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Chambers Hotel - New York City

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🐝 final day
‘Pastoral Paradise’, 2001. Oil on prepared wall. 9 x 80’ ft. Permanent installation, The Chambers Hotel, New York. #johnnewsom #detail #oilpainting #lukelooks
💙 You adore me, you love me, you cherish me, Jesus Christ you can't live without me #buffalo66
Should I stay or should I go (outside)🌨 ps. this was one of the cutest hotels (which doesn’t break the bank) that I’ve ever stayed at | xAR
#interiors #interiordesign #toronto #design #torontodesigners #newyorkcity #hotel #hotelroom #chambershotelnyc
I can’t keep up with you, New York City! 🍎
Finding repose in my beautiful @chambershotelny suite. This is 🏠 for the week! 
#nyc #melissackohinNewYork #chambershotel
A bourbony level of sweet with a manageable level of peat? 😱
I hope YOUR Friday tastes THIS good 🤤🤤
(What's in your glass??) 🤔🤔
#KingsCountyDistillery #PeatedBourbon #OhThisIsNice #HappyFriday
Нью-Йорк, я тебя люблю! Рождественский, холодный, шумный❤️
Пс. Марго с бабушкой, а у нас пару дней романтик. Я за здоровый эгоизм😜, когда можно безумно любить ребятенка и не забывать любить себя. И мужа😉🤘 #nyc #starfish_nyc
Wedding anniversary to day! Nr 10 and many more to come. I want to hold your hand at 80 and say, "We made it." Love you ❤️🥂
The holidays are just around the corner and what can be better than showering your loved ones in cashmere this holiday season? #HaniaNewYork |  Also, we are excited to share a limited-time CYBER MONDAY offer on our site: Today & tomorrow only, receive a complimentary matching hand knit accessory with purchase of $1,500 or more, visit link in bio to shop!*
Suite Life NYC #chambershotel #travel
My flight leaves in the morning. Right now I’m packing and tidying up after myself. Some people don’t know this, but it is proper hotel 🏨 etiquette to tip the cleaning staff/housekeeping. I’ve always done so, still I read an article a few months ago that referenced how the majority of patrons do not leave a tip for the staff who tend to the space after they’ve used it and many of them actually count on tips as part of their income. I’m going to guess housekeeping isn’t a lucrative job, but it is still a necessary one. So please, the next time you stay somewhere, make the chore a little easier by collecting your dishes, throwing away your trash and food, and leave a tip. Goodbye 👋🏻 NY. I will miss you. But I’ll be back. 
#nyc #justmyopinion #bekind #thinkaboutothers
Hey there you beautiful Bavarian.  Let’s drive to König Ludwig’s place @severinekeimig
I spy with my little eye...something orange. 🤗 #nyc #ispy #rainraingoaway☔️ #chambersguestsareouttoplay
Leaving Chambers hotel in HANIA
Couple great shots from the room. Chambers Hotel. Upper Midtown NYC. #travelerpaulie2018
There is no city like NYC. Jenn and I took another bite and she always tastes so good 😊
until we meet again, nyc. #loml
Looking for a hidden gem in NYC?  Try @chambershotelny 
Indulge daily #momofukumilkbar attached to hotel and #zibettoespresso just around the corner for your daily dose of caffeine #chambershotelnyc
Make him happy and end the war.
*Be Dangerous, it's careful out there [plus it's more fun😜😜] #blackgirlmagic #blackgirlswhoblog #nystateofmind #thepicture #alwaysinblack
Chambers Hotel 56th St in #newyork Very nice place to stay for an #holiday
When in NYC... @glossier
การได้ซื้อดอกไม้ที่ตลาด แล้วเอากลับมาชื่นชมที่โรงแรม มันช่างเป็น 4 วันที่ชื่นนนใจจริงๆ💕💕💕🌸🌸🌸🏵🏵🏵🌺🌺🌺🌹🌹🌹💗💗💗
First Take
I love this hotel 😀❤️
Pajama party ✨ #citylife
100s of 1000s of Fire fighters & Officers lined the streets right outside our hotel, honoring a fallen nyc fire fighter. My pictures don’t even show 2% of this magnificence. #heros#stpatrickscathedral🙏🏻 I wanted to take more pics but it didn’t feel right.
출장의 마지막은 엘리스의 달달하고 맛난 아이스크림 선물로~ 최근 먹어본 디저트중 최고최고! 덕분에 서울에 잘 도착^^ #milk
Is snowing ❄️❄️❄️❄️
We’ll never really be there “en cinco minutos.” Happy Sunday✌🏻#cuban101
Celebrating my fellas 30th birthday, so I booked us a swanky hotel 💁🏻‍♀️ I had to leave my books behind, but thank goodness for complementary NYTs 📰.
I could get used to this ☕️
Happy 5 month birthday to our sweet baby boy #masonbentley820. Today you spent trapped in the #nycwomensmarch. You are now rolling over talking more and more and are still such a love bug. You smile and drool and giggle. You love putting your hand in your mouth even when there are other things there. You still like to go  to work with your Momma. You like to eat watermelon and refuse a bottle.  You are your dads true mini me. We love you more and more each day and are loving watching you grow and learn. Here’s to many more months!!!! We love you baby boy
Morning view from 140 @chambershotelny
Thanks for the NYC hospitality my brother @bowties38
The Doorman at @chambershotelny wearing his uber cool Christmas suit. Nice ! #chambershotel #newyork #suit
wish i was somewhere else, not stressing about finals 📰☕️
Last night in NY. 🍎🍕
These are the moments that I live for!!!! Fingers and All ! 
Thank you Jackie for all that you do for me and Chad James Group ! .
#chadjames #chadjamesgroup #andrewjosephpr #ittakesavillage #newyork #thechambers #planplanplan
我覺得這也是生活的樂趣之一😝🤣 -

#newyork #nyc  #travel 
#chiao  #usa  #뉴욕
Killing time before leaving for the airport, playing one of our NYC game store purchases. #boardgames #tabletopgames #gamingonvacation #7wondersgame
When you fly late to New York and your hotel @chambershotelny has @momolongplay Spicy Fried Chicken sandwiches on the room service menu. #WINNINGATLIFE 🔝

Here to attend the extraordinary Global Gastronomy Award 2017 by White Guide and 12forward with legends @chefdanbarber and @enriqueolveraf. 🇺🇸🔛🇲🇽 Follow @12forward when I report live during the award! ✔️🔝🍴
#bfsontour #finestfoodstories #newyork #globalgastronomyaward #whiteguide #gastronomyforward
I love New York
#Repost @ferverdasco
Love to be back at @chambershotelny after a long day! #timetorest
See you very soon New York 🤙🏼 Unbelievable experience @chambershotelny 🙌🏼🔝
Rainy day in New York City
breakfast for two | @samantha.king #shotoniphone
Love to be back at @chambershotelny after a long day! #timetorest
@TechNinjaSpeaks and I chat about the new @SamsungMobileUSA #GalaxyNote8 in my latest video. Check the link in my bio, or head to for the full discussion! Are you picking up a Galaxy #Note8?
6pm in new york ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
📸: @s.lshkh ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
la vie est une fleur dont l’amour est le miel.
so... let's go back @brianaherrera @s.lshkh?
Channeling my inner Khaleesi 🐉
Happy 1-year anniversary Pokemon GO! Catch this rare Pikachu with an Ash hat during this event! @nianticinc @pokemongoapp #pikachu
Until next time @chambershotelny - it was a pleasure
Customized floor 😎
It was a pleasure working with Chambers Hotel. Beautiful design. ✨
Niente... le piace stare qui 😅😍
Our current situation. It's pretty nice. #chambershotelnyc #nyc #springbreak #wineandcheese #roomwithaview
Weekend trip to New York City spent staying at Chambers Hotel. What a great little hotel with friendly service and relaxing atmosphere in Midtown! I loved the drawing table in the room with a roll of tracing paper attached to the table. My wife drew our 2 cats and I did my routine hotel room drawing by measuring. They even had a hotel letterhead in the room - this really makes my day! #nyc #usk #urbansketchers #hotelroom #chambershotel @chambershotelny
▪️Desperately seeking no one▪️
@okeeffeshoes guy came into hotel for breakfast. I looked at the shoes and immediately knew they were O'Keefe's. And they were. He loved them and said "they were comfortable". Hope to see you guys soon! Miss you much!!
Me at work. Sometimes I have to stop traffic 😜. Lol #jcrew #clarks #nikeglasses #nike #chambershotelnyc
Research has shown that smiling comes with many health benefits. When you smile and laugh, a number of physiological changes occur in your body, mostly without you consciously aware of it happening. That being said, I'm happy to partner with @SmileDirectClub to reach my full smile potential! Also, feel free to use code "whatmakesmesmile" on to receive 50% off your impression kit. 😃#sponsoredbysmile
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I'm not actually staying at an @angrybirdsofficial theme hotel but you could have fooled me!  This little guy is the first thing I see when I leave my room @chambershotelny. #angrybirds #birds #wallpaper #designhotel #nyc
Murphy at the Chambers Hotel! Amazing dog!!
Loving the personalised thank you note and gift! Thank you @chambershotelny! #allabouttheservice #newyorknewyork #mannerscostnothing #americandream
#tbt Loving a good glamour shot! From my @citiphile profile last year, shot on location @chambershotelny #goodhairdontcare #kenslife @neimanmarcus #fashion
View from the top Pt 2 #setlife
The cutest twins at the chambers this week! Nice family!! Have fun in Boston.
Styling in my #O'Keefe shoes at #chambershotelnyc been awhile. Had to bring them back out. One great pair of shoes.
The guys from #centralparksightseeingnyc bought me this. It's an amazing wooden bow tie. They even personalize it with my name and IG name. Awesome!! #centralparksightseeing
Travel is all about the people! Meet Ty Green, @bowties38, the friendliest most genuine welcome in NYC @chambershotelny #travel #ilivetravel #RWCpeeps #NYC
Baldassari boys! Cool kids!! #chambershotel #renato_baldassari  Hope you guys are enjoying yourself! Happy B-Day Mr. Baldassari #Clarks
One of the ladies who walk by hotel. Thought I looked extra good.She had to take a pic. Thought it was sweet. #chambershotelnyc #clarks
'ART vol.1''....find in the hotel lobby.
#art #ny #chambers #hotel
Location Photography. #svabfaphotovideo
Location Photography. #svabfaphotovideo
7 hours later 🏙 @saradiamondmusic
On the wall in my new favorite room @chambershotelny #102 #homeaway #chineseyearofthesnake #sharon
There is a workstation, but these sheets are 👌🏽 Mind fuel from the in-house @milkbarstore downstairs. Crack pie on call? You got it. @chambershotelny
Connect the blue. Or go up the blue steps. Get it?! #chambershotelnyc
Finally get to see my New York girls.
Midtown gem at @chambershotelny. I've stayed here a few times and it's one of the areas best kept secrets. Large rooms and high industrial ceilings is a rarity this close to all the tourist attractions.
Super belated happy 40th birthday #happy #birthday #party
Happy 18th bday, Anya-Esther!! Thanks for the endless laughter and good times🔞🎈💞🍏
Beauty writing w/ a view (+ rental laptops!!) @chambershotelny ✨ #beauty #NYC #lovethishotel #werkwerkwerk 🏙❤️🗽
Last night in the Big Apple 🍎💙
Doesn't play well with others
It's cloudy and rainy in New York today and all I really wanted to do was stay in bed and watch HBO ......
The other day with @huit8_france @huit8_official 💫
We made it! NYC vacay begins! @pryan144 @kryan1130
#repost from @sweetnothingnyc in Hero during her fitting with our Fit Specialists at the #EvedenAW16 event!
@thefreckledginger in Candid at the #EvedenAW16 event!
Our Nouvel Emoi collection is perfect on @sydneybakich at the NYC #EvedenAW16 event!
@thefreckledginger rocking Isabella at the #EvedenAW16 event!
We can't wait to present our AW16 collections to the press today at our #EvedenAW16 event in NYC!
Put in some WERK yesterday with @tishcyrus in the city \\ homeward bound ✈️
Just reading the times getting into my Sunday, you?
Из окна гостиницы. Типичный Нью-Йоркский вид. From the hotel's window. Typical Manhattan view. #manhattan #nyc #theChambersHotel #ньюйорк #манхэттен
Today during the #pinktrotters event at the #nyfw a beauty professional asked me if I was a model. Even though I am clearly not a model, this totally made my day. Thank you so much to @lalavre for the organization, to for the amazing hair stylist and to @winkbrowbar for the eyebrows styling. You make feel us all special!
Ready for some #Prosecco #MetodoClassico Cascina Bretta Rossa and #cupcakes? I do! See you at @hip_hotels, 15W 56th street, #NewYork Suite 122! Organized by @pinktrotters @lalavre #pinktrotters
In occasione della ‪#‎NewYorkFashionWeek ‬, la nostra Ambassador Laura (@lalavre) vi aspetta al meraviglioso Chambers Hotel (membro del nostro partner @HIP_Hotels) a #Manhattan! Tenetevi pronte per una serata di sole donne per prepararsi all'evento!
Tra le tante sorprese per voi, le partecipanti avranno la possibilità di ricevere i trattamenti alle sopracciglia da @WinkBrowBar, assaggiare le squisitezze di tutto annaffiato dall'ottimo rosé di Cantina Bretta Rossa!
Ci vediamo il 15 febbraio alla Terrace Suite del @ChambersHotelNY !
UNITEVI  ALLA PINKTROTTERS MAKEOVER SUITE  a Manhattan --> Vai alla nostra pagina eventi (Link in Bio) e Prenotati subito! [In occasion of the New York Fashion Week, our Ambassador Laura is waiting for you at Chambers Hotel in ‪#Manhattan‬ for a super pampering women-only evening! Among many surprises, participants will have the chance to receive treatments from Wink Brow Bar, try the sparkling rosè of Cantina Bretta Rossa and the deliciousness by Urbani Truffles! See you on February 15th at Terrace Suite of Chambers Hotel! 
FOR BOOKINGS GO TO OUR EVENTS PAGE (LINK IN BIO) -> The Pinktrotters Makeover Suite -> AND 'BOOK NOW'!]
Hey girls in #NY! You can't miss this event organized by @pinktrotters during the #NYFW: you will be pampered by the best #hairstylists and #makeup artists in the City and get complimentary makeovers! 
Also, the #lovely catering will be curated by... me! 😍 @contestarockhair, Courtney Culkin (, @urbanitruffles, @lets_bubble @chambershotelny @lalavre @hip_hotels 
What are you waiting for? Details and info in by bio 🙄
In occasione della ‪#‎NewYorkFashionWeek ‬, la nostra Ambassador Laura vi aspetta al meraviglioso Chambers Hotel (membro del nostro partner @HIP_Hotels) a #Manhattan! Tenetevi pronte per una serata di sole donne per prepararsi all'evento! Hair stylists di @ContestaRockHair, truccatori del team di @CourtneyCulkin ,le squisitezze di @MissCocoCupcake e le t-shirts di @Lets_Bubble accompagnati da ottime bollicine rosè! Cos'altro? Le Pinktrotters, ovviamente! Ci vediamo il 15 febbraio alla Terrace Suite del @ChambersHotelNY ! [In occasion of the New York Fashion Week, our Ambassador Laura is waiting for you at Chambers Hotel in ‪#Manhattan‬ for a super pampering women-only evening. Let's get ready together before to join the fashion buzz! Contesta Rock hair stylists, makeup artists of Cortney Culkin team, delicious Miss Coco Cupcakes, Let'sBubble t-shirts and sparkling wine... what else? The Pinktrotters, of course!
See you on February 15th at Terrace Suite @ Chambers Hotel!] FOR BOOKINGS GO TO OUR EVENTS PAGE (LINK IN BIO) -> The Pinktrotters Makeover Suite -> AND 'BOOK NOW'!
Always a laugh and good times with @tracianyc looking like we about to rob a bank lol #AllBlackEverything                    📷: @tammieholt
Thank you @chambershotelny for these delicious "smartinis" and even more delicious @momofuku snacks! #SmartFlyer #chambershotel #nyeats #nomnom #hailtothafried 🙌🏽
I booked midtown hilton hotel on Agoda, but someone who works in the hotel couldn't find my reservation, and every room was sold out today. That's why I came to Chambers hotel. So tired. It was first time while I was using agoda, but it's not too bad. The same area and a similer room. #newyork #chambershotel #travel I wish it was the last bad situation in 2015.
Bye #chambershotel 👋🏼 u've been good to us, thank you 😊
Cold day at the Chambers Hotel! Nice to be cozied up next to fireplace and wearing O'Keefe shoes! The best shoes in the world!! The best hotel with fireplace in NYC!!! #theboysinokeefe #okeefeshoes
miss u wish u were here.
Best Doors, Best Doormen and, The Best Dressed Doormen in New York City Ty, @bowties38 @chambershotelny Summer Sartorial Colorful Socks and Bold Bow Ties, we like the Check Shirt too! @neimanmarcus @nmmanstore #nminsider #nmmenstrends #nmtrends @newyorkcitytourism #nyc #newyork #sartorial #bowtie @newyorkhotels
bright night. ✨
48 hours of perfect mayhem/inspiration starts now #NYC
Pretty spiffy @workof install up this week for @nycxdesign at The Chambers Hotel. Includes pieces from 6 of my favorite designers + people. We've totally transformed the main lobby. Go check it out if you're in midtown. 
Thanks to the lovely @caitoppermann for the beautiful photo.
Sneak peek at a special Design Week install!! Visit the @chambershotelny  to catch an exclusive @workof project through May 20. #nycxd #collaboration #designweek #nycxdesign
Crashing in the Chambers Hotel for the night. #GN 🌙