. I set a few long terms ones.
Diets don’t work..sorry 
Lifestyle changes work ! 
Knowledge about food WORKS ! 
There is so much power in knowing what you are putting in your body ! 
I’m really lucky to have some very patient people in my life that take hours to explain the importance of good food. It honestly made the lifestyle journey fun (not easy , but exciting and possible.)
Yourself: please realize that people don’t care. End of the story. I have cellulite, you have cellulite. I see your , ok. My day goes on. Your body does not effect my health, my job or my safety. (This is how I got myself over the first step , and it’s helping !)
Life goes on, people honestly don’t care, if they care about it 🙄 las them ! •
Workouts: it you hate it, you won’t do it ! Make it fun ! Get some advice on different things you can try. (I got someone helping, let me know if you need my someone to be your someone 👍🏼)
📸 @justjadeblog
🏁 @capeepic is past 👋🏼 what’s next? #bringiton #moretocome #onelifeonegoal
Saved the best for last 😼🥚 #bringbackthebeard
Speak your truth baby girl. Even if your voice shakes. Even if it makes others uncomfortable. True freedom is found when you live out the sincerest expression of self ✨
📸: @stanz.west 
One of the most valuable things I’ve learnt is having the courage to speak your truth! It’s not always easy in a society that is constantly telling you what to think, or telling you how you should view the world. But the bravest journey you’ll take is the journey to finding your own voice in the midst of all the noise. And once you’ve found it, hold on! And don’t let anyone take it away from you!
Blowing trees like it’s legal again.
Nur noch 2 Plätze frei für unsere Reiter- & Abenteuerreise nach Kirgistan 🤩
Möchtest du dabei sein? 🐴

Schon lange habe ich überlegt, eine solche Reise anzubieten. Zusammen mit Waldemar und dem Lions Club bin ich vor ein paar Jahren in dieses wunderbare Land gereist. In Kirgistan ist das Pferd heilig und hat einen sehr hohen Stellenwert. Das war auch der Grund, warum ich damals dorthin eingeladen worden bin.
Dieses Land hat mich verzaubert und die ausritte dort waren der Wahnsinn. Genau aus diesem Grund habe ich mit Waldemar die Idee zu dieser Reise gehabt! 💡
Du warst schon lange auf der Suche nach einem Urlaub, wo du mehrtägige Reitertouren hast? Du möchtest wunderschöne Natur sehen und ein besonderes Abenteuer erleben? Du liebst es andere Kulturen kennen zu lernen? Dann lass dir diese Reise nicht entgehen!
Schreib mir für mehr Infos einfach eine E-Mail an Betreff: Kirgistan 2019 
und erhalte alle Informationen
Die Reise startet am 18.08.2019 und Endet am 28.08.2019
Ich freue mich auf Euch!
#kirgistan #abenteuer #reiterreise #reitenreitenreiten #Natur #asien #bishkek #ausflugmitpferd #travel #travelhorse #adventure #fotoreise #abenteuerreise #alexandraevangontour #kirgistanwirkommen #naturephotography #fotografierenlernen #fotografierenmitleidenschaft
“And iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, will always be there, for youuuhuuhuuuuuu” 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼😄😄 @alexpall always knows how to make me laugh during a show 😁😁
Europe isn’t the only place to travel by rail. “Taking the train to Johannesburg was a decision based on a recommendation made by a friend. He told me that if you take a plane, you’ll miss the most amazing change of scenery.” Head to the link in bio to see why @gregorhofbauer recommends you should take an overnight train from Cape Town to Johannesburg. #capetown #southafrica
Farklı coğrafyaların enerjilerini hissetmek için; doğa kucağını açmış sadece senin görmeni ve adım atmanı bekliyor.🌈 Attığın her adımı köklerine kadar hisset ki,  başarı seni toprakla yani kendi merkezinle birleştirsin.

#hareketegeç 🙏🏻💙
#ImWearingHM #hm #fitness #trainhard #gym #workout #pilates #yoga #sportswear #sportsfashion #move
Life’s a game of chess but I’m out here playing poker🤹‍♂️.
Happy because I’m FINALLY out of hospital 🥰

At about 7pm on Friday I got news that a blood test I had taken at the GP came back with concerning results. I was told to make my way to the hospital just to be safe. Upon arrival, I walked straight into the heart and lung critical care unit and began to stress about what was happening. Saturday morning I went for a CT scan, only to find out a few hours later the doctor found two clots in my lungs which is known as a Pulmonary embolism (emboli in my case). I felt absolutely scared and my stomach dropped as I fear the idea of death or anything close to it. I did multiple tests and was only able to leave the hospital today. I had an extreme shortness of breath and knew it wasn’t normal and decided to visit my GP to make sure everything was okay, had I left it any longer I could have had a stroke. I think what this experience has taught me is that it is so important to listen to your body and what it tells you. You know your body best and any irregular pains should be checked on. 
Grateful that I’m ok and that I found this when I did in order to be able to treat it 🙏🏽🖤 also beyond grateful to everyone who visited and messaged me - you guys made this situation so much better. 
P.S last one for a while, was just bored in hospital 😂
Our greatest glory is not in falling but rising every time we fall🐺
“Yes girl” - @linathi_snortsss
IM HOOOME!🇿🇦 also, who remembers this song?😂
“ I was lookin at you, and you was lookin at me, and we was thinking
Woowooowoowaaaa” #godemarcus #godemarcus
Estan siendo unos ultimos dias muy especiales por Sudáfrica junto a mi equipo @tbellesteam - @protourbcn
Hasta pronto @capeepic 😍🛫
Although today was my rest day, I managed to get to the gym and film 2 workouts for you all, which I’ll share this week 💪🏻 other than that, today has been pretty chilled and I treated myself to an hour long sauna- most of which was spent stretching out as I’ve been ridiculously the last few days. Definitely feeling the calorie deficit at the moment and sessions are getting tougher, but channeling all that to motivate and push me 🔥 I hope you guys are having a good week and sticking to your goals!
No one can stop you from shinning if you are standing in your own light.
You’ll see it when you believe it
Going back to home, bye Cape Town 🙌 Btw we’re more than 10k now, thanks for the love and support, love you guys🥰
Really enjoying this #rooibos gentle foaming body wash from @iworibeauty . This is really gentle on the skin and leaves such a fresh and delicate scent behind. This isn’t as foamy as I would normally like my body washes to be but it’s perfect for my sensitive skin and doesn’t dry it out 🙌🏻 has anyone tried this brand? 🍂🍁
This life is a gift, and yet you live it with regret 🙄🙄.
Who can relate?😂 When you try to QUIETLY sneak into the kitchen for some food late at night😲

#csdl #capetown #video #kitchennightmares #food
Vibrant and vivacious, #MeetSouthAfrica for a brighter palette of adventure. 🇿🇦 Bo-Kaap's colors are as rich as the history of the community. Famous for their bright exteriors, these houses serve as a reflection of the glowing people who created this neighborhood. Their bold stance to self-expression created a rainbow of homes now appreciated by travelers from all over the globe. 📸: @GloGraphics
Me hiking vs you
Can't wait to make more memories with you 😻❤
For those asking why I’m not hitting Cape Town this week to drive this, I am in the UK for the week so unfortunately couldn’t make it but will hopefully get some time behind the wheel very soon! In the meantime here is a POWER shot for #TwinTurboTuesday thanks to @thejustbin | #ExoticSpotSA #Zero2Turbo #SouthAfrica #BMW #M850i #xDrive #CapeTown
A couple of days ago I changed up my game and headed out for a sunset at a location facing the east. I was rewarded big time when the whole sky lit up with colour. I decided to use this section of rock with a receding wave to act as a leading line, drawing you into the image to the mountains beyond.
Wearing a new piece from @oldkhaki  #oldkhakiaw19
It’s officially ONE MONTH till the release of my new single HEARTBREAK I’VE BECOME
I am so so so beyond excited to share this with you all!
Huge thanks to @laurennorstrom for helping out with the pretty picture xx

Also have some upcoming performances:
31/03/19 = @newlands_spring_market (at 4pm)

18/04/19 = @zoolakebowls +
Planning a Cape Town Release Performance! So Stay Tuned
Is die lewe so erg? Voor 9 en voor koffie. Ja. Daarna is dit n lied.
“When we are unable to find tranquility within ourselves, it is useless to seek it elsewhere.” 🧘‍♀️ ~ LaRouchefoucauld •
• 📸/Featuring: @theedgeofexistenz 
Share your adventures in Cape Town! #capetownmag has been used over 300 000 times to share discoveries with us, Cape Town and the world. Use #capetownmag and be part of the family of discovery
been squatting so this is my angle for the next few weeks 😂
In my natural habitat 🌴☀️ #summer #beach #chasingthesun
You only deserve someone who's "sure" about you .
I spent a full month in this city 6 years ago and now that I’ve returned I questioned myself whether or not I maximized my time when I was first here. I spent just 5 days and felt like I experienced a completely different side of the country.
Gana mi maleta de esta Cape Epic 2019!
Para participar en el sorteo, debes de seguir los siguientes pasos:

1. Seguir a @protourbcn.
2. Dar "Me gusta" a esta publicación.
3. Dejar un comentario.
4. Seguir a @alberto.losada.
Podéis participar las veces que queráis hasta el día 3 de Abril del 2019. El día 4 publicaré el ganador.
¡Suerte a todos!
Eles foram das estradas do Rio de Janeiro para a terra e escolheram a principal ultramaratona de MTB do mundo para essa nova disciplina.  Resultado PhD de MTB concluído com sucesso!  O céu é o limite.  Prática não faz perfeito, faz permanente!  Parabéns @andrejunqueirablima e @fernandinhojunqueira .  From roadie to MTB glory! 🤘
So after a turbo 20 day prep, training twice a day and sticking to a very strict meal plan, I'm in Peak Week , or should I say Pee Week!🙄😬🤪💧💧💧 Currently decarbed for 2 days and busy waterloading. Im not as lean as I would have liked to have been, but considering I only had 20 days to prep and cut before heading into PeakWeek, I'm pretty happy. 
Let's see how this all plays out until filming on saturday.
#PeakWeek #PeeWeek #Decarbed #Waterloading #NoExcuses #Work #WorkForIt #WorkHardHustleHarderStayHumble 
#ChallengeYourself #BWApparel
#Lights #Camera #Action
always come with style ✔
COME RUN WITH US COME TRAIN WITH US !!! PRE ORDERS FOR THE NEW VAI AVANTI COLLECTION WILL OPEN ON THURSDAY, 28 MARCH  @fitburyclothing tagg all your friends and become part of the Fitbury movement !!!
Just wanna say thank you guys for the 10K milestone on the Gram 📷🎈
when she moody, grab her booty
Happy wife happy life 💙
‘this isn’t the movies.
buckle up now, son’ - @shortstrawband 🧚‍♀️
I can’t get over Cape Town’s colors 💕💙💚
Loving the amount of colour I’ve been wearing lately 💜 📸 @michaela_juby 😘😘
#fashion #style #southafrica #fashionblogger #influencer #blonde #blueeyes #ootd #set #hairclips #capetown #happy #color
Покупаем авиабилеты через myidtravel💸

Пост для коллег, т.к очень часто мне поступают вопросы о приобретении авиабилетов НЕ нашей компанией☝🏾 А я еще тот путешественник😅 В общем, рассказываю подробно! Как вы знаете, у нас есть скидки не только на перелёты Air Astana, но и на большое количество других зарубежных авиакомпаний, с которыми у нас есть соглашение✈ Как же выкупить билет на нужный рейс и что делать после оплаты?
- первым делом заходим на сайт под своим логином и паролем
- затем личные данные - выбираете своё имя, либо имя бенефициара, если оформляете поездку не для себя
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- затем вам необходимо выкупить билеты в офисах продаж Air Astana 🔶️🔶️🔶️🔶️🔶️
- после того, как выкупили билеты, нужно обязательно сделать листинг, чтобы завершить бронирование☝🏾 Это делается так - заходим в , затем выбираем KC People-поездки сотрудников-соглашение ZED-Aeroflot! Там вы найдёте ссылку на программу, где указан логин и пароль☝🏾Там и делается листинг самостоятельно!

Если информация была для вас полезна, жду обратной связи, лайки и комментарии🤗 Сохраняйте, чтобы не потерять☝🏾 #JaneAndPlane
@gitte_nurok under her umbrella 📸
Selfie x2 ... 🐛🐢🦎
Land or sea? Which do you prefer? ⛰🌊 @fainepearl getting the best of both worlds with a land view from the sea! 
‏في عيوني انت اجمل ما اشوف
‏و في حياتي ما يجي مثلك احد💙؛
Decided to wear my hair out today 👑

Happy Chooseday 😘😂 📸: @zuki_lamani
The goal? Happiness
Sharing with you the last of my 3 month business motivation, inspiration blog posts and tips.(link in bio) 
I feel 22, (sometimes act like it too). I’ve never lived up to stereotypes – always created my own paths when I couldn’t find one that suited my needs or what I envisioned for myself. This makes me stubborn ~sometimes~
but I’ve learned to listen and take criticism to improve and work toward a better version of myself.

No one can live the course of your life except you! No one can "Make things happen" except you.
Now go out and get it done.

The next 3 months I'll be focusing on beauty : external and internal. #beautifulbeing.. Stay tuned. 
#businesswoman #businessinspiration #businessadvice #businessmotivation #modestyitsalifestyle
Over 300 years ago, the Dutch brought slaves from northern Malaysia, Indonesia & India to help build the city of Cape Town. They’ve been living here in Bo-kaap which is formerly known as the Malay Quarter. They painted their house in bright colourful paints as an expression of freedom 🌈
Be grateful for your uniqueness 💚
Hayat cesur bir maceradır benim için. 💙Dünyayı dolaşmak görebileceğimiz bütün rüyaların en muhteşemi. Yolculuğun güzelliğini kilometrelerle değil yaşadığım eşsiz anlarla ölçerim. Yeni tatlar denemek benim o yeri tanımamı, hissetmemi sağlar. Bu önümde duran lezzetli ve sağlıklı tabak da bu harika tatlardan biri. Buraya gelirseniz muhakkak deneyin. 😋#hareketegeç
#tightclub #fitness #trainhard #gym #workout #pilates #yoga #sportswear #sportsfashion #move
Cheryl Zondi a young woman who bravely faced brutal cross-examining at the rape trial of Paster Timothy Omotoso in 2018. She has since gone on to launch her non-profit organisation, the Cheryl Zondi Foundation, aimed at helping victims of sexual abuse. 
She is also prepared to take the stand again to testify against her alleged abuser until justice is served. 
This comes after judge Mandela Makaula revealed that he would be recusing himself from the highly-publicised trial. The recusal means that the trial would have to start afresh before a new judge. "I don't care how many times I have to tell the truth or go through the same process over and over again. This is about justice." Cheryl explained at a media briefing. 
This #ChooseDay we choose the brave and ever so courageous @cheryl_zondi

#cherylzondi✊🏾 #motivationalwomen 
𝑨𝒇𝒓𝒊𝒌𝒂 🦒
Me pretending to know how to drive on the left side and trying not to kill anyone at the same time. 🤷🏼‍♀️
South Africa 💗💙
From Bishkek to Cape Town : completed !! 🎉 16 countries, 20 months and 22 500 km on our bicycles !! From Central Asia to Southern Africa passing through India and Middle East.. It has been a crazy and amazing journey! BUT it is actually not the end of it.. We're the happiest that we made it to Cape Town but we feel like two strangers in an unknown place.. Like usual. So we decided that we will cycle our way back home! Second leg of this journey is about to come.. We're now enjoying the first arrival line with good wine and new friends! #africa #bikeafrica #cycleafrica #cyclingafrica #southafrica #cycletheworld  #worldonwheels #tripbicycle #bicycletrip #adventurebybike #cyclinglife #cyclingpic  #webiketheworld #travelbike #travelbybike #bicycletour #bikepacking #bikewander #bikewanderer #transafrica #africabybike #travelingafrica #travelafrica #exploreafricabybike #amazingafrica #everydayafrica #adventureafrica  #visiterlafrique #africatravel
Была у меня хорошая знакомая.
Молодчина.Вышла замуж за гражданина ЕС, быстро выучила язык,быстро интегрировалась. Хватко.
Не буду детализировать,сама суть: болтая с ней, я очень резко высказала возмущение фактом 100% некачественного,отвратного оказания услуг, обобщив всю индустрию в целом,в конкретной местности. Случаи неоднократные, об этом знают все и давно)
Бурная реакция о моей :"нетерпимости, нетолерантности и неуважении к чужому труду"(с).
Особо удивила фраза :"Я тоже не всегда справляюсь, работаю недавно!"
Ок блин!) А клиент причем?)
Уважение к людям включает в себя качественное выполнение своей работы. Либо, работай бесплатно и учись.
Клиенту плевать, сколько ты работаешь и как себя чувствуешь. Факт что косячишь - не оправдывает твоё новобранство.
Полное право как потребителя так и руководства указать тебе на это.
Прогресс будет простимулирован на 100%.
Критичное мышление к себе это круто.
Прекрасная возможность увидеть со стороны где упускаешь и исправиться.
Нетерпимость?)А я думаю - двойные стандарты)
Где же толерантность была к моему "инакомыслию"?)Мое мнение не было принято.
Больше мы не общались.
Может нужно было промолчать?)
The happier she is. The nastier she is.
This jacket is officially my new best friend 😊
I have often said somehow when I started this range of bags I never knew quite who they were for, I somehow discovered that they each choose the perfect owner every time💛 This young lady in my eyes represents the dreams of a nation. In his book ‘Audacity of Hope’, Former US President Barack Obama speaks of thoughts of reclaiming the American Dream and when I look at Nomzamo I see the hope, tenacity, desire, ambition, purpose, appetite and all this infused with a sense of expectation knowing we can reclaim all the dreams deferred while we decide at just 25 who we are as a nation. Yes South Africa will soon turn 25 and I see so many young people that make me believe in the possibilities felt on 27 April 1994... I see so many young people writing their own script in a way that inspires courage in us - young and old. I am excited to see you make history the world over Nomzamo and I am excited to see you doing it carrying your Carol Bouwer bag and wearing African couture but most of all I am thrilled to see the influence you are having on your peers and how a generation of young women who know that beauty fades but legacy is forever will emerge because of the strides you are making! We don’t forget Mama Mirriam Makeba uniting our thoughts and feelings in one voice at the UN when we were still living I n darkness, the darkness wrought by an evil system called apartheid. You are in your own way doing what she did- speaking for refugees, the displaced, the forgotten, the marginalized! You take your gifts and use them to give effect to causes greater than what is obvious! Never tire kid... you matter, humanitarian work matters! Cancerian babies give freely without expectation, so I watch you knowing how very genuine your heart is as you traverse the world doing the best you know with what you have... I honour your family for supporting you & I salute Pumza for having the wisdom to take care of you like a baby sister and not an agent 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦❤️❤️❤️
I don't like to go outside, cause I can't stand the rain. I walk outside with all this pride, cause I can't stand the pain. My eyes been open since I seen how people really move. They act like they know it all. Only if they really knew.They caught me off guard because of all the shit they do but if you move the way they move I bet they would loose. This shit will break your spin for real. My N#ggas gon' ride for real, f#ck up your jungle gym, cause me and my N#ggas gon' slide for real. I look these N#ggas in there eyes before I sign a deal. Don't f#ck with me , I don't f#ck you, cause you could die for real. There was no respect, it was life or death, we surviving still. I ain't got nothing to say cause I be living for real🔥🔥
One of the magnificent cape mountain leopards caught having a lazy afternoon walk up in the Hottentots Holland mountains. It is such a privilege to have these beautiful animals roaming around on the Estate.
La satisfacción de haber logrado el objetivo, cada uno el suyo, y compartirlo con los demás.  Gran momento!
Detach from what destroys you.
Craving a beach day 🌞🌴
Found some friends 🐧
And I'll rise up
I'll rise like the day
I'll rise up
I'll rise unafraid
I'll rise up
And I'll do it a thousand times again
And I'll rise up
High like the waves
I'll rise up
In spite of the ache
I'll rise up ☀️
Y tras 8 días, 38h y 40', 630km y +16.650m de ascensión, podemos gritar alto y fuerte que... ¡SOMOS FINISHERS DE LA CAPE EPIC 2019! 🔝🇿🇦🦁🚵🏻‍♂️⚡️😉💪🏼
En la última etapa hemos rodado a un gran ritmo y, junto a mi compi de fatigas, la gran @sjpasco aka #Pasconetti o #lagacelademolins, hemos logrado acabar en la posición #11 de la categoría Parejas Mixtas.
Quiero agradecer a todos aquellos que lo habéis hecho posible, pronto subiré un video especial de agradecimientos.
Y a vosotros, mis queridos amiguetes, solamente transmitiros el mismo mensaje que el año pasado: el ser humano es capaz de lograr lo imposible. Márcate tus propias metas y trabaja duro para alcanzar tus sueños. Cuando lo logres, ¡verás que este tipo de experiencias son las que uno se va a llevar en el recuerdo durante toda la vida!
Por cierto, ¿sabéis que aquellos que logran terminar 3 Cape Epic en su vida entran el el grupo de elegidos #Amabubesi Finishers Club? Habrá que ir pensando en ello para un futuro espero que no muy lejano 😉✌🏼
¡Que acabéis de pasar un gran domingo! ♥️😘
#southafrica #valdevie #capetown #stellenbosch #capeepic #capeepic2019 #finisher #challenge #mtb #cycling #sport #friends #racing #sundayfunday #btt #flaxandkale #superbarri #teamflaxandkale
26 Grad & Sonne heute hier in Kapstadt ☀️ Liebe Grüße 💋 und denkt dran morgen 8 Uhr ist was?