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Just a regular Saturday with @chicagopolicedepartment 🤩

Отака суботка видалась😂🤷🏻‍♀️ Де б я ще сфоткалась з поліцейським на коні😱😂
Something Different 🙌🏽⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
blueface baby❄️
Sweet 16 things🥰
• one of us has worn a $3 hoodie from Walmart for most of this week •one of us obsessively bought tiny plants 🌱 Can you guess who’s who? 😂👯‍♂️
Know your worth
can I just move here already?
Chiraq 🌃🥴
In ya city 🌃 where ya whores at?! 👗: @fashionnovacurve
Chicago sunsets drip #cooljew
Laughing but crying on the inside because I just turned 25. However, thanks all for the birthday wishes 🥳 #25
Future👏🏾Strong👏🏾Woman👏🏾 I turned on the camera and she went into major tough girl mode trying to beat me up 😂 - she did sneak a kiss in at the end though (swipe to see) My only goal as a mom is to unconditionally encourage and support her to do anything and everything she dreams 💕
This ain’t no lil boat
❤️❤️Stella❤️❤️ @stellagraypage ❤️❤️ Please tap over and show Stella how much you appreciate her photos 😉😉💋💋Lovely Lovely Lovely ❤️❤️Katie & Laura ❤️❤️
siri, play “under the bridge” by the red hot chili peppers.
Chi Town is alright 😉
Calm before a storm⚡️
What are your plans for the looooong weekend? 💃🏼 Photographer: @nokout5 
Styled by: @nokout5
20 + years in this pic! 💪🏾
Love looks better in color ✨
I surprised Chance a day early and his face (of fear and surprise) was priceless @shelbmas @jesykaane @cochraned
Looking forward to pride month!!! This year will be my first time attending Pride and can’t wait to be apart of the LGBTQ community! 🏳️‍🌈 #pridemonth #lgbtq🌈
Sometimes you just need the right background for a selfie!😉
@koenigseggchicago #jesko #regera #agerars
Beautiful day to take the Yellow Civic Type R out for a ride!  If you see me and My Honda on the street, stop and say “hi” #Honda #HondaLove #CivicTypeR
What do you think is more powerful: looking like you have your shit together or totally owning that you don’t and it’s okay? - @evolvingoutloud 
I was depressed and battled it silently for years. I painted a smile on my face and convinced everybody that I had my life together when I was falling apart on the inside. I was surrounded by friends and yet I felt completely alone. I didn’t feel as though people understood me or cared enough about me. I thought focusing my attention on being a people pleaser would make my problems go away. That filling up others cups would somehow overflow into my own. 
I tried to avoid facing my demons. My subconscious was working overtime to keep my past traumas hidden. This backfired more than anything. I found myself having dreams or flashbacks throughout the day. And then I heard a piece of advice. 
Don’t skip the struggle. That is where character is built. That is how growth happens. 
These flashbacks were happening for a reason and I deciding to explore them further. This was how I started to heal. And let me tell you, healing isn’t magical or pretty. Real healing is hard and emotionally draining. But at the end of a storm, there’s the calm. 
Learning to love yourself regardless of flaws, fears and insecurities is something everyone should do. Find the root cause, acknowledge its existence and appreciate that that moment of hardship had a purpose. 
You have a choice: let the hardships burn you or rise from the ashes. I chose resilience. I choose to share my journey to create human connection so I could help others completely shift their mindset the way I have. I was a victim, now I’m a survivor. In more ways than you know 💕 #mentalhealthawareness #selflove #selfcare
@bpt_16 bob had three straws
Find out what makes OTIS react this way tonight on the finale of Chicago fire.. (Hint: you can’t see my other hand) 🤭 #nbcchicagofire #finale
When you give him that look! 😏
📸 | @lj_thagod 
@polisheddolls collab 🎀
Space: @winky_lux