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@alessiasmusic 🖤🖤 🇨🇦
Mesela köşede sıcacık ufak bi mahalle fırını varmış, bende sabah uyanır uyanmaz bi koşu gidip sıcacık simitleri kapıp gelmişim gibi çek😇 ahhh nerdee....😣
Asla değişmeyen, üzerine asla başka bi tarif tanımadığım enfes simit tarifiyle musmutlu haftasonları dilerim hepinize🙏😍😘
Sokak Simidi ( Gevrek)
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👉🏻ilk olarak unu bir karıştırma kabına alıp ortası havuz şeklinde açıyoruz ve unun üzerine tuz, tozşeker be mahlebi alıyoruz.
👉🏻Ardindan unun ortasina hazir hale getirilmis( ilik suda hafif tozsekerle on dakika kadar bekletilip, aktiflestirilmis)mayayi, siviyagi be kontrollu sekilde suyu ilave ederek kulak memesi kivamindan hafif sert bi hamur hazirliyoruz.
👉🏻 Daha sonra yarim saat bekletilip mayalandirilmis hamuru bir tezgahin uzerinde tekrar yoguruyoruz ve  istenilen buyuklukte bezelere ayrilip simit sekli veriyoruz.
👉🏻Tum sos malzemelerini karistiriyoruz ve hazirladigimiz simitleri en basta sosa daha sonra susama batirip tepsiye diziyoruz.
👉🏻 Son olarak yarim saat yahut kirkbes dakika  tepside mayalandirip 200 derecelik onceden isitilmis firinda  kizarana dek pisiriyoruz👏🏻
⭐️Eger tepsi mayasini bekleyecek zamaniniz yoksa firini isitip kapattiktan sonra simitleri icerisinde 15 dakika kadar bekletip firini acarsaniz cok cabuk sonuca ulasirsiniz👍
⭐️Birde simitler piserken firina ufak bi kapta su koyarsaniz daha citir simitler elde etmis olursunuz👍☺️
Afiyet olsun
I’ll know tomorrow in the light of the morning if I feel that this painting is done. I am tired tonite, but I really needed to get something on canvas. It’s been too long since I took a few hours to paint. I took my color palette in a different direction.
#rosepainting #abstractfloral #floralart #textilepattern #floral #floralabstract #capturingsunlight #flaming_abstracts #paintingofflowers #abstractimpressionismart #joyfulabstracts #intuitivepainting #impressionism #monet #newpainting #artiststofollow #interiordesign #interiordecorating #homeaccessories #abstractflowers #chicagoartist #naturepainting
Spent some time at the police station, n I wasn’t even in jail. FEEDING The FRIENDS WIT MY BOY DJ HEZ A COOL A** kid 🥊❤️ @_coolkiddj
***50mm Project no.4***
One thing I love about this focal length is the field of view. Not too open and not too tight. It really forces you to think about your location and what you can fit in or what you can do without.
#bokeh_shotz #bokeh_bliss #bokehkillers #bokehlicious #nightshooters #artofchi #depthofearth #houseoftones #worldtones #thedarkpr0ject #thestreetpr0ject #urbanandstreet #unknownperspectives #streets_vision #shotzdelight #hypebeast #depthobsessed #creative_ace #killyourcity #illgrammers #streetactivity #gramslayers #createcommune #way2ill #weownthenight_chi #illest_shots #shotz__fired #nikonusa #50mm2019
So, while we were in Chicago, I finally got to go by the @oakandoscar headquarters. We sat around talking about Chicago pizza, entrepreneurship, making things, Frederick Law Olmsted, and watches were discussed somewhere in there. @erinapier and I love meeting people who have found their niche thing. Oak and Oscar is a Chicago based company that’s making great watches. There’s a couple of pictures of me wearing their new watch, the Humboldt, which they are pre-selling. This one belongs to the owner, Chase, but I almost walked out of there with it on my wrist. Scroll to the last page and read their company slogan/motto. #MakeNoLittlePlans
The bigger the hoop... the bigger the heart, goals, ambitions, morals and values
Weekend started.
Спустя полтора года я взяла себя в руки!
Когда я осталась в Америке, я не представляла что хочу делать, чем заниматься и как развиваться. Я бестолку ходила работать в ресторан, возвращалась домой и смотрела сериалы. Мои дни напоминали дни сурка. В выходные дни я смотрела на часы и жажда 5 часа вечера, когда вернётся Женя. Одиночество съедало меня.
Мне не плохо быть наедине с собой. Но когда нету любимого дела, желания развиваться и что-то строить. Ты гниешь изнутри.
Сейчас я твёрдо знаю чего хочу. Стараюсь это осуществить всеми руками и ногами. Поняла, где хочу работать, чем заниматься.
Прочитав пару книг, поняла - главное поставить цель! На 2018 я решительно хотела сдать на права и купить машину - я это сделала!
Моя самая главная цель на этот год - работа графическим дизайнером. Это то на кого училась, о чем мечтала практически с детства (ещё лет в 10 я хотела рисовать мультики).
На самом деле ставьте цели, это и правда работает. Только не смотрите сериалы, думая что все придёт само.
Напишите свои цели на 2019 год, очень интересно☺️⠀
U never backed down from nothin or nobody u had a gift bro. I’m glad i had a chance to play wit u. I miss and love you bro🕊 #LLCJ #chicagomade
Montessori kids party hard 🤪🤙
Buena noche ! Les saludo con el gusto de poder hacerlo.#musica #pasion @aldo1
Matching w the background 🤗
This lift took gold in the snatch and was the last time I lifted at Junior Nationals, until tomorrow 😏. See y’all tomorrow at noon! #usaweightlifting #barbellsforboobs #academyofweightlifting
Bill the Butcher micro portrait
These NBA Legends were “fortunate” enough to have been caught in the Jordan landslide of the 1990s.
Who else did MJ stop from a title?💭
#hooperscentral 🏀🔥
If it doesn’t make you feel FABULOUS, DON’T do it, DON’T buy it, DON’T keep it!! 👑💓🌟
updates : i made it to chicago, i didn’t bring a big jacket like i was supposed to, and i get to c my mom all weekend 🦋 hope everyone has a rad weekend
Hey, hey, hey!!🙋🏻‍♀️ I need your help! As a THANK YOU for your support, I’ll be doing a giveaway soon👀 and I’m planning on giving a gift card for your favorite online store soooo the question is; what’s your favorite store for home goodies/decor? Please comment below as the store with more mentions will be selected... Happy Friyay Everyone😘
. .
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melneezy from the block 💯📍🧱
thanks for dancing like hooligans for me
Focus on the good 💫
Jack Of All Trades 🐐
sassy taxi face
Don’t look for me in the crowd, come find me in solitude. I never fit in, was never supposed to..🌹
Cellulite? Stretch marks? 
Well duh who doesn’t have it.
Even men have it 😂 
Best way to get rid of it: get moving.. strength your booty & legs to reduce fat cells. It won’t completely get rid of your cellulite but it will most definitely help. So stop wasting your money on lotions. Just hit the gym💪🏼 My word of advice for the day 🙃
Hard to believe this shoot was a year old this week! 🤯
PYT: @applejackxz_
If you’re in a season of limbo, I see you. If you’re feeling unconvinced that it will end, I see you. And if there’s any one thing I’ve continued to realize, it’s that there’s so much learning that takes place without our knowing it. And there has to be reward in all of it —
Dope or Nope?🚀
Follow @HypedUS ◀️ for more! 🔥
Checkout @HypedUS ◀️ Tag 2 fiends and comment "DONE" letter by letter for a chance to get a free shoutout👟🤭
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I think it was over 70 degrees when I took this. That sounds unbelievable right now.
You’re right, we are not the same🤷🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ #shopakira
was it even windy??
tell myself it doesn’t mean that much <\3
American Teen
Booth Key Ceremony @mkmintman @talonbmorris @born_reddy
З нетерпінням чекаю зустрічі з Вами, мої прихильники в Америці 😘❤️ #іринафедишин #chicago
in the city where the sun don’t set 💫
Dinner goals from @littlebadwolfchicago 🍔 Think you can finish their triple decker Wolf Burger!?! 🤤 #LikeFoodChicago
🎥: @nonstopeats
🌁: @littlebadwolfchicago
22° F
So True 💯
i only talked to 1/5 of our uber drivers tonight bc i though he was cute and isn’t that kinda sad lol
Throwin it back to wish the Cats the best of luck on Opening Day. Stay in school, because real jobs suck and our bosses won’t let us post conference room reviews. #SendUsYourBullpenReviews #GoCats
🌚but tn i bounce back
Keep swiping >>> 💗
All is good 🙌🏻
Bad lil vibe💕 .
Feliz no San Valentín 🌧️
Friends since kids means friends forever. @shousayyy
When I'm bored I get creative ...
“I just took it left like I’m ambidextrous”
@sabapivot and @squeakpivot are going live on @pitchforkradio at 8:30pm CT with and interview and to preview more new music from the Pivot album. Who’s tuning in?
Mirror mirror on ”THE WALL” 😑
Push back 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺
𝓔𝔂𝓮𝓼: Morphe Dare To Create palette& Used Luscious Cosmetics “Angel Eyes” Primer. @morphebrushes @jamescharles 
𝓔𝔂𝓮𝓵𝓲𝓷𝓮𝓻: KISS me Heroine Eyeliner 
𝓑𝓻𝓸𝔀𝓼:  Morphe Brow Cream shade “Java” & Setting gel from Morphe 
𝓕𝓪𝓬𝓮: Dermacol foundation shade “226”, Too Faced Born this way concealer, & Dermacol invisible fixing powder “Light”. Touch in Sol “No Pore Problem” Primer! 
𝓛𝓲𝓹𝓼: Stila Liquid Matte Lipstick Shade “Sogno” 
𝓑𝓻𝓸𝓷𝔃𝓮𝓻: Girlactik “Casablanca” Matte Bronzer 
𝓛𝓪𝓼𝓱𝓮𝓼: Lash POP “Send Nudes” 
𝓗𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓵𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓽: Girlactik Skin Glow “Glamorous “ & Face Glow “Goldie” •
#beautyblogger #selftaught  #glowing  #anastasiabeverlyhills #chicagomua #chicagomodel #girlactik #girlactikgirl #stila #morphebabes #morphebabe #morphexjamescharles #pinkeyeshadow #dermacolfoundation #rileyrose #eyemakeuplooks #makeuplooksgood #hairoftheday
Just a tad bit cold but hey at least we got to have at dinner next to Akon tonight 🤤🤪😎
Happy Friday babes!! This was basically my Valentine’s Day look from last night thanks to @goodnightmacaroon - oh, different jeans and booties, but you get the gist 😄 I’ll link both pairs of my ripped jeans because they’re kind of amazing! 
We are headed to my lake house for the weekend to relax and get out of the city for a change!  You can instantly shop my looks by following me on the app #goodnightmacaroon #lovegm #gmxoxo #gmvday •
#liketkit #LTKitbag #LTKshoecrush #LTKstyletip #LTKunder50 #weekendready #fridayfashion #fashionfriday #fashionframe #hmstyle
thinking of a caption < getting a toddler to stand still
Living better now
Since is Friday I made my lentil dip again! Have you tried lentil dips? This is super simple and yummy. Swipe to see ingredients and macros, pals! Details 👉🏼 Pop all the ingredients in the image into the blender and let it run for a couple of mins (or until the mix is smooth!), taste it and add anything else you like to spice it up. So easy!! This time I topped it off with some olive oil and smoked paprika 👍💚 Ok, back to family time now. Good night pals! Enjoy your Friday 😘🙏 PS: if you don’t have black lentils use any type of lentils you have! ..........................
Cómo es viernes hice mi dip de lentejas! Lo han probado chiquill@s? Swipe para ver los ingredientes y macros. Detalles 👉🏼 Agreguen todos los ingredientes de la imagen a la licuadora por un par de minutos (o hasta que la mezcla esté bien molida como hummus), pruébenlo y agreguen cualquier otra cosa que deseen. Esta vez le agregué un poco de paprika y aceite de oliva arriba 👌Ok, ahora regreso a family time! Buenas noches chiquill@s! Espero que disfruten su viernes 💚 PD: si es que no tienen lentejas negras usen las que tengan no más.
y’all aren’t ready for this new @khaoticcollective 👁
What an amazing night! Thank you to T Rex, Shangela, Valentina, and Adore Delano for a fantastic RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4 Finale Viewing Party tonight! Be here Thursday, February 28th for the Premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11 hosted by T Rex with special guests Silky Ganache and Soju! #AllStars4 #DragRace #rupaulsdragrace #RoscoesDoesItBetter #OnlyAtRoscoes
Yup thats me walking around my house with a gallon of water everyday 😁 yesss is hard there's day's I don't feel like drinking water but I got goals so I got to chug 1  gallon.  Plus I been feeling better lately. I been on and off with water last year but when I stick with water I do feel a huge difference in my face, stomach even energy. I never was a huge soda drinker but I loved juice ( is worst since all that sugar) I honestly don't remember when was the last time I had juice. I completely took that off my life 2 years ago so is been water, carbonated water or 0 carb and 0 everything drinks. This year im trying to still with water 98% and fingers crossed with my #1gallonaday 💜 and I'm really trying to get better when it comes to weekends majorly saturdays on my water. 
Excuse my crazy hair just keeping my journey real 💜
#keepingitreal .
. .

#fridaymotivation  #februarygoals #consistencyisthekey #plussizegirl #plussizefitness #wlsjourney  #wlsfamily
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ain’t the one you want to mention💔
City day success ✅
Aquí casual con las amigas viendo la final de #AllStars4 
#rupauldragrace #valentina #as4
Is this my color 🧐🧐 ?✔️🚫❓ ps. sorry for my neck stack 😅 
#newhaircolor #ashgreyhair #hairstyles #hairdye
love my GALentines🥰
Rented out Jewel-Osco for Formal #classy
valentine’s day in the city🌹
Getting to where I want to be in life one pound at a time. #justdoit #nogivingup #noexcuses #transformation #myjourney
New American Record and double body weight snatch 🚨🚨
I just have to give a quick shout out to my TTS clients (you know who you are)... this workout happened because of YOU! 👏🏼 It’s Friday night, I’m 28 weeks pregnant, we’re leaving town tomorrow and there are things around the house that need to be done — but EVEN I can carve out twenty minutes, with a little help from my friends, to move my body!! 👟 See.. we motivate EACH OTHER. We ask for the extra encouragement when we need it, and goodness gracious did these girls ever show up for ME tonight! 💕 It’s not that you don’t have the time or perfect circumstances.... it’s that you don’t currently have it set as a PRIORITY. 🙅🏼‍♀️ If we can do it — SO CAN YOU BABE!
West African vibes ❤️🔥 follow @inspirebytyler
Freaky Fridays 👅
Still riding on the vday vibes 💃🏻💋 @ulcchicago x @lulus // #lovelulus #ad #ULCC #ULCChicago
What goes in to yours day of photography? My search always starts with an idea first. Scouting, light chasing, waiting for the perfect opportunity, those are the rest of the elements that goes into my planning. Sometimes it requires a lot of time and effort to get to where I want, and sometimes, everything falls in to right place just by pure luck! What do you think?
To learn all the techniques used to edit this piece and much more please visit my web page for more information.
@djiglobal Phanthom 4 Pro+ / FL 8.8mm (24mm) / ISO 100 / F3.2 / SS 1/15s
@dji FC6310 8.8 mm f2.8
#chicago #chicagocityworld #nbcchicago #abc7chicago #lifeofchicago #flippinchi #choosechicago #thechieye #windycity #chiarchitecture #usaprimeshot #likechicago #mychicagopix #chicagoshots #chicagopulse #windycity #illgrammers #chicagogram #enjoyillinois #citykillerz #ilovechi #theimaged #chicagoig #wu_chicago #igerschicago #chicagogrammers #way2ill #insta_chicago #chiarchitecture #onlinechicago
Ending my day on a positive note is just as important to me as starting it that way. I've partnered with @thomasbreakfast in order to promote a higher standard of living. One that is not control by the hands on the clock, but rather by late night requests of our tastebuds. @Thomasbreakast Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Bread is not only great for toasting, it is also a top candidate for all your French Toast needs.
me featuring some garbage and a dumpster... i’ll stick to sneakers 🙄
día 2 @the bean
Happy February, see you next month! || Just assume @owen_vajarsky takes all my photos
Dressed by @anntaylor head to toe [thank you! 💥]. This striped sweater fits right into my striped sweaters collection 😊 not to mention that classic black pants & pointy toe pumps are all time must haves anyways!
Guys, head on over to my blog to see the full post and read up all about @anntaylor HERLead initiative that supports and mentors young women teaching them leadership skills & helping them become the women of next generation —> details on how to sign up for this fellowship on my blog!
• #liketkit #LTKstyletip •
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i cant believe this, they forgot my f*%$*ng birthday! #16
I could be aggressive... I can be a savage!
I just need ya blessing... First take this rose then tell me I can have it 🌹
Baby I deserve it all ✨💕
Sorbets of roasted sesame, pomelo and kiwi 🥝
🔥🦇🦇live from the underground!!!🦇🦇🔥
Inviting you all into the Bears den for another live session!! This time in portrait mode! Also spending the evening with us is @optic.legacy!!! Sharing a home thought on the photo game and how to hone your skills to become a better photographer!!! Stop on by at 745 but I’m notoriously late so probably 800pm!! Shot for the day is none other than optic himself hanging outside a helicopter snapping shots of our beloved city!
👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 ✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶
Photographer: @optic.legacy 
Location: Chicago, IL
Chosen by: @harebear
Featured Tag: #artofchi

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Turn on the lights
Turn off the drama
Just a small town girl with big city dreams🌆
Made a quick trip to Chicago to see the “kid” brother before he leaves for Germany! 🇩🇪 Next time we see him he’ll be bringing back his girl for their American wedding in April! Can’t wait!
Let me show you what it’s like to be with a real one🖤
Congelándome en la hermosa ciudad de Chicago 🥶😁❤️ (3 Fahrenheit = -16 Celsius 🤷🏼‍♀️🤪)
Joggers @fashionnovamen | The game is off balance, I’m back on my shit.
These wimpy Californians decided to bust out the hats and gloves to brave chilly Chicago. You know how they say when you travel you should avoid all the tourist traps and do what the locals do? We don’t do that. ❄️✈️💙
✌️ to the work week! #FridayFeeling
Lol I made him take pics. Blood brother with the drip.
A day in Chicago: millennium park & the art institute. With my love. Happy elli.
#rtrrep #renttherunway
only L we took last night 
xoxo whipkneee
Dear Chicago, 
We love being in this city! We love you all! We are experiencing building maintenance issues and nothing but this could ever shut us down and stop us from serving you all the vegan everything you deserve! The first appointment we can get with a technician to help us is Monday. We are going to use this time to conjure up something amazing and special to welcome ya’ll back ! 
See you next week ❤️
Coming Soon.
buzz buzz, us again ✌🏽🐝 #weback #teachersofinstagram
Backstage getting ready for sound check, Chicago are you ready!? We’re gonna have some fun tonight 💃🏽
Favorite person; second favorite city 🌆 #weback
just chillin on a never before seen glass deck :)
Sometimes you need to sing so loud and unabashedly just to express yourself. Fed myself with this tune this morning. 🎶:Big White Room-Jessie J
18 degrees but make it fashion ❄️
Love In Our Bean 💓
I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it 🛍 @versace
"No one, however weak, is denied a share in the victory of the cross. No one is beyond the help of the prayer of Christ.' - St. Leo the Great
Exploring Chicago 
#flashbackfriday #thebean #cloudgate
“Cello don’t need a body. She got it all.” -Twitter
There’s no place I’d rather be, than with you 💍 #happybirthdaytome #happyvalentinesday 🖤
𝓌𝑜𝓇𝓉𝒽 𝒾𝓉 🌹❤️
[Choc Choc] Who’s tried TheYeon Lotus Root 365 Moisture Capsule Essence!?🌊🌸
🌸this essence contains 30% lotus root extract!! What does that mean? It’s rich in iron, tannin, and amino acids for healthy glowing skin!
🌊it uses capsules that keep ingredients fresh until they are applied to the skin and melt away to form a barrier that protects the skin and holds in hydration!
🌸this product is made of natural moisturizers and hyaluronic acid that allow a soothing, moisturizing, and glowing effect 🤩
Wouldn’t be the start the weekend without my blowout. Props to @thebeautymender for doing me up!
Shell Cordovan after being dried on glass. Next the shells will be oiled by hand, a process called currying, and then piled to cure for 90 days.
Oh hey there
Patiently waiting for Spring 🌸
📸 @escalantefoto
This seems like a very convenient way to get your pasta fix. Sign us up! {assorted pasta at @antopizzachicago} || 📷: @foodnetwerq || 🍝 #fabfoodchicago

Neighborhood: Rogers Park


Tag a pasta fan.
File already exists
MOOR RESPEK @bemoremodest 
“Chi Town and Thigh Town” -Mom
I am taking a break from having just finished hanging wallpaper, touching up paint, and reinstalling a sconce. The project is looking great, but I am not. Sharing @jordanferney’s photo of me (thanks again!), instead of my current glue-covered, paint splattered self. Here’s to more breakfasts with friends ahead to balance out the DIY work. ❤️
Told my nigga he can leave he won’t replace me 🤩. Day 5: Rip the wood #kafw
Cuando vences tus miedos, se destruyen tus límites ✨ • #skydeck #chicago #vacations #perlagellamor

A R T I S T | Our Member @goralka102 . 
DATE | February, 15.2019
✪ Only for Internal Use #bnw_planet_goralka102 ✪
. ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈
Denim vibes #fakesmile
Las bellezas del #autoshow #chicagoautoshow cada vez más cerca!!!!
This video shows me using my new heat protectant spray I’m developing and also my #StarStudioz flat iron I will be dropping this spring 💐
Último día que me muero de frío por una foto😭😂😭😂
lookin’ like a SNACK 😍
sharing a lil slice of sunshine after a hectic week. i’m not one to glorify busy, but from experience i know it can be far too easy to jump from one thing to the next and forget to celebrate everyday wins, whether big or small. moments of pause are where the magic happens. happy friday - here’s to a long, sunshiney weekend. ☀️
japanese sp 🍠, avo 🥑, greens, @traderjoes vegan cashew pesto, @traderjoes green goddess dressing, @wildbrine probiotic spicy kimchi sriracha, @manitobaharvest hemp seeds, himalayan pink, pep, red pep, atlantic dulse flakes.💥
Touchdown 🇺🇸
Tonight: Chicago @spybar • 
Saturday: LA @1720warehouse @dialogue_la
Break up with your girlfriend, yeah, yeah, 'cause I'm bored
Ring ring....weekend calling 📞✨
don’t act so innocent
Happy Birthday B! ❤️💛😘
Forever grateful for every person I can reach through this workout. What a blessing it is to move our bodies! #riseup #transform20 #beachbody

Thank you for inspiring me today with your energy and your passion, #Chicago! Special thank you to @flygirldanceandfitness for hosting me.

More live workouts coming! ➡️ 📷 @pontiphoto

@beachbodylive @transformsteplive @shaunt
black & white
1,000 games and FOUR Stanley Cups. Chris Kunitz has had a CAREER thus far. Congrats! #1Kunitz
Happy VAAALentine’s day!😉
“I’m going to get my girl a matching goose for Valentine’s Day so she can stop having to wear her Moncler”
I know you felt the magic last night too.
Thank you so much for making my first ever headline in your city unforgettable ❤️
Seahorses are among the most enchanting of fishes, and their bond to their mates would make any romantic swoon. Each morning a seahorse pair entwines tails and twirls around a blade of seagrass and then, tails still linked, promenades along the reef floor. This daily ritual reaffirms their fidelity, which lasts for life.