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Chicago, Illinois

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Beautiful night in Chicago
Girl next door 💙 who can’t pose in pictures 😂
Expectation (inday) vs. reality (joem)😆 love my salvatore ferragamo sunglasses from @delosreyescenter ❤️ ganyan pag walang shades @basconetti ? 😂😂😂
Dancin’ in the moonlight🌙
If you ain’t from here, well now you know
Wonderful birthday dinner with some great people 😊🎂
Last race on the home track felt so good :,)
A moment from last night.
and she’s back
Soy muy afortunado de poder constatar el poder de la música. Anoche, después de un show increíble con Los Ángeles Azules en Chicago, acabé tocando en uno de mis clubes de jazz favorito. Me invitaron a subir a tocar y me la pasé genial. Me emocioné mucho. El poder de la música es que borra fronteras, acaba con géneros y casillas y hace que se disfrute la vida sin importar donde, en que idioma o en que escenario esté parado uno.
My mom’s in town so here’s a photo of me
~donut~ want to leave these people next semester
Pt. 2 @pictureperfchi runway
Science Experiment 🧪 🧫 
The Amazing and Dedicated :
Styled by 🔥 Glass @osirusj 
thank you.
I forgot the IG password for  @_luckytuck so I’m sharing my handsome pooch dude here 💛💛💛 photo @o_liv_ia____
dreams don’t work, unless you do, so that’s why I go to the city for inspiration 😉
Just Windy City tingz amirite
Bean there, done that
Welcome to Julie Jackson’s conversation corner 🛋 This has been happening a lot lately. Well meaning people (press, public, industry people etc) saying things to me in person and online like, “you’re gonna be big!”, or “next time you play blah blah you’ll be in a much bigger venue!” or “people don’t know about you now, but they will!” Or some personal anecdote about seeing some current big artist playing some shit club once. Keep going kiddo! I’ve been playing music for a decade now and while my music life has gone through dramatic changes this kind of feedback stays exactly the same. I totally get it (I know people are just trying to be nice) But it’s been making me a bit tired and sad, and leaves me feeling like the show I just played wasn’t enough, or it was just a stepping stone to something else that I can’t see or am even sure that I want. I love what I do and I’m very lucky to be doing it but sometimes this business can feel like you’re gonna be either scrambling up the side of a mountain with people cheering you on or free falling down the other side trying to cling to relevance. I might not make another album. Who knows. Life is weird. This could be it for me. But isn’t that still amazing! I’m playing sold out shows in places a million miles from where I first started singing. That’s success to me. I feel successful. It’s all good! I know I’m asking for this kind of feedback by being part of the music Industry. Capitalism aye?! But I’d just like to feel proud and content for a moment and be able to take that feeling onstage with me every night. To feel like this album means something in of itself instead of it just being another step on some strange ladder. Whenever I’m listed as an ‘artist on the rise’ I’m always like where am I rising to? And if I get there will it be any better than here? Will it just take me closer to the free fall part? Anyway this is just for me. Maybe I shouldn’t care what people say 🤷🏼‍♀️I know you all have my back. Anyway! See you out there soon America. If you feel the need to say those things to me, may I suggest pinching your own arm instead ❤️ (still receiving compliments, don’t be scared of saying nice things to me)
Heard Y’all Was Looking For The Old Me.... #chicagocultureball #mackiefirm
it’s a city that’s exciting! it’s a city that’s inviting! it’s a city for a woman just like me!
happy easter ❀
A beautiful Easter Sunday + a Cubs win, what more could you ask for!
I’ll take passion over pride
Top and bottoms: @prettylittlething