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Here tonight mixing the final touches on an album I'm really thrilled about! #joshconolly #pieropata mixing & producing #lecoqrecords #jazzmusic
Last days of 6 weeks recording the new album! Couldn’t be more exhausted or more proud of this record!  Album #4 #fitzandthetantrums
Congrats to @beck on the historic launch last week on @j_corden of music inspired by Roma - live with the LA Philharmonic! The recording we did for the album was exquisite and deep. Enjoy this gorgeous track!
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. It’s raining a lot but with good music everything is better. 🎬🎼🎸🎷
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Capitol Studios! #studioporn
Never been the same as everyone else
Don’t think the same as anyone else ❗️
#huji #hujicam #notherstyle
Took a lot of L’s in silence, so when you see these wins know I deserve them.
John, Paul, George and Ringo. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
my scarf is made up of all the women I pushed out of my way in pottery barn 💥
We still don't know where we docking the ship 🚢 been in 5 meetings a day
In case you missed it our very own @rahim_thedream spoke with @billboard about hip-hop’s current state in pop culture
#hiphopnation #rapculture #grammys2019 #billboard
A little behind the scenes sneak peak ☺️☺️☺️ incredible. incredible experience..I dream of this day over and over again..being in the same room that other amazing artists have been in and hearing my music that I WROTE echo through the @capitolrecords building...oof I’ll never forget it ❤️
Just trying to be the streets Berry Gordy #EGA
Frank Sinatra’s 🎙 @capitolrecords — imagine the magic that flowed through this.
Have you ever noticed the Capitol Records building resembles a stack of records on a turntable? 📀🎶 - 📸:@nathanmphotos #Insta_LosAngeles #Hollywood
She’s Super Beautiful Times 1 Million @meganbatoon #meganbatoon #capitolrecords
Happy 2 years to me!
My 60 year old self will thank me. Dropped our new EP @wash_on_western #soulpunk #bodaciousthang #vol2 📸: @dancefloormurder
Excellent studio session at @capitolrecords for the very talented! Honored to be playing congas alongside @gilsharone, @rani_sharone, @tylerbatesofficial, @willyumbrandt and other fantastic musicians. Stay tuned for the full live videos!
Jenny Lewis’ record is about to come out - the music went through a long journey and I’m so happy I was able to be a small part of it at the start. Fell madly in love with @jennydianelewis and her vision for these songs. So happy that the music is finally here and I hope it’s everything you hoped it would be JL! X (Red Bull & Hennessy is out now!) 💜
Forever Throwbacks #2000s #Hollywood #Vine
From top to bottom, a swingin’ affair at @capitolrecords and @capitolstudios. Thanks @lakerpete2002. #cliomusic #grammyweek
Back at it for a few days
If I’m Not Creating Content on Social Media just Know that I’m Creating Content in my Mind. Short and Sweet. I Know where I’m going. Always Have. Do You? Visualize Yourself there. Can You? Seeing the Vision is Just the Prerequisite. Add Feeling to the Vision to Activate. Now it’s No Longer just a Vision. The Seed has been Planted but you must have Genuine Faith that it will Grow. This is the Process. It’s not a Secret because I just Told you. It only Works when you Believe. Gobstoppers (Orange Cookies x Dosidos) Cultivated by @_npkali_ @captainsaveagrow_ @wizard_trees @snoopspremium
At CAPITOL studios working on an important speaker project with Art Kelm ....More news down the road❗️#studios
Thanks for the tour Capitol! Can’t wait to come back and record our next single at this legendary place!! 🔥
Dream chasing is my thing 😍🔥⚡️
Home sweet some 🔥❤️
#LA #capitolrecords #home #losangeles
Me trying to disappear into the wall when people start hitting me about Grammy parties. #idonthavetheanswerssway #grammys2019 📸 @patrickthephotographer
WE IN THE HOUSE. @capitolstudios (photo by @dreharrris)
Todo es música 📷 by @rodrigueztarditi
This image is the result of trusting my heart and following the flow...
Alot can transform when you apply action in alignment with your divine dreams. 
Thank you to #EngineerAnthony over at @capitolrecords for taking such great care of us during our session.

I can't wait to share what is brewing in the kettle of creativity 💥

It was magic recording at Capitol last month with these amazing people ✧ we made something pretty special too, can’t wait to share it with you ✧ @capitolrecords @vamprapp @jan_skubiszewski @joshsimons365 @kevthakid @ashbrownphoto
office bae 🤗
*insert splice loop* 📸 @trav.lint
Thanks to everyone who made it possible! Check us out in @billboard. Proud to be apart of such a great team!
📸 @tristinjm
🎸🎵🎶🎺🎹🎼🎻. @capitolstudios . Thank you @gabbyschwartz 🤗🤗. #pepwilliams #capitolrecords #capitolstudios #thisislosangeles
“мε & үσυ” by @notnjomza and styled by yours truly 💫

Thank you’s to @tata__la , @ashtonmichael , @leeandlani , @unitednude , @openingceremony , @thisiswurld 
minus gravity = having no limits. ☁️
QUALITY OVER QUANTITY @qualitycontrolmusic
Capitol Records • 1.25.19 • 📷: @adrianalserrato
Ayoo, I'ma put us all on the map 🙏🏼🗺 I’m Gone and I ain't lookin' back.. 🙅🏻‍♂️
I know they gone feel it like they tank on E ⛽️🔥
I promise baby, you can bet the bank on me 🤞🏼
Cause can't nobody tell me what I ain't gonna be no more‼️
Thinking I'mma fall, don't be so sure 😏🙌🏼
This SHit right here cold 🥶 #PLAYTOOMUCH #MOTOWN 🔥
The day has arrived. @findingxfletcher “Undrunk”, on repeat until further notice.
Proud is an understatement. I have watched you work towards this from the minute we met and last night was the perfect example of dedication and hard work paying off. And it’s just the you and your team ♥️🥂
I am beyond excited for what’s to come for @findingxfletcher !! This is only the beginning of the most epic ride of your life. Enjoy it! 😘 #undrunk
filter v no filter
Love and Respect ✊🏾 #Repost @laiyasworld
It happened! Thanks to @fuzzy for bringing @djquik in our lives a few months ago in the historic Capitol bldg in the legendary#NatKingCole room! We could have sat down and listened to these stories all day. Tune into @pandora right now to hear the story of a pioneer and a man who’s talents exceed whatever you know of him .....TRUST #djquik #qls
Check out this week podcast @qls on @pandora with my guy @djquik one of my favorite deep dive podcast. Glad I could pitch in on this one. #theconnector
Some sounds!! @capitolrecords
Cannot put into words how exciting today's session was. First full orchestra recording with 34 musicians - spoiled for life!! 😍 #filmmusic #filmscoring
Congratulations @maggierogers on an incredible debut album. You are transcendent. 🖤🎶
Did a cute video with animation with @loren :))
Capital Records is a real historic spot but I’m just wondering  why y’all ain’t got 
Mc Hammer 🔨 🎶 🎶
on none of them walls 🤔🤔😂😂
He’s capital hip hop history 📚
strictly business 💜
One time for that Eastside 🦍 @yahushakalev @icewear_vezzo #DetroitMusic #MotownLives @chaneldomoniquecdm 🔥🔥🔥🔥
#fbf Behind the scenes of shooting the @capitolrecords chronology in Jan 2017, what a time! 
Thanks again @posshog @jvmfilms @zoegillespie @ira_grylack 📸 - @hipbonesandheartbreak
Never a dull moment 😂 soooooo much fun recording STRENGTH at @capitolrecords @nathanwalters
Congrats @iamhalsey @capitolrecords and thank you @iheartradio!!!
J A N 1 8th S O R R Y 4 
W A I T W H O L E T I M E 
Prod: @808chasedavis @cicerofromcicero 
Artwork: @beauty_nblack_nwhite
That’s what you got two hands for 👐🏼
Back at @CapitolRecords!! Join me on Instagram LIVE at 7:30pm PT xoxo #LetsBeFrank 🎶
wow! congrats! @iamhalsey! #1! 🍾! 🏆!
Couldn't resist, here's a variant of the Capitol Records building.
Both versions of this piece are now up in the store.
#architecture #capitolrecords #losangeles #california #illustration
right after this pic @reverielove went and murdered the beat in the booth 🤷🏽‍♂️⛽️🚨
I couldn’t find many online photos of me & @brendonshirley standing next to each other, but this one from the rooftop of Capital Records in LA popped up. I remember, years before this was taken, the two of us hanging out at my old house in downtown Franklin, TN, talking about the possibility of him trying out at our upcoming tenth ave keys auditions. We had previously jammed some Disney tunes together at a mutual friend’s house once or twice, and I didn’t know much about him other than he seemed like a pretty solid dude & he could play circles around A Whole New World like no one’s business. #magiccarpetride Fast forward about a decade & we’ve played countless shows, traveled the world, and both ended up being each others’ wingmen for locking down our wives. Well, tonight was tenth ave’s last show of the year and also happened to be Brendon’s final show with us. Was such a fun ride, man! I’m so excited for you & Nina and the next chapter of adventures God has in store for both of you. Looking forward to a surf lesson next time I’m down in Jupiter! 🌊🌴🏄‍♂️☀️
My last Los Angeles illustration of the year, and maybe the most requested building I get, Capitol Records Tower.
Really unique building designed to resemble a stack of records, see this one in person at sunset.
#architecture #capitolrecords @capitolrecords #losangeles #california #illustration
📷 @killakristennn | Mood: Counting down the minutes to Christmas Day like...🤩🎅🎄 #discoverLA @capitolrecords
Blood in my eyes
adios. see you in ‘19✨
🚨🚨Have you seen my new video yet?? 🎬💯💯💯 The link is in my bio! Go peep 👀 that shit.. 🔥🌹 #lilbaby #driptoohard #tracychapman #givemeonereason
That time of year ❤️🎶 @capitolrecords
Who’s ready?? 👀👀
Miss you @jacrossi 📸: @burrcardi
One of my favorite parts of making movies. Watching the score come alive! #TripleFrontier #DisasterPeace
Quem ai já assistiu? O remake de “We are the world foi gravado no Capitol Records, estúdio onde Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Jimi Hendrix, The Beach Boys, Norah Jones etc.. já gravaram! Que honra poder conhecer esse lugar, gravar lá e poder fazer parte desse projeto tão incrível! ❤️ to nem acreditando na bio!
🎶We are the world🎶 It was so much fun working with such amazing artists who influence me and the world with their stories, art and talent. Thank you @channelaid and @kurthugoschnieder for having me on this inspirational project! 😊kurt
Thanks for having me Capitol. Another meeting that went great..☔️ #ReignGang #TheRapGame #Sesason5 #WestCoast
Beautiful, hardworking, & humble women are so rare to find in this world @jessiej & it was an honor to sing with you on this record.  Thank you for inspiring me to write more, & to sing with the purpose to heal hearts.  Imagine how many people need a song like this on Christmas.  How many of us that struggle especially during the holidays after losing a loved one - Swipe to listen.  @rodneyjerkins - I’m richer, just off of watching you work bro.  How low key you are in the face of all you’ve accomplished is a lesson in itself. & None of this would’ve happened if it weren’t for you @thereallevans thank you & ILY L
1 / 12 / 19 @thepeppermintclub ☠️
merry xmas from my gang to yours🖤🎄
Sending a special thank you to this group of engineers who have worked with me with me so tirelessly on the sound of these records nominated for the engineering Grammy this year. An incredibly talented team of people—congratulations everyone!
The Hundreds Holiday Party 2018 🎉 #TheHundreds #hhfilthyanimals  #photoboothfun #teamleatherjacket
I like it up here
Finally gotten to the Capitol Records studio A 😄
Unforgettable #swipe ♡
Good Morning @capitolrecords you are looking MARVELOUS today.
@dcappellamusic fam at it again. ❤️
WOW!!!! TIME FLIES!!!! Celebrating 2 years now as an A&R at @capitolrecords ...I’m fortunate to work with some amazing people.  Looking forward to year 3!!!! 📸: @_killakate_
From executive assistant to BOSS in 6yrs Flat!! @burrcardi the qualities u possess are so rare it was only a matter of time before they manifested you into the leader you are today! @capitolrecords just hit the lottery, congrats to you both!!!
“...𝐆𝐨 𝐅𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫, 𝐆𝐨 𝐅𝐮𝐫𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫, 𝐆𝐨 𝐇𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐞𝐫! 𝐈𝐬 𝐓𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐍𝐨𝐭 𝐖𝐡𝐲 𝐖𝐞 𝐂𝐚𝐦𝐞? 𝐀𝐧𝐝 𝐈𝐟 𝐍𝐨𝐭, 𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐖𝐡𝐲 𝐁𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫?” 🙏🏾
📸 @bychild
Over half a billion Spotify streams and counting .. @juanmagan @aftercluvdlab
I haven’t slept in a good two days but it’s all been worth it.
Y O U  R E A D Y ? 👀
#Lucky 🏁🍀 ft @1take.jay + @jb_capone prod by @joogftr available everywhere! #adlafridays (link in bio)
В субботу я весь день провела в Capitol Records на семинаре по шоу-бизу и инновациям Capitol Royale. 🎶
 С 10 утра и до  6 вечера! Караул! Как я это пережила?! Но я #довольнакакслон! За этот день я наладила деловых контактов больше, чем за предыдущие несколько месяцев! 💁🏻‍♀️
🔹Capitol Royale сводит вместе: 
1️⃣ Музыкантов, которые ищут менеджмент 
2️⃣ Менеджмент, который представляет своих музыкантов 
3️⃣ Партнеров, которые выставляли свои продукты, например по облачному хранению клипов и музыки 
4️⃣ И хакеров, которые искали свою команду
Недавно я уже писала, что благодаря регистрации в Линкедине  я получила пригласительное письмо на это мероприятие, а также ссылку на ресурс, где были зарегистрированы все участники и посетители Capitol Royale.  Я смогла даже заранее договориться о встрече с нужными мне людьми. Найти их контакты, узнать информацию о них, портфолио, курируемые проекты – все можно было увидеть на этой платформе. Собственно еще за два дня до мероприятия у меня уже был весь сегодняшний день расписан по минутам: одна встреча сменяла другую. 🙈
У нас в России есть аналог подобных  встреч – это COLISIUM International Music Forum, где артисты их менеджмент, промоутеры, сми и пр-менеджеры, концертные площадки, подрядчики по изготовления сувенирки, раздаток, печати афиш, /билетов могут найти друг друга, установить полезные деловые контакты и начать сотрудничество. Этот формат встреч я очень рекомендую всем, кто хочет развиваться в российском шоу бизнесе, поскольку именно там можно встретить полезных для вашего продвижения людей, и даже договориться с тв каналом о показах вашего клипа. 😉
Сегодня же помимо полезных встреч были еще и очень крутые выступления партнеров с презентациями классных новинок! К примеру, гаджета, который транслирует на кузов машины название проигрываемого  в данный момент трека! Очень крутой канал для рекламы музыкантов. Но особенно меня потрясла клавишная гитара! Не смогла удержаться и даже  сыграла на ней пару песен! 🎸
Как вам инструмент?
Turning Nights Into Mornings.
team UpBeat won a $1000 prize & @turtface beat @ninja in a dance off during the @capitolrecords hackathon last weekend
🎥: @arielle_smith
My good peoples Ethiopia Habtemariam. President of Motown Records.. #Boss #Inspiration #SelfBelief #LivingViral 🏆
Dream team ⚡️
Who Thinks @Capitolrecords should go thru with signing your boy Swaggy to a deal looks like @lilyachty is on Boat ⛵⚓ Dont underesitimte  manifesting your own Destiny 📝🎙🎶📈
Amazing day with @ninja and the @astralwerksrecords fam! So excited to be a part of this album!!
thank you @forever21 x @loren for having us! ❤️ congrats Loren! ❤️ #f21xmusic #f21xloren
When you’re tired. Exhausted. 
But also proud. And happy. 
Job well done to everybody involved, but the gang of people I get to work with on long weekends like this one... words cannot express how much I appreciate our team(s). 📸: @nicholasosborne
such an honor to meet (& match!) @ukonwaojo, the CMO of @cotyinc, and her incredible team who are doing amazing things at @covergirl 💄✨
We kicked off December with #ForeverBabe @loren + all her friends 💝🎉 Check out our stories for a peek inside our #F21xLoren Holiday party! ✨ #F21xMusic (shop link in bio)
Swipe ➡️ to see some of the most 🔥 #Forever21Men fits from our #F21xLoren Holiday Party! #F21xMusic
The scope of future Music consumption is intimately infinite & infinitely intimate.
forever 💿
We’re having a GNO with these #ForeverBabes tonight 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ Here’s a sneak peek of our #F21xLoren Holiday Party! Stay tuned for more 💝✨ #F21xMusic
Today we released the first three tracks of the @ninjawerks album featuring @tychomusic @alesso and @3lau. So proud of the @astralwerksrecords team. @ninja
Difficult • to • work • with: /raSH(e)n(e)l/ of /kem’plāsensē/ -maintains vision and direction, strives for greatness, blazes the trail, takes the road never travelled, accepts solution only, relies on the infinite alone, courageous, communicates emotion, moves with purpose, speaks honestly.
Living my best life. (Spoiler Alert! There is a high ‘A’ in season 3)
#music #tech #magic
@minusgravity are not minus good vibes 🎬😄
#wearetheworld What a blessing to be part of such a beautiful group of people !! #wearetheworld2018 #channelaid #togetherasone
’Tis the season! 🎄 What’s on your wishlist this year? 🎅 #TowerTuesday
Out everywhere good music is sold today - our definitive reissue of David Axelrod’s ‘Earth Rot,’ the final album in his Capitol Trilogy with, at the late master’s request, the album’s never-before-issued instrumentals.
If your local shop is out, it’s guaranteed in-stock at our #Rappcats webstore. Link in bio for more info, or watch this short for more on the album from Axelrod’s son and collaborator Michael. #DavidAxelrod
D3mon lilfestyle 👁
Some people lose their minds.
Mine snuck out the back door-
I want to say thank you to QC @qualitycontrolmusic , @motownrecords , @capitolrecords , @qcmceo_p , @coachk44 , @yungmiami305 , @thegirljt for loving ”Give It A Try” 📌so much that it was ALBUM worthy 💽. @jacquees you kilt the hook. I’m starting to like this thing called songwriting 🖊. Everybody go purchase “Girl Code” right now. 💰Thank you my bros @Dj_ondabeat & @agtunez the geniuses behind producing #GiveItATry #IntroductionAsASongWRITER
Just recorded a new album with the Los Angeles Doctors Symphony Orchestra! Some Sibelius just in time for the holidays #LADSO
Honour getting to play a secret showcase in the @capitolrecords studio A tonight! 🌹✨(here’s me struggling with a new capo) 👗- @rixolondon 📸 - @samhkay and @socialbends💄 - @madison_blue
📷 by the super talented @allister_ann
Let the beat drop 🎧 @fashionnova @anyabraids 
DOUBLE TAP if you’re excited about my new song that I just recorded.
#piperazzi #josefapacheco #piperrockelle
Let the beat drop 🎧 @fashionnova @anyabraids 
DOUBLE TAP if you’re excited about my new song that I just recorded.
Styled @notnjomza “Lonely Nights” video for her Vacation EP 🚀🚀🚀🚀OUT NOW!

I’m so blessed that I’m able to create magic with my best friends. Congratulations on Capitol Records babe. We ❤️ you.

MUA: @teebozzmua 
Director: @chadtennies_resolve
Hair: @iammayanichole
V♩EWS 🇺🇸
On a scale of 1 to UMUSIC Experience, how hard do you field trip?! @capitolrecords 🌴🎵💃🏼
The presence of the lord is here 
The presence of the lord is here
I feel it in the atmosphere 
The presence of the lord is here.
#newmoon #mathematician #graduation #blackmajixian
#LariBasilioNewAlbum 🎸🎧 soon... #LariBasilio2018Album
Didn’t try too hard for my #halloweencostume this year. @jamesdean 
Nice and easy.

#halloween #hollywood #jamesdean #capitolrecords
First time heels choreography by: @amayajofficial ✨✨
Song: The Same @ryandestiny 
Dancers: @tennileadams @amayajofficial
Tag @ryandestiny in the comments ❤️ #heels #dance #Ryandestiny #performing #LA
Best view in LA ✌️💻🎻
🥀 “Touchè” Executively Produced by the OG. @theycallmecamper, coming sooner than later!
Wait...does that flag on the roof say Beastie Boys? Oh sh! does
On My Mind - OUT NOW!! Everyone please go check out my new song!!! Link in the Bio. ♥️♥️♥️♥️ Produced X @richskillz 
They surprised me at the office today with a party!!! This really made my day!!! What a great start to a beautiful day!!! Thank you to everyone that took time out of their busy schedules to show up and sing me Happy Birthday!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
New music coming from @laribasilio!
R E C A P 🎥
S W I P E 
#hunchohoops 📸: @_tylers._  @montyimages 🔥🔥🔥
Scootin into #TowerTuesday with @offsetyrn 🛴💨
LA 🌄
King of the court champ 3dribbles I won give me my mon3y!?😜
{ Still } Whats an injury when I wake up breathing 📽 : @bradantoigo
Tickling the ivories for our duet 🎙😎(this is the mic #franksinatra recorded with) #capitalrecords #hollywood #CforMen 📸 #ChristinaEdwards My heartfelt thanks to @c.magazine @vacheronconstantin and my @isaia family for a lovely evening 💫
I really came from nothing. Now I’m in Capitol Records Listening to #QuavoHuncho wit @QuavoHuncho 💯
#HUNCHOHOOPS was L I T 🔥 Hit our IG Highlight to peep our day packed full of dunks, beats & ballers 🏀🎬 #QuavoHuncho
@filausa 🍭
🏀 H U N C H O  H O O P S 🏀 #QuavoHuncho
“Can I hold a dub ? “. It’s this shop on Broadway and I need a dub “Freestyle vibes. Yessss Siiiir
Take me to your Tower! 👽 Who knows the story behind this photo? Hint: 🥁 #TowerTuesday
Loving the feeling!! I used to hate singing in front of people. I didn’t like the sound of my voice at all. I couldn’t even sing a note by myself during sound checks back in high school. I was scared that people would think I wasn’t good enough. After 6 years of holding back I decided that I shouldn’t care what other people think. It’s been a long time but I’m finally letting go of my stage fright. It’s a great feeling! Life is too short to hold back from your full potential!! Go chase your dreams! God bless🙏🏽 #sing #capitolrecords #calvinklein #recordingstudio #vibes
#TBT to the @bastilledan flag flyin’ high over #Hollywood at @CapitolRecords 😎 #Bastille
So glad I got to witness this a few blocks from work today on my lunch break. @carrieunderwood finally getting her 🌟from Simon Cowell and Brad Paisley on the @officialhollywoodwalkoffame. She could barely hold back the tears especially in the first pic, talking to her son on the sidelines. 😢 So touching and beautiful. Congrats!
Capitol Music Group Meetings... #CapitolMusicGroup
Found @paulmccartney’s star outside Capitol Records!! 🤩 I love that it was right alongside @johnlennonofficial, @ringostarrmusic and @georgeharrisonofficial. I also found #TheMonkees, #TheDoors, #BeeGees, #EltonJohn and more ♫ ♪
We made a special cover for the vinyl album! It looks like this! Available for order now, get it on November 9th! Accompanied by my band, The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra (@jazzstorie, @alexanderfrankmusic, @saxpyornce, @jjbagg, @kenny_elliott_drums) with special appearances by @tillbroenner_official, @imeldaofficial, @haleyreinhart, and @sarahkatesilverman! Produced by @larrykleinmusic and managed by @aeronautian. Album creative direction/styling by @atvottero, photography by @paridukovic, grooming by @davidcoxhair. 🙏🏼🔑🎼🎷🎹🏆
ahh such a good night // here’s a couple clips from the other night performing with @troyesivan on the rooftop of @capitolrecords at sunset 🌅✨💐and a rly cute band pic #postcard #bloom #troyesivan #capitolrecords
10/10 would wear - Tap the photo to shop our @capitolstudios Quiet Recording tee and more! 😎🌴
picture from our latest press conference discussing sonny's transfer to Charlton Athletic. if you wanna hear the interview hit up the link in our bio and listen from about 15 minutes in. recording for the EP starts on tuesday so look alive people x
Moves like jagger... 🎧 preparando la mejor etapa... #playyourowngame
You say it’s your birthday, it’s Paul’s birthday too, yeah! 🎉🎶 Happy Birthday to living legend, musical genius, and entertainment icon, Sir @PaulMcCartney. 🎂